Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 714

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Seven days pa.s.sed by quickly, the people of the Royal Sacred Region were all rubbing their palms, eager for it to begin. Although they knew that hope was slim, there were still many who wanted to try it. For those extraordinary characters that could attend the banquet the Eastern Sage Great Emperor prepared, if they could be noticed by them, their martial path would be incomparably smoother. To the people of the Royal Sacred Region, this was a once in a millennia opportunity to ascend to the heavens.

With super powerful immortals, why would there still be a need to care about the Royal Sacred Sect? The Royal Sacred Sect proclaimed itself as the hegemon of this world, yet Zai Xuan actually colluded with such a despicable character. Their reputation took a further hit after that.

Even for members of the Royal Sacred Sect, all of them desired to try out for the selection event. For those super strong characters in the immortal realms, these were all people even the Sacred Emperor himself had to look up to. And if any of them were selected as a disciple, even the Sacred Emperor had to treat them with courtesy. How glorious was this?

In any case, the entire Royal Sacred Region was waiting for the connecting pa.s.sageway to the immortal palace in the skies. As for those who were over the age of a hundred, they could only sigh silently to vent their frustrations. They didn’t even have the qualifications to step onto the connecting pa.s.sageway.

"There are people arriving for the banquet." At this moment, the people of the world stared at the immortal palace that hung suspended high up in the skies. Before the statue of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, silhouettes of several experts could be seen. Each of them seemed to bring with them immortal wind and had Dao bones, exuding an extraordinary demeanor yet they still dipped into a bow before the stone statue indicating their respect. After all, this stone statue was imbued with the immortal sense of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor.

After paying their respect to the Eastern Sage Great Emperor’s statue, those experts all sat down, enjoying the banquet as they chatted with each other. The hearts of everyone in the Royal Sacred Region were all in awe. Was this truly just a particle world? The Eastern Sage Majesty could actually make an immortal palace levitate in the air, covering the skies, allowing everyone in this world to view what was happening clearly just like how one could see the sun and moon in the sky.

To a supreme existence, an internal world was just a ‘self-proclaimed’ world. To them, it was nothing than a particle, a grain of sand. Could they truly destroy it with a lift of their hands?

How powerful exactly are those supreme existences in the immortal realms?

Although the experts of the immortal realms were chatting happily, the people of the Royal Sacred Sect couldn’t hear anything, they had no idea what these immortals were conversing about.

They could only ‘see’ the scene, and in that immortal palace, a banquet was indeed prepared as experts from the immortal realms continuously arrived. Since the Eastern Sage Great Emperor had invited them, these experts naturally would choose to give him face and head over here.

After all, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor was a supreme existence over an entire region in the immortal realms. For those who reside there, they would certainly give him face. Not only that, experts from other regions of the immortal realms also came by, wanting to see for themselves exactly why did the Eastern Sage Great Emperor choose such an obscure location for a disciple recruitment event.

As for the person in charge of receiving them, it was naturally none other than the youngest son of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, Dongsheng Ting.

"Dongsheng Ting, what plans does his Majesty have exactly? Why does he want to come to such a remote place to accept disciples?" An old man with a long flowing beard smiled as he stared at Dongsheng Ting. His words instantly caused everyone to turn their gaze over. They only heard rumors but couldn’t be sure of the truth of it. And as for the finer details, none among those invited had any idea at all.

After all, this event had the hand of two Immortal Emperors within. Who would dare to question what they want to do? It was only because Dongsheng Ting was here that’s why they chose to direct the question to him.

"How can I know the thoughts of my royal father? Maybe because father believed that those in particle worlds would seize the opportunity more to climb to the top. If any talents were found, they might be able to stand on a peak higher compared to the rest maybe?" Dongsheng Ting smiled and replied, not sharing the truth.

That old man stroked his beard, as a deep look flickered in his eyes. He then smiled and nodded, "His Majesty’s thinking is possible too but don’t you all find the radius of this disciple recruitment event is a little too small? It’s restricted to this particle world. Given his Majesty’s status, he could instantly cast projections over tens of millions of particle worlds and get them to contend against each other for eight to ten years before he selects the most elite ones."

"Senior’s explanation has its logic too. But my royal father’s thoughts are too difficult to fathom. Maybe, it’s only because of a moment of interest, and he didn’t think too far ahead." Dongsheng Ting laughed.

"True, how can we so easily guess at his Majesty’s intentions." The old man laughed as he continued, "But I wonder which young fellow would be so lucky enough to be accepted as his Majesty’s disciple."

Although he said it like this, his gleaming eyes still gave off an unfathomable feeling to the crowd. Those that were able to be invited to the banquet were all extraordinary people. Just as what was speculated before, firstly, the partic.i.p.ant had to be likable enough to be chosen. Secondly, the talent of that person had to be truly heaven-defying. There were also precedents of supreme existences like the Eastern Sage Great Emperor accepting disciples in the immortal realms before but for the others, they projected the scene over tens of millions of particle world and set a time limit of ten years where the only one standing at the end would gain the qualifications. It was unknown how cruel was it. Many were even driven crazy by the pressure.

So, how could the Eastern Sage Great Emperor accepts a disciple with the location fixed to a single particle world merely because of a moment of interest? Evidently it was impossible.

As for the true person behind the scene, the Evergreen Great Emperor, he was now in a region where celestial qi permeates the air. In front of him, a shadowy projection could be seen and it was actually the scene currently playing out in the Eastern Sage Great Emperor’s immortal palace.

"Since Eastern Sage has promised me, he naturally wouldn’t go back on his word. As long as the little fellow you talked about really has extraordinary talent, the Eastern Sage would definitely consider accepting him as a disciple. Even if the Eastern Sage himself doesn’t like him, he would still make arrangements for people he invited to the banquet to accept him. These people were also extraordinary characters in the immortal realms, or they wouldn’t have been able to receive the invitation to attend the Eastern Sage’s banquet. Qing`er if you are still worried, you can watch everything here."

The Evergreen Great Emperor had a lanky figure and was currently robed in white. Those eyes which resembled stars, were deep and immeasurable. Each and every one of his actions contained a grace that belonged to him alone and at this moment, his countenance was extremely gentle with a smile on his face. He seemed like a loving father, no trace of the ferocious being which started a war for the control of an immortal empire could be seen on his face.

"Mhm." Qing`er nodded slightly, her cool gaze staring at the projection ahead, staring at the scene same in comparison to what those in the Royal Sacred Region were looking at.

Other than the Evergreen Great Emperor, in this immortal region, there were also many experts that used extraordinary methods to spy upon what was happening in the Eastern Sage Immortal Palace. In fact, there were even supreme existences among them who instantly used their immortal senses to sweep throughout the Royal Sacred Region.

Qin Wentian stood in the airs.p.a.ce above the Medicine Sovereign Valley, he could actually sense faint wisps of the supreme existences’ senses sweeping past his body before vanis.h.i.+ng in an instant. Not only that, it happened more than a few times and it actually caused him to sigh in his heart. If one really thought that by stepping into Celestial Phenomenon would mean that one would be a character that stood at the peak, that would really be a frog in a well. In front of these truly powerful experts from the immortal realms, they were simply too tiny and inconsequential. If he accidentally offend any one of them, just the immortal sense from any of these supreme experts was already sufficient to search for and directly kill him. This strength was simply too terrifying.

His martial path had just begun, he had just come into contact with the immortal realms.

At this moment, in the immortal palace in the skies, streams of resplendent light akin to the rays of the dazzling sun abruptly shone down. They converged together and formed a golden-colored picture that contained an intense spatial energy fluctuation. After which this picture was supported by pillars of light as they descended from the skies to the ground.

In this instant, countless pillars of light appeared everywhere in the vast royal sacred region and within each light pillar, the same resplendent golden-colored picture could be seen. Mysterious divine inscriptions flowed and circulated about, exuding that intense spatial energy fluctuation.

"Connecting pathway? Is this the pathway Dongsheng Ting spoke about that time?" The hearts of the people from the Royal Sacred Region trembled. Everyone felt their heart moved even if they were mundane and ordinary cultivators. They are unable to hold back the longing in their hearts and decided to step into the pillars of light, on top of the golden picture. And when they lifted their heads as they ascended, they discovered that above them there were no skies, it was only the empty s.p.a.ce of the void.

In a certain location of the Royal Sacred Region, a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign couldn’t control the himself and decided to step into the pillar of light. With the increasingly brightening radiance of the golden picture, and a buzzing sound that echoed out, his body directly disappeared within the light pillar yet he didn’t arrived in the immortal palace straight away and rather, appeared in a certain location high up in the sky. This was the limits of where his perception could reach. After which, he began to fall back onto the ground.

Dongsheng Ting walked up and stood atop the wardrum as he swept his gaze down to the people, speaking in a cold and arrogant tone, "Use your perception to lock onto these immortal mountains, just like how you communicate with constellations in the astral heavenly layers. Those whose perception that cannot reach here, simply means you have no qualifications to even be here."

"Senior Medicine Sovereign, Qingcheng, I will be going now." Qin Wentian turned and spoke to the Medicine Sovereign as well as Mo Qingcheng who was standing by his side.

"Go on." The Medicine Sovereign smiled. Let’s hope that Qin Wentian really had a chance to enter the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor’s tutelage. If that was the case, a power on the tier of the Royal Sacred Sect wouldn’t even be qualified enough to meet him. Even their Sacred Emperor had to be respectful when he saw Qin Wentian. How would he still dare to issue kill orders at all?

Qin Wentian slowly stepped out, heading towards a pillar of light. The instant he stepped within, he could sense an overwhelming astral energy fluctuation as the golden picture beneath him started spinning rapidly about, causing a spatial energy to coat his body.

Qin Wentian closed his eyes as his perception soared upwards, following the trajectory of the light pillar. He could faintly sense that this pillar of light was formed of an energy with similar properties to the astral energy of the nine heavenly layers.

In that instant, Qin Wentian’s overwhelming perception gushed forth. And just a second later, his perception locked onto the place where the immortal mountain was as he ‘saw’ everything there, as well as the fact that several experts had already arrived up there. These were none other than partic.i.p.ants for the disciple recruitment event as well.

"How fast, seems like there are many external visitors from the immortal realms, but they chose to stay hidden compared to the others." Qin Wentian silently mused. He didn’t stop after his perception locked on. He felt that it wasn’t beyond him for his perception to climb even higher.

Although there seemed to be an invisible and formless energy trying to obstruct his perception, Qin Wentian showed no hesitation and continued to climb upwards, directly breaking past the restrictive force. Instantly, his perception arrived at an even higher mountain. Similarly, there were also people already here and this mountain as compared to the first one, was even further away from the Royal Sacred Region.

Seems like the instant this connecting pathway was created, the test has already started. This was a criteria that’s designed to weed out the incompetent!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 714

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