Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 681

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After the ascendants of Grand Xia retreated, the damage done to the Mo Residence was swiftly repaired. Fairy Qingmei and the other allied ascendants all remained in the Mo Residence, as did those from the Jiang Clan and the Thousand-Jue Alliance.

They remained here to protect the residence so as to prevent the other ascendants from making a move again and secondly, they could improve their relationship with Qin Wentian. But sadly, Qin Wentian spent these few days in close-door seclusion with only Mo Qingcheng allowed to accompany him. She was the only one who knew of the current state of his injuries, none of the others had any idea completely.

They speculated that this time around, Qin Wentian might truly be heavily injured. After encountering the assassination attempt of the Darkshadow Sovereign, he ignored his injuries and fought the enemy ascendants again, frightening the others away. Such battle achievements truly caused chills to bloom in the hearts of people. It was no wonder that the other ascendants would be intimidated by Qin Wentian, leaving albeit reluctantly. They didn’t dare to use their lives as stakes for their gamble.

Time slowly passed by, the date to Qin Wentian’s wedding got nearer and nearer. The Royal Capital of Chu was bustling with activities, and the Emperor Chu Wuwei would frequently pay a visit to the Mo Residence. Qin Chuan was the same as well, he was here to discuss the details of the marriage. Eventually, the location of their grand wedding was set in the Emperor Star Academy, the sacred cultivation grounds of Chu and also the place where Qin Wentian had grown up. This location was undoubtedly the most suitable one and with regards to this, the elders of the academy were naturally more than willing to show their support.

Within the Mo Residence, Mo Yu and Mo Feng was currently cultivating. The two ascendants of the Jiang Clan sat beside them and one of them was currently smiling as he watched over the two youngsters, "Mo Feng, you need to strike out with more force. Line the spear up with your arm and control the strength based on your heart before concentrating everything at one point and erupting out with all your might."

"Mo Yu, your swordplay is too flowery. You need to move sharper and be more decisive."

Around them were old man Mo as well as some elders of the Mo Clan. All of them had smiles on their faces because during these few days, the ascendants of the Jiang Clan and Thousand-Jue alliance would frequently guide the younger generation of the Mo Clan in their cultivation. This was a thing none of them dared to ever imagine. After all, these people were existences on par with the Greencloud Sovereign and had even made their name much earlier compared to him; yet now, they were actually guiding the youngsters of the Mo Clan in cultivation.

Not only that, they were also extremely courteous but those of the Mo Residence didn’t let this go to their head. They knew these ascendants were doing this only for one reason - Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian was simply too domineering, so domineering to the extent that the other ascendants feared him. It was precisely because of this reason that the ascendants of the Jiang Clan and Thousand-Jue Alliance wanted to improve their relationship with him. This was also why they were willing to stay here to protect the Mo Residence as well as guide the youngsters on their cultivation.

"Old man Mo, hasn’t palace lord Qin awake yet? The date of their grand wedding is soon approaching." The Jiang Ancestor turned his gaze onto old man Mo as he asked with a smile.

"He hasn't yet regained conscious. Qingcheng is currently taking care of him and since she didn’t say anything about delaying the wedding date, I’m sure she’s confident that he would wake soon." Old man Mo replied.

"True, palace mistress should know best. I was too anxious." The Jiang Ancestor laughed as he continued, "That two youngster Ouyang and Jiang Ting are also too much. After they showed up here, I’m still waiting for them to help out in the preparations."

"Haha no matter, they are after all a pair of newlyweds too." Old man Mo laughed. He naturally already knew who Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Ting were.

"Mhm, true true. Speaking of which, it seems that there’s really such a thing as fate. When the two of them were young they were already very good friends; and now after ten years, the relationship between palace lord Qin and Ouyang is still as good as ever, as close as brothers. How rare, how rare." The Jiang Ancestor was speaking to old man Mo like an equal, causing old man Mo to feel a little unused to this.

"Haha, there must really be such a thing as fate, Back then in the Moon Continent, palace lord Qin wasn’t even nineteen but he was already a fourth-ranked divine inscriptionist grandmaster. That’s when our Thousand-Jue Alliance already knew that he would definitely be an extraordinary character in the future hence we invited him to be our guest elder." One of the ascendant from the Thousand-Jue Alliance walked over and smiled, his words causing the Jiang Ancestor to stare at him with some disdain, "Don’t boast here okay. At that time, I gather you didn’t even know who palace lord Qin was right?"

"Why are you talking like you knew of him then?" The ascendant from the Thousand-Jue Alliance replied in contempt. Seeing the two peak-level existences arguing in this manner, the others of the Mo Clan who were in the surroundings could only roll their eyes in silence.

"Who?" At this moment, the eyes of the ascendant from the Thousand-Jue Alliance and Jiang Ancestor instantly radiated a terrifying light. Their gazes turned to the horizon as they felt some trepidation in their heart. They could sense several strong auras currently flying over this way.

Stretching their perception outwards, the expressions on their faces soon stiffened as a look of bewilderment appeared. After which, they soared into the airspace above the Mo Residence and not only did they appear there, Fairy Qingmei and the others also arrived.

Those in the Mo Residence soon realized that something was unusual. Now, they could feel that there was an incredibly powerful might locking on to the Mo Residence and the stronger ones among them also rose up into the air.

From afar, a row of female silhouettes could be seen flying over. Each of them were so beautiful that they resembled fairies. All of them had extraordinary demeanors and a majority were exceptionally powerful.

"There are so many Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants among them." The Jiang Ancestor and the rest all felt their hearts trembling as they stared warily at the group of maidens.

The group of maidens came to a stop in the airspace above the Mo Residence as their gazes shifted onto a particular courtyard, causing everyone to feel extremely nervous.


Those silhouettes slowly descended, advancing towards the courtyard.

"Halt!" Fairy Qingmei called out. However, this group of maidens completely ignored her. One among their number coldly glanced at Fairy Qingmei and just a single glance caused Fairy Qingmei to shake involuntarily from fear.

At this moment, a figure walked out from the residence in that particular courtyard. It was none other than Mo Qingcheng.

These maidens all landed in the courtyard and stood in front of Mo Qingcheng, their actions causing Fairy Qingmei and the other ascendants to feel an extremely uneasy in their hearts. These mysterious experts poses too much threat.

However at the next instant, under the dumbfounded gazes of everyone, these maidens were all actually bowing to Mo Qingcheng as they called out in one voice.

"We greet the Holy Maiden."

An entire row of experts in the same clothing were bowing in respect to Mo Qingcheng. This scene caused Fairy Qingmei, the ascendants of the Jiang Clan and the Thousand-Jue Alliance, and people of the Mo Residence an intense rush of impact. They were all instantly dumbstruck as their hearts began pounding rapidly with realization.

They stared at Mo Qingcheng only to see that she was calmly regarding these maidens. Only at this instant did they truly sense the aura radiating from Mo Qingcheng. What was laughable was that earlier, they were still wondering why wasn’t Mo Qingcheng the slightest bit afraid when facing so many Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants.

And these were all extremely powerful ascendants. For those ascendants of Grand Xia, Mo Qingcheng’s subordinates could effortlessly decimate them even if they all chose to band together.

Although the ascendants from the Jiang Clan and Thousand-Jue Alliance were shocked, they soon felt joy in their hearts. They knew that the ending of Grand Xia was already determined. What was laughable was that the ascendants of the other transcendent powers still joined forces and acted against Qin Wentian earlier. If it wasn’t for Qin Wentian being careless and forgot to account for an assassin as powerful as the Darkshadow Sovereign. He only needed to wait for these people and he would be able to easily dominate Grand Xia.

"When will master be coming?" Mo Qingcheng stared at her subordinates as she asked.

"Medicine Sovereign should be able to make it on time, he sent us here first just in case there’s anything the Holy Maiden needed us to do." The leader of the maidens stated.

"Right." Mo Qingcheng nodded. After which, she turned to Fairy Qingmei and the others as she spoke, "If Fairy Qingmei is free, please feel free to bring them around Grand Xia. Before the wedding date has arrived, I want to send an invitation to every transcendent power of Grand Xia. Not a single one of them must miss our wedding. This is also something Wentian wants."

"Noted." Fairy Qingmei nodded, feeling her heart shaking slightly. She knew that from now on, the ending of Grand Xia was already determined. There would be no more variables.

"You stay behind and await further orders." Mo Qingcheng stared at the leader of the maidens.

"Roger, Holy Maiden." That person nodded. After which, Fairy Qingmei, Old Xing and the other ascendants of the Azure Emperor Palace brought the experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley around Grand Xia, splitting into three teams, sending out invitations to all the transcendent powers.

Mo Qingcheng turned and returned to her room. Qin Wentian opened his eyes and sat up, smiling at Mo Qingcheng, "My wife is getting more and more imposing now."

Mo Qingcheng rolled her eyes before sitting next to Qin Wentian. She then retrieved a medicinal pill and fed it to him.

"Still need to eat this?" Qin Wentian had a bitter expression on his face. These few days, he had been downing pills like no tomorrow. Mo Qingcheng had been concocting and feeding him with over ten varieties of medicinal pills every day.

"Are you eating or not?" Mo Qingcheng’s lips twitched. Staring at the adorable countenance of Mo Qingcheng, Qin Wentian gently caressed her face as he smiled, "Of course I’m eating. It’s delicious. I’m just worried, would I be over nourishing myself with my consumption of so many pills recently.

After speaking, he swallowed the pill Mo Qingcheng placed in his mouth with an appearance of enjoying the medicinal pill immensely.

"You should know that these pills I concocted can help you restore your spirit and essence as well as to nourish your bloodline, even slowly recovering your vitality. You should know how much you overloaded. You mustn’t be this impulsive in the future." Mo Qingcheng gently admonished Qin Wentian.

"Got it." Qin Wentian gently moved his hands down and caress Mo Qingcheng’s frame as she laid over his thighs. He then smiled, "Qingcheng, very soon we shall be married. There’s still time if you regret it now."

"I’ve already regretted for over ten years. After boarding your pirate ship, there’s no longer an escape route for me." Mo Qingcheng teased as she quietly laid there. Although Qin Wentian was injured during this period, it was truly rare for them to have time to enjoy such a quiet lifestyle together.

"Oh so you’ve boarded my pirate ship. Do you want to have a taste of my devil claws as well?" Qin Wentian’s hands began to grow more mischievous, causing a streak of red to bloom on Mo Qingcheng’s face. She then glared at him in a charming manner, so beautiful that it could mesmerize his soul even when she was acting angry…

On the second day, more people arrived at the Mo Residence. Once again, these people all exuded an extraordinary demeanor. Luckily this time around, those of the Mo Residence were already prepared in their hearts. After exchanging greetings, they learnt that this group of people were here to look for Qin Wentian. This caused many to wonder...yesterday it was the sect members of Mo Qingcheng who arrived. Could it be that this group of people are all from Qin Wentian’s sect?

Qin Wentian wore a simple white robe and stepped out of the room. This was the first time during this period he went outside. And upon seeing these familiar silhouettes, a warm smile flashed on his face.

"Senior Brother Lin Shuai, Senior Brother Feixue, Sis Lingshuang, all of you have arrived." Qin Wentian smiled as he walked towards this group of people. All of them were his good friends from the Battle Sword Sect. He nodded to them and when he noticed Lou Bingyu among the group, his eyes flashed with a strange glow but he still greeted her with a smile. He didn’t expect even someone with such a cold temperament like Lou Bingyu would actually be here for his wedding.

"Wentian how are you? Why do you seem somewhat weak?" Lin Shuai bewilderedly asked as he stared at Qin Wentian.

"Nothing much, I’m just a little fatigued. There’s no need to worry about me senior brother." Qin Wentian smiled. Those present here all silently stated that their guess was right, seems like these people were truly from Qin Wentian’s sect, and all of them were extraordinary characters. Especially the person which Qin Wentian referred to as Senior Brother Lin Shuai. Earlier when the Jiang Ancestor matched gazes with this man, he could deeply feel the sharpness in the depths of his eyes. Although this Lin Shuai was very young compared to him, the Jiang Ancestor was very sure that his combat prowess was extremely terrifying, far surpassing the ascendants he knew in Grand Xia!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 681

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