Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 717

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The Myriad Incarnations Immortal King was obviously someone at the immortal king tier. With just her immortal sense, it was already so terrifyingly strong, capable of transforming a multitude amount of times in an instant, instantly enveloping everyone on the immortal mountains.

In this instant, the people on the nine immortal mountains suddenly felt that they were all alone. They still stood on the peak of the mountains yet there were no longer people around them. When they lifted their heads, only a vast and unlimited piece of sky was above them, there weren’t any other sounds save for their breathing.

"An illusion scape?" Qin Wentian murmured. An illusion scape at the level of the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King, how powerful would the illusions generated be?

He was only at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm yet inside his dreamscape, he was already powerful enough to cause his enemies not being able to tell the illusory from reality. When he uses his Dreamworld Constellation, and formed a dream domain, everything that happened inside that dimension was reality to his opponent. Hence, he knew that whatever happens next, he had to face this seriously. That female immortal king was a supreme existence to him, it was inconceivable how strong she was.

"If you want to exit the illusion scape, just tell me." A melodious voice entered the ears of everyone, causing Qin Wentian’s expression to turn stiff for a moment. Abruptly, his surroundings all transformed into a purgatory world. The heat from the scorching hot lava could be felt in the air. Bubbling sounds rang out from underneath Qin Wentian’s feet, as he only felt a sudden surge of pain, feeling as though his entire person was about to be combusted.

His silhouette flickered as he soared into the sky. But above him, the sky transformed into a hellish ocean of fire and lava. The boiling lava was able to burn someone to death.

"This…" Qin Wentian’s countenance turned heavy. He was trapped between lava. The rising hot air currents constantly corroded his defenses, causing Qin Wentian to break out in perspiration. He felt his entire body becoming extremely uncomfortable, and even his skin was on the verge of being baked, and cracked from the lack of moisture.

Although it was extremely agonizing, this level of heat was something Qin Wentian was still able to bear. He lowered his head, and stared with trepidation at the boiling lava underneath him. The boiling sounds still continued, and in the midst of the lava, a dangerous aura gushed forth.

After which, a gigantic head of an unknown form appeared, with malevolence painted on its face.


This was a gigantic flame ferocious beast. It bared its fangs and swiped its needle-like claws, as streams of lava flowed from its mouth. It was extremely hideous to look at, and it seemed to be a beast that originated from hell.

That beast flashed a look of malice as it broke free from the lava and lunged towards his way with a speed as fast as lightning. The needle sharp claws of the beast slashed out, filled with boundless strength which caused the sound of an explosion to thunder out as it swiped through the air.

Qin Wentian lifted his palms and blasted out with a Grand Nihility Palm Imprint, directly colliding into the paw swipe.

"Bang!" An incomparable dominating force directly tore his palm imprint apart. In the blink of an eye, the beast’s attack was in front of Qin Wentian. It’s strength was unbelievable.

"This level of strength... it should be at the absolute limit of what one can achieve at the peak of the first level of Celestial Phenomenon." Qin Wentian mused. He retreated with explosive speed as an ice cold light flashed in his eyes. A terrifying will shot forth from his eyes, containing dreamforce yet to his dismay, he discovered that the gigantic beast wasn’t affected at all. After all, this beast was a real body formed in an illusion scape, it had no fear of one’s will unless the user was stronger than the person who created this scape. Only direct attacks would be able to deal with it.

"BOOM!" The sharp claws swiped down again as Qin Wentian lifted his palms in defense. The pain from the laceration of the sharp claws told Qin Wentian clearly that this beast was truly capable of killing people.

"DIE!" Qin Wentian coldly shouted, as a terrifying sword might gushed forth from him, ripping and cutting everything apart. With a whistling sound, the body of the gigantic beast was slashed into fragments, and transformed into bits of lava before falling back down below.

However, Qin Wentian was frowning. He sensed the presence of another three beasts lurking underneath the lava. And at this moment, they all floated up to the surface and was staring at him with ruthlessness, their eyes were filled with an intense killing intent.

A thunderous boom sounded out as the three beasts simultaneously launched attacks towards Qin Wentian.

A fearsome storm of sword might was still gushing forth from Qin Wentian but his brows remained furrowed. If this lava could birth those hideous monsters continuously, how should he pass the test set by that immortal king expert?

Stomping in the air, a terrifying suppression energy gushed out, mingling with his sword qi.

Qin Wentian lifted his palms and waved them forwards, directing the sword qi into the three beasts, instantly lacerating them apart.

"Swish, swish~"

The auras of danger never ceased. This time, the monstrous beasts weren’t only beneath Qin Wentian. There were even some in the ocean of fire above him. This time around, a total of over ten beasts appeared at the same time. Qin Wentian’s mind spun about rapidly as he tried to think of a solution to this.

The power of their roars shook the space. These ten or more monstrous beasts containing explosive strength rushed at Qin Wentian simultaneously. If he was an ordinary Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant, his only fate would have been death.

A glint of cold light flashed through his eyes. Qin Wentian directed his strike into the void. Instantly, a sharp sword broke apart the space, as an overwhelming pressure suppressed everything to death. Unceasing howls of pain and agony rang out, all the monstrous beasts had no way to withstand his attack. Qin Wentian’s combat prowess far exceeded the first level of Celestial Phenomenon.

Lifting his head as he stared at the sky, A gigantic sword appeared in his hands. With a leap, the humming of ten thousand swords filled the air as he dashed towards the ocean of fire, seeking to smash it apart.


When the sword qi gushed into the lava, Qin Wentian could see that they were instantly melted away by the heat, and became a part of the lava. This made his expression turn ashen. If that’s the case, if he used his body to barge through this space, there was a high possibility that he himself would be melted by the lava and die here.

It seemed as though this place was an inescapable net. There was no way out.

Even more lava beasts appeared. Qin Wentian once again suppressed them all, but to no avail. The monstrous beasts only got increasingly more in number and within an hour, the monstrous beasts could be seen everywhere in this space, flashing looks of malice and malevolence towards him.

Everything here seemed to have no end.

His constellation appeared but this time, it wasn’t the Dreamworld Constellation. The constellation which appeared had a rich corona of pure golden light surrounding it, indicating that it was evolved from an astral soul from the sixth heavenly level. Streams of insanely powerful sword might circulated around this constellation, exuding an immense aura of destruction.

This constellation was none other than the second constellation Qin Wentian condensed. It was evolved from his King Sword astral soul, the Sword Slaughter Constellation.

An endless number of monstrous beast rushed Qin Wentian. Yet at this moment, the constellation in the air unleashed beams of resplendent light which transformed into a countless number of sharp swords. These swords contained an incredible destructive power within as they erupted outwards.


The beasts fell one after another. Yet Qin Wentian’s expression was grim as he stood under his constellation.

Even for a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant, their astral energy reserves weren’t endless. Although they could store astronomical amounts of astral energy, there was still a limit and would be exhausted sooner or later.

The monstrous beasts died one after another, yet they were birthed again and again. To Qin Wentian, these beasts could be considered quite weak. But no matter how weak they were, if they can respawn in unlimited numbers, that would inevitably be fatal for him.

"I have to reduce my consumption of energy. Only then would I be able to persist for long." Qin Wentian mused. After which, he sat crossed-legged in the air, his constellation shone brightly as a resplendent phenomena appeared behind him.

"Sword Slaughter Constellation, annihilate!" Qin Wentian coldly spoke as numerous sharp swords rained down, suppressing everything in his surroundings with an overwhelming destructive powerful with him at the center.

Ten thousand sharp swords hung from the sky, suppressing this space as the endless monstrous beasts birthed again and again as they were shattered apart by the storm of sword might continuously and without ceasing.

Qin Wentian took out a number of Yuan Meteor Stones and directly drew energy from them to mitigate the consumption rate.

Time flowed by, those supreme existences at the banquet calmly watched as the scenes of each participant played out in the illusion scape. At this moment, there were already many participants who conceded voluntarily. As a female, the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King didn’t really like bloodshed and killing, hence as long as one voluntarily conceded, she would give them a path of survival. Those who conceded still remained standing on the mountain peaks as they too, are able to see the illusion scape of those who are still in it. It seems that the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King had intentionally done so, allowing them to witness how the others are faring.

"Very fair, such a trial would pit the monstrous beasts against the cultivators while using the cultivation base of the participant as a limiting factor. Those with weak combat prowess would swiftly be eliminated, and only those strong enough can continue to persevere on." Everyone mused in their hearts, nobody had any complaints. If one was eliminated, it merely meant that they were too weak to be qualified.

However, there were some who were truly powerful. Those monstrous beasts were the same level as them, but they could kill any number of the beasts effortlessly. This indicated that their combat prowess had already exceeded the limits of their cultivation bases.

"There are some little brats who truly have excellent constellations. Without a constellation formed from the fusion of many true intents, they would have no way to resist the attacks of so many monstrous beast. Even if they had a constellation formed from the fusion of many true intents, the formed constellation had to be of a unique type. If not, they wouldn’t be sufficient to kill the endless tide of monsters." The Scarce Moon Immortal King smiled. His eyes were on his descendant, Que Tianyi, as a smile of satisfaction lit his face.

Que Tianyi’s constellation actually had the form of many cold-looking moons around it. The astral light it exuded was filled with a chill that froze all the monstrous beasts solid the moment they came into contact with it.

"My judgement is truly superb. Scarce Moon Immortal King, Que Tianyi is extremely excellent. Such a manner of attack wouldn’t easily exhaust his energy reserves, he should be able to preserve all the way to the end." Deepflame laughed.

He then cast a glance towards Qin Wentian. In fact, if one were to compare the wild arrogance of youth in their eyes, the amount flickering in Que Tianyi’s eyes wasn’t any less compared to Qin Wentian. But simply because Que Tianyi was a famous junior in the immortal realms and also a descendant of the Scarce Moon Immortal King, in addition to having a violet-gold astral soul, which resulted in his strength was already acknowledged before this. But speaking of which, in fact, the true reason was simply because Deepflame found Que Tianyi more pleasing to the eye while Bai Wuya found Qin Wentian to be more pleasing in contrast.

"Bai Wuya, look at the constellation of the young man you chosen. Although it’s powerful, the consumption rate is far too much. And although there wouldn’t be a problem for him to persevere till the top hundred, it’s almost impossible for him to become the last three." Deepflame sneered, obviously, the young man in Deepflame’s speech was referring to Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s constellation’s attack was very powerful. This was clear to all the experts at the banquet. But obviously, all of them also knew that the energy consumption rate for such a constellation to unleash attacks continuously was also inconceivably astronomical. Undoubtedly, Qin Wentian’s energy reserves would soon dry up!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 717

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