Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 673

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Qin Wentian traversed into the depths of the Devil Statue Cliff. The devil statues seemed never ending, constantly launching attacks at him in a frenzy. Qin Wentian swept over all of them as he continued on his way.

He eventually came to a sealed valley and over here, there were countless devil statues standing guard. There didn’t seem to be a sky in this dimension when he glanced above, perhaps an indication that even the sky cannot suppress the devil arts. There was only a gigantic towering devil statue in the middle of the air, as though it was standing watch over everything.


Qin Wentian’s heart pounded, the devilish qi in the air grew even more intense to the extent where he felt like breaking down.

Abruptly, the devilish melody grew louder in Qin Wentian’s mind. In the stone walls in front of him, a silhouette glimmering with a b.l.o.o.d.y devilish light appeared. This was a fearsome devil phantom, his eyes stared at Qin Wentian, as though he wanted Qin Wentian to sink within their depths.

And at the instant this phantom appeared, the sealed pathway opened up. Only by pa.s.sing through there would he be able to continue ahead.

The sound waves continued, a boundless devilish light shone on that devil statue as a monster seemed to crawl out of the statue’s face, transforming into a beam of light that shot directly towards Qin Wentian. When nearing, a punch of incredible power was lashed out, penetrating through the void.

This punch radiated a supreme devilish qi that could dominate and break through everything.

Astral energy circulated frenziedly in Qin Wentian’s body. His physique grew larger as he stomped harshly on the ground, manifesting numerous incarnations as they all blasted out with their palms that contained enough power to seize the constellations from the heavens.

The terrifying sounds of explosion rocked the air yet the fist of that monster still continued blasting towards Qin Wentian, nothing could stop it.

Resplendent light cloaked Qin Wentian’s body as he smashed his fist together with that monster. In that instant, he could feel that there was overwhelming amounts of devilish might within that desired to ravage his inner organs as it seeped into his body.


A loud sound thundered out, Qin Wentian was forced backwards and the impact jolted him so much that he coughed blood. He touched the traces of blood leaking from his mouth as he s.h.i.+fted his hands onto the sword behind his back. A brilliant light flashed as the sword was unsheathed. Qin Wentian sliced his fingers lightly upon the blade, dying the demon sword red as the humming of the sword echoed in the air.

"Bzz!" A terrifying storm of sword qi swept out as the demon sword expanded, transforming back to its thousand meters size. The power blasting out turned the devil he was fighting against into dust.

Qin Wentian dragged the demon sword as he slowly advanced forward. A boundless sword intent then descended from the heavens, blasting into the devil statues ahead. The devilish melody grew even more intense yet right now, Qin Wentian howled in anger as he slashed out with his gigantic sword. Instantly, a boundless force pressed down on everything, lacerating everything that obstructed him. The devil statue lifted its large palms in defense, but as the demon sword horizontally slashed out, the devil statue turned completely into dust.

Qin Wentian continued on, staring at the entrance. Within it, he could feel a devil might so powerful that it caused his heart to tremble. The devil statue here was much more realistic, it resembled humans and even had humanoid facial features. It felt as though this was a true devil which turned into a statue after staying here over tens of thousands of years.

The demon sword transformed again back into the smaller version, Qin Wentian brandished it as he headed towards the entrance, entering yet another dimension. In this instant, his gaze stiffened as his heart pounded violently.

The endless devilish melody rang out through the air, causing even one’s soul to s.h.i.+ver in tandem to the rhythm of the music. A towering black-colored devil light mixed with red illuminated this s.p.a.ce that was the central core area of the Devil Statue Cliff. In the surroundings, there were millions of statues that emanated rays of light which shot towards a sacrificial altar in the center.

"...!" Qin Wentian’s heart trembled intensely. These statues all seemed to be on a pilgrimage, wors.h.i.+ping the devil king. In that central area, a blood light shot up, breaking through the dome of heaven, summoning black rays that descended onto the sacrificial altar.

The sacrificial altar was enveloped completely by that light and there seemed to be a blurry silhouette of a statue of a devil king within. Around it, countless blood-colored devil phantoms was stationed there, and the devilish melody they were humming seemed to be a hymn to the devil king.

At this moment, one of the blood-colored phantoms turned. A single glance from it caused Qin Wentian’s body to be out of his control. A terrifying devilish might then instantly drilled into his sea of consciousness.


The instant the devil phantom moved, Qin Wentian felt that he was mired in Mara. In this blood-soaked s.p.a.ce, there was nothing but devil intent. A fearsome blood-colored palm imprint blasted onto him, jolting him so much that it caused him to cough out blood.

"Is that a kind of celestial phenomena?" Qin Wentian mused as he felt a sense of helplessness. There was actually such an unfathomable force hidden deep within the Devil Statue Cliff. These statues all seemed to be giving sacrificial offerings trying to summon something.

Qin Wentian who was knocked onto the ground was now staring at the devilish light in the sky. That glow resembled the glow of a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant’s constellation and at this instant, a b.l.o.o.d.y blade manifested as it slashed out with blinding speed and crus.h.i.+ng force, aiming for his heart. Qin Wentian could only despair, he didn’t have the capabilities to dodge this strike.

"Puchi…" The devil blade pierced into him as his blood splattered out. Qin Wentian’s countenance turned bloodlessly pale, he thought that he would be able to accomplish many things here, finding Bai Qing, or taking revenge for her... But this instant, to his absolute dismay he discovered that he wasn’t as strong or powerful as he imagined himself to be. In this world, there were simply too many forces which he still couldn’t resist, too many forces much more powerful than him.

A flame burned in Qin Wentian’s heart, an ever-strengthening flame. However, he knew that he was going to die. He could only leave all his remaining hopes and wishes to Di Tian.

Fresh blood dyed the ground where he was on red. Qin Wentian’s consciousness started fading as everything got blurry. The blood on the ground stayed there for a long time, as though incapable of being dried. Instead, it felt that the aura of the blood itself was controlling itself to flow back into him, nouris.h.i.+ng his heart, giving and protecting his one last strand of lifeforce.

"Why am I still not dead yet?" From his blurry consciousness, Qin Wentian could feel that he was still alive. That white flame in his heart appeared once more and it seemed to have the power to preserve his life. Even if his heart was attacked, it could still protect it, allowing him not to die.

However, the injuries he sustained now were different. That devil blade was embedded in him as a terrifying corrosion force was trying to erode his heart and steal his life away. The devilish power of this sword was now contending against the power of the white flame in his heart.

This confrontation lasted a long time but n.o.body at that sacrificial altar seemed to have noticed him. The devilish melody still permeated the air, it felt as though the statues here were trying to complete an ancient ritual.

After several days, Qin Wentian faintly sensed that the melody was dissipating. Silence returned, and he could feel that he was still alive. In fact, there even seemed to be someone who had already pulled the blade out from his heart.

He tried his best, wanting to regain consciousness so that he could clearly see what was happening. Right now, he could only faintly sense a blurry silhouette beside him.

This silhouette was clad in black-colored devil armor and was emanating a terrifying aura. Her face seemed to be somewhat familiar, bright and beautiful yet it flashed with traces of devilish intent, making it seem as though she was the descendent of a devil king.

After this, Qin Wentian felt the softness of her body against him as she lifted him up and carried him away. That black-colored devil armor seemed to meld perfectly together with her, unable to isolate the feeling of flesh on flesh but despite its thinness, it still gave off a mighty sense of imposingness.

After which, Qin Wentian could feel himself soaring through the air.

Everything seemed like a dream, somewhat illusory and surreal to him.

When he finally awoke from this dream, Qin Wentian tried his hardest to open his eyes. The bright sunlight blinded him, Qin Wentian narrowed his eyes slightly as he blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the sunlight.

Beautiful white clouds drifted across the skies, the devilish melody has long ceased.

Around him, he could hear whispers of others followed by a loud laughter. "Is this fellow so afraid that he knocked himself out even before stepping into the Devil Statue Cliff?"

"Devil Statue Cliff!" Qin Wentian abruptly sat up as his heart pounded intensely. He took a look at his own body, only to see that his robes were all torn and tattered as numerous wounds could be seen. However, the wound in his heart had already closed up, Qin Wentian knew that terrifying bloodline of his contained a super strong recovery ability.

s.h.i.+fting his gaze to his side, the demon sword quietly laid beside him. It appeared like an ordinary sword now, with not the slightest bit of strangeness to it.

"What happened?" Qin Wentian murmured, everything seemed like a dream. Yet, he knew that that was no dream. Whatever happened in the Devil Statue Cliff was real.

Who was that blurry silhouette he sensed? Was it she who saved him?

Stretching his hand out, Qin Wentian gingerly touched his own face. It felt as though there were tears that dried there, leaving stains behind...could they have been from that female silhouette who appeared then?

Qin Wentian lifted the demon sword before standing up and turning his gaze ahead. He was at the entrance of the Devil Statue Cliff, he must have been sent out by someone.

In this desolate land, a harsh wind gusted by, fluttering whatever remained of his robes. Qin Wentian stared at the white clouds above the Devil Statue Cliff, everything appeared so calm and serene yet there was only chaos in his heart. He was thinking back to the scenario before he fainted.

There was a towering devil statue in the middle of the air, exuding a light beam that shot up the skies. Where did that thing originate from?

"Little Qing, was it you?!"

Qin Wentian mumbled, that gentle frame of that black-robed figure, that expression of tenderness and warmth in those eyes. Although everything was blurry, it still felt exceedingly familiar to him. Was that person Bai Qing?

Qin Wentian had no way to know the truth, he only knew that he didn’t have enough strength to make another attempt to barge into the Devil Statue Cliff anymore. In that location where the sacrificial altar was, he had no way to resist the devil phantoms there.

"You should know what happened right?" Qin Wentian placed the demon sword in front of his as he inquired.

The demon sword didn’t reply. It was as dim as ever and had no l.u.s.ter to it, abiding by its promise of not lending its strength voluntarily to Qin Wentian. It would only be a spectator, watching Qin Wentian accomplis.h.i.+ng what he said he would.

"Senior, is this person an idiot? He’s actually speaking to his sword?" A young woman spoke to a guy standing beside her, as she stared at Qin Wentian in a strange manner.

"Maybe he’s so frightened that he slipped into a daze." A young man mocked. A row of young-looking males and females stared at the torn and tattered clothes of Qin Wentian and the dumbstruck expression on his face as all of them laughed and treated him like an idiot.

Qin Wentian appeared as if he hadn’t heard that. Abruptly, a terrifying glow erupted from his body shooting up the skies. An instant later, the glow enveloped him entirely as he took out a clean set of clothes and wore them. He was still staring at the Devil Statue Cliff ahead as he sighed in his heart. Now, he could only hope that that la.s.s Bai Qing was safe and sound.

The void boat appeared, Qin Wentian stood on it as it directly shot through the air, breaking into the void and disappearing completely.

The others in the surroundings stared at the departing view of that silhouette as they gulped down a mouthful of saliva. Staring at that terrifying glow earlier, their faces had all turned pale as they perspired cold sweat. In that instant earlier, they could sense that if that young man wanted to kill them, he could do it as easily as flicking a single finger, in a totally effortless manner!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 673

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