Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 716

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Qin Wentian stood on the immortal mountain, casting his gaze ahead only to see that below him in a slanting downwards direction, there were eight other mountain peaks covered in clouds. There were experts standing on peaks of every level, and right now, the ninth mountain peak he was standing on, was the ultimate peak.

A pair of sharp eyes landed on him. Qin Wentian turned only to see a cold and handsome silhouette looking at him. The deep eyes of that person were akin to sharp swords. Those who stood on the ninth peak were obviously here because they had their sights set on entering the Great Emperor’s tutelage. This person was originally extremely dazzling, unique and unmatched. But Qin Wentian’s appearance had changed everything.

Not only that, the aura exuding from Qin Wentian was many times weaker than him which indicated that this person had a much lower cultivation base compared to him. Yet...his perception wasn’t any worse off? Undoubtedly the presence of this newcomer would s.n.a.t.c.h away all the glory which should belong to him.

Within the Royal Sacred Region, countless people inclined their heads to stare at the scene above. They stared at the young man who stood on the highest peak. His white robes fluttered in the wind, exuding handsomeness and charm. Even when he is contending against an expert from the immortal realms, he didn’t seem to be inferior in the slightest and was as outstanding as ever.

The top ranker of the Immortal Martial Realms became more and more dazzling. No one could obstruct his radiance.

As for those in Grand Xia, no matter if it was Fairy Qingmei who was in the ancient kingdom, or the various ascendants of the transcendent powers, they were all stunned in shock as they watched the scene in the air. Qin Wentian would definitely walk higher and higher up in his martial path and even now, they could only stare up to him in wonder. There was no doubt that one day, he would be able to achieve a realm so high that they couldn’t even view it any longer.

Those in Chu felt their hearts shaking. This young man who originated from Chu actually appeared on the highest peak up in the skies, for this disciple recruitment event organized by a supreme existence.

Now on the peak of the nine mountains, over ten thousand people were there. The majority of the partic.i.p.ants stood on the first mountain peak, and the higher the mountain was, the less people were there. On the ninth mountain peak, only two people could be seen standing there now. Hence, they were both extremely dazzling. And even on the eighth mountain peak, there were only around ten plus people who had the qualifications to stand there.

"How many people from the immortal realms stepped into our Royal Sacred Region exactly?" Qin Wentian mused in his heart. Even a particle world was too vast. Just an ancient country had billions of lives in it, let alone the entire Royal Sacred Region. If the people from the immortal realms disperse in different areas, and wanted to avoid notice, they could do so easily.

For existences like the evil-looking young man whom Qin Wentian killed, was considered the minority who showed up directly at the Sacred Royal City. The majority of the external visitors chose to remain hidden in silence before the test started.

For Zai Xuan, he arrived on the seventh peak. He inclined his head and stared at the mist filled immortal mountains far above him and on the eighth peak, a cold smile curled his lips because he didn’t see any familiar faces. After which, he turned his gaze upwards once again, and the instant he saw Qin Wentian, his body trembled as a cold killing intent flashed in his eyes. This disciple recruitment event was an opportunity for their Royal Sacred Sect to kill Qin Wentian since he was so bereft of the protection by the Medicine Sovereign Valley’s combat puppets.

"The ninth mountain peak." Lu Ziyan also only arrived on the seventh peak where there were already several hundreds of cultivators gathered, indicating that this was only an ordinary accomplishment. When she saw the two silhouettes on the ninth mountain peak, she couldn’t help but to sigh in her heart. Even a genius from this particle world had a talent so many times more outstanding than hers. She had always thought of herself as extraordinary only to find that just at the first test, she was only qualified to at most, step upon the peak of the seventh mountain.

Two hours later, a third person ascended onto the ninth mountain peak. It was a young man with eyes filled with resolve. He appeared ordinary and didn’t have any fluctuations to his aura yet strangely enough, he also gave off a sense of extreme danger. Especially those eyes of his, at first glance it appeared normal, at second glance it turned sharp, and if one stared at it more attentively, they would discover themselves falling into an endless tunnel.

"Not bad not bad, hahaha, a third person actually appeared on the ninth mountain peak. Interesting." At the banquet, those experts from the immortal realms all had expressions of interest on their faces. Although this disciple recruitment event of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor wasn’t widely spread in the immortal realms, there were still many talented youngsters who received the news and came to this place. This was especially so for the empire under the Eastern Sage’s control. There would definitely be many who wanted to take him on as their master.

"There’s already thirty nine people on the eighth peak. How unexpected." The eyes of these experts were like torches, mainly focusing on those on the eighth and ninth peak. Only partic.i.p.ants who ascended these two peaks were worthy of their attention. Their perception had the qualifications to condense astral souls from the 7th heavenly layer and the majority of them had a cultivation base above the fourth level of Celestial Phenomenon. This number is already considered excellent and even if their fifth astral soul wasn’t a violet-gold astral soul from the 7th heavenly layer, their next astral soul when they stepped into the Immortal Foundation Realm, would definitely be.

As for those below, the amount of attention paid to them was naturally lesser. Since it’s a disciple recruitment event, they naturally had to recruit outstanding people. With those already on the eighth and ninth mountain peak, unless those below could perform extremely well in the latter test, it was almost impossible for them to garner any more attention.

"The time limit for the first test shall end in another two hours." At this moment, Dongsheng Ting spoke from his position atop the wardrum. His voice resonating throughout the Royal Sacred Region.

Time slowly flowed, and soon two hours had pa.s.sed. There were still only three partic.i.p.ants on the ninth mountain peak but there were already forty five partic.i.p.ants on the eighth mountain peak.

"Ten more breaths of time." Dongsheng Ting spoke.

"Nine breaths, eight...three, two, one. Time’s up!" At the instant Dongsheng Ting’s voice rang out, astral light flashed on the ninth mountain as a fourth silhouette appeared there at the last breath of time.

"This fellow, what good luck, he managed to ascend the ninth peak at the last possible moment." A female immortal king attending the banquet laughed.

"You’ve misjudged. It isn’t that his luck is good, that is his confidence." Deepflame stared at the young man who ascended last. This young man had a tranquility to him and stood there quietly, with no hints of panic. Did he manage to ascend simply because his luck is good? Going all out and succeeded at the last breath of time?

If he went all out, his aura definitely couldn’t be so stable. It would surely fluctuate. However, the calmness this young man exhibited clearly showed how relaxed he was.

"Is that so?" The female immortal king had a smile on her face. At this moment, she too already realized that Deepflame was right.

"Young Master Tianyi of the Scarce Moon Immortal Manor. His fame resounds throughout a region of the immortal realms. This young fellow’s cultivation base is only at the fourth-level of Celestial Phenomenon yet his fifth astral soul is a violet-gold one from the 7th heavenly layer. This indicated when he first broke through to the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, he should already be able to stand on the eighth peak. Hence now, with a fourth-level cultivation base at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, the difficulty for him to ascend to the ninth immortal peak couldn’t be considered very tough. There are also several immortal kings who are willing to accept him as a disciple but it was only because the Scarce Moon Immortal King preferred to teach him personally. Since he is here today, it’s clear that the Scarce Moon Immortal King had the intentions to allow him to study under his Majesty, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor’s tutelage."

Deepflame’s eyes slowly s.h.i.+fted about, landing onto a person clad in white. He then spoke with a smile, "Scarce Moon Immortal King, you truly know how to grab hold of opportunities. To think that you actually allowed Que Tianyi to come to this particle world."

"Scarce Moon Immortal King, you are really a wily old fox." The gazes of several experts landed onto the Scarce Moon Immortal King. This old fellow now had a satisfied expression in his eyes. Que Tianyi had a violet-gold astral soul and extraordinary affinity. His talent was outstanding as well, and if he could really enter the tutelage of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor, a second immortal king might appear in their Scarce Moon Immortal Manor in the future.

"I favor Que Tianyi more. If he can really enter the tutelage of his Majesty, he would have a very high possibility to reach the Immortal King Realm in the future." Deepflame spoke.

"It’s too early yet. Anyway, his cultivation base is still low, and his future uncertain. Let’s hope that he would be able to gain his Majesty’s favor." The Scarce Moon Immortal King was evidently more low-profile and didn’t want to brag in advance. After all, there were simply too many geniuses in the immortal realms. Although Que Tianyi’s talent wasn’t bad, there were simply too many barriers on the paths to becoming a supreme existence.

"Other than Que Tianyi, the second person I feel that has the highest chance, is the first person who ascended the ninth immortal mountain peak. From him, I can sense a similarity between me and him." Deepflame continued. "Thirdly, the third person who ascended the ninth peak. He has a determination in him that I like."

"Why does the Flame King seem to look down on the second person? He’s very young yet his perception is already so strong. In addition, his cultivation base is only at the first level of Celestial Phenomenon, and according to logic, shouldn’t he be the one ranked second instead?" The female immortal king gently spoke.

"He’s too young. And from the eyes of such a young person, there’s actually a confidence tinged with an incomparable arrogance. His talent naturally could be ranked second out of the four but sadly, he still needs to temper himself more. If we take him in as a disciple now, he wouldn’t be able to walk far on his path." Deepflame spoke in a tone that could sever irons.

"There’s indeed an immense confidence and conviction in his eyes. But it’s also only natural for young geniuses to be proud of their own abilities. Flame King, your opinion seemed to be somewhat skewed." That female immortal king laughed.

"Haha, let’s wait and see then." Deepflame laughed out loud. After which, he turned his gaze onto Bai Wuya as he asked, "Bai Wuya, what do you think?"

"If one didn’t even have an immense confidence in one’s own abilities, how could they still inspire others to believe in them? Aren’t you also arrogant by commenting like that?" Bai Wuya mocked and continued, "If I’m his Majesty, I would definitely accept that second young man who ascended the ninth peak as my disciple. His potential is the highest among them, and he only lacks a pair of wings to soar into the sky."

"Both of you make much sense." Many among the crowd of experts laughed. The reason why Deepflame despised Qin Wentian was also because Qin Wentian had a gaze that was somewhat similar to Bai Wuya. This kind of self-confidence which bordered on arrogance would often give off a wrong impression to people - that these over confident people didn’t know how tall the heavens and how vast the earth is.

Only to see that now, Dongsheng Ting walked over. He stared at an immortal kings and smiled, "My royal father has instructed me that if the various seniors did show up, the ones who administer the trials shall be all of you. Next, I hope to be able to invite the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King to help me out."

The Myriad Incarnations Immortal King was just so coincidentally, the only female immortal king present here in the banquet today. Although she was a female, her combat prowess was extremely frightening. Ordinary immortal kings weren’t her opponents. Her ability to a.s.sume the form of a countless number of incarnations filled the hearts of many with fear and trepidation.

The female immortal king smiled at Dongsheng Ting, "Being able to do my part for the Eastern Sage Great Emperor is my honor."

"Senior’s cultivation base is extraordinary, and is extremely suited to test them. This time around, we will directly eliminate everyone until only a hundred is left." Dongsheng Ting spoke.

"No problem." The female immortal king nodded with a laugh. After which, she closed her eyes and sent out her immortal sense. The next instant, a beautiful projection body appeared on the mountain peaks. This was none other than the form taken by the female immortal king’s immortal sense.

"Next, I shall be the examiner. The hundred people who can persist the longest will earn the qualifications to remain behind." She slowly spoke. And a moment later, an incredibly terrifying immortal sense directly enveloped the nine mountains. The partic.i.p.ants who had their eyes on her projection when it appeared, all found themselves dragged into a dimension she created!

Translator Note:

缺天羿 Que Tianyi - lacking wings to soar up the heavens/lacking heavenly wings

Scarce Moon Immortal King has the same surname as Que Tianyi.


TV drama of AGM will be completed next year!

first and second picture: Qin Wentian
third and fourth picture: Mo Qingcheng
fifth picture: Autumn Snow
sixth picture: Chu Wuwei (Emperor of Chu, the one who couldn't cultivate)

d.a.m.n.. Autumn Snow is hot~

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 716

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