Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 702

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Zai Xuan and Lu Ziyan were people who knew their stuff. Their perspectives were much broader compared to people of the Royal Sacred Region.

Within the Royal Sacred Region, exceptionally few people knew what color was the l.u.s.ter for astral souls condensed at the 7th Heavenly Layer. At most, they would only have faintly heard of it.

But Zai Xuan and Lu Ziyan had roamed the outside worlds and they naturally knew what what was the underlying indication that Qin Wentian had condensed an astral soul from the 7th Heavenly Layer. The more they knew, the more their hearts trembled.

"How can this be possible?" An expression of disbelief flashed in the eyes of Zai Xuan, he didn’t dare to believe what he saw. This should be Qin Wentian’s fifth astral soul, right? He was very clear on what it meant to have a 7th-layered astral soul as one’s fifth astral soul. Even in the outside world, it was extremely rare for a genius to accomplish that.

Those who could do so were all undoubtedly Heaven Chosen from supreme powers, exceptionally dazzling characters.

Yet...the young man before him was nothing but a country b.u.mpkin. Such a contrast made Zai Xuan feel a sense of surrealism as well as great shock rumbling his heart.

A man he ridiculed as a country b.u.mpkin actually released an astral soul that had a violet-gold corona. And staring at how calm Qin Wentian was, he himself probably didn’t know the significance of the violet-gold corona of his astral soul.

Indeed, Qin Wentian wasn’t very clear on the significance of that. He only knew that the first astral soul he condensed from the 5th Heavenly Layer was already extremely extraordinary. But his following ones; his second and third astral souls were from the 5th Heavenly Layer too. It was only when he condensed his fourth astral soul did he make a breakthrough, condensing the king sword astral soul at the peak of the 6th-layer. And now, for his fifth astral soul, he succeeded and broke through to the 7th-layer, condensing it from a constellation there. He didn’t feel it was anything to be proud of. Maybe, many talented geniuses would also be able to achieve such a feat.

For example back then when he saw the constellation of the Darkshadow Sovereign, he could tell that it was evolved from an astral soul at the 6th-layer.

Since the Darkshadow Sovereign could condense an astral soul at the 6th-layer, it meant that there would be others who can achieve it too. So condensing an astral soul at a layer higher might be rarer but it was still achievable.

However in truth, Qin Wentian’s thinking was wrong. It wasn’t that difficult for a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant to condense an astral soul at the 6th-layer but astral souls at the 7th-layer were a qualitative leap compared to those at the 6th-layer, and it was as tough as ascending the heavens.

The affinity of a stellar martial cultivator towards the constellations weren’t fixed innately at the start of birth. One had to deepen the affinity bit by bit, through meditation and the leveling up of one’s cultivation base.

Hence, to many stellar martial cultivators in the Royal Sacred Region. When their first astral soul came from the 1st-layer, their second astral soul would at most be from the 2nd-layer, and third astral soul from the 3rd-layer. After after that, there was a very high probability that their affinity would never be able to breakthrough the third heavenly layer and their cultivation bases would also be restricted to at most, the Heavenly Dipper Realm or in worst case, stuck at the Yuanfu Realm forever.

But to the geniuses in the Royal Sacred Region, their first astral souls usually originates from the 3rd Heavenly Layer. By achieving this, it meant that you would already be a genius. However, their second astral soul might also be from the 3rd-layer and they would only breakthrough when it was time to condense their third astral soul. For these geniuses, it was already pretty good for them to be able to condense an astral soul at the 5th-layer for their fifth astral soul when they break through to Celestial Phenomenon. Those with a higher degree of talent, their perception had a possibility that it might be able to break into the 6th-layer, depending on their individual affinity.

Hence for some geniuses, their astral souls originated from these heavenly layers: 3, 3, 4, 5, 6.

For those more dazzling ones: 3, 4 ,4, 5, 6; or 3, 4, 5, 5, 6.

However, Zai Xuan and Lu Ziyan’s perspective were much more vast. To them, these ‘geniuses’ weren’t geniuses. They could only be considered above-average characters.

Even in the outside world, the astral souls origin of geniuses would originate from: 4, 4, 5, 5, 6 or 4, 5, 5, 5, 6.

For more outstanding individuals: 4, 5, 5, 6, 6. These people were usually elites of major powers, their perception was able to break into the 6th-layer when merely at the Heavenly Dipper Realm, condensing their fourth astral soul.

Naturally there were even rarer demon-level characters. For their very fast astral soul, they could already form an innate connection with the 5th-layer. Their astral souls origin would be: 5, 5, 5, 6, 6. This can already be considered an extremely powerful combination.

And for even more heaven-defying characters, those rumored existences which exudes magnificence throughout their generations, their combination would be: 5, 5, 5, 6, 7. After they broke through to the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, they might consume some heavenly ingredients or earthly treasures, allowing their affinity to deepen, and strengthening their will, enabling them to break through to the 7th Heavenly Layer when they condensed their fifth astral soul.

For such characters, even Lu Ziyan hadn’t personally seen any before. She had only occasionally heard her elders discussing about the radiant history of these individuals, and thus, knew a bit about this.

Yet at this moment, in the Royal Sacred Region that’s a puny particle world, she actually saw a violet-gold l.u.s.ter on the astral soul of a country b.u.mpkin.

Lu Ziyan even rubbed her eyes to ascertain that her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. A strange expression involuntarily appeared on her face. In the outside worlds, there were ‘country b.u.mpkin’ characters which became legends. These people were even more terrifying compared to others because they work their way to the top step by step. Their will and determination wasn’t something people could match and their combat prowess within the same realm was so strong that they were terrifying.

Lu Ziyan faintly sensed that maybe, she found someone like that. As she thought to here, the eyes which she regarded Qin Wentian with, brightened up.

This time when Lu Ziyan glanced at Qin Wentian again, she only felt that he was incredibly good-looking. The protrusion of his face reflected a resolve, his eyes that gleamed with light contained tyranny and disdain and even had a hint of someone who stood at the peak, gazing down at the

Although this might sound strange, Qin Wentian’s bearing was simply there. It was only that Lu Ziyan didn’t notice it earlier. However right now, because her state of heart had changed, the way she viewed Qin Wentian naturally changed as well. At the start, she viewed Qin Wentian as a country b.u.mpkin. Although he might have an extraordinary demeanor, she at most would only feel that he was interesting. His arrogance and ignorance of not knowing how tall the heavens and how vast the world is simply made her want to laugh out loud in ridicule.

However, things were different now. Those shortcomings which made her want to laugh suddenly became plus points for him.

"Zai Xuan, your Royal Sacred Sect not only didn’t go all out to nurture such a character but even sent out so many people to kill him? It seems like your Royal Sacred Sect are the ones who didn’t know how high the heavens and how vast the world is." Lu Ziyan’s face had traces of sarcasm in it. She wasn’t afraid that Zai Xuan would be angry. Zai Xuan was the one pursuing her, she was not the one pursuing him.

Zai Xuan’s countenance grew incredibly unsightly. His eyes turned towards those from the upper echelons, only to see that all of them were badly shocked by Qin Wentian’s astral souls. However, Elder Li’s eyes were still gleaming with cold light, he then spoke, "You might not know this, but this brat is extremely arrogant. Our Royal Sacred Sect had invited him to join us many times but were all rejected by him. And he was even brazen enough to kill his way into our Royal Sacred Sect and slaughter a disciple from the Core Faction. Back then we tolerated his actions, yet to think that his arrogance only grew more and more. Only with no choice left to us did we beseech the Sacred Emperor, getting his approval to send the kill order. Such a brazen brat, even if we kill him there wouldn’t be any regrets."

Lu Ziyan merely laughed. She stared at the Sacred Battle Platform as she spoke, "But it’s still a question mark regarding whether the third-level Ascendant you guys sent out would be able to kill him."

Leaving out others, even Ye Qingyun and experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley were stunned when they saw Qin Wentian releasing his astral soul. They drew in a deep breath, trying to calm the waves that were rocking their heart.

A violet-gold astral soul, was this an astral soul from the 7th Heavenly Layer?

The astral soul which appeared behind Qin Wentian was naturally his fifth astral soul, the towering giant human-formed figure which he condensed from the 7th Heavenly Layer. The violet-gold corona could be seen around it as it radiated a sense of absolute suppression like an immortal king tramping upon the world. Boundless runic lights flowed around it and every filament of light contained a terrifying might within.

From the aura this astral soul exuded, one could very well imagine how powerful this was. The boundless astral light radiated outwards as everything around Qin Wentian was completely suppressed.

Dong Yu was facing Qin Wentian. The rush of impact to him was the greatest but as expected of a Heaven Chosen from the Royal Sacred Sect, he quickly adjusted his mindset as the frost king behind him began to unleash a torrential wave of coldness that was a ten million foot wall. The cold qi swept over everything, gus.h.i.+ng towards Qin Wentian while all the while materializing frost.


Dong Yu stabbed out another finger attack, only to see Qin Wentian’s entire body was currently enveloped by resplendent light. His palms circulated with a dazzling violet-golden glow as it expanded before smas.h.i.+ng downwards with crus.h.i.+ng force, suppressing everything. The violet golden glow caused boundless rune lights to cascade downwards and at this instant, Qin Wentian gave off the feeling that he was even able to suppress the heavens. Dong Yu trembled violently but soon felt his body going stiff as the mighty suppression force permeated everything in this world.

However at this moment, Dong Yu didn’t give up yet. He clasped his hands together as his ice-type constellation spun about, replaced by his second one. In an instant, the world of ice and snow was transformed into a world of boiling lava whose heat baked everything in it. An ice-type constellation and a fire-type constellation. Ice and heat were energies from the two extremes, and at this sudden replacement caught Qin Wentian by surprise. Right now an incomparable heat cloaked Qin Wentian within, causing him to feel as though he was about to be refined by the heat into ashes.

The destructive energy produced from the sudden abrupt change in extremities was so powerful that Qin Wentian felt cracks appearing on his fiendG.o.d body, as though he was about to fall apart.

In the blink of an eye, resplendent runic lights circulated around him as he blasted out in the air with his palm at the same instant. A surge of supreme suppression force blasted outwards in all directions causing the heat to be unable to get close to him. The runic lights from the suppression force transformed into a kind of forcefield that allowed Qin Wentian to ignore the heat. He then coolly stepped out and stared at Dong Yu.

Two completely different kinds of constellations, Dong Yu’s strength was truly terrifying. No wonder he was a demon-level character of the Royal Sacred Sect.

But even so, Qin Wentian would definitely kill him today.

This entire world was still enveloped by the Dreamworld Constellation. The omnipresent destructive energy concentrated on Qin Wentian’s body, augmented by the violet-glow from his suppression-type astral soul. He then stomped onto the ground as a boundless monumental pressure gushed towards Dong Yu, squeezing everything into nothingness wherever it pa.s.sed.

Dong Yu blasted out with both his palms, fire and ice interweaved as they shot outwards in a brilliant explosion. However, the suppression pressure was endless and boundless. It then enveloped Dong Yu within as the violet-gold coated pressure squeezed within itself, becoming smaller and smaller before finally snapping closed completely. Dong Yu was directly suppressed so badly by the overwhelming pressure that his body was simply pressed into nothingness to the point where even his soul scattered. A Heaven Chosen from the Royal Sacred Sect was overwhelmingly suppressed to death while still alive just like that!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 702

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