Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 720

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"Bai Wuya’s methods are indeed different from the others." The Myriad Incarnations Immortal King’s beautiful eyes glowed.

"Indeed, for that young man whom Bai Wuya had chosen, he was the last one to exit from your illusion-scape. Out of all the participants, he was the only one who had no rest; but Bai Wuya didn’t seem to want to show him any mercy at all. For those who received a high valuation from him, it is more likely to work against their favor instead. He had no intention to go easy on them."

An old immortal king praised. This immortal king was the oldest among those present today, and he was even older compared to the Eastern Sage Great Emperor. Those in the immortal realms had already forgotten his age and referred to him as the Undying Immortal King.

"For those who wish to enter the tutelage of his Majesty, they naturally would have to be extraordinary people. Bai Wuya did this because he wanted to see for himself how extraordinary the young man he had chosen was. If the young man was unable to match up to his expectations, based on Bai Wuya’s personality, he would rather admit that his judgement was wrong and kill him off. But if the young fellow could persist on, the good impression he made would only deepen."

The various immortal kings laughed, nobody cared about how unsightly the Deepflame Immortal King looked. Earlier, when Deepflame released a destructive aura to pressure them, many of them were already very unhappy with him. Who were the people here? All of them were experts on the immortal king tier. Those who are able to reach this realm are naturally independent and prideful in their own right, yet this Deepflame actually did such a thing? If you want to contest against Bai Wuya, just go ahead. Why must you drag everyone into it? What do you mean by releasing your might to suppress all of us?

They all came here because they wanted to give face to the Eastern Sage Great Emperor. Deepflame Immortal King was simply a subordinate, a war general who had some accomplishments. There was no need to give him too much face.

"Seems like several of you also favor the young man Bai Wuya chosen?" Deepflame’s deep eyes danced with embers, smiling with a smile that was not a smile.

"What does it matter if we favor him or not? I am already so old, and have no intention of accepting disciples. I’m only guessing that Eastern Sage Majesty might choose this young man in the end." Although the Undying Immortal King wasn’t afraid of Deepflame, his personality wasn’t among those who love to argue. Hence, he didn’t want to set things up so that they would end up in a state of mutual hostility.

"Let’s watch on." The female Myriad Incarnations Immortal King smiled, causing the hearts of others to be stirred. She was truly a celestial fairy.

Bai Wuya continued with another wave of his hands. Each attack he sent out contained true killing intent within them which could destroy one’s will. Once the will of the participants collapsed, their lives would be destroyed.

And after a few more times, there were some who wanted to bow out yet because of their hesitance, quite a few among them had already died. The other participants looked on at their dead bodies as they felt their hearts trembling. Since they wanted to retreat, it meant that their wills were at the breaking point yet they were still hesitating? How could such individuals still survive under the killing intent of the White Robe Immortal King?

Qin Wentian at this moment found his entire body devoid of strength. He lie on the mountain peak, seemingly in a paralysed state. Not only him, none of the four on the ninth peak could remain standing. All of them were on the ground. This was a battle of wills, Qin Wentian inclined his head and stared at the silhouette in the air. The white candle flame illuminated his entire body, protecting the fires of his life, not letting it extinguish. His will won’t be destroyed, and was filled with an incomparable conviction instead. The eyes which he looked at Bai Wuya with, had no traces of hate. Only a yearning that one day, he would be able to become as strong as this man.

"I give up." More and more voices conceding rang out. For those who could make it to the top hundred, all of them were people with extraordinary combat prowess. But when faced with this slaughtering ‘test,’ in addition to the fact that nobody knew if they would be lucky enough to be one of the remaining nine, none of them truly dared to stake their lives and fight it out. And from the perspectives of many, there were already four on the ninth peak. For the two earlier trials, none of them could match those who ascended onto the ninth peak. And not only that, since the Eastern Sage Majesty is only accepting one disciple, they didn’t feel that their chances were high enough to risk their lives. Naturally with such thoughts in their mind, their wills weakened further. If they don’t give up now, the only path remaining would be death.

The White Robe Immortal King in the air waved his hands once more as his killing intent infused into the melody. Yet another participant fell.

"I give up." More voices containing despair within them echoed out. After which, the White Robe Immortal King halted his actions. He swept his gaze below and spoke, "Initially, I wanted nine to remain. But at the very end, since all of you simultaneously gave up together, you all will be ousted. The remaining eight follow me back to the banquet in the immortal palace."

As the voice of the White Robe Immortal King faded, the expressions of those who called out earlier all turned ashen as intense regret appeared in their hearts. They fought and persisted for so long up till now. If they held on for a second longer, they would be able to go to the immortal palace. But, they couldn’t do so and decided to give up at the last moment. This can only be blamed on their wills. It wasn’t resolute enough.

"Come with me." The White Robe Immortal King waved his hands as his immortal sense surrounded eight people. An instant later, the nine of them disappeared and among these, all four from the ninth peak had managed to persist.

"In the earlier trial administered by the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King, the five people which were highlighted had all persisted on. His Majesty would probably pick his disciple from the five of them." Everyone mused. Naturally, the Eastern Sage Great Emperor would only want the most outstanding one. All five of them performed admirably, and had a high probability of becoming the disciple of the Eastern Sage Great Emperor.

Right now, the remaining eight participants all felt extremely weak, totally devoid of strength.

The immortal sense of the White Robe Immortal King vanished. After bringing them to the immortal palace, he silently stood at one corner and drank his wine as though everything that happened earlier had nothing to do with him.

At this moment, the Undying Immortal King waved his hands as a resplendent green light enveloped the eight participants. Streams of vitality energy gushed into them, nourishing them back to their peak. In an extremely short period of time, Qin Wentian and the others felt their strength returning, and they were filled with boundless energy.

"This feeling is extremely marvelous." Qin Wentian mused. He truly could not have persisted on any longer. He felt like crops receiving rain after a drought, this feeling was extremely comfortable. After which, his gaze turned to those at the banquet. Many of them were supreme existences that were deep and immeasurable. Their eyes turned towards the eight participants as though they could see through them.

Dongsheng Ting walked over as the gazes of the immortal kings landed on him. They then smiled, "Does his Majesty still require us to test them?"

"It’s fine, these eight have already proven themselves. My royal father also took note of the result, and if he intends to take a disciple, he would already have one in mind." Dongsheng Ting shook his head and explained. After that, he turned his eyes onto the statue of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. Right now, gleams of light could be seen shimmering on the statue as it grew increasingly life-like. A moment later, that statue actually transformed into a real human.

The experts on the banquet all stood up and greeted in respect. "We pay our respects to the Eastern Sage Great Emperor."

At this moment, those high up immortal kings all retracted their arrogance. No matter if it was in particle worlds or in immortal realms, an Immortal Emperor was an existence all had to look up to. Although these were immortal kings, they simply could not be compared to an immortal emperor. At their current level, any small gap in their cultivation was like a heavenly moat, and advancing a single step was harder than ascending the heavens.

"Please be seated." The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor manifested his will here. He sat on the master seat and stared at the eight participants and spoke, "All of you don’t be shy. Introduce yourselves, what are your names."

"Your Majesty, my name is Que Tianyi."

"Your Majesty, my name is Blackpeak."

The participants all reported their names including Qin Wentian, their attitude was exceedingly humble and respectful.

The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor stared at all of them, his eyes seemingly even able to see into the depths of their soul.

"All of your performances are not too bad but this time, I’m only interested in taking a disciple. As for the other seven, if the immortal kings have any interest, please feel free to recruit them too." The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor spoke with a smile.

"Since your Majesty is in such a good mood, I too am willing to accept a disciple." Deepflame laughed as he stared at his emperor.

"Deepflame, do you have time to accept one?" The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor laughed. The dangerous-looking Deepflame actually had a silly-looking smile on his face as he replied, "This time, I will do my best to raise him."

"Haha, I can’t wait to see how that will turn out. Deepflame, according to your opinion, which of these eight is more suitable to be my disciple?" The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor asked.

"This is a matter only your Majesty can decide, how would I dare to speak my mind." Deepflame respectfully replied.

"If I tell you to share your opinion, just do so." The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor shot back, somewhat unhappily.

"In that case, Deepflame shall be bold enough to share my humble opinion. I think Que Tianyi will make a good choice." Deepflame spoke, and as the sound of his voice faded, joy blossomed in the heart of the Scarce Moon Immortal King. His eyes flashed with gratitude as he glanced at Deepflame. Just a single sentence like this, made it so that he owed Deepflame a great favor.

"Mhm." The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor didn’t comment much. He then turned to the White Robe Immortal King, "Bai Wuya, you are the youngest among the immortal kings here. Before this, I know that you have a different opinion from Deepflame. Who would you recommend?"

"If your Majesty desires to recruit a disciple, what matters most is who you take a liking to. But if you ask me, I favor Qin Wentian more. If you want a reason as to why, he is the youngest among the participants which means that his potential is undoubtedly the highest." Bai Wuya smiled.

Qin Wentian started, feeling that this was somewhat unexpected. Before this, he suffered Bai Wuya’s attacks right away after he exited the illusion-scape, he didn’t sense any good will from the White Robe Immortal King at all. Yet who would have thought that right now, Bai Wuya was actually speaking on his behalf, looking upon him with favor. As expected, when one see things, they cannot merely see what’s on the surface.

"Logical." The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor glanced at Qin Wentian. He then shift his gaze onto the Myriad Incarnations Immortal King and smiled, "Fairy Myriad Incarnations, what about you?"

"I prefer Hua Taixu. The arts and techniques he cultivates in bears a similarity to mine." The Myriad Incarnations Immortal King laughed.

"Okay. Old fellow how about you? You’ve already lived for so long, give me some suggestions." The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor stared at the Undying Immortal King.

The Undying Immortal King’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of intelligence. He stroked his long flowing beard and smiled, "They all have excellent aspects. I believe your Majesty already has someone in mind."

"You wily old fox." The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor laughed. After which, he turned his gaze onto the eight participants and finally, his eyes landed onto Qin Wentian. With a smile on his face, he spoke, "Qin Wentian, are you willing to enter my tutelage?"

As the sound of his voice rang out, the expressions of almost everyone turned stiffed. Many glanced at Qin Wentian with envy in their eyes. Ultimately, has the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor chosen him?

Qin Wentian’s performance was truly dazzling. Since the Immortal Emperor made such a choice now, it was evident that he had already chosen before this. What’s more, Qin Wentian’s talent was truly outstanding!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 720

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