Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 677

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The celestial phenomena formed by the dual constellations was shattered, cleanly split apart right in the middle.

The familiar sky appeared once again above Qin Wentian and the instant his sword slashed out, his aura began plummeting at a terrifying speed, as his countenance became as pale as paper.

Back then, he had to transform into a primordial great roc to unleash this first stance of the Immortal Vanquis.h.i.+ng Swordplay. This particular immortal art was different from the others and had to burn one’s self as the price before one can unleash a supreme attack. The energy needed would drain him of everything, including his life force. Qin Wentian didn’t know that were it not for his overbearing vitality, there would simply be no way for him to endure the backlash of constantly using this Immortal Vanquis.h.i.+ng Swordplay.

However, the might of this sword strike went without saying. His own strength originally was already stronger compared to yesteryear when he was in the form of a primordial great roc. Burning his own energy is naturally easier to control and direct compared to burning the energy granted to him by the eight demonic divinities.

The spectators only saw a beam of sword light abruptly shooting out, splitting apart the once enclosed s.p.a.ce before the constellation disappeared.

Their hearts violently trembled, has the battle finally concluded?

Where did that beam of sword light come from? Was Qin Wentian already dead?

The figure of the grey-robed old man and Qin Wentian appeared in the air at the same instant. Both of them stood motionlessly at their original spot. Qin Wentian’s left hand clutched onto his demon sword as torrents of sword might circulated around him. His entire being was dyed red with his blood, one could see how desperate the battle was.

The grey-robed old man silently stood his ground with no wounds on his body. The coldness in his eyes were frosty to the extreme, striking fear in people’s hearts.

"Brother-in-law!" Mo Feng and Ling Yue mumbled, as they stared at Qin Wentian. Mo Qingcheng had already stepped out, instantly arriving at Qin Wentian’s side as she retrieved a s.h.i.+mmering medicinal pellet and quickly fed it to Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian ingested the pill, as he took out a clean white robe, pa.s.sing it to Mo Qingcheng as she helped him to put it on. Right now, she resembled a virtuous wife, she didn’t say nor ask anything, she could feel that Qin Wentian was very weak at this moment and he was suppressing his injuries.

"Go!" Mo Qingcheng spoke, the people from the Mo Residence who came all nodded as they started departing. The silvery roc then flew towards Qin Wentian, allowing him to mount it before retreating away at blinding speed. Qin Wentian had already returned his demon sword to his sheath yet his eyes stared fixedly in the figure in the air. This grey-robed old man hadn’t moved since the conclusion of their battle.

The silvery roc whistled through the air, gradually vanis.h.i.+ng from the vision of the crowd. The Greencloud Sovereign turned ashen, yet he didn’t dare to make any reckless moves. Right now, he only felt a chill in his heart. Qin Wentian actually survived? Even that old man failed to kill Qin Wentian?

His eyes turned to the direction of the grey-robed old man; but at this instant, the old man sprayed out a large volume of fresh blood into the air as his countenance instantly paled. The aura that emanated from him fluctuated wildly as his body trembled without control. It appeared that he is in extreme pain and agony.

"Hu…" Deeply drawing in a breath, the grey-robed old man stabilized his aura as he stared at the vanis.h.i.+ng back view of Qin Wentian.

Failure, he had actually failed in his a.s.sasination attempt.

"I give up on the mission you guys commissioned me to do." The grey-robed old man stared at the Greencloud Sovereign.

"Why? This battle has yet to draw to a close. Qin Wentian is already an arrow at the end of his flight, a spent force. Why didn’t you kill him at the end before he fled?" The expression on the Greencloud Sovereign’s face became incredibly ugly to behold when he heard what the old man said.

"Arrow at the end of its flight, a spent force? Why didn’t you act then?" The grey-robed old man sneered as he continued. "This matter has nothing more to do with me. Farewell."

After speaking, he flicked his sleeves and walked away, disappearing from the vision of the crowd in the blink of an eye. Only when he was far away, the grey-robed old man coughed out another mouthful of blood. Why didn’t he kill Qin Wentian? Naturally it was because he simply didn’t have the ability to do so. If he had pressed the situation further it was unknown who would be the one who died in the end. He was naturally unwilling to risk his life in a mission.

The departure of the grey-robed old man caused the Greencloud Sovereign to be in a dilemma.

The trap today was set especially for Qin Wentian. Not only that, the person who personally appeared was the Greencloud Sovereign. He knew that as long as he came to Chu, Qin Wentian would surely show up. Because if Qin Wentian didn’t come and meet him, he could simply kill Qin Wentian’s kin. And if Qin Wentian showed up, he would undoubtedly die to the trap they set.

However, reality was completely different from what he envisioned. Qin Wentian had actually survived.

Even the grey-robed old man had no way to kill Qin Wentian. In that case, if Qin Wentian fully recovered, the person he would kill first would naturally be him, the Greencloud Sovereign.

"Wanting me to bear the responsibility for this alone? Impossible." The heart of the Greencloud Sovereign went cold. He then commanded, "Bring Ling Yue back."

After speaking, his silhouette flickered as he soared through the air into the distance.

This commotion instantly spread all around Chu. And as for the person in the center of the commotion, Qin Wentian had already arrived at the Mo Residence.

In Mo Qingcheng’s room, Qin Wentian lay on the ground, totally devoid of strength. He had already tried his best to control, unleas.h.i.+ng that vanis.h.i.+ng immortal strike before it drained him completely. Yet even so, that technique still sapped his essence, spirit and energy, even burning his vitality.

"Qingcheng, this period might be very dangerous for the Mo Residence." Qin Wentian spoke in a low tone.

"I will temporarily send you away for now. As long as you are not in Chu, n.o.body would dare to act rashly. Before this, they didn’t take any measures because they were afraid of your revenge." Mo Qingcheng sat beside Qin Wentian as she spoke gently. Qin Wentian naturally also understood that. Hence, he was at ease allowing the Azure Emperor Palace to relocate. He wasn’t even worried that the other transcendent powers would threaten him with his family because he understood that as long as he was still alive, the other transcendent powers wouldn’t dare to act rashly.

After all, it wasn’t only him who had kin. Which of those ascendants didn’t have family members? The leaders of the transcendent powers wouldn’t be so dumb to touch his family before killing him.

"It’s different now." Qin Wentian shook his head. "Since they already hired someone to me, shredding apart all pretense of cordiality, the Greencloud Sovereign would definitely know that I will kill him once I have recovered. In that case, he would rather take a risk and kill me regardless of the price paid. If I leave now, he would take desperate measures. Hence, there’s no way I can leave."

Mo Qingcheng stared at the pale countenance of Qin Wentian, yet the resolve in his eyes never faded. She laid down on the ground next to Qin Wentian, her gentle frame hugging him. She knew what Qin Wentian said was right, before the pretense of cordiality was shredded, those people didn’t dare to push Qin Wentian too far. But now, things have changed. Since they have already hired an, would they still be afraid of shredding cordiality?

If Qin Wentian left now, they would surely use his kin to threaten him.

"No matter what happens, I shall accompany you." Mo Qingcheng didn’t try to persuade him, she fully understood Qin Wentian’s character. Since he had already made a decision, he wouldn’t change it. She would respect his choice no matter what he chose.

"The date of our grand wedding is near, our friends from the Royal Sacred Region will soon arrive. If the transcendent powers dare to act, tell them of your status. I believe they won’t dare to do anything if they learnt of it." Qin Wentian gently caressed Mo Qingcheng’s face as he mumbled, "I need to rest for awhile now…"

"Mhm, I won’t disturb you. I will just accompany you, and stay by your side." Mo Qingcheng smiled.

Everyone in the Mo Residence were exceptionally worried about Qin Wentian’s injuries. However, Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian both simply stayed in the room as though everything was normal. Yet everyone understood that a terrifying storm would soon occur.

Qin Chuan and Qin Yao also came to the Mo Residence, wanting to find out how Qin Wentian was. However, even they didn’t manage to meet Qin Wentian. A few days later, the Royal Clan of Chu received a piece of news. There were some supreme powers on the level of Greencloud Pavilion and Misty Peak that entered the Chu’s Royal Capital. Not only that, these people were the leaders of their respective transcendent powers, ascendants who stood at the very peak of Grand Xia.

This piece of news shocked everyone in Chu, these characters were all existences on the same level as the Greencloud Sovereign. There were even some who were stronger than him. Now that they all appeared in Chu together, was it because of Qin Wentian?

Throughout the Mo Residence, the atmosphere was incomparably nervous. They didn’t know what sort of storm Qin Wentian had kicked up, but upon hearing that these ascendants were all enemies of Qin Wentian, how could they not be afraid? In addition, they didn’t know if Qin Wentian had recovered from his injuries.

These ascendants directly occupied the royal palace, obviously coming to Chu with ill-intent.

The royal clan of Chu was all expelled from the palace, leaving only ascendant-level characters of the various transcendent powers. Right now, their gazes were on the Greencloud Pavilion as they asked, "What happened in that battle exactly, why didn’t Qin Wentian die? The Darkshadow Sovereign refused to say a single word about the battle and is determined not to continue with the mission of killing him any longer."

"I don’t know, the Darkshadow Sovereign and Qin Wentian must have been mutually injured and their injuries weren’t light. If not, based on Qin Wentian’s character, how could he still not come and settle the debt with us?" The Greencloud Sovereign stated to the crowd.

"Hmph, since his injuries weren’t light, why didn’t you kill him directly? And if he is so badly injured, why would he still stay in Chu?" The w.a.n.g Ancestor suspiciously questioned. Being able to live under the attempt of the Darkshadow Sovereign, breaking through the constellation, injuring the Darkshadow Sovereign, Qin Wentian was simply too terrifying. Although they wanted nothing more for Qin Wentian to die immediately, they didn’t dare to act now without first ascertaining the situation.

"You’re asking me why I didn’t kill him directly? This matter was only done because all of us agreed yet you want me to bear the responsibility alone?" The Greencloud Sovereign coldly laughed.

"Since we are all already here now, Qin Wentian should also be clear who it is that has partic.i.p.ated in the hiring of the Darkshadow Sovereign. We no longer have a choice, we can only slaughter our way towards him, killing him forever or we can choose to wait for his revenge. I’m sure everyone here is very clear of the situation. I don’t really mind if you all want to pick the second choice. After all, I’m a lone man and can simply abandon the Greencloud Pavilion and flee. But don’t forget that all of you still have family here."

"You…" The countenance of the w.a.n.g Ancestor turned cold.

The Greencloud Sovereign matched gazes with him without fear. Did these bunch of sly old foxes want to stand aside and let him shoulder the responsibility alone? What a joke.

"Stop arguing. Since things have come to this, we truly no longer have a choice any longer." The s.h.i.+ Ancestor spoke. Either they kill Qin Wentian now or they wait for their death.

"Since the choices remaining to us are these, it’s very simple then. Do you all want to slaughter our way to him now or use the lives of everybody in the Mo Residence to threaten him to come here?" An evil smile flashed on the Greencloud Sovereign’s countenance.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 677

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