Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 719

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Bai Wuya didn’t reply, it was as though he couldn’t be bothered to care about Deepflame. This Deepflame was trying to pick faults with him on all grounds. No matter what he says, Deepflame would definitely have his own opinion regarding that. Since both their views were different, there was no need for them to quarrel. Just silently waiting for the ending was the best solution.

From Qin Wentian’s eyes, he saw a kind of conviction that bordered on wild arrogance but could also said to be a frenzied resolve. Not only that, Qin Wentian’s cultivation base was only at the first level. Bai Wuya still believed that in terms of affinity, perfection, and the resistance to astral pressure, Qin Wentian wasn’t any weaker compared to Blackpeak and Que Tianyi. In addition, he was even younger than them! In that case, he already had a ready-made excuse even if he was inferior now in comparison and discussing this while taking a step back, so what even if he lost? A test couldn’t represent everything. These partic.i.p.ants’ talents were all amazing and how far they could traverse on the path of immortality wouldn’t so easily be ascertained just from a single test.

Around Que Tianyi, violet-golden light shone out resplendently as the domain of ice expanded. It appears that he could still persist on for a long time.

Within Blackpeak’s body, his blood was thrumming as a crimson glow coated the area around him. The devouring strength of his constellation grew even more powerful as he tried his best to control the energy consumption rate, using the power of his bloodline to burn as a fuel in place of astral energy, minimizing it as much as he could.

Qin Wentian’s Sword Slaughter Constellation blasted out at full force without stopping. Among the remaining partic.i.p.ants, the cultivation bases of Hua Taixu and him were the weakest ones. However relatively, the lava beasts they had to fight off were also considerably weaker. Hence, the consumption rate can said to be equal for all of them. However, this was where Qin Wentian’s advantage of having five Yuanfus came into play. His energy reserves were much larger compared to others on the same level.

Time unceasingly flowed on, the remaining four challenged their limits again and again, achieving a degree that was inconceivable to others. At this moment, Blackpeak’s entire body already transformed into an abyss of darkness as the power of his blood thrummed frenziedly. Those who saw this scene all knew that Blackpeak was reaching his limits soon.

Hua Taixu was still in his illusion-scape. But his illusion constellation was trembling slightly as well.

Over at Que Tianyi’s side, the violet-gold corona of his constellation shone brightly. At this instant, an extremely terrifying surge of strength gushed forth from his body as a cold and pale moon enveloped him within, as though he resides there.

"Que Tianyi hasn’t reached his limits yet." Someone mused. And at this moment, both Blackpeak and Hua Taixu exited from the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King’s illusion-scape at the same moment. As they stood on their respective peaks, they realized that there were two more partic.i.p.ants who were still immersed within. Their expression couldn’t help but flash with astonishment. This was especially so for Blackpeak. He was here to obtain the position of number one over all the other partic.i.p.ants. He was also the first to have ascended the ninth mountain peak but now, it seemed that he had failed.

"Only two partic.i.p.ants left."

The only ones remaining were Qin Wentian and Que Tianyi. This scene caused countless people in the Royal Sacred Region to sigh in their hearts. Once again, it’s that outstanding genius of their world that exuded unmatched magnificence through the generations. Even when contending against geniuses from the immortal realms, he was as outstanding as ever.

"I’m sure the others would have already reached their limits by now. However, I want to show them how long I can persist on." Que Tianyi silently spoke as crescent moons behind him twinkled as a destructive freezing energy permeated the air. The lava monstrous beasts were all frozen solid the moment they entered the boundary of his constellation.

Qin Wentian could also feel the energy reserves in his body drying up. He mumbled something in his heart as he chanted some words softly. Streams of white runic lights akin to the flame of a candle started flowing around him. The light exuded seemed to be very weak, but with the reciting of his oracular chant, that weak-looking flame actually grew stronger and became powerful enough to incinerate any beasts which got near him.

"What ability is this? Reciting an oracular chant actually had this effect?" Everyone stiffened. This Qin Wentian was actually still able to persist on. How powerful. That white-colored candle flame seemed to be extremely strong, could that be a result of him activating an immortal art?

"What is that?" Even those supreme experts at the banquet were puzzled. The white flame circulating around Qin Wentian, was that the energy from an immortal art?

Qin Wentian’s body didn’t seem to exude any sense of his blood thrumming but all was exceedingly calm instead. His entire person became solemn and his expression became serene. His constellation disappeared as a vast amount of Yuan Meteor Stones appeared around him, their energy all being absorbed by him. Runic lights flashed; but now, simply the luminance of the white flames made it so that the lava beasts didn’t dare to approach him.

"The Myriad Incarnations Immortal King should know what ability this is right?" Many of the experts turned their gaze onto the female immortal king.

"It might be some secret immortal art, it’s very powerful." The closed eyes of the female immortal king opened as she spoke. Even though Qin Wentian was in her illusion-scape, she couldn’t sense the thrumming of his bloodline. At this instant, there seemed to be no sound from his body at all. The only thing that existed was the white flame as the explosive eruption of his bloodline power. But that shouldn’t be the case if it was so. Hence, even the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King couldn’t tell for sure.

"This immortal art definitely has an extraordinary origin. No wonder he can persist for so long." Deepflame murmured. He glanced at Que Tianyi as well, these two partic.i.p.ants were still persisting.

Time flowed on bit by bit, silence was everywhere on the nine mountain peaks. The crowd observed Qin Wentian and Que Tianyi as they felt somewhat depressed in their hearts. These two actually persisted on for so much longer compared to them all.

"It’s time to draw this to an end I suppose." Que Tianyi mused. After which he opened his eyes and spoke out in the illusion-scape, "I should be the number one already, right? Senior, please open up a path for me to exit."

Even the immortal kings couldn’t control as their expressions twitched. After which, the female immortal king allowed Que Tianyi to exit the illusion-scape. And when an intense self-satisfaction flashed in his eyes, the smile that was starting to bloom on his face instantly froze when he noticed Qin Wentian was still immersed inside the illusion-scape.

There was actually someone who persisted longer than him, albeit there was only one person who managed to accomplish that.

Que Tianyi’s eyes flickered with reluctance but after which, he drew in a deep breath and emotionlessly stated, "How sad, I could still persist longer. It’s only because I thought I was the only winner and didn’t expect that there would be someone else too. I was too careless."

However, Qin Wentian had no idea of what Que Tianyi thought. Just like what Bai Wuya speculated, Qin Wentian’s conviction was beyond ordinary. Conceding? Unless he truly could no longer persist on, he would absolutely never give up.

Hence, a day, two days...time continued. Qin Wentian was still going on strong and this even led to trepidation blooming in the heart of the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King. A notion then appeared in her head. Could this young man continue like this indefinitely if the test wasn’t concluded?

"Myriad Incarnations, let’s end this. There’s no longer a need to continue." Deepflame calmly spoke. "How regretful that Que Tianyi was careless. If not, the end result of this trial would still be unknown."

"A victory means a victory, a defeat means a defeat. Why would Que Tianyi be careless but this young man was not? Before this, you said that he lacks tempering but now, the results have shown that his resolve and will is extremely determined. How do you explain that?" Bai Wuya softly commented, his words causing Deepflame’s aura to fluctuate as an overwhelming might swept over. Although everyone here was an expert at the immortal king tier, they could still feel how strong the pressure was at that instant. This Deepflame was a war general under the Eastern Sage Great Emperor. He was indeed powerful, and his killing intent all erupted out at this instant.

"Bai Wuya is right. My judgement is off for this round." After a moment, Deepflame smiled as he retracted that overwhelming pressure, causing it to dissipate instantly into the air. But from the start till the end, the calmness in Bai Wuya’s eyes showed no hints of being fl.u.s.tered. He didn’t even bother to look at Deepflame.

Qin Wentian finally exited the illusion-scape, the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King’s immortal sense finally dissipated. Qin Wentian stared at his surroundings as he felt joy in his heart. He knew he had persisted the longest and was the last to exit.

At this moment, Dongsheng Ting walked towards Bai Wuya as he spoke, "Senior Bai, there’s only a hundred partic.i.p.ants left. Could you help to administer the next test, leaving only nine behind?"

"Simple enough." Bai Wuya drily spoke. After which, his immortal sense gushed out, enveloping the nine mountain peaks.

Bai Wuya stood proudly in the air, as an almighty might exuding from him pressed upon the hundred partic.i.p.ants who pa.s.sed the earlier trial. He then coldly stated, "Before this, the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King had a target of a hundred partic.i.p.ants to meet. As for me, my target is nine. I’m unlike her, my patience is limited. There’s a hundred of you here, right? I will just start slaughtering people until only nine is left alive. Those who don’t want to die, just voluntarily give up. Don’t waste my time."

The voice of the White Robe Immortal King, Bai Wuya was so cold that it caused the hearts of all the partic.i.p.ants to s.h.i.+ver. Within this hundred partic.i.p.ants, he wanted to kill 91, leaving only nine behind?

"This…" Even Que Tianyi was stunned. The next instant, the White Robe Immortal King waved his hands as a terrifying melody directly rang out inside everyone’s ears. Qin Wentian felt his mind trembling violently, about to break apart into four to five pieces. Even his soul felt as though it was being shredded, as fresh blood flowed from his throbbing ear drums.

On the nine peaks, all one-hundred of the partic.i.p.ants coughed out blood with no exception.

"This seat naturally will do what I said." The White Robe Immortal King waved his hands again as lightning streaked down from the skies. The partic.i.p.ants were all spooked out of their minds. Despair started to bloom in the hearts of many of them.

Those other partic.i.p.ants outside the hundred all stared at the White Robe Immortal King in the air as their hearts trembled. Wasn’t this person too tyrannical? Directly killing ninety-one leaving only nine behind. Who cares about testing you? If you are lucky you live, if you are unlucky, you die. Simple as that.

Qin Wentian trembled, the agony and pain in his soul was so intense that it wanted his life.

Not only Qin Wentian, Que Tianyi was suffering the same effects as well. His countenance grew extremely unsightly as he stared at Bai Wuya in the air. This madman, how is this even a test? It’s merely an all out slaughter, where he would stop only after nine remained. Even though he was a descendant of the Scarce Moon Immortal King, Bai Wuya had no intentions of showing mercy at all. It was unknown who would be the first to die among the one-hundred partic.i.p.ants.

"Die." Bai Wuya waved his hands again. This time, a voice wracked with misery rang out, sounding especially pitiable in this extreme silence, causing the hearts of the remaining partic.i.p.ants to shudder even more violently.

"I can’t give up." Qin Wentian steeled his mind and heart and recited the oracular chant, causing runic lights to flow around his body. The white candle flame was like the fire of life. Bai Wuya launched another attack, and this time around, there was actually someone who fell over, dead.

Qin Wentian’s will was like iron, but he too, was forced to the ground by the strength of Bai Wuya’s attacks. His countenance paled but he still lifted his head, staring at Bai Wuya in the air.

"I GIVE UP!" A howl rent the air.

"I give up as well…" After the first voice sounded out, the voices of the partic.i.p.ants echoed out one after another. This experience was more cruel and tyrannical compared to any other test.

"Very well, it’s you who chose this path on your own. Since you give up, I can allow you to survive. But if you want to persist on, it means that you handed your lives over to me. This is the path you voluntarily picked, hence the consequences resulting from this, will be borne by you alone." Bai Wuya’s voice was ice cold. Even those immortal kings in the banquet were stunned by his methods. These were the actions of a mad man!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 719

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