Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 691

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Qin Wentian stared at them as he instantly sensed the cultivation base of the Star River Lord and Darkshadow Sovereign.

The Star River Lord has a cultivation base at the second level of Celestial Phenomenon. In the perspective of Grand Xia, this strength was already considered at the peak. The Darkshadow Sovereign was even stronger, he was at the peak of the third level, in addition to his unique constellations. Hence, in the entire Grand Xia, the Darkshadow Sovereign was the strongest ascendant. And everytime an uncontrollable power started to rise, the various transcendent powers would hire him to that person.

To the Darkshadow Sovereign, as long as there were people able to afford his price, he would kill whoever. In Grand Xia, he was the king, the lord of darkness.

In truth, based on the Darkshadow Sovereign’s strength, he was already qualified to join powers in the Royal Sacred Region albeit the position granted wouldn’t be too high. He was already old and has exhausted his talent, it was improbable for him to improve anymore. There was no meaning to be in the middle echelons if he joins the Royal Sacred Region. Those in the upper echelons wouldn’t regard him as important and he wouldn’t get much benefits. Hence, he would rather stay in Grand Xia, being the lord of darkness. The status he had here, as well as the benefits, was much higher in comparison.

The Star River Lord was different, he was sent here to manage the Star River a.s.sociation in Grand Xia. He was only a few hundred years old and this was already considered very young when you considered the ages of the other ascendants in Grand Xia. Not only that, he was also a divine inscriptionist grandmaster and had a boundless future. He was sent here to collect resources, and acc.u.mulate experience before he moved on to a larger stage.

But no matter, as long as the Star River a.s.sociation branches in Grand Xia were all destroyed, they would have to bear this crime and would receive an extremely heavy punishment when they returned.

On this land, the history of the Star River a.s.sociation is even longer compared to the Grand Xia Empire. Today, this was the first time someone dared to stand in the headquarters of the Star River a.s.sociation to tell them such an outrageous thing. This person was the current Emperor of Grand Xia, radiating boundless light, admired and wors.h.i.+pped by countless people, the chosen of heavens, Qin Wentian.

But no matter how radiant he was, as long as he dared to destroy the Star River a.s.sociation, there was only one path remaining for him - Death.

"The Darkshadow Sovereign is to remain behind. As for the others, scram." A torrential sword intent gushed forth from Qin Wentian as endless sword qi spiralled into a whirlpool, sweeping through the vast Star River a.s.sociation’s headquarters. After which, he stomped down again as a supreme sword might directly exploded, turning the entire great hall into dust.

"You actually have the aura of Celestial Phenomenon, have you broken through?" The Darkshadow Sovereign’s countenance turned incredibly unsightly, feeling a trace of jealousy in his heart. He had lived for over ten thousand years yet he was trapped at the peak of the third level of Celestial Phenomenon, unable to breakthrough. Yet Qin Wentian was so young and had already stepped into the Celestial Phenomenon Realm. Where did his limits lie? The Darkshadow Sovereign didn’t dare to imagine at all.

"You originally had an unlimited future, why must you seek your death? The Star River a.s.sociation isn’t something you can afford to antagonize." The Star River Lord spoke again, coldly threatening Qin Wentian. As a member sent to Grand Xia by the Star River a.s.sociation headquarters of the Royal Sacred Region, he knew exactly how powerful the Star River a.s.sociation was. Although the Royal Sacred Sect was said to be the hegemon of the region, so what of it? Even the Royal Sacred Sect had to tolerate their existence. Throughout the history of the Royal Sacred Sect, there was not a single Sacred Emperor that dared to threaten their Star River a.s.sociation.

Qin Wentian was the first to do this. He was merely the overlord of Grand Xia yet he dared to not permit their Star River a.s.sociation existing in Grand Xia?

"You guys talk too much c.r.a.p. If you don’t scram, die then." Qin Wentian’s eyes glinted with a terrifying light, his entire person was like a supreme sword, radiating a supreme sharpness. At this moment although there were many experts of the Star River a.s.sociation surrounding him, no one dared to act recklessly.

Such a scene caused those onlookers from afar to sigh in admiration. The term ‘Unmatched Magnificence,’ probably meant this right?

Qin Wentian stood arrogantly in the air, threatening the entire Star River a.s.sociation. It was no wonder he was the man that caused the transcendent powers of Grand Xia to submit. The halo revolving around him was truly too dazzling.

"Although I failed to kill you in our battle before, I really want to see if you still dare to use that sword strike from before, injuring yourself to the point of death to injure me." The Darkshadow Sovereign stepped out as both his constellations appeared, instantly covering a stretch of sky. A ma.s.s of tentacles-like vines writhed about, before las.h.i.+ng downwards, directly slamming towards Qin Wentian.


Yet another terrifying constellation appeared. This new constellation was the constellation of the River Star Lord. In the skies, a boiling lava-type constellation appeared and within the lava, an extremely fearsome divine weapon that had turned red from the heat could be seen, exuding an overwhelming might.

Qin Wentian could sense that based on the Star River Lord’s strength, there wouldn’t be anyone in Grand Xia capable of fighting against him. The constellations of those ascendants completely weren’t on the same level.

"Since you have already broken through to Celestial Phenomenon, let me see what your constellation is." The voice of the Darkshadow Sovereign rang out. His silhouette disappeared within his second constellation, a constellation of darkness.

Qin Wentian inclined his head, staring at the constellations of his two opponents. The constellation of the Star River Lord was situated in the middle. It radiated the might from a divine weapon and the edges of the constellation glimmered with a pure golden light. Qin Wentian knew that this golden glow belonged to that of his astral soul. Constellations were condensed by evolving astral souls, hence, the glow of one’s constellations can indicate the layer where one’s astral soul was condensed from.

A rich vibrant gold indicated that both their constellations were evolved from the 6th Heavenly-Layer. These astral souls should be something they condensed after stepping into the Celestial Phenomenon Realm which meant that they only managed to form an innate connection at the 6th Heavenly Layer for their fifth astral soul.

However despite so, Qin Wentian didn’t have any advantages in this regard. After all, his Dreamworld Constellation was evolved from his Great Dream astral soul which hailed from the 5th Heavenly Layer.

"As you wish." Behind Qin Wentian, a faint image slowly appeared. A terrifying wind gusted by, enveloping Qin Wentian completely as an intense dreamforce permeated the air.

"As expected, the first constellation you condensed is from an astral soul before you broke through to the Celestial Phenomenon Realm. No matter how high your talent is, that constellation is merely something evolved from the 5th layer. How can you fight with us?" The Darkshadow Sovereign’s tone turned sinister. After which, whistling sounds rang out through the air as the vines began their onslaught. Not only him, the Star River Lord acted as well. Numerous divine weapons were below the surface of the lava. Right now, all of them erupted forwards, shooting through the air towards Qin Wentian as a towering might covered the skies.

"It is already sufficient to deal with the likes of both of you." The constellation behind Qin Wentian was extremely dazzling. The wind gusted even more fiercely, he only calmly stand there waiting for the vines and divine weapons to reach him, yet right now miniature black holes of destruction could be seen manifesting around him, shredding the vines and divine weapons apart. They weren’t able to get close to his body yet even so, the Star River Lord and Darkshadow Sovereign didn’t give up, as they persisted on.

"What a powerful might." The Darkshadow Sovereign and Star River Heart felt their hearts trembling. The attack power of the constellation Qin Wentian condensed was extremely terrifying. It even seemed that it was purely an attack-type constellation that emphasized on all-out, overwhelming attacks, using attacks to replace defense.

"You all want to see my constellation right? I will show you then. Look clearly." A divine glow erupted in Qin Wentian’s eyes. Instantly, the faint image behind him solidified into an incomparably resplendent stretch of constellation that radiated brilliant starlight. It was as though an eye suddenly opened in the sky and at the instant when it opened, everything around Qin Wentian disappeared. And to their dismay, the Darkshadow Sovereign and the Star River Lord discovered that their constellations and they themselves were enveloped by a strange and mysterious energy.

"My Dreamworld Constellation exists everywhere."

Qin Wentian slowly spoke, his voice rumbling the hearts of his two opponents. Was this the first constellation Qin Wentian condensed? Dreamworld Constellation? They discovered that it was as though they had been transported into a strange dimension.

"Now, let me show you all how powerful a constellation’s attack can truly be."

As the sound of Qin Wentian’s voice faded, the gusting wind birthed by the Dreamworld Constellation transformed into a storm of destruction, spiralling furiously in a vortex.

"Puchi, chi..."

The ancient vines were unceasingly being destroyed, the divine weapons that erupted from the lava were also directly shattered. In this s.p.a.ce, the storm of total annihilation swept over everything. In this s.p.a.ce, Qin Wentian was G.o.d.

"We have to get out." The Star River Lord of Grand Xia turned as he sped away, lifting his palms preparing to attack only to discover that this Dreamworld didn’t seem to have a boundary to it.

How could dreams have boundaries?

This constellation was omnipresent, it’s scope incomparably vast and beyond limits.

"You want to leave? But since you have chosen to battle, your only choice is death." Qin Wentian stared at his opponent. An instant later, his palms grabbed out in the air. Instantly, a boundless destructive force congregated into a gigantic Grand Nihility palm imprint that blotted out the skies, directly blasting towards his body.

"NO!" The Star River Lord paled. He was the Lord responsible for the Star River a.s.sociation in Grand Xia. He had only cultivated for a few hundred years and his talent was far from being tapped out yet. He should have a glorious future awaiting him, how could he die here?


The Grand Nihility palm imprint directly smashed him into smithereens, turning the Star River Lord into dust. His constellation disappeared a moment later.

The sound of hurried panting resounded out, it was the breathing of the Darkshadow Sovereign. Right now, although he was hiding in his stretch of constellation, the pressure in the air caused him to feel chills in his heart.

How can this be? How was this possible? Wasn’t this the first time Qin Wentian condensed a constellation? How can it be so terrifying?

Even if he had experts providing guidance to him, there was no way for the first constellation he condensed to be this strong right? Or could it be that he had merged the fusion of four kinds of intent together with his astral soul to condense this constellation? This was the only reason why he could unleash enough might to insta-kill opponents at the same realm!

As he thought of this, the Darkshadow Sovereign felt even more unbearable in his heart. How could there be such a heaven-defying character who was not even thirty of age yet that had achieved such an outstanding result?

The Dreamworld had no boundaries, how can he break out of it?!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 691

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