Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 713

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Qin Wentian didn’t continue chasing. The old man beside Qing`er deeply cast a glance at Qin Wentian before heading over to Qing`er’s side.

The young are brave to the point of recklessness, they had no idea how high the heavens are. It was easy for Qin Wentian to leave such words of arrogance but how could the path he had chosen be so easy to walk?

Below the immortals, everything are mortals. And as for those already at the immortal realm, each step upwards was as difficult as ascending the heavens.

Princess Qing`er had an incomparable physique, blessed with innate supremacy. If Qin Wentian wished to marry Princess Qing`er, the difficulty of this wasn’t something normal. If he couldn’t mature to a certain level, even if the both of them were deeply in love, they were fated never to be together.

Reality was harsh, it was the destroyer of many beautiful stories and fairy tales.

The old man was also infected by Qing`er’s depth of emotions. He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart at how naive Qing`er was.

If the Princess had experienced the war which the Evergreen Great Emperor fought and had grown up in the immortal realms instead of this particle world, she wouldn’t have been so naive.

The expression on Dongsheng Ting’s face was extremely ugly to behold. He came here to escort Qing`er away. And his lofty eyes contained a faint coldness when he saw how close Qin Wentian was to Qing`er.

When he first met Qing`er, although it couldn’t be said that he liked her, it was only natural that he would have been faintly attracted to the legendary youngest daughter of the Evergreen Great Emperor who had a flawless countenance and was said to possess an immortal king physique.

When Dongsheng Ting spoke to Qing`er, Qing`er didn’t reply but Dongsheng Ting believed that this was her personality hence he wasn’t angry. In fact, he thought that it was very normal for the daughter of the Evergreen Great Emperor to have such a character.

But was that truly Qing`er’s real personality?

Earlier, she allowed a man from this country b.u.mpkin world to hug her and even kissed her?! She didn’t even resist as tears of emotions flowed down her face.

Although this had nothing to do with Dongsheng Ting. After all, there was no relations.h.i.+p between them, save for the fact that their royal fathers were friends, he still felt very uncomfortable in his heart. Extremely uncomfortable.

He would only appear in the Royal Sacred Region, a particle world, because of the imperial order of his royal father. At the start, he was in fact extremely unwilling until his father explained to him Qing`er’s status and her rumored physique. Because, he simply couldn’t be bothered to waste time. His royal father told him to come here and personally escort Qing`er. How could Dongsheng Ting not understand the intentions within? But now that he seen such a scene, one can very well imagine what Dongsheng Ting was currently feeling.

With regards to Qin Wentian, naturally he wouldn’t care about Dongsheng Ting’s feelings. He didn’t even know what status Dongsheng Ting had.

Staring at that gradually disappearing back view, he felt a sense of disappointment and frustration. He didn’t even know that the feelings he had for Qing`er had already reached such a deep level unconsciously. Over ten years, the acc.u.mulation bit by bit had already formed into a mountain torrent that all gushed out with no reserves earlier.

Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed with stubbornness, determination and an incomparable conviction. He would soon leave the Royal Sacred Region and venture into the immortal realms. It wouldn’t be too far away.

Mo Qingcheng stood below and watched with a sweet smile. It was as though a burden in her heart had been released as well. At this moment, she actually felt a sense of relaxation as though all her worries had been discarded.

As a woman, her senses and intuition were of course very sharp. How could she not have felt the emotions between Qin Wentian and Qing`er? Although because of his love for her, Qin Wentian had never once allowed himself to show any signs or revealed his feelings for Qing`er. But Mo Qingcheng had constantly been asking herself what she should do.

Qin Wentian was a sentimental man, he also had an intense sense of responsibility. He wasn’t willing to let Mo Qingcheng down because he did truly love her. And if Mo Qingcheng rejected Qing`er, Qin Wentian would definitely bury the feelings he had for Qing`er deep down underneath, and would never be together with Qing`er.

However, Mo Qingcheng knew that if Qin Wentian did this, he would always have a regret in his heart. She was afraid that she would hurt Qin Wentian, and she was also afraid that she would have to face that version of herself. Hence, she made a decision today, which explained why the burden in her heart was finally unloaded, allowing her to feel a sense of relaxment. Naturally, there would also be the sour emotion that was jealousy. This was the innate nature of women, she had no way to control that.

Everything seemed to have concluded. Abruptly, the expressions on everyone froze. Those beside Qin Wentian suddenly discovered that all the attention in this area was attracted onto Qin Wentian himself. The rush of impact of that scene of lovers parting was so great that it even overshadowed the arrival of Dongsheng Ting and the others.

At this moment, the people all inclined their heads again, staring in the air. And all of a sudden, a row of silhouettes could be seen in the immortal palace in the skies. They were naturally none other than those who came down to escort Qing`er. Initially when they were flying upwards, because the distance were too far, not everyone could clearly see their features. But when they appeared in the immortal palace, the scene became clearer. It was as though the immortal palace had a mysterious power to project the scene of what was happening there to the rest of the world.

In Grand Xia, within the ancient kingdom, a number of ascendants stood in the airs.p.a.ce above as they stared at the scene in the skies. When Fairy Qingmei noticed Qing`er, her entire body involuntarily trembled violently. She had once guessed that Qing`er had a very extraordinary background but when she finally saw it for herself, the rush of impact in her heart was still so intense.

"Qing`er, is her true origins from the immortal realms?" Fairy Qingmei silently mused.

In Chu, there were also those near Qin Wentian who had seen Qing`er before. And at this moment when their eyes landed on Qing`er in that immortal palace, their hearts couldn’t help but to s.h.i.+ver.

At this moment, Dongsheng Ting could be seen standing at the most dazzling location in the immortal palace, atop that of a wardrum. His gaze stared downwards at the world, and that, in addition to his lofty eyes with cold arrogance caused everyone in the Royal Sacred Region to instantly notice him.

"Who is that person?" All of them wondered.

"My royal father is the Eastern Sage Great Emperor. He will be selecting a disciple here in the Royal Sacred Region and the conditions are that the disciples must be within a hundred years of age, regardless of his or her current cultivation base. Seven days later, the event will be held in this immortal palace." Dongsheng Ting calmly spoke, his coldly arrogant voice rang out in every corner of this world, causing the heavens and earth to shake.

This man, was the son of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor.

The rumors were indeed real. His Majesty, Eastern Sage would really accept a disciple, and it would be a personal disciple.

Such an opportunity, if one could grab onto it, they would surely soar up into the sky with a single leap, instantly gaining extraordinary status.

The people born and bred in the Royal Sacred Region might not understand what these words meant. But those external visitors from the immortal realms clearly knew. This time around, the visitors here were all below the age of a hundred.

Within a hundred years old, that was the best period to cultivate.

A hundred years was a dividing range between geniuses in the immortal realms.

If an expert reached the immortal foundation realm within a hundred years, their futures would be unlimited, this meant that they had the potential to become supreme existences. These people were all characters which exuded unmatched magnificence in the immortal realms. There were many powers who wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h these characters for themselves, and many powerful existences were willing to take them on as disciples. Even if they had no way to become a disciple under the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to join other major powers.

Hence, by having a restriction of age, it was similar to a restriction of talent.

For those who could step into the immortal level within the age of a hundred, how could they ever come to a particle world to s.n.a.t.c.h with these country b.u.mpkins? If they wanted a master, countless numbers of major powers would open their arms to welcome them.

"This person said that he is the son of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor. If this is true, he should be the youngest son. He is one of those dazzling magnificent characters that broke through to the immortal level before the age of a hundred." Some visitors from the immortal realms silently mused as they stared at Dongsheng Ting.

To think that the Eastern Sage Great Emperor would really hold a disciple recruitment event in a country b.u.mpkin world. Even if they weren’t selected, this could also be considered a form of tempering themselves, right? Not only that, they even saw Dongsheng Ting’s glory in person.

Such a character was extremely rarely seen in the immortal realms.

"Seven days later, there will be a connecting tunnel formed. Those who wish to join the selection can use the tunnel to head up to the immortal palace. For those who want to enter, you do so at your own risk. Life and death will be according to your fate, so all of you best consider carefully." Dongsheng Ting spoke and turned as he departed, disappearing from the view of everyone into the depths of the immortal palace.

Qin Wentian stared at Qing`er’s vanis.h.i.+ng silhouette as he sighed silently. The opportunity this time around was something Qing`er had gotten for him. No matter what, he would definitely put forth his best effort.

That young man was actually the youngest son of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor. Such a character actually came here personally to fetch Qing`er? What was Qing`er status in the immortal realms exactly?

Slowly walking back to Mo Qingcheng, Qin Wentian held her hand tightly. He stared at her smile yet he wasn’t able to say a single word. There were tens of thousands of words in his vocab, yet nothing was able to express what he felt now.

"Let’s go, Dumbo." Mo Qingcheng gently smiled. Qin Wentian nodded heavily as he pulled Mo Qingcheng along, leaving together. At the same time, he turned to Lin Xian`er."Xian`er, let’s travel together for a little while at least."

"Mhm." Lin Xian`er nodded. She knew that Qin Wentian was doing this to prevent others from making trouble for her. After all, Qin Wentian just annihilated a bunch of people here.

In the next seven days, the entire world was in shock. Everyone was talking about the immortal palace, the grudge between the Royal Sacred Sect and Qin Wentian was temporarily tossed to one side.

Within the thirty three heavenly realms, there was one within an extremely powerful immortal empire. The youngest princess of the empire has returned, the Evergreen Great Emperor personally led the members of the royal clan to welcome her, and bestowed her a t.i.tle -‘Evergreen Princess,’ Princess Qing`er.

His Majesty had the t.i.tle of Evergreen Great Emperor, and the t.i.tle be bestowed to Qing`er uses the same characters of himself. From this, one could see how much the Evergreen Great Emperor doted on this mysterious princess. This matter, even caused a commotion in a certain region of the immortal realms.

After which, yet another rumored spread that the Eastern Sage Great Emperor actually wanted to recruit a disciple and the location of the selection test was in a country b.u.mpkin world?! It was also rumored that this matter had something to do with the Evergreen Princess.

The Eastern Sage Great Emperor even invited some people to spectate this grand event. These other powerful existences which he invited, were given free reign to accept anyone they found to their liking as their own disciples. Naturally, existences on the same level as the Eastern Sage Great Emperor wouldn’t be interested in this. Those who went were all ranked lower than the Eastern Sage Great Emperor but they too, were extremely powerful existences. If anyone in the Royal Sacred Region was selected by them, that alone was able to change their destiny!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 713

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