Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 705

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The actions of the Medicine Sovereign today had surpa.s.sed the imaginations of everyone.

The realm spoken of in the legends, at the same level as the Sacred Emperor of the Royal Sacred Sect. Incredibly powerful combat puppets...In order to protect Qin Wentian, the Medicine Sovereign directly waged war against the Royal Sacred Sect. This was the first time after the Royal Sacred Sect dominated the world after tens of thousands of years that they faced such a serious provocation and threat. Maybe from this moment onwards, the Royal Sacred Sect might not be the hegemon of this world any longer.

From afar, among the crowd of people, even the Star River Lord of the main Star River a.s.sociation had arrived.

The Star River a.s.sociation always operated in the shadows. As long as they could achieve their objectives, it didn’t matter what methods they used. Qin Wentian arrived at the Sacred Royal City and since the Royal Sacred Sect wished to kill him, their Star River a.s.sociation would simply sit on the fence and watch. They don’t even need to act personally. After the Royal Sacred Sect killed Qin Wentian, the Star River a.s.sociation would directly point their weapons at Grand Xia and focus on the reestablishment of their branches.

However, they never expected that the Medicine Sovereign actually hid his abilities so deeply and had actually achieved the legendary realm. Not only that, upon seeing his determination to protect Qin Wentian, whoever wants to kill Qin Wentian would have to pa.s.s the trial that is him first.

"It’s not going to be easy," The Star River Lord silently mused. However, the power the Royal Sacred Sect showed was only the tip of an iceberg.

The Royal Sacred Sect had dominated and governed this world for countless years. Other than the Core Faction, there were other factions of powers within it and they had over ten million experts. The experts which appeared here today was only a minority. They didn’t expect that they would meet such intense obstruction and suffer such losses simply to kill Qin Wentian.

In the air, Lu Ziyan watched as the scene played out. The combat puppets possessed absolute advantage and upon seeing that, she couldn’t help but to sarcastically comment,"A country b.u.mpkin world is a country b.u.mpkin world after all. Although many of this Ascendants have a high cultivation base, their combat prowess is inferior to these puppets. Although these puppets are all very powerful, but how would they fare against a human that’s truly strong? Sadly, it seems that your Royal Sacred Sect doesn’t even have a person of that caliber."

The expressions of Zai Xuan who was at the side drastically changed, he had nothing to say as he observed the chaotic battle. Above in the air, the Medicine Sovereign stared at the gigantic face of the Sacred Emperor and stated,"Sacred Emperor, if we count the number of years we have lived, you can be considered my junior. Before this, I have never had any intention on going against your Royal Sacred Sect to fight for the position of hegemony yet you kept forcing my hand. Why must you do so?"

The gigantic face of the Sacred Emperor was as calm as ever, as though these losses didn’t cause any fluctuations in his heart. His eyes turned to the Medicine Sovereign,"Where did you get these puppets from?"

"You don’t have a need to know about this." The Medicine Sovereign stood with his hands clasped behind his back as he replied faintly.

The gaze of the Sacred Emperor turned to the horizons, at this moment, several figures could be seen whistling through the air. He then spoke,"With just these puppets? I’m afraid they won’t be enough."

These newcomers directly rushed towards the direction of the Sacred Battle Platform and instantly, those spectators from afar quickly opened up a path as they felt great trepidation in their hearts. These experts who just arrived seemed like a terrifying legion, the strongest combat unit the Royal Sacred Sect could muster. Any one of them had enough strength to cause the hearts of the crowd to tremble in fear. This was the strongest power the Core Faction was able to muster, they went all out and were prepared to pay any price to kill Qin Wentian. Or maybe more accurately, this was no longer a matter about killing Qin Wentian, it was something that would affect their position as the hegemon of this world.

If they were defeated, how would the people of this world view them?

If their Royal Sacred Sect lost to the Medicine Sovereign Valley, would the position of the hegemon change?

A gigantic sword was suddenly pulled from its sheath, as it was held in the hands of an expert, as bright light illuminated the skies. A fearsome blood-colored gigantic axe appeared in the hands of another expert causing astral light to flash as the sky changed colors.

These newly arrived experts acted in formations of seven as they rushed towards the puppets, with every seven of them joining hands to deal with one combat puppet.

Only to see that in one of the battles, seven powerful experts surrounded the golden dragon puppet. The resplendent light from their constellations was boundless as they superimposed on each other as an overwhelming destructive force bore down on the puppet. The seven of them stood in different directions as the astral light from the stacked constellations shone upon them, augmenting their might.

The golden dragon puppet howled in rage as a fearsome laceration energy ripped through the air. The puppet aim its claw towards someone in a certain direction only to see that his target suddenly transformed into a beam of light together with the other six as they shot inside the superimposed constellation. The draconic claw lashed out at the constellation causing fine cracks to appear. Yet, a moment later, the abundant astral energy immediately coated the cracks and repaired them instantly. There was no damage done at all.


In the air, a terrifying blood-colored axe cleaved down from the sky. It possessed such mighty force that the s.p.a.ce in its surroundings was smashed apart, leaving only an arc of crimson light that cleaved downwards with inexorable momentum.


That destructive strike chopped down on the golden dragon puppet, causing its frame to violently tremble as it was forced downwards, slamming violently into the constellation.

"How about now?" Zai Xuan smiled at Lu Ziyan when he saw the battle turning.

"Seven experts as one unit, one among them becomes the controller of the superimposed constellation, combining the strength of seven into one to unleash overwhelming might. Given the fact that these people are all powerful Ascendants, I guess this strategy is not bad. However, this can’t stand for anything. Your sect is simply too weak that’s why they need to utilize such a strategy."

Lu Ziyan slowly spoke, her gaze glanced towards Qin Wentian. It seems like this country b.u.mpkin king is already determined on killing the most outstanding genius ever in this country b.u.mpkin world.

If such a person fell in this remote and pathetic world, it would truly be a pity.

The battle got increasingly intense as each of the powerful combat puppets were surrounded by units of seven experts. The spectators were speechless when they saw this scene. Most probably, the Royal Sacred Sect had sent out all of their strongest experts in the battle this time around. It was simply too terrifying.

The Royal Sacred Sect wouldn’t give up until they obtain victory.

"It will truly be regretful if these wonderful puppets are destroyed." The Sacred Emperor emotionlessly spoke, yet his eyes showed no hints of reluctance,


In the air, the surrounded puppets were unceasingly enduring the torrential attacks. And because of the arrival of these experts, those weaker Ascendants of the Royal Sacred Sect found themselves freed from combat. At this moment, their gazes involuntarily turned towards Qin Wentian.

"Kill him." An extremely cold voice rang out as numerous experts dashed towards Qin Wentian from different directions, unleas.h.i.+ng their killing intent. However, the Xuanwu Puppet was still there protecting Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian stared at the onslaught of experts rus.h.i.+ng him as an ice-cold light flashed in his eyes. However at this moment, the Xuanwu merely reached out with an enormous claw and grabbed onto Qin Wentian, covering him up completely. This made Qin Wentian speechless, just a single claw from this giant turtle was sufficient to enveloped him completely, making it so that he couldn’t see the combat outside, he could only hear the noises.


Numerous streams of fearsome attacks lashed against the giant turtle, shaking the skies with their combined might. Yet, although the sounds were thunderous, there was not a trace of damage to the Xuanwu puppet. There wasn’t even a single scratch on its sh.e.l.l.

The immense Xuanwu lifted its head and at this moment, a long lance containing overwhelming power pierced right into its eye, yet it was unable to break through it. All of a sudden, the puppet drew in breath and spat a breath of ice-cold qi outwards, instantly freezing the attacker, transforming him into an ice statue.

It’s snake-like tail then swept out as a clear sound of ice shattering rang out, causing the expert frozen within to be smashed into pieces.

"This…" The eyes of the Sacred Emperor narrowed as he stared at the ice-cold qi that radiated from the giant turtle.

The Xuanwu moved again, causing rumbling sounds to echo in the air. It wrenched its maw open and drew in large breaths in a frenzy as it breathed out once more. Instantly as the extremely cold qi radiated outwards, everything in its nearby surroundings including the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect and the puppets they were attacking, were all frozen solid.

Time seemed to halt as everything became ice statues. This world suddenly became a world of ice and frost.

It’s huge tail swept out once more as a terrifying destructive energy permeated the air, shooting in all directions. Under the stunned gazes of the crowd, the bodies of the experts shattered, leaving only the combat puppets undamaged.

In a single instant, tens of experts from the Royal Sacred Sect died.

"Icy Underworld Immortal Qi, you…" The expression of the gigantic face of the Sacred Emperor in the air drastically changed. His eyes turned red as he glared at the Xuanwu puppet. It was simply a killing machine, there was no expert from the Royal Sacred Sect who could stand up to it.


The remaining experts swiftly retreated, all of them were extremely powerful Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants. Such a scene couldn’t help to make the hearts of many pound in intensity.

Was this the strength of the Royal Sacred Sect? As the hegemon of this world, they indeed had transcendent strength that was enough to suppress this world. Yet today, they were defeated in the hands of the combat puppets of the Medicine Sovereign.

Especially that Xuanwu puppet at the end, this caused many to have a bold hypothesis in their hearts. Was that an immortal-ranked puppet?

Against such power, even peak-level Ascendants couldn’t withstand a single strike. They were simply not enough.

The experts in the air fled with great speed, all of them were people of the Royal Sacred Sect. The strongest legion they could muster was defeated today. This would definitely affect their status and from now on, the Royal Sacred Sect was not the only hegemon in this world.

At the start, Qin Wentian defeated opponents two cultivation levels higher than him, and after that, the combat puppets of the Medicine Sovereign defeated the legion of the Royal Sacred Sect. Today, the Royal Sacred Sect had truly been knocked down from their divine pedestal!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 705

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