Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 711

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The row of silhouettes also gradually vanished from the vision of those in the Sacred Royal City.

When they were in the air, there were many who could see them. But as they descended, the number of people who could see them also got increasingly fewer.

Qin Wentian also couldn’t see them any longer. He only knew that these people descended somewhere within the Royal Sacred City. As to for their exact location, he had no idea.

"Who are those people? Are they the bodyguards of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor?" Lin Xian`er who was beside Qin Wentian, mumbled under her breath.

"No idea. Seems like the level we can come into contact with is simply too low. A supreme existence in the immortal realm, as we are now, it isn’t something that we can imagine." Qin Wentian felt his heart trembling slightly in shock. The rush of impact that scene had given him was exceedingly great.

Lin Xian`er smiled lightly, her beautiful eyes gazed at Qin Wentian,"Maybe one day, you too would be able to reach that level. And when you return from there to the Royal Sacred Region, you would also be able to replace the sky, radiating that kind of apocalyptic might."

"I’m afraid that it would still be very long for me." Qin Wentian softly commented. To become such a supreme existence wasn’t something that is achievable in a short period of time.

"Mhm, but at the very least, you have an opportunity to become a disciple of the supreme existence now." Lin Xian`er smiled again. If only those in the Royal Sacred Region could participate in the disciple selection event, Qin Wentian’s chance was truly very high. In this era, Lin Xian`er believed that there wouldn’t be anyone else who was more dazzling than Qin Wentian. Unless, those from the immortal realms could participate too.

"This indeed is an opportunity." Qin Wentian nodded. Such a supreme existence, if he really was keen to accept disciples, Qin Wentian was naturally willing to put in his best effort, hoping to be looked upon in favor by the supreme existence. There’s no doubt that the improvement in one’s martial path had to depend on oneself. But it didn’t mean that even after becoming the disciple of a supreme existence he would be sheltered and spoonfed. He could still rely on his own strength to roam the world to upgrade himself. With a supreme existence as a master that occasionally provides guidance to him on his martial path, wouldn’t this be a very marvelous thing?

From Qin Wentian’s perspective, no matter if one was an orphan or born in a powerful sect, the improvement on one’s martial path ultimately cannot be dependent upon others. Under the protection of experts, there was simply no way to truly temper yourself. Without real danger, how could one train their minds and wills to be resolute? How could one’s combat prowess be sharpened? These types of people might even be killed by others because they were too weak themselves. Even if he were to become a disciple of a supreme power, he also wouldn’t depend on the sect’s protection and forget about tempering himself on his own.

At this moment, in a certain location of the Royal Sacred City, those figures which descended from the skies earlier were all there and the place they were in wasn’t that far from Qin Wentian.

Over there, there were already two silhouettes waiting. One was an old man while the other was a cold looking maiden that was as pure as a snow lotus. Her gaze was like frost as she stared at the group of people who just arrived.

"My name is Dongsheng Ting, is Princess Qing`er doing well?" This young man was none other than the one who stood in the center in the group of silhouettes which descended from the skies. Right now, he was staring at Qing`er as he asked in a gentle tone that was filled with magnetism. But if one attentively listened to the tone of his voice, they could still hear a sense of aloofness and pride within. This wasn’t something that he intentionally wanted to exude but rather, it was simply a habit because of who he was. No matter who he was talking to, the sense of pride in him would always be there.

Qing`er’s eyes remained as cold as ever and she didn’t reply. She glanced at the old man beside her and the old man immediately smiled and stated,"Princess, Dongsheng Ting is the youngest son of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor. His talent is outstanding and he is also famed throughout the immortal realms of a region. In fact, he broke through to the immortal foundation realm even before the age of a hundred."

"It only took me eighty-seven years." Dongsheng Ting stated.

"Such a degree of talent, even in the immortal realms it’s also extremely rarely seen." The old man laughed.

"Oh." Qing`er commented, just as cold as before as though she hadn’t heard the conversation between them. Her countenance was just as serene as before, with no hints of any fluctuations.

Dongsheng Ting’s attention had been on Qing`er the moment his eyes landed on her. Staring at her serene expression, he couldn’t help but to sigh in his heart. Seems like the youngest daughter of the Evergreen Great Emperor was just like the rumors described.

The Evergreen Emperor turned the tables around in a disadvantageous situation and acquired the authority over an immortal empire in the immortal realms. He was one of the most recent Immortal Emperors whose name shook the realms.

There were rumors which said that during the time when he was contending for the position of Emperor, he sent his youngest daughter away to a remote particle world. It was simply too difficult to look for someone among the countless particle worlds. So, even if he was defeated, he could rest assured that his youngest daughter Qing`er could still live on peacefully and wouldn’t be implicated.

And during the war in which the Evergreen Great Emperor fought for control of the immortal empire, he even lost two of his sons. One could see how cruel the war was. The heirs of the Evergreen Emperor were all outstanding talents, but even they couldn’t escape death in the war between two supreme existences.

As to why the Evergreen Great Emperor only sent his youngest daughter away was because his youngest daughter was simply too young, and hadn’t even cultivated yet. Obviously she couldn’t stay by his side or she might even be implicated. However, this was only the conjecture of people because none of the Evergreen Emperor’s wives and concubines were sent away. Among them, there were also those who had no combat strength. Princess Qing`er was the only exception.

Hence, there was yet another rumor that circulated around the immortal realms. The youngest daughter of the Evergreen Great Emperor had an immortal king physique that was innately gifted, blessed with supremacy since birth.

This rumor instantly caused a large commotion, especially the fact when after the Evergreen Immortal Emperor ascended, he immediately made preparations to fetch Princess Qing`er back. This naturally caused the attention of many to land on the mysterious Princess Qing`er.

The Eastern Sage Great Emperor could be considered a good friend of the Evergreen Great Emperor. Hence, Dongsheng Ting was clearer than most regarding the matters of Qing`er. And at this moment, when he finally saw her temperament, he couldn’t help to sigh that the rumors might be very close to the truth.

"Qing`er, my royal father asked me here to fetch you back. The Evergreen Great Emperor misses you a lot but since he knew that you still have an unfulfilled wish, my royal father agreed to the request and would do his best for the Evergreen Great Emperor. As long as there’s someone whom the Princess favors, my royal father will accept him as a disciple and guide him with great care. Even if he’s unsuitable, my royal father also agreed that he would arrange an expert to accept the person you choose as a disciple. It would not infringe on my royal father’s honor."

Dongsheng Ting spoke to Qing`er. And upon hearing his words, the old man beside Qing`er turned and explained,"Princess, his Majesty Eastern Sage is an Immortal Emperor of the immortal realms and he usually wouldn’t casually accept any disciples. Every of his disciples shook the immortal realms with their names and are all extremely outstanding characters with extraordinary talent. If his Majesty accepted a disciple who cannot meet the mark, that would infringe on his Majesty’s honor."

"Hence, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor has really done his utmost for the favor your royal father asked of him. Everything would have to depend on Qin Wentian himself. If he cannot meet the mark, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor would still arrange for an expert under him to accept him as disciple, opening the path to bring him to the immortal realms. Princess has no need to worry so much."

For supreme existences like the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, who was an Immortal Emperor of a particular region, their disciples were naturally people who attracted vast attention. What the old man said wasn’t a lie. If such a character like the Eastern Sage Great Emperor had a useless and inferior disciple, it would definitely affect the prestige of the disciple’s master. For some supreme existences, they would be extremely concerned about this. In addition, there was no way they would want to waste time to nurture a useless trash.

"Okay." Qing`er nodded her head, her reply was only one word which caused a bitter smile to appear on the old man’s face. Even when the young man in front of them was the son of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, Princess Qing`er also couldn’t be bothered to say much more. This indeed caused one to be slightly speechless.

"The Princess is always like this." The old man explained to Dongsheng Ting.

"No worries, Princess Qing`er must have definitely suffered a lot in this realm. It’s only natural that she doesn’t likes to speak much. Junior has long heard of senior’s great name, and today would really be a great opportunity for me if I can seek senior’s discourse on the Dao." Dongsheng Ting bowed slightly, exuding an elegant aura.

"You are too polite. With the personal guidance of his Majesty, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, when can it ever be my turn to guide Prince Dongsheng." The old man calmly replied in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing. Although the person in front of him was the son of a good friend of the Evergreen Great Emperor, he himself was a great general under Qing`er’s father. He naturally couldn’t shame his Emperor by being too servile. As to Princess Qing`er, it was because he had no choice as she was the youngest daughter of his Emperor. But with regards to Dongsheng Ting, it was already sufficient to show some basic respect, there was no need to over do it.

"Princess, it’s time for us to leave." The old man turned and spoke to Qing`er.

Qing`er’s beautiful eyes flashed with a trace of reluctance before she spoke in a low voice,"Before I leave...I wish to see him one last time to say goodbye."

"Mhm. Naturally." The old man upon seeing that Qing`er has finally agreed to him, heaved a sigh of relief.

"Let’s go." Their group of people then stepped out and soared into the sky.

Qin Wentian continued standing on top of the inn. However at this moment, he felt an intense spatial energy fluctuation as a group of figures directly appeared above him. When Qin Wentian noticed a particular figure among them, he couldn’t help but to start as his heart welled up with emotions.

Qin Wentian stared at the group of people who descended from the skies. They came from the immortal palace and Qing`er, was standing together with them.

"The Medicine Sovereign’s speculations are correct." Qin Wentian felt a knot of complexity in his heart. That beautiful silhouette was akin to a snow lotus, so it turned out that she had never left his side. Not only that, she even managed to invite a Great Emperor of the immortal realms to come here to accept disciples. Was it just to give him an opportunity?

The others who are present were all flared up with excitement. These people were those who descended from the immortal palace earlier, the subordinates of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor.

As for Lin Xian`er, she was similarly stunned as well. She stared at those people before staring at Qing`er, while feeling an intense wave rocking her heart.

"That maiden who likes to follow Qin Wentian around, what is her true identity?" Lin Xian`er couldn’t help but to muse silently.

Qing`er slowly stepped out, taking the initiative to walk to Qin Wentian’s side. Her cool gaze stared at Qin Wentian before she slowly lowered her head, and whispered,"I have to leave now, I can’t be by your side any longer…"

Upon hearing that melodious voice, Qin Wentian actually was at a loss of how to reply. He could only ask in dumb manner,"Is it possible for you not to leave?"

Qing`er inclined her head, her beautiful eyes stared at Qin Wentian as she shook her head, her mannerism also exhibiting an intense reluctance.

"In the future, you have to live well…" Qing`er continued, her voice was still as melodious and serene. But right now, Qin Wentian actually felt an impulse to choke with emotions. He could feel his tears about to flow, this maiden who treat words like gold, why did she still come here and told him to live well before she left?

"Mhm, you too. You have to live well." Qin Wentian forcefully put on a smile as he stared at Qing`er...

Translator Note:

东圣廷- Dongsheng Ting (Dongsheng can be translated to Eastern Sage)

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 711

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