Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 697

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The Royal Sacred Region was boundlessly vast, and the Sacred Royal City was the most luxurious. After Qin Wentian became the top ranker of the Immortal Martial Realm, he made his name here killing Di s.h.i.+ of the supreme Di Clan and fighting the era-suppressing geniuses on the Sacred Battle Platform, proving himself in terms of potential and combat prowess. He could be said to have the highest talent among the younger generation in the Royal Sacred Region.

However, this absolute genius was now being listed on the kill order by the Royal Sacred Sect. The hegemon that ruled this world unchallenged wanted his life.

And the news was circulated around the world in these few days, Qin Wentian was ordered to head to the Sacred Royal City to await death.

Not only Qin Wentian alone, the Human Emperor of ancient Ye, Ye Qingyun who also insisted on protecting him, also suffered the same fate.

And as for Qin Wentian, he had already arrived in the Sacred Royal City but didn’t show himself. He silently a.s.sumed another ident.i.ty and headed towards the luxurious trading grounds here to acquire more Sky Demon Oracle Bone Powder, while keeping a very low profile.

After obtaining the bone powder, he would search for a place where he can undergo cultivation in silence, it felt as though he didn’t care about his impending doom.

However, although Qin Wentian wasn’t concerned, he felt a little anxious. Mo Qingcheng was currently mobilizing experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley, preparing them to head towards the Sacred Royal City. She also didn’t expect that Qin Wentian would be so audacious, directly entering into the city alone.

The Royal Sacred Sect was the hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region after all. Now that they wanted to kill Qin Wentian no matter what, a violent tempest would surely arrive.

Other than Mo Qingcheng, there was also one more person who was constantly worried about him; despite the fact that it had been a very long time since she appeared in front of Qin Wentian.

The Royal Sacred Sect was located within the Sacred Royal City, emanating majesticness and prestige, the hegemon of this world.

And right now far above in the airs.p.a.ce of the Royal Sacred Sect, there was a female silhouette and an old man. The eyes of the female contained boundless frost, as an icy killing intent gleamed in her eyes.

"Princess, his Majesty just sent inquiries again. It’s really time for us to leave." Behind Qing`er, an old man followed her. He wanted to bring her away but because of Qing`er’s refusal, there was nothing he could do.

After the Great Emperor ascended the throne, he always felt an intense guilt towards his youngest daughter Qing`er. He doted on her extremely, and even fought an earth-shaking war to acquire the Great Nirvana Immortal Art because she wanted it. The old man didn't dare to forcibly bring Qing`er away. If he infuriated the princess and she complained to the Great Emperor, his ending would be...

Hence, this great general of an immortal country could only cater to Princess Qing`er’s every whim. If she was unhappy, things would definitely be miserable for him.

"Can you do me a favor and destroy the Royal Sacred Sect?" Qing`er spoke in a cold manner. The expression of the old man didn't fluctuate at all even after hearing that, it seems as though destroying the Royal Sacred Sect was only an extremely inconsequential matter to him. The Royal Sacred Sect was merely the hegemon of a particle world, the number of years he had lived was even longer compared to the history of this sect.

"Princess, so what if the Royal Sacred Sect is destroyed?" The old man asked, "On the pathway of becoming strong, he would definitely encounter opponents more powerful than them. If he is unable to get past these obstacles, he would then become stuck on a certain level or fall to his death. If I destroy the Royal Sacred Sect for him, there would still be yet another Royal Sacred Sect in the future. Could it be that Princess wishes to protect him in the shadows forever?"

The old man felt extremely helpless. Even after the Royal Sacred Sect is destroyed, would the Princess be willing to leave with him?

Seeing the depth of concern the Princess had towards this young man, it was apparent that she would definitely feel very reluctant to leave.

"Do you have any good ideas?" Qing`er spoke again. Her cool gaze stared at the old man, as flickers of hope could be seen within.

Staring at Qing`er’s expression, the old man could only sigh in his heart. Seems like the roots of love have already germinated in the Princess’s heart, she was already incurable.

But since the Princess had ask him for a favor, if he could settle it nicely for her, she would surely remember his help right?

"Unless, he has a background strong enough... It would be the best if a peerless figure can accept him as a disciple, bringing him out of the Royal Sacred Region. This way, he might even have a chance to meet with Princess in the future." The old man spoke slowly, his words causing a glimmer of light to flash through the eyes of Qing`er.

"But...I don't know any of those peerless figures." An instant later, Qing`er’s brows were furrowed with worry again.

She hoped that there was someone who could accept Qin Wentian as a disciple, it would be the best if that person was those existences at the supreme tier. Only this way would Qin Wentian be able to continue on his path easier, and there would be no need for her to worry.

"This…" The eyes of the old man gleaned. "If Princess is willing, this old slave can pa.s.s on your words to the Great Emperor. His Majesty has plenty of good friends at his level, but please allow this old slave to remind Princess. The existences at that level wouldn't accept disciples so easily. Even if they wish to give face to the Great Emperor, they wouldn't show any favoritism. Everything would still have to depend on his own talent."

"There’s definitely no problem with his talent." Qing`er’s eyes brightened. "Help me convey my wishes then."

"Princess." The old man called out as he stared at Qing`er. Qing`er then responded, "Yes? Are there still any issues?"

"Princess, if I convey this message and his Majesty agrees, Princess will have to leave this place with this old slave." The old man implored.

Qing`er’s beautiful eyes stiffened, she stared at the horizons as a trace of reluctance flashed within. However, after a moment, a smile appeared on her face as she replied, "Fine."

Staring at Qing`er’s back, the old man could only silently shake his head and sigh. He truly didn't know what the Princess was thinking. Even after personally witnessing Qin Wentian’s wedding, she was still so determined.

Even if the Princess herself didn't mind, how could his Majesty allow the daughter he doted on the most to share a husband with some other woman? Even though Qin Wentian might be very outstanding, it was impossible for his Majesty to allow his daughter to suffer this way.

"What a stroke of ill fate." That old man silently sighed. It was probably a mistake for the Great Emperor to send the Princess to such a remote world.

The lofty and arrogant Royal Sacred Sect had just issued a kill order to the world and even told Qin Wentian and Ye Qingyun to head over to the Royal Sacred City to await their death. But they didn’t know that just moments ago, that fairy-like maiden who once threatened them had almost caused them to experience a total annihilation.

Truly, they narrowly escaped death. If Qing`er didn’t agree to the old man’s suggestion and resolutely commanded him to wipe out the Royal Sacred Sect, the hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region would disappear from this world henceforth.

However, this matter would naturally remain unknown to the Royal Sacred Sect. They were still waiting for the duo to deliver themselves and await their doom.

Qin Wentian also had no idea what just occurred. That snow-lotus like maiden was never a person of many words. She was still the same compared to ten years ago, silently protecting him from the shadows, keeping her presence unknown.

Once, she acquired the Great Nirvana Immortal Art for Qin Wentian, causing a huge uproar throughout the immortal realms; once, she personally entered the Royal Sacred Sect and threatened the hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region. But even now, she had no way to set her heart at ease and was still trying to protect him.

Qin Wentian naturally completely had no idea regarding all of this.

The him right now was sitted cross-legged in a room of a tavern and engaging in cultivation. His entire body circulated with resplendent particles of light, exuding a marvelous aura, forming into mysterious and unique rune-like patterns.

Crackling sounds rang out as he ingested the Sky Demon Oracle Bone Powder, circulating it throughout his body, tempering it. The unique runes also traveled to every part of his body, tempering his flesh and upgrading its defense while projecting an aura of incomparable might.

Only after a long period of time did he draw in a deep breath as the resplendent rune lights dimmed away. Opening his eyes, he sighed, "The amount of bone powder I can obtain now is simply too little. In order to refine a true fiendG.o.d physique, I would need to use the actual Sky Demon Oracle Bone instead of its bone powder. I don’t think I would be able to find this in the Royal Sacred Region."

After contemplating for a moment, Qin Wentian felt a little sullen. So what if he had the talent, if he didn’t have sufficient strength, he would still be a plaything in the hands of others. Although right now, he could slay third-level Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants, he was simply still too low leveled. But in front of the Royal Sacred Sect, this level of cultivation base was nothing at all.

At this moment, his eyes gleamed with sharpness. After which, several mountains worth of Yuan Meteor Stone piled around him. These were his entire collection of Yuan Meteor Stones, he decided that he would be going all out this time.

"Old man, back then you could even cause the G.o.ds and devils to cry. Right now, your child is actually being suppressed in a mere Royal Sacred Region. I truly can’t face up to your prestige." With a thought, the Yuan Meteor Stones rose in the air, before arranging themselves in a divine inscription diagram that hovered above with Qin Wentian in the center.

"Let me take a look again at the memories you left behind for me." Qin Wentian clasped his hands together as the diagram glowed with light. Astronomical amounts of astral energy enveloped his body, gus.h.i.+ng into him as the energy consumption rate grew to an inconceivable extent.

Qin Wentian closed his eyes and sent his perception into the tiny astral-being in his sea of consciousness. Instantly, the astral-being brightened as it directly led Qin Wentian’s perception into a boundless s.p.a.ce. Qin Wentian’s perception unceasingly went into the depths of this s.p.a.ce as he searched for the memories his father left behind.

Astral light flashed, Qin Wentian’s perception kept going deeper, finally gus.h.i.+ng towards a sparkling fragment that was of considerable size.

The Yuan Meteor Stones diagram continued providing energy that was being consumed at an unbelievable rate. The crystal-like fragment shone brighter and brighter to the point where light finally exploded as Qin Wentian’s perception instantly entered into another s.p.a.ce.

In this s.p.a.ce, there was an imposing figure that was gigantic in stature. He stood in the middle of the air as he chanted a complex-sounding oracular chant. Every single syllable transformed into terrifyingly powerful runes as a boundless immortal light began s.h.i.+ning from the figure’s body, illuminating the entire sky!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 697

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