Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 709

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"Xian`er." Qin Wentian had an expression of pleasant surprise on his face as he saw Lin Xian`er approaching. She walked towards the table of Qin Wentian and smiled,"Sir Qin, do you mind if Xian`er sat here?"

"Xian`er, there’s no need to be so polite among us. Just feel free to sit here if you like to." Qin Wentian smiled back. Back then in the Immortal Martial Realm, many people purposely targeted him and his friends. Xian`er had helped his friends with no regards to her safely and asked for nothing in return. Although she had a flawless countenance, she wasn’t a fickle and flirtatious woman. What she wanted was to find an outstanding man that could love her deeply, it was just the normal thinking of any woman.

Lin Xian`er’s eyes were like silk when she heard Qin Wentian’s reply. Her smiling eyes stared at Qin Wentian, exuding so much charm that it could mesmerize souls. She then moved and sat down beside Qin Wentian.

"Xian`er, when did you arrive here at the Royal Sacred City?" Qin Wentian helped Lin Xian`er to pour a cup of wine as he asked with a smile. This maiden was as charming as ever, her soul-stirring appearance made tender feelings bloom in one’s heart as they involuntarily wanted to take care of her.

"It’s rumored that there’s a supreme existence from the immortal realms that wishes to recruit a disciple here, which caused the entire Royal Sacred City to be in a fervor. Xian`er naturally wants to partake in the liveliness." Lin Xian`er pursed her lips up in a charming manner as her gentle gaze landed on Qin Wentian."After we parted that time, I didn’t expect that when I meet Sir Qin again, Sir Qin would be so exceptional. In the past Xian`er already thought that Sir Qin was an extraordinary individual, but it seems that even then, I might have underestimated you."

Right now, Qin Wentian was simply too famous. His rise was like a legend that spread throughout the Royal Sacred Region. Is there even anyone else who dared to challenge the members of the Royal Sacred Sect just after they broke through to Celestial Phenomenon? Not only that, he even jumped levels and won against the opponents the Royal Sacred Sect sent against him.

Qin Wentian was simply a living legend, the people of the Royal Sacred Region were all witnessing his rise.

"Xian`er, don’t tease me." Qin Wentian laughed.

"Did I?" Lin Xian`er’s beautiful eyes stared straight at Qin Wentian, causing Qin Wentian to feel embarrassed and he didn’t dare to matched her gaze. Her beautiful eyes were simply too alluring.

"That day when we first got acquainted, if I knew Sir Qin would be so outstanding, I would already have jumped on you when we were in the pavilion. At that time, you were still unwedded yet." Lin Xian`er flashed a coquettish smile, not fearing on touching on any taboo topics at all. Qin Wentian could only bitterly smile as he was teased mercilessly by Xian`er.

"Oh ya, Sir Qin are you intending to take on concubines? If you are, you must definitely consider Xian`er okay?" Lin Xian`er smiled even more radiantly when she noted the awkward expressions on Qin Wentian’s face.

"Xian`er, I give up…" Being teased by such a beautiful maiden, it was only natural that there was no way for Qin Wentian to be angry. He would only feel awkwardness.

"Xian`er is being serious." Lin Xian`er pouted, as the amount of charm her eyes exuded was as much as before, simply staring at Qin Wentian just like this.

Qin Wentian’s soul wasn’t stolen yet, but the other people in the inn already felt their spirits and souls being stolen away. Staring at that mesmerizing countenance, they couldn’t help but to gulp down a mouthful of saliva. They wanted nothing more than to lunge over and kiss her. At this moment, they truly hated the fact that they weren’t Qin Wentian. If they were him, they would immediately spring onto Lin Xian`er and gobble her up. How could one still remain a ‘gentleman’ when a girl so beautiful delivers herself to you? They would all turn into horny beasts straight away.

Zai Xuan, Lu Ziyan and the other external visitors were all taken aback by Lin Xian`er’s beauty. Even in the immortal realms, beauty of this standard was also extremely rarely seen.

Lu Ziyan was also a beautiful maiden, hence she felt a surge of enmity bloom in her heart when she glanced at the outstanding Lin Xian`er. Traces of unhappiness could be seen in her eyes, especially during the moments where Zai Xuan glanced at Lin Xian`er. Evidently, he was comparing herself with the number one beauty of the Royal Sacred Region.

Zai Xuan was now even more jealous of Qin Wentian. Not only was the talent of this fellow outstanding, he still won the favor of such a beautiful maiden to the extent that she was willing to give herself up to him if he wanted it.

"I didn’t think that such a beautiful woman would exist in this country bumpkin world." Initially, Xon was still angered from Qin Wentian’s mocking tone, but all his anger melted away upon seeing Lin Xian`er. What replaced it was a sense of passion. Such a high-grade woman was simply too rare. If people like her was in the immortal realm, they would surely become the exclusive property of those super strong existences, not allowing others to taint them. Who would have thought that they would meet a woman of this grade in this particle world today?

Although they weren’t lustful and had good control, that was only in comparison to the evil-looking young man. In this particle world, they had the mindset that they could do whatever they want. Since they met such a beauty, how marvelous would it be if they could taste her?

"Brother Xon, what unexpected fortune. That maiden even seems to be very coquettish as well." A person laughed as an expression of lust flashed in his eyes.

Lin Xian`er frowned, after which her furrowed brows smoothened. She also knew the lust she inspired in males, she had seen it too many times in their eyes and she was also very clear that if she was just an ordinary commoner, her life would be an endless nightmare. However, these people were from the immortal realms, they gave no regards about her background at all.

"Sir Qin, these people from the immortal realms truly makes one feel disappointment." Lin Xian`er endured her anger and shook her head.

"Indeed." Qin Wentian placed his wine cup down and emotionlessly continued,"A bunch of dirty fellows who kept thinking themselves as someone with extraordinary statuses, terming us as country bumpkins. How sad."

"How interesting." The three visitors from the immortal realm clenched their fists as the wine cup in their hands shattered. An instant later, whistling sounds rang out as several silhouettes appeared one after another, all of them standing behind Xon and his two companions.

Xon’s eyes gleamed with a crimson bloody glow as he played with the broken fragments of the wine cup in his hand. He stared at Lin Xian`er as he spat out,"Go get that woman for me."

"Hold on." At this moment, a voice drifted over from afar. After which, the crowd only saw an evil-looking young man hurrying his way over. Even from far away, his eyes were solidly fixated onto Lin Xian`er.

When he arrived at the inn, an extremely evil aura gushed forth towards Lin Xian`er. Lin Xian`er furrowed her brows as she retreated behind Qin Wentian. Yet everyone only saw the evil-looking young man taking deep breaths as an intoxicated expression appeared on his face.

"Who would have thought that such a perfect specimen would exist in this particle world, the fragrance that exudes from her is so nice to smell. If I can enjoy her fully for one night, I would even be willing if my cultivation base is damaged. After obtaining you, I’m going to enjoy you slowly numerous times before I suck your essence away. But I really can’t bear to do so." The eyes of the evil-look young man flickered with a nefarious light. After which, he stared at Zai Xuan and stated,"Brother Zai, catch that woman for me and I will give you what you want."

Zai Xuan froze, he then turned and replied,"You know what I want?"

"Naturally. Who wouldn’t want such a wonderful cultivation technique?" A deep grin appeared on the face of the evil-looking young man. A look of contemplation appeared on Zai Xuan’s face and indeed as expected, Lu Ziyan quickly lengthened the distance between her and Zai Xuan as her countenance grew unsightly.

"Haha, Zai Xuan, you already helped me so many times. What’s one more time?" The evil-looking young man laughed uproariously, his words causing Lin Xian`er to glare coldly at Zai Xuan as she coldly spoke,"You are someone of the Royal Sacred Sect yet you aided him to abduct the women of the Royal Sacred Region to help him cultivate?

Zai Qiu stiffened, his expression growing extremely ugly to look at. He silently cursed this man in his heart, what a bastard.

"The Royal Sacred Sect self-proclaimed themselves as the hegemon of our world. Seems like now, they don’t even treat the humans in the Royal Sacred Region as human beings but rather commodities to handle as they pleased. Initially, they threatened Grand Xia and ancient Ye and now, they even did so many immoral things. If the Royal Sacred Sect isn’t destroyed, the Royal Sacred Region shall never know peace." Qin Wentian’s countenance was also extremely cold. He wasn’t a saint but as a part of this world, how could he not feel rage when he learned that these external visitors were doing as they desired, committing all sorts of evil and were even aided by the Royal Sacred Sect?!

Today, while in this inn, because of the coincidental meeting with Lin Xian`er, he clearly saw that these external visitors obviously didn’t put anyone in this world into their eyes, wanting to do what their heart desires. They didn’t care about logic, their nefarious wills magnified and if this was to continue on, the Royal Sacred Region would definitely be in trouble.

What made Qin Wentian infuriated the most was Zai Xuan. As someone from the Royal Sacred Sect, the leader of the Royal Sacred Region, he didn’t stand on the side of people of this world and abetted the outsiders in doing evil. This despicable behaviour simply had no bottom line.

Those in the inn all had unsightly expressions when they stared at Zai Xuan, with hatred and enmity flickering in their eyes. The cases of the missing females in the Sacred Royal City was actually done by him? This was the holy and sacred place? The Royal Sacred Sect? Hegemon of this world?

"Surround this place and kill them all but leave the female alive". Zai Xuan issued a command. The experts under him swiftly carried out his orders. This news couldn’t be spread out. Those who knew of this had to be killed with no mercy.

Those in the inn all trembled as they felt chills in their heart. Zai Xuan was going to kill them to protect his secret.

"Beauty, I will allow you to enjoy the wonders of this world." The evil-looking young man laughed sinisterly when he saw this scene.

The experts from the Celestial Maiden Sect all stepped out, protecting Lin Xian`er. At the same time, the experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley also appeared together with a few combat puppets, and stood around Qin Wentian.

Currently, Qin Wentian was someone that the Royal Sacred Sect wanted to kill at all cost. How could the Medicine Sovereign be careless? Since Qin Wentian dared to came out, there would naturally be experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley together with him.

This commotion attracted the attention of spectators from afar. Many flew up into the air for a better look, including some of the external visitors from the immortal realms. The young man riding the golden jiao was here as well. His gaze was riveted on the scene below, as a cold light flashed within. The disciple recruitment event of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor caused the space tunnel to the Royal Sacred Region to be opened. Other than a few extraordinary geniuses, the majority who came here were scums, wanting to proclaim themselves kings, doing whatever they wanted when they arrived at this particle world.

He looked down on these people, but was also too lazy to be bothered with them as well. They were just a bunch of scums, and no matter if it was in particle worlds or the immortal realms, people like these were countless in number.

"Doing such despicable and scummy things, yet still acting so prestigious and high up. Even if my Royal Sacred Region is a country bumpkin world in your eyes, we will never stand for this. All of you shall die here." Qin Wentian commanded as a number of combat puppets flew out, unleashing attacks towards their opponents!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 709

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