Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 693

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Within the Royal Sacred City, there was an immense ancient palace that stood there. This had a history of countless years, even longer compared to the Royal Sacred Sect.

This ancient palace had witnessed the ups and downs of the Royal Sacred Sect. In fact, this palace had already been here before this world was known as the Royal Sacred Region. After the first generation Sacred Emperor dominated the world, the name of this world was then changed to the Royal Sacred Region. Throughout history, a countless number of powers have disappeared or transformed, the only remaining the same was this vast gigantic palace. Even the first generation Sacred Emperor didn’t dare to destroy it.

And this place, was none other than the main headquarters of the Star River Association. And today, the members of the branches from Grand Xia returned here as they passed on a piece of news.

The branches of the Star River Association in Grand Xia had been completely destroyed. Qin Wentian, the ruler of Grand Xia, didn’t permit the Star River Association to establish their branches in Grand Xia ever.

When they heard this, the experts of the Star River Association felt a rage even more intense compared to those from the Royal Sacred Sect.

How many years had it been since the Star River Association existed? They had branches spread all over the world, in every single city, operating in the darkness. They had the strongest information network of the Royal Sacred Region and had ways to monitor everything. Exactly how strong every outstanding talent was, what tier their talent belonged to, how powerful their background is, unless one was steeped in absolute secrecy, there was almost nothing that could hide from the eyes of the Star River Association.

With regards to the info report about Qin Wentian, the Star River Association had made changes to it many times. The name Qin Wentian that resounded and shocked the Royal Sacred Region, the man who became the overlord of Grand Xia, had already become one of the characters that the Star River Association paid special attention to. His information was recorded in a colorless transparent scroll. In the headquarters of the Star River Association, characters whose information was recorded here are all people who stood at the very peak.

For example, the characters recorded using this material were the Sacred Emperor, the vice sect leaders of the Royal Sacred Sect, the leaders of the nine great sects etc. And now, Qin Wentian was the same as them, one could see how important the Star River Association regarded Qin Wentian.

At this moment, there was a man in the headquarters of the Star River Association currently reading through this detailed info report of Qin Wentian.

This report included Qin Wentian’s experiences in the Sky Harmony City, the conflict between him and Murin up till the point of the Darkshadow Sovereign attempted assassination. From this, it was very easy to see why Qin Wentian had no good impressions about their association and why he wanted to remove every single one of their branches from Grand Xia after he became the overlord of it.

The info report on Qin Wentian’s strength was also extremely detailed. It included the fact that he could utilize the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation Art and transform into a primordial great roc, and even the fact that he could execute a stance of the Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay.

The only thing that was not very clear was Qin Wentian’s background.

Qin Wentian grew up in the Qin Residence of Chu. His foster father was Qin Chuan. This background could be ignored.

Qin Wentian had a second foster father, Ye Qingyun the Human Emperor of ancient Ye.

His wife was the personal disciple of the Medicine Sovereign, Mo Qingcheng.

The details of Qin Wentian’s birth was unknown.

Attachment: During Qin Wentian’s grand wedding, there were mysterious experts that appeared. The person who brought Qin Wentian up was a cripple, but on the day of the wedding, he bought a huge number of masked experts along to attend the wedding. Details of their exact strength was unknown.

Attachment: In Moon Continent, when Qin Wentian wielded the demon sword to split apart the Pill Emperor Hall, there were also mysterious experts which appeared, saving him from certain death. There are no details regarding the experts who did so.

Attachment: It is also unknown who taught Qin Wentian his immortal-ranked sword art.

All these details pointed out that Qin Wentian might have a truly extraordinary background. Even with the strength of their info network, they had no way to investigate it. They could only make educated guesses about his background and there was a high possibility that he was an orphan who descended from an extremely powerful existence.

But no matter how great his background is, how could it be greater compared to the Star River Association?

As the Star River Lord of the headquarters in the Royal Sacred Region, he was dispatched here to oversee things. How could he not understand the scope of their power? He knew very well that the Star River Association wasn’t something a mere orphan of a powerful existence could provoke.

However, his authority was limited. As the Star River Lord of the Royal Sacred Region, he had a mission to accomplish here. He had to transmit a certain amount of resources and nurture a number of divine inscriptionists to be sent back every hundred years. This was his responsibility, hence he had no way to be ‘detached’ from the Royal Sacred Region. But once they encounter an invincible existence, there would be no doubt that it would cause him disadvantages in his work. Although the Star River Association had a supreme, extraordinary background, there was a reason why they remained so low profile in this world. They aren’t willing to antagonize other people and had no interest in contesting for hegemony. Instead, they worked silently in the shadows, accomplishing the mission those ‘above’ had given to them.

Right now, he retrieved a pen and wrote and sealed a letter before tossing it out to his subordinates as he commanded, "Send this to Qin Wentian."

"Roger that." His subordinates replied as the sound of their footsteps echoed out as they left this place.


Right now in the Royal Sacred Region, within the immortal palace, Di Tian stared at the red-haired elder in front of him only to see the old man panting breathlessly as he stared at Di Tian. After a long moment, the red-haired elder finally laughed uproariously, "Good, good. I didn’t expect that you would be able to defeat all of us so quickly after training for such a short span of time. Go on ahead, see what trials are left for you here."

Di Tian’s expression radiated sharpness. Although Qin Wentian had broken through, Di Tian hadn’t condensed his constellation yet. His cultivation base now was still at the peak of Heavenly Dipper, but what Qin Wentian had comprehended was also considered his comprehension. Although he didn’t have the Dreamworld Constellation, his proficiency in fusing true intents was also extremely strong. In addition, when his attacks were infused with: his Illusory Demonforce, the strength the Fiend Transformation Art granted his physique, the power of his bloodline, the ability of bloodline protection, the might of the Heavenly Fiendgod Suppression Art, he finally managed to defeat these immortals who had their cultivations sealed.

"I have to thank seniors for all of your guidance through this period. If I successfully obtain the inheritance of this immortal palace, I will set all of you free." Di Tian bowed low as he stated respectfully.

"Go on ahead." The red-haired elder waved his hands. Di Tian nodded, after which his silhouette flickered as he sprinted ahead. Everywhere he passed by, there were sealed immortals and they were all watching him with a smile on their faces.

"Good fellow, do your best. You will definitely be stronger compared to the old fart back then." A sturdy figure grinned. That maiden in the lake finally regained a hint of light in her eyes as well. Di Tian had already cleared the challenges set here. But even they didn’t know what would await him next.

Di Tian’s silhouette was like lightning, he continued advancing, moving a far distance until he finally saw a slanting mountain in front of him. On the peak of that mountain, two figures could be seen. One of them was sitting while the other stood there. Behind them there was also a simple-looking hut.

The figure who sat there was an old man. His robes fluttered in the wind as he smiled at Di Tian.

As for the figure who was standing, it was a cold-looking young man robed in black. His entire body radiated a frosty chill, and his eyes gleamed with sharpness when he regarded Di Tian, it felt as though his eyes could even penetrate Di Tian’s soul.

"What a cold person." Di Tian stared at the young man. This was the coldest person he had ever seen in his life. His bearing and personality all exuded an intense coldness, causing people to not dare to get closer to him.

"Come on up." The old man smiled as he spoke.

DI Tian nodded as he walked up the slanted mountain step by step, coming before the old man and the young man.

"Able to defeat those sealed immortals at the peak of Heavenly Dipper is already sufficient to indicate your potential. However, if it wasn’t for them intentionally going easy on you at the start, there was no way you would be able to survive till today." The old man narrowed his eyes as he stared at Qin Wentian.

Di Tian nodded, he was clear on this point. Because, he entered this space not through defeating the buried immortals outside but was through the usage of a key he obtained from the founder of Grand Xia. Back then, his strength was far below what it is now, those immortals could kill him with the ease of turning their palms.

"However, since you could improve so much in this short span of time, you are also an extremely rare talent. In that case, from now onwards, you can start to comprehend this particular art. If you can comprehend it in its totality within a year, I will consider that you have passed this final trial. At that time, you will become the master of this immortal palace and receive an inheritance so powerful that you have no way to imagine it." The old man faintly spoke. After which, his hand waved as the silhouette of the ice-cold young man directly vanished, replaced by an incomparably boundless picture scroll with a myriad of images within that spoke of the truth of the Great Dao.

Di Tian’s eyes swept over the picture scroll. Very swiftly, his eyes and perception sank within and to his surprise, he actually discovered a surge of supremely, inconceivably strong sealing energy gushing out. A resplendent light flashed as the sealing energy directly bore down onto Di Tian.


Di Tian explosively retreated as he hurriedly close his eyes and panted. When he opened his eyes again, he actually felt some fear in his heart, not daring to look at the picture scroll again.

That glance of his earlier, it was as though he had a glimpse of the power of sealing, an almighty power that could seal everything.

"Not bad." The voice of the old man drifted over. "I urge that you breakthrough first before you continue comprehending this. If not, with your current strength, you won’t be able to endure the backlash. Remember this, you only have a year’s worth of time. If you fail to comprehend this after a year, I will wipe away the memories of your experiences here in this immortal palace."

Di Tian’s body shook slightly, after which, his eyes gleamed with a dazzling light.

At the same time, in the outside world within the ancient kingdom of Grand Xia, Qin Wentian who was currently cultivating opened his eyes. Right now, his eyes flickered with sharpness as he stared at the starry skies.

"Almighty Sealer, it was he who buried the immortals, and sealed their cultivation bases. If a Sealer is powerful enough, there’s nothing he cannot seal." Qin Wentian murmured, he could faintly sense that the master of this immortal palace was an absolute powerhouse and was proficient with the ability to use seals. Once he passed the test and inherited the immortal palace, he would be able to undo the restrictive seals on the various immortals and even receive an even more terrifying sealing legacy.

"Di Tian’s fifth astral soul must be a sealing-type astral soul. But what about mine?" Qin Wentian stared at the stars as he closed his eyes, sending his perception gushing upwards, reaching for the astral rivers in the heavenly layers.

His terrifying perception continued shooting upwards, breaking through boundaries and an instant later, he arrived at the 5th Heavenly Layer. However, he had no plans to stop here, he continued up, breaking into the 6th layer. At this moment, Qin Wentian could feel the intensity of the backlash growing stronger, as the perception projection of himself started to waver slightly.

"If I transcend this pressure and break through to the next, I will reach the 7th layer. This can be considered a qualitative leap indeed." Qin Wentian steeled his heart as his perception continued zooming upwards in a frenzy. Despite the mountain pressure, his perception refused to be wiped away and finally, he leapt past the 6th heavenly layer and stepped into the 7th.

Over here, a magnificent sight awaited him. There were obvious differences compared to the first sixth heavenly layers!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 693

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