Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 676

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At this moment, far away outside of the inn, there were several onlookers on the streets staring at the constellation in the sky. Their hearts pounded in terror as they watched on. This terrifying constellation could actually envelop an area up to ten miles? They could no longer see Qin Wentian’s silhouette.

"How powerful. Is he here to kill Qin Wentian?"

The return of the legendary character of Chu, Qin Wentian. Exactly how terrifying was the opponent he was facing??

"That person seemed to be even more powerful than the Greencloud Sovereign. For all his strength, the Greencloud Sovereign can only act as a spectator. A few days ago, he came to Chu wanting to see Qin Wentian. In that case in hindsight, this was all a plot to lure Qin Wentian into the trap?"

The hearts of the spectators mused and upon realising this, their hearts all trembled. Even the Greencloud Sovereign didn’t dare to act against Qin Wentian directly. He still had to invite a much more powerful ascendant to kill Qin Wentian.

How strong exactly is this legendary character from Chu?

Would Qin Wentian die here today?

They stared at the Greencloud Sovereign only to see that he, who was clad in black robes, stood arrogantly in the air with an emotionless face. To him, Qin Wentian was dead for sure.

That grey-robed old man he hired was a famous assassin that had lived for several thousand years. He was the most dangerous character in Grand Xia and since he was acting personally, Qin Wentian most definitely wouldn’t survive. To invite him to act, the various transcendent powers had pooled together their resources and paid an astronomical price.

"Sovereign, why must you do this…?"

Beside the Greencloud Sovereign, tears unceasingly streaked down Ling Yue’s face. She felt very pained and guilty in her heart, especially when she saw this scenario. They couldn’t even see Qin Wentian but it was evident that he has entered an extremely dangerous space, trapped inside the space by webs of ancient vines.

The eyes of the Greencloud Sovereign slowly turned over only to see that at this instant, Ling Yue’s grandfather berated her. "Ling Yue, shut the hell up."

"Grandpa, how can you all use of me to do such a thing?" Ling Yue sobbed, feeling terrible in her heart. If Qin Wentian died here, she simply couldn’t imagine what the consequences would be.

She somewhat understood the personality of the Greencloud Sovereign. After all, his methods in running the Greencloud Pavilion was clear for all to see. Since he had already decided that Qin Wentian was an enemy, the instant Qin Wentian died, everyone in Chu who had a connection with him would all be annihilated. Removing the roots of trouble completely, the Greencloud Sovereign would never be soft-hearted. When he took over the Greencloud Pavilion, he had killed many people in the process. Many of those were his acquaintances and there were even some who were his friends. Yet, he could kill them without blinking an eye, let alone strangers who had nothing to do with him.

Sis Qingcheng, Mo Feng, Mo Yu and the entire Mo Residence. The Greencloud Sovereign would definitely never spare them. And upon thinking of this, Ling Yue felt so much pain in her heart that her body involuntarily convulsed, trembling incessantly. She was so afraid that that would become a reality.

"Ling Yue." At this moment, a voice rang out. Ling Yue turned her gaze over and when she saw Mo Feng, her countenance became incomparably pale.

"Brother-in-law he…" Mo Feng’s gaze turned to the constellation that hung suspended in the sky as he instantly turned pale as well. Was there someone that was even stronger than the Greencloud Sovereign trying to kill his brother-in-law?

A silvery roc whistled through the air from afar. The brilliant silver light radiating from the roc illuminated the skies as the speed which it flew with caused a raging wind to gust up. The gazes of everyone turned over and upon seeing the silhouette on the roc, they soon discovered that they had no way to shift their gazes away.

"How beautiful.."

"Who is this woman?" Several males among the crowd had dumbstruck expressions on their faces, all of them mesmerized by her beauty.

"Other than the number one beauty in Chu, who else could it be?" Someone sighed in admiration. The current number one beauty in Chu was a far cry when compared to Mo Qingcheng, they were totally at different levels. Mo Qingcheng was the only one qualified to have the title of number one beauty in Chu forever.

The instant the Greencloud Sovereign’s eyes landed on Mo Qingcheng, he was stunned beyond words. A strange glow flashed in his eyes while greed and lust appeared in his heart.

His heart had always been inclined towards the martial path and was filled with resolved and determination. Although he love beauties, he didn’t really spend too much time interacting with females. Hence even now, he was alone and had no family. But now, he had already broke through to become a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant, having a remarkable achievement. He was someone at the peak of Grand Xia with control over the Greencloud Pavilion and the him now couldn’t help but to finally feel the longing for companionship, wanting to find a woman who could match up to him. However, his standards were extremely high, ordinary women simply couldn’t enter his eyes at all. So what even if they were top beauties? Could they even match up to him?

But now, this beauty in front of him had truly made his heart stir. She was so beautiful.

His eyes flashed with a sharp, sinister gleam. As long as Qin Wentian dies, the entire country of Chu would truly be his. He could do anything he want then, and that naturally meant that the beauties of Chu would be at his beck and call.

However soon after, the Greencloud Sovereign frowned. Because from the start till now, Mo Qingcheng didn’t even glance at him. She had totally disregarded his existence.

He didn’t know that in Mo Qingcheng’s heart, he, the mighty Greencloud Sovereign, was already a dead man.

No matter if Qin Wentian was alive or dead, when the Greencloud Sovereign arranged for someone to assassinate Qin Wentian, this has already determined his death.

In addition, Mo Qingcheng firmly believed in Qin Wentian’s ability. She trusted that he would be fine.


In the space enveloped by the constellation, the grey-robed elder didn’t reply to Qin Wentian’s question. He disappeared once more and the endless vines attacked Qin Wentian once again. These vine-like maws wrenched their mouths open, resembling human-devouring plants. The instant one was trapped by these vines, and if one’s strength wasn’t comparable to the attacker, they would definitely die within, dissolved into nutrients for these vines. Qin Wentian knew this very clearly in his heart.

So, if he wanted to live, he had to break out of this space enveloped by the constellation. But despite having a plan, the strength of this old man was evidently much stronger than his. He had no way to escape from here.

The demon sword radiated power rays of sword light that could lacerate space, filling his surroundings with boundless sword might that manifested formless sword qi which permeated everywhere in this space.


The demon sword grew to a thousand meters in length. Qin Wentian sliced his palms lightly, using his blood to feed the sword, and instantly the blood might in his surroundings grew even more intense as the humming of sword melody rang out through the air, slicing the attacking vines into pieces.

Qin Wentian did not dare allow the ancient vines to get near him. This old assassin could appear instantly anywhere the vines are present.

Closing his eyes, Qin Wentian kept his scarlet demon halberd. His perception stretched out to its limits, feeling everything in this space. His sword might was ever present, moving according to his heart.


The terrifying vines moved again, this time attacking from four directions. At this moment, Qin Wentian didn’t physically slash out with his sword. He closed his eyes tightly as though he wasn’t aware of what was happening as a brilliant divine glow shone from his body.

"Chi, chi…"

Qin Wentian pulled out the demon sword again as the sword melody in the air grew increasingly terrifying. Boundless sword qi continued slicing apart the never-ending vines, two different forces colliding against each other in all directions.


An incomparably thick ancient vine explosively shot towards Qin Wentian. With an intention of his will, the demon sword spiralled in the air as a storm of destruction spun out, completely lacerating anything that got near him.

"Your strength isn’t bad." A voice drifted out from the void, echoing endlessly throughout this space.

"I initially thought that one attack from me would be able to kill you, or just by using the power of my constellation. However, you have truly surprised me." The voice rang out once more as it continued, "However, the people that I want to kill have all died. There won’t be any exceptions. Watch out for my next attack, it shall reap your life away."

Qin Wentian didn’t move. No matter what his opponent says, his determination and resolve would never waver. Regardless of the tactics his opponent was trying to use, as long as his heart was stable, he would be able to react calmly in all situations. This was the basic fundamentals for all experts, he had to be prepared to face any kind of situation.

As the sound of that voice faded, rumbling sounds rang out. At this moment, a new constellation appeared in the air as numerous silhouettes manifested around it.

Each and every silhouette was black in color and had the exact same appearance and aura, as though they were reflections from a mirror.

"What kind of constellation is this?" Qin Wentian opened his eyes and stared at the constellation above. Different experts would condense different constellations and the instant a constellation was formed, one could feel the true intent of Mandates used to birth it. This particular constellation in front of his eyes gave Qin Wentian a much more dangerous feeling compared to the vine-type constellation earlier.

The vine-type constellation was able to create ancient vines endlessly, it was an extremely powerful control-type constellation. In that case, with regards to this current constellation, other than it having the ability of concealment, what other hidden abilities might it have?

The astral light from the constellation cascaded downwards, and in that instant, Qin Wentian noticed a strong fluctuation of energy in his surroundings. Numerous black-colored silhouettes flickered in and out of existence as they appeared in different places within this space.


A terrifying long spear pierced downwards from the air to Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian swiped his palms, causing a sword hum to fill the air as he slashed out with an eruptive might, manifesting a vortex of destruction. However, the darkness energy imbued in his opponent’s spear had a terrifying destructive power to it. It directly broke apart the vortex and continued its way to Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian’s bloodline surged as the Bloodline Protection appeared once more. The manifested demon phantom slammed out with both its palms, wanting to devastate everything in this world.

However at this very second, the constellation rotated, causing the attacking silhouette of the old man to vanish directly. A feeling of impending doom assaulted Qin Wentian’s senses, as yet another black-colored silhouette appeared in front of him, striking out with that powerful long spear imbued with darkness.


His sword intent raged, as though there were millions of sharp swords erupting out all together. However, the attack of the old man was as quick as lightning, penetrating through the sharp swords, blasting into Qin Wentian’s shoulder, opening up another bloody hole there.

Just a single attack before disappearing again. This old man was incomparably cautious.

Although the strength of this old man was higher than Qin Wentian, because he had been shocked once by the Bloodline Protection ability, he was now much more cautious when launching his attacks. This was the main reason why he could survive for such a long time. The ability he was most proficient in was assasination, attacking from the shadows, trapping his opponents in an enclosed space before slowly killing them.

In that short instant, the grey-robed old man’s body jumped randomly, reappearing in different locations where the flickering silhouettes were. Those ancient vines were still shooting over in a frenzy, continuing their attacks. Qin Wentian simply couldn’t guard against each and every one of them effectively and very soon, many bloody holes could be seen on his body. His entire person transformed into a bloodman from the blood flowing because of the wounds received. If his reactions were slightly off by a hair, he would have already been dead.

If this carries on, it wouldn’t take too long before Qin Wentian would be tortured to death.

The encircling sudden attack technique of that old man was too strong but luckily, the power of Qin Wentian’s direct attacks surpassed those surprise attacks. If not, he would already face calamity from that very first strike.

The four Yuanfus in Qin Wentian’s body seethed and surged madly, pumping out and circulating astral energy to every part of his body. Even the sword might generated from the demon sword infused his body. At this moment, Qin Wentian’s entire person was burning as an unfathomably destructive tyrannical might emanated from him.

And just after a moment, Qin Wentian’s countenance turned white, his spirit, his energy and his essence were all being used as fuel. Although the aura he exuding was at the peak of the Heavenly Dipper Realm, this aura was more terrifying in comparison to many Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants.

"What is he trying to do?" The countenance of the grey-robed old man instantly turned incredibly unsightly to behold. Qin Wentian left hand grabbed onto the demon sword while his right hand shot up into the sky, his eyes flashing with resolve, staring ruthlessly at the old man who was about to launch another attack.

"HAVE YOU GONE MAD?!" That grey-robed old man’s face turned bloodlessly pale, he could feel Qin Wentian’s aura surging skywards to a terrifying extent and he instantly understood what Qin Wentian was planning. He wanted to burn everything he had in his body, harming himself to the point of death as the price to produce enough energy to unleash a supremely overwhelming attack that could break through every limit.


The grey-robed old man instantly turned and disappeared into his constellation. This young man had gone mad, not even saying a word, instantly activating such a terrifying technique, heedless of the price he had to pay.

"DIE!" Qin Wentian’s right hand swiped down the air. In that instant, the heavens were torn asunder as a sword slashed through the sky, directly cleaving the constellation in twain!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 676

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