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Uncle Black and the others silently departed. Only the Medicine Sovereign knew of this, they didn’t alert this fact to Qin Wentian.

A supreme expert like the Eastern Sage Great Emperor actually noticed this remote world, the Royal Sacred Region? Under the scrutiny of his immortal will, nothing in this world could be hidden from him.

In addition, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor came here to recruit disciples. This meant that the Royal Sacred Region is being exposed to the vision of the immortal realms. It isn’t just the Eastern Sage Great Emperor alone. Maybe he himself wouldn’t care so much about this remote world; but the others would because each and every action of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, no matter how minute, would attract countless attention. Let alone this time around, it was such a big event such as recruiting a disciple.

Hence, Uncle Black and the others could only leave.

The rumors became reality. The Royal Sacred City was all in a fervor because of the news that a supreme existence was accepting a disciple here. This supreme existence goes by the name of Eastern Sage Great Emperor, it was unknown how terrifyingly powerful he was. If the Sacred Emperor is compared to the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, he would be like how an ordinary mortal was compared to himself, the Sacred Emperor.

n.o.body knew exactly how strong this supreme existence was, they only knew that he was strong, incomparably strong.

In any case, as long as one had an opportunity to become the disciple of the Great Emperor, even if they are just an ordinary mortal, their status would instantly transcend over everyone. Even the members of the Royal Sacred Sect had to bow low and be very respectful, hence how could this news not cause the Royal Sacred Region to be in a fervor? The commotion was so great that even the earlier grand battle between the Medicine Sovereign Valley and the Royal Sacred Sect was temporarily forgotten.

Now, this disciple recruitment was the greatest and most important event in the Royal Sacred Region. Only that even now, no one knew why the Eastern Sage Great Emperor suddenly wanted to accept a disciple here in this world.

But even so, the experts from the immortal realms continued to descend to the Royal Sacred Region, causing quite an uproar.

Not only that, some among these visitors were extremely arrogant and despotic, acting like they were the lord of this world. They basically didn’t even have the ‘experts’ of the Royal Sacred Sect in their eyes, calling them country b.u.mpkins to their faces which resulted in a lot of anger. However, many didn’t dare to speak out. There was once a conflict which happened because of this derogatory term, leading to a heaven chosen from an aristocratic clan striking out. Yet, the result was that he was insta-killed along with all his followers. Those who witnessed it could only s.h.i.+ver in fear and didn’t dare to say anything. Even the aristocrat clan didn’t dare to take revenge. To them, people from the immortal realms are immeasurably deep, and had overwhelming combat strength. Also, n.o.body knew their backgrounds hence it was better not to stir up trouble for themselves.

In fact, many of these arrogant and despotic people were as cowardly as a mouse when back in the immortal realms, keeping a low profile, not daring to antagonize anyone. But here in a particle world, everything was different. They had a superior feeling and treated country b.u.mpkins of this world like insects, controlling their fates easily and none dared to resist them.

If one was to use a word to describe why their behaviour was like this, the word is simply ‘superiority.’ They felt a sense of superiority, just like Zai Xuan and Lu Ziyan, like they were a tier higher than the people in this world.

The majority of the visitors had a sense of superiority. Those that made trouble here were only a part of it. As for the others from the immortal realms, they might have a sense of superiority but they disdained to bully the ‘weaklings’ in a particle world. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a glory if they showed off their strength and abused the weaklings. It also made sense that there were truly extraordinary people among the visitors. Given that these people were here because they wanted to be taken on as a disciple by the Eastern Sage Great Emperor. How could one get the Great Emperor to take notice if they weren’t extraordinary?

Right now, in the inn where people first spotted the external visitors, there were many currently drinking there. Among them, were Zai Xuan, Lu Ziyan and a group of their followers.

Recently, Zai Xuan has been in a bad mood because of that evil-looking young man whom he invited earlier. That fellow wasn’t simply just l.u.s.tful, he cultivated in an evil art which uses women as his cultivation furnace, bedding them to increase his cultivation. And as for those women whom he ‘enjoyed,’ none of them survived.

There were many beautiful female servants in the Royal Sacred Sect which were gifted to the evil young man by Zai Qiu but the evil-looking young man only wanted more and more. He didn’t simply want women, he wanted those extremely beautiful ones.

Just after a few days, the evil-looking young man even abducted beautiful members of their Royal Sacred Sect and even had intentions towards Lu Ziyan, causing Zai Xuan to feel extremely unhappy. But to his surprise, he discovered that after bedding a large quant.i.ty of women, the aura of the evil-looking young man actually strengthened and rose up to the peak of third level of Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant. This couldn’t help but make him feel a hint of his heart being moved when he noticed.

If one discarded one’s morals, this cultivation technique was an extremely good one. One could enjoy the taste of women while simultaneously raising one’s cultivation. Hence, Zai Xuan didn’t chase the evil young man away, he continued allowing the evil young man to do as he pleased, in hopes of getting into his good books.

Hence, recently, the news of beautiful females disappearing one after another spread like wildfire, and this matter was only made known to all after a top female heaven chosen of a major power disappeared.

At this moment, a row of silhouettes whistled through the air. The figure in the lead was dressed in white, he was handsome and exuded an extraordinary aura. After casting a glance downwards, he descended from the air in the direction of the inn.

Zai Xuan and Lu Ziyan froze. A cold glint of light could be seen flas.h.i.+ng within Zai Xuan’s eyes while Lu Ziyan had a look of puzzlement on her face. The experts of the Royal Sacred Sect around Zai Xuan all had ice cold expressions, as their eyes flickered with killing intent.

"Qin Wentian, he is Qin Wentian!" Someone exclaimed. The people in this inn was instantly in an uproar. When Qin Wentian arrived, many people opened up a pathway for him. Right now, in the Royal Sacred Region, there was none who didn’t know of Qin Wentian’s name.

Qin Wentian sat down at a table not far from Zai Xuan. There were also experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley around him for protection. Currently, the Sacred Emperor and Medicine Sovereign seemed to have come to a silent agreement. Neither side continued their confrontation, yet it was inevitable for the atmosphere to be tense when both sides meet each other.

Qin Wentian poured a cup of wine for himself, he came out for a walk just after he concluded his closed-door seclusion and the instant he came out, he heard about many of the things that was currently happening in the Royal Sacred Region. Naturally, the things he heard also included the news of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor accepting a disciple and also, the arrogance of the external visitors and even a guest of the Royal Sacred Sect abducting beautiful females in the Sacred Royal City with no concerns whatsoever.

He felt a fury boiling in his heart. All of them were cultivators as well; yet just because they came from the immortal realms, they could act like a tyrant and give no regards about the lives of the people here? What nonsense was this?

"I’ve heard the term ‘country b.u.mpkin’ from your mouth before. Although you are someone from the Royal Sacred Sect, you should have been to the immortal realms to cultivate before, right?" Qin Wentian stared at Zai Xuan, his cold eyes flickering with a light that would cause fear in the hearts of others.

Right now, Zai Xuan no longer dared to underestimate Qin Wentian like how he did before. This demon-level character that had a violet-gold astral soul also had overwhelming combat strength. He couldn’t help but admit that if they were at the same level, Qin Wentian would surely defeat him.

"But so what?" Zai Xuan’s eyes gleamed with coldness. He was a little jealous of Qin Wentian. In this world controlled by his Royal Sacred Sect, this country b.u.mpkin actually had a violet-gold astral soul and the protection of an immortal-ranked expert.

"So what if these visitors are from the immortal realms? You who was born and bred here also termed the people of our world as country b.u.mpkins? But what does that make you, and who the h.e.l.l do they think they are?" Qin Wentian drank a cup of wine as he mocked, feeling extremely unhappy his heart at the arrogance of these external visitors.

At this moment at another table, there were three people who put down their wine cups, as their gazes shot towards Qin Wentian. One among their number had eyes that gleamed with a crimson b.l.o.o.d.y light as a dangerous aura radiated out from him.

However after which, his lips twitched as he smiled."The manner of speech of this country b.u.mpkin truly stinks of arrogance."

"Xon, how can people in a country b.u.mpkin world know that they are country b.u.mpkins? Their vision and perspective are limited and simply don’t know how vast and strong the immortal realms are. As the saying goes, the ignorant are fearless. They don’t know anything, thus it’s only normal that they are not afraid." Another person sitting at the table laughed.

"That’s true. Having a limited perspective can also be a kind of sorrow. They have no idea that their world is ranked at the bottom. How could they know that there are some super strong experts from the immortal realms who could simply destroy countless particle worlds like this one if they are unhappy. They don’t know how tiny and inconsequential they are." The third person nodded as they continued admiring the wine, treating Qin Wentian’s words like thin air. It was obvious that their sense of superiority was overwhelming.

"Hehe." Zai Xuan had a smile on his face when he heard these words, he also didn’t bother to reply Qin Wentian. The words of these three people were already sufficient.

Within the inn, many people had expressions of rage on their faces. These people were truly too arrogant.

No matter what, Qin Wentian was the most outstanding genius of their world. It was unknown how high his talent is, yet he was now mocked by these people.

"Qin Wentian, it's only natural that these people from the immortal realms would be so arrogant. However, you better endure this first. With your talent, you would sooner or later become someone they have to look up to in the future." Many people felt indignant in their hearts yet they dared not say anything. They could only transmit their voices to Qin Wentian, hoping he would be patient as well as to vent their unhappiness.

"The ignorant are fearless? I guess so. Only weaklings would love to flaunt their sense of superiority because they knew that their existences are already at the absolute bottom and have always been suppressed by others." Qin Wentian emotionlessly replied, causing the three of them to stiffen.

"Sir Qin’s words as usual truly stirs one’s spirit. Xian`er is impressed." At this moment, a gentle and beautiful sounding voice drifted over only to see several figures that came up the stairs. One among them was as beautiful as a celestial maiden, instantly causing the attention of everyone to be riveted on her. Even for those visitors from the immortal realms, all of them had stunned and dazed looks on their faces.

This female was the number one beauty in the Royal Sacred Region, Lin Xian`er!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 708

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