Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 685

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In the Royal Capital of Chu, today was already destined to be a bustling one. Many people didn’t even sleep as they waited with anticipation to the approach of the grand wedding.

When the sun rose, the Emperor Star Academy started to fill with people and soon after, the entire place was flooded as though everyone in Chu had turned up for the wedding.

This academy that had thousands of years of history, had sustained the dreams of many youths. Today, it was experiencing a glory of a different type, that of a grand wedding of one of its most outstanding alumni.

Vibrant red carpets paved the walkway throughout the academy. Different flowers were also relocated to the academy for a distinctive flavor. These were the voluntary efforts of the students from the Emperor Star Academy. They planted and relocated fresh flowers here to send their most sincere blessings to their senior apprentice brother and sister.

Following the fact that Qin Wentian’s name resounded throughout the world, there was naturally none they didn’t know that he was from the Emperor Star Academy. If it wasn’t for this senior brother of theirs, the Emperor Star Academy wouldn’t have the glory and radiance it has today. He had even surpassed the founder of the academy and became a symbol for it, or you could say, a living totem.

Even many years later, whenever the members of Emperor Star Academy talked about Qin Wentian, they would all speak of him with pride. He was also once a member of their academy, walking out of Chu, overturning Grand Xia, eventually becoming one of the most dazzling characters in the history of Grand Xia.

Now, the lodging in which Qin Wentian used to stay in, in the Emperor Star Academy, had already became a sacred spot.

At this moment inside the academy, the young boys and girls all had looks of anticipation and awe in their eyes, they couldn’t wait to see their legendary senior apprentice brother. When young, everyone would have dreams of becoming a hero. They too hope that they themselves would be able to mature into such a character, outstanding among elites, marrying a goddess for a wife just like Qin Wentian. As for the young girls, all of them naturally hope for a romantic wedding and that the man they fell in love with would be a heroic character, marrying them in glory just like how Mo Qingcheng is.

"Senior brother Wentian and senior sister Qingcheng, their wedding is too perfect. If I can have such a moment in my life, I would have no more regrets." A young girl was murmuring as blessings flashed in her eyes.

"Stop dreaming, to people like us, the Imperial Emperor was already an incomparably lofty existence yet he was killed by a single sword strike of senior apprentice brother Qin. The Greencloud Sovereign didn’t even have the courage to fight against senior brother Qin and could only hire a powerhouse to assassinate him. As for those ascendants of the transcendent powers in Grand Xia, these were all legendary characters yet they all gathered and descended in Chu to deal with a single man. However, senior brother Qin didn’t shy away, he killed two ascendants in a domineering manner and frightened the rest away. Such a character...I wonder how many ten thousand years would it take for another like him to appear again."

The other girls all had look of worship on their faces. After which, a person teased, "Let alone with your appearance, how can you be comparable to senior sister Qingcheng? She’s the number one beauty of Chu after all, and even if it was me, my beauty is still a shade inferior…"

"Narcissist, go to hell!" The earlier girl scolded, as the bubbly laughter of the surroundings erupted, echoing through the air.

On the ceremonial stage of the Emperor Star Academy, there were many elders seated there. Di Yi, the headmaster of the Emperor Star Academy; Qin Wentian’s teacher Mustang, the Emperor of Chu, Chu Wuwei; Qin Chuan and his wife, old man Mo, Mo Qingcheng’s parents, Mo Qingcheng’s maternal grandfather Old Gu…

Right now on their faces, smiles and tears could all be seen, feeling happiness and joy for the newlyweds.

"When I laid my eyes on that young brat years ago, I knew he would surely be a man of great accomplishments. But who would have thought that his achievements would be on so grand a scale." Old Gu laughed while staring at his disciple Mustang. "Luckily you have good judgement and chose to rescue him, it’s no wonder you are my disciple."

"Teacher’s guidance is naturally awesome." Mustang smiled as Old Gu nodded his head in satisfaction. Di Yi who was sitting beside them cast a glance at Old Gu as he spoke, "You shameless old fart, stop using your seniority to suppress Mustang. After all, he is Wentian’s esteemed teacher."

"But headmaster, I’m the teacher of Wentian’s esteemed teacher as well as Qingcheng’s grandfather." Old Gu’s beard fluttered in the wind as he replied in a very serious manner, causing others around them to break out into laughter.

"Fine fine, your seniority is the highest here." Di Yi was also humored by Old Gu’s response. He smiled and shook his head, feeling that these ten years felt like a dream. Back then, Qin Wentian inherited the legacy of the Azure Emperor and the hopes of him, Di Yi, to reunify the azure factions. To think that Qin Wentian would have such accomplishments today and he had already surpassed the Azure Emperor at his peak, achieving the Azure Emperor’s long cherished wish.

"Why haven’t those two appeared yet? I’m sure everyone can’t wait to see them." Old man Mo was also very happy today. He had long forgotten all the unhappy things in the past, he was really too foolish back then.

"It’s coming! Seems like the groom can no longer wait." The eyes of the crowd shifted over, as a group of silhouettes slowly walked over. On the left and right of the young man, Fairy Qingmei, Old Xing and the other ascendants could be seen. Qin Wentian was in the center and behind him, Ouyang Kuangsheng, Fatty Fan Le, Chu Mang, Qin Zheng, Mu Feng, Lin Shuai, Ji Feixue were all there. Their handsome looks and the bearing they exuded caused many females of the Emperor Star Academy to scream wildly.

Anyone in Qin Wentian’s surroundings were all unrivalled characters when placed in Chu. They were all so imposing and especially for Lin Shuai, he was so handsome. No one had seen him before and it seemed that he was a senior from Qin Wentian’s sect. He should be very powerful too.

Qin Wentian’s silhouette then arrived at the ceremonial stage as his entourage split themselves and stood at the four corners, willing to take on the roles of bodyguards. Although these ascendants could be considered as Qin Wentian’s seniors but in truth, they were his subordinates and didn’t wish to overstep etiquette. They only wished to be able to witness this immortal couple getting married.

"Wentian seems to be somewhat anxious." Old Gu laughed. Today, Qin Wentian was dressed in an elegant white-colored long robe, appearing simple and clean. When matched with his good looks, he seemed somewhat like a mortal scholar. His black-colored eyes were filled with vitality and a resplendent light, causing many young girls to be mesmerized.

"Ahhh! I want to be married to senior brother Wentian!" A voice suddenly screamed, causing the entire space to turn silent. When the gazes of the crowd shot in the direction of the voice, they soon discovered that a young girl around seventeen to eighteen of age with her hands cupped around her face, staring at Qin Wentian as though she was fully captivated.

That young girl was in her own world, but upon noticing the silence, she couldn’t help but to be jolted awake as an awkward expression flashed on her face. When she noticed the gazes of everyone onto her, she instantly blushed and hurriedly try to mask her looks while screaming out loud. She wanted nothing more than to find a hole and dig into and soon after, the entire academy burst out into laughter.

"Xu Ning, you are going to be famous soon, hahaha." A female voice rang out, as though she was intentionally leaking the name of the girl out wanting to prank her. A moment later, uproarious laughter echoed out. Xu Ning, this girl is really going to be famous soon. At the very least, in the Emperor Star Academy.

However right after, the atmosphere regained its silence. The gazes of the crowd shifted to a certain direction as a group of females slowly walked out. The maiden in the middle was none other than the bride, Mo Qingcheng.

Although Mo Qingcheng today didn’t put any makeup on to augment her beauty, her countenance was perfect and without flaws. She was in a vibrantly red wedding dress and resembled a fresh flower that was blooming. Her bright eyes, her pretty neck, and skin as fair as snow...Mo Qingcheng today was beautiful enough to stun the entire world.

At this moment, no matter the gender, everyone in the crowd couldn’t shift their gazes away. Pure admiration flickered in their eyes, admiring this beautiful bride who’s eyes were filled with emotions when she stared at the young man on the ceremonial stage. Striding forward in an elegant manner, she walked step by step towards him.

"Hu…" When Mo Qingcheng stepped onto the stage. Everyone drew in a deep breath as they returned to their senses, contemplating the females around her again.

The charming Luo Huan, the frosty Yun Mengyi, the ice princess Lou Bingyu, the elegant Jiang Ting, the innocent and beautiful Bailu Yi, the graceful Qin Yao and the elf-like Xuan Xin...Each and every woman that appeared now, were all extremely dazzling in their own rights. Right now, they stood on the left and right of Mo Qingcheng, willingly taking on the roles of green leaves supporting the main flower.

"Too beautiful… I’ve never thought that I would see so many beauties in my life." Countless males felt intense emotions flooding their hearts. They were willing to sacrifice their everything if it meant that they could marry any one of the maidens above.

"This truly is…"

Many people were directly speechless, they didn’t know what to say when they saw this scene."

Below the ceremonial stage, there were many of Qin Wentian’s kin and friends, those from the Qin and Mo Residence, Drunken Wine Immortal, Mu Rou, Bai Qingsong, Autumn Snow. At this moment, only sincere blessings of joy could be seen in their eyes.

Mu Rou’s eyes had turned red, she didn’t know how to describe her current emotions. She was moved, and there somehow was also a sense of hurt and loss. She wanted to become that dazzling bride but she was destined only to be able to watch from below, staring up at his radiance. What she could do was only to send her utmost blessings to them.

Gongyang Hong and Qian Mengyu was here as well. They came together with the remaining experts of the Greencloud Pavilion. Evidently, the Greencloud Pavilion wasn’t willing to be dispersed. They rather submit instead. Gongyang Hong was smiling as he stared at this immortal couple yet there were hints of complexity in Qian Mengyu’s eyes.

"Little Qing, today is the wedding of your Wentian gege. If you are able to see it you would surely be very happy right? Are you doing well now?" Bai Qingsong sighed, he missed his little daughter Bai Qing terribly. She could even fall out with him and her elder sister because of Qin Wentian. From this, one could already see how close they were.

"If you are here today, you should be standing beside Mo Qingcheng staring at your Wentian gege right..?" Bai Qingsong smiled. Autumn Snow who was standing beside him had tear stains all over her face. If Bai Qing was here, she would be standing beside Mo Qingcheng...but if back then in the past she didn’t chose to break off the marriage engagement, would the position of the bride today be hers?

"Don’t cry any more silly lass, today is a day of happiness." Bai Qingsong stared at the pair of newlyweds as he silently wished them well. Autumn Snow wiped her tears away as she heavily nodded in agreement!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 685

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