Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 729

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As the sound of Ninethunder’s voice faded, the golden roc puppet already rushed over. Its speed was simply too fast, so fast to the extent that there was no sound nor presence, it was faster than the speed of sound and resembled a beam of golden light.

Its wings slashed out, arcing through the skies. Golden runic lights flashed resplendently, desiring to slice apart the heavens.


A fifth-level ascendant couldn’t dodged in time and was directly slashed apart, dying instantly.

Ninethunder released his constellation as a domain of lightning manifested. Within that s.p.a.ce, calamitous lightning flashed as purple arcs of thunder rumbled everywhere. The destructive might unleashed was terrifying to an extremely fearsome extent. This was also the reason why Qin Wentian chose to fight using a combat puppet. Although his combat prowess was beyond his peers, his cultivation base was only at the first level of Celestial Phenomenon after all. He would definitely be smashed apart if he fought against people at the peak of Celestial Phenomenon.

Ninethunder was the leader of the Violet Thunder Sect and had a cultivation base at the peak of Celestial Phenomenon. His constellation had been refined to almost the point of perfection and not only was his domain of lightning perfect, the destructive power in it was overwhelmingly tyrannical as well.

The area his domain covered was simply too vast, there were also other experts from the Violet Thunder Sect inside it and right now, all of them were releasing their own energy as they stared at the golden roc puppet.

Golden light flashed as Qin Wentian moved again. Both his wings extended outwards just like two straight divine weapons, slicing through the air. The wings radiated a resplendent golden glow and the thrumming runes s.h.i.+mmered as they exuded an incomparable sharpness that could lacerate everything.

"Chi, chi chi…"

The experts of the Violet Thunder Sect fell one after another. That pair of wings were like the grim reaper, an indomitable force of death.

"KILL!" Ninethunder howled in anger. The gigantic lightning sword slashed out towards the roc puppet Qin Wentian was controlling, attempting to block its path.


The wings of the golden roc swept out horizontally as runes covered the skies, colliding directly against the gigantic sword and it actually managed to slice through the sword.

"ATTACK!" Ninethunder’s voice was ice cold. How could the Medicine Sovereign have such a powerful puppet? For those weaker ascendants, there was no way they would survive when facing against this roc puppet. The best way to combat it was to fight from a distance using long-ranged attacks. But sadly, the speed of this roc puppet was simply too quick, hence he needed to restrict it personally to slow its speed.

Stream after stream of attacks madly landed, transforming into destructive glows that slammed unceasingly into the roc. However, only a very few wounds could be seen on the roc’s body, its defense was insanely high. n.o.body here knew what materials it was constructed from.

Even Qin Wentian himself was thinking where had the Medicine Sovereign gotten these powerful puppets from? Most probably, only an extremely powerful sixth-ranked Grandmaster in the field of divine inscriptions would be able to create such mighty fifth-ranked puppets.

"Shackles of Lightning!" Ninethunder coldly roared. Boundless chains of lightning appeared from his domain and directly shot towards the roc, binding its movements as the sparkle of lightning crackled around it. If the target bound wasn’t a puppet and was a human instead, the lightning properties would caused the person’s entire body to go numb as his defense lowered to the extreme to the extent of paralysis. Ninethunder was indeed strong enough to be a vice sect leader of the Royal Sacred Sect.

But at this very moment, a terrifying sharp sword appeared in the talons of the roc puppet. Blood-colored runes covered the sword as the humming of a sword melody filled the air, as the sword vibrated.


A savage demonic qi suddenly erupted forth as the sharp sword in the roc’s talon abruptly expanded, transforming until it was a thousand meters long, exuding a boundless demonic qi. The golden roc puppet infused all its strength into it before slas.h.i.+ng out a mighty arc.


The shackles of lightning were directly chopped apart. The strength of this combat puppet in addition to the indomitable sharpness of the demon sword, there was nothing that could obstruct its path.

"It’s Qin Wentian, that puppet is controlled by Qin Wentian!" Upon seeing the appearance of the demon sword, somebody called out. Ninethunder’s eyes flashed with coldness. At this moment, the shackles binding the roc were all shattered, the wings of the roc could move again. The thousand meter long demon sword in its talon swept out, cleaving apart constellations of the experts from the Royal Sacred Sect, causing them to be heavily injured and there were some who even died.


A raging wind blew as Qin Wentian dashed towards Ninethunder. With a flap of his wings, the demon sword cleaved towards Ninethunder’s constellation as a terrifying grinding sound rang out when cracks appeared on Ninethunder’s constellation.

"Everyone get out from my domain!" Ninethunder howled in anger. An expression of madness painted his face. He was the previous leader of the Violet Thunder Sect and someone of the upper echelon from the Royal Sacred Sect. Yet, he couldn’t even kill a junior?

The experts from his side were blasted out of his lightning domain by Ninethunder. After which, the domain generated even more destructive lightning energy within.

The golden roc puppet was still unimpeded, it used its great strength and slashed out another strike towards Ninethunder’s constellation. At this moment, lightning jumped around Ninethunder’s eyes as he roared in madness, "DIE HERE FOR ME!"

As he roared, the violet lightning in his domain erupted forth frenziedly akin to the explosion of a volcano. In that instant, calamitous might filled his entire domain, with enough power to slay G.o.ds and buddhas, blasting towards the golden roc puppet.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

Terrifying vibrations rocked the roc’s body. Qin Wentian who was inside it was jolted badly as well. However, the golden roc finally got free of it, its perfect body was just as flawless as before which caused Ninethunder’s countenance to pale. What material was this puppet constructed from exactly?

"Even if I can’t damage the exterior, the formations inscribed within must have already been destroyed by my attacks." Ninethunder’s expression turned cold. With such a powerful attack unleashed, he didn’t believe that the divine inscriptions embedded within the puppet would still be undamaged.

At this moment, the golden roc soared in the skies. Qin Wentian was busily repairing the formations within it. Although he had no way to inscribe formations of such power, there was no problem for someone of his standard to repair the damage to it. Although he couldn’t repair it perfectly, he could still patch it up sufficiently so that the might generated wouldn’t be so far off.

Chaos was everywhere, the location where the Battle Sword Faction resided was completely decimated. The experts of the Royal Sacred Sect possessed the absolute advantage in terms of numbers, and the experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley depended on the combat puppets to fight against them. The remaining experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley who weren’t in control of a combat puppet would stand near the combat puppets because the moment they stepped away, they would definitely be surrounded and killed.

That Xuanwu puppet stood right in the center, protecting the experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley. This caused the experts from the Royal Sacred Sect to grit their teeth in frustration. Their attacks were merely scratching the itch of the Xuanwu puppet, there was no way for them to break through it. Although this immortal-ranked puppet didn’t partic.i.p.ate actively in the combat, its presence still gave the Royal Sacred Sect a headache.

The eyes of the golden roc which Qin Wentian was in, coldly swept towards Ninethunder. Its body flickered, transforming into a streak of golden light as the countenance of Ninethunder turned ashen. That roc puppet was still able to battle?

Rapidly flying backwards, Ninethunder was actually avoiding direct confrontation. The golden roc coldly glanced at him as it arced through the skies in a graceful curve, killing the other experts of the Violet Thunder Sect with ease. No one was able to block it the slightest.

"Gather together!" Qin Wentian shouted. The golden roc puppet opened up a pathway through slaughter and moved towards the army of combat puppets and experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley. Although they lost out in numbers, their attacks and defenses were insanely high. When they gathered together, the power they would be able to unleash would undoubtedly be terrifying, able to slaughter everything.

Very quickly, the combat puppets and experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley gathered in the airs.p.a.ce above the immortal-ranked Xuanwu puppet.

The experts of the Royal Sacred Sect also gathered quickly. The number of experts they had was mind-boggling, just a single glance wasn’t sufficient to cover all the experts they had present.

"Set up the formations." Zai Yan commanded. Instantly, experts from the various factions started to prepare their formations. The Royal Sacred Sect ruled this world for over tens of thousands of years and the experts who joined them naturally included some powerful grandmasters in the field of divine inscriptions. There were a few superstrong formations that could gather the strength of each individual and unleash torrential might. Ordinarily, these formations wouldn’t be used but today, because of the losses they suffered due to the combat puppets of the Medicine Sovereign, they have no choice but to use them.

"Be careful, every faction of the Royal Sacred Sect has a great combination formation capable of producing extreme might through the pooled efforts of individuals, don’t underestimate them." The old ancestor Xu Cang reminded, his eyes filled with a strong trepidation.

As the sound of his voice faded, the various factions were already preparing the formations.

For the Core Faction, their formation took the form of a nine-winged heavenly dragon with an incomparably malevolent demeanor.

The Violet Thunder Faction’s formation took the form of an unfathomably gigantic bat king. A lightning glow covered the skies as thunder rumbled around the terrifying lightning bat king.

The Great Earth Faction’s formation took the form of a demonic ox. A fearsome earthen light unleashed as the appearance of a heavy and violent ox that was ten thousand meters wide appeared. Just its appearance was sufficient to strike fear in the hearts of people.

Each faction’s formation took the form of a monstrous beast. They stood suspended in the air and although their number was fewer compared to the combat puppets, their auras were even more overwhelming in comparison.

"OX FORMATION!" Zai Yan was the controller of all, as he shouted out, the demonic ox formed by experts of the Great Earth Faction rushed out in anger, its roar shaking the heavens. A stampede of smaller oxen materialized as they rushed towards the experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley. Fearsome rumbling sounds thundered out as their aura wrenched the guts of their opponents and caused cold fear to fill their hearts.

The Xuanwu puppet moved, its immense body soared up to the skies, using its impenetrable defense to clash with the stampede of oxen. The impact caused a thunderous boom to ring out in the skies as the resulting shock wave blasted the other combat puppets and experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley backwards. A gigantic crater appeared in the ground, just the backlash of a single clash was shocking to the extreme.

The supreme combination formation formed by the Royal Sacred Sect was a real thousand-man formation. How powerful was the might unleashed? Even the immortal-ranked Xuanwu puppet was trembling so badly from the impact that it turned numb!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 729

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