Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 730

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Zai Yan’s expression turned to ice. He then spoke again, "Bat King Formation!"

As the sound of his command rang out, the malevolent and ugly lightning bat king activated. Resplendent rays of lightning madly flashed about in the center of heaven and earth. That bat king swooped down with incomparable speed, exuding a calamitous aura.

"Disciples of the Battle Sword Faction, Heaven Breaking Rhino Formation!" Xu Cang roared. This formation was also part of the ten grand combination formation of the Royal Sacred Sect and was on par with them in power. In the past, the Royal Sacred Sect handed over the formations to each of their Factions, and the formation that was imparted to their Battle Sword Faction was precisely this Heaven Breaking Rhino Formation.

However, before this formation is prepared, the terrifying lightning bat already arrived. Purplish crackling lightning illuminated the skies as thunderous shockwaves blasted downwards. The combat puppets all rushed up in defense, colliding head-on unceasingly with the terrifying lightning attacks.

The Xuanwu puppet soared up into the skies again as it breathed out an underworldly energy. An immortal force permeated the air, infusing the atmosphere as it guarded this space.

"KILL THEM ALL!" Zai Yan coldly shouted. As the sound of his voice faded, the combination formations of the Factions all lunged forward. The one in the lead was the bat king that was currently shrouded by boundless lightning. The impact of that strike actually shattered the wall of underworldly immortal qi, but the price it paid to do that caused its entire body to be frozen solid.

The tail of the Xuanwu beast abruptly swept out, containing a crushing might, slamming against the frozen bat king. Rumbling sounds of an explosion thundered out as the Xuanwu was forced back once more. Its tail actually cracked from the impact. This great combination formation that boasted of super strong strength was already powerful enough to threaten the immortal-ranked puppet. It’s attack power was completely unbelievable.

At this moment, the manifestations of all the combination formations lunged over. Coral Unihorn Beast, Scarlet Golden Flame Ape, Icy Horned Devilish Dragon… Those malevolent monstrous beasts all radiated supreme strength, causing everyone to feel an overwhelming sense of pressure that stifled them.

Finally, the great combination formation of the Battle Sword Faction was completed. The Heaven Breaking Rhino exuded an incomparably baleful aura, akin to an absolute supreme sharp sword.

"The puppets shall defend, while the combination formation shall attack." A voice was issued from the Xuanwu puppet. After which, it continued, "Wentian, you go take the lead of the great formation, and use your demon sword as the main weapon."

"Right." Qin Wentian nodded as his silhouette flickered. The golden roc swiftly shot towards the direction of the great combination formation belonging to the Battle Sword Faction. When he arrived, Xu Cang directly explained to him the crux of this formation, Qin Wentian quickly integrated within and an instant later, the demon sword replaced the horn of the Heaven Breaking Rhino. An endless sword might erupted out from the replaced horn as a gut-wrenching fearsome demonic light radiated from it, shooting up into the heavens.


In the air, the sounds of clashing rang out without pausing. The Royal Sacred Sect used the formation manifestations to fight against the combat puppets. Other than the immortal-ranked Xuanwu that was able to resist them, the other puppets were all flung through the air as their controllers were all grievously injured. The inscription formations within these combat puppets had all been damaged badly from the impact it endured.

"KILL!" Qin Wentian’s eyes turned sharp as the Heaven Breaking Rhino issued a howl, lunging towards the incomparably gigantic bat king.

"DIE!" Those from the Battle Sword Faction augmented the sword qi with their own energy, gathering it in spirals, sending into the controller, augmenting Qin Wentian’s strength to the extent where he could explode forth with supreme might. The Violet Thunder Faction’s lightning bat king uses lightning energy, the demonic ox manifested from the Great Earth Faction uses earth energy, while the Heaven Breaking Rhino manifested by the Battle Sword Faction naturally uses sword energy.

The horn of the rhino transformed into a ten thousand meter long sword as it stabbed towards the bat king which was radiating a boundless lightning might. The sounds of piercing rang out as the horn of the rhino barreled through the bat’s defenses and pierced into its body.

"KILL IT!" The experts of the Battle Sword Faction seemed to have gone mad at this instant. Since the Royal Sacred Sect wanted to kill them, let’s die together then.

"Chi, chi…"

The demonic sword entered the bat deeper and deeper, causing the many experts from the Violet Thunder Faction to cough out blood. Some of the weaker experts were even dead from the damage.

"NO!" Screams of misery rang out. With an explosive sound, the body of the lightning bat king shattered apart. Instantly, the sword qi swept over the experts from the Violet Thunder Faction, shredding their flesh and blood. It was unknown how many of them survived. The core of the combination formation of the Violet Thunder Faction had already been broken. Ninethunder who was the controller, was flung through the air as he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood unceasingly. His countenance paled, this time around, his sect had suffered tremendous losses. They no longer had the qualification to partake in this final battle with the other sects any longer.

At this moment, a heaven-shaking roar echoed through the air. The Demonic Ox and Scarlet Golden Flame Ape collided fiercely against the Heaven Breaking Rhino as they fought in the air.

"GO TO HELL!" The other factions also rushed over. The eyes of members from the Battle Sword Faction turned red, the Xuanwu puppet defended against these attacks and suffered even more damage as large cracks began to show on its shell.

"KILL!" Qin Wentian and Xu Cang controlled the combination formation, slashing the demon sword towards the Demonic Ox formation. The other members all exploded in fury, giving their all regardless of everything. Finally, sounds of laceration could be heard, as the demon sword broke past the defense, stabbing into the core and destroying the Demonic Ox formation of the Great Earth Faction.


At the same time, the Heaven Breaking Rhino suffered the attacks from the other formation manifestations. The damage taken was simply too much as several experts from the Battle Sword Faction coughed out blood and was grievously injured. However, the losses of the Great Earth Faction far surpassed them.

"Kill him." Zai Yan pointed to the golden roc puppet that was revealed now that the Battle Sword Faction’s combination formation was broken. A moment later, the Icy Horned Devilish Dragon lunged over to Qin Wentian’s direction as an aura of destruction pressed down, strong enough to decimate the heaven and earth.

As Qin Wentian was at the core of the formation earlier, he suffered the most damage as the vibrational impacts jolted him so badly that he couldn’t move. His expression froze when he stared at the Icy Horned Devilish Dragon rushing over. At this moment, he was completely helpless, he couldn’t do anything.

But at this very moment, a dazzling figure of absolute beauty emerged from another combat puppet. She soared through the air, stopping only when she was on top of the golden roc puppet. She then inclined her head, staring at the monstrous Devilish Dragon. Scarlet wings of fire took form behind her robes as a faint image of a true phoenix materialized, enveloping the golden roc puppet and herself within.

"QINGCHENG!" Qin Wentian’s gaze turned stiff. Through the golden roc puppet’s eyes, he saw a beautiful smile on Mo Qingcheng’s face as though as long as she was together with him. The prospect of death wouldn’t faze her the slightest.

"GO AWAY!" Qin Wentian bellowed, staring at the enormous foot of the Devilish Dragon stomping down. Qin Wentian instantly paled, and a moment later, a violent rumbling sound rang out as countless gazes turned to this direction. That terrifying manifestation of the Devilish Dragon was just too huge, how could the lithe frame of Mo Qingcheng not be stomped into pieces?

"Are they dead already?" The gaze of everyone froze. That was the most dazzling genius and the most flawless beauty of the Royal Sacred Region, an immortal couple. Did they really die just like this in the hands of the Royal Sacred Sect?

The Icy Horned Devilish Dragon lifted its foot, the crowd only saw that the phoenix robe was still as flawless as before. It had transformed into an incredibly thick screen of light, rendering all attacks useless. Mo Qingcheng and the golden roc puppet were protected within the screen of light, completely undamaged at all.

The eyes of the golden roc puppet flickered. He was taken aback after he saw a teardrop flowing down the corners of Mo Qingcheng’s eyes. She had already prepared to die together with him, yet somehow, they didn’t die. The phoenix robe had protected them.

"This robe…" Qin Wentian’s heart was assailed by waves of emotions. Even the immortal-ranked Xuanwu Puppet was forced back from the impact of an attack, with cracks forming on its shell. But this robe didn’t even have the slightest hint of damage?

"This is the gift mother-in-law gave me during our wedding." Mo Qingcheng’s tears continued flowing, feeling an indescribable emotion in her heart.

"Mother…" Qin Wentian also felt his heart turning warm. This robe wasn’t an ordinary robe, it must be an immortal-ranked defensive-type treasure. The Icy Horned Devilish Dragon was enraged, it lifted its foot and stomped down madly, unleashing all it had against the screen of light, appearing to all like it was trampling down on Mo Qingcheng’s back. The vibration of the impact seeped in despite the nullification effects. Qin Wentian’s eyes turned red when he saw such a scene as his countenance turned incomparably sinister. In his heart, an ever-burning flame seemed to have ignited.

Boundless runic light flashed as the candle flame in his heart stirred. A corona of light appeared around him, resembling immortal light yet also akin to a divine glow.

"Still won’t die? That must be an immortal-ranked treasure. Is that something the Medicine Sovereign gifted to Mo Qingcheng?" The countless experts in the air stared at the scene below. The Icy Horned Devilish Dragon was formed from experts of the Blood Devil Palace, and had overwhelming attack strength. Yet, it couldn’t even trampled apart a piece of clothing?

This treasure was simply too terrifying.

Many experts of the Royal Sacred Sect felt greed stirring in their hearts. If they had such a robe, how strong would their defense be?

"Trample her into pieces." Zai Yan coldly stated. The Icy Horned Devilish Dragon stomped down madly, as though it would surely succeed in its endeavor to trample Mo Qingcheng into fragments. And finally, Mo Qingcheng coughed as a trace of blood leaked from the corner of her lips. That tremendous vibration born from the impact was nullified to a large extent but traces of it still transferred to her body, jolting her into injury. Her own personal strength was simply too weak, this was why she was injured despite wearing that phoenix robe.

Qin Wentian hummed an ancient oracular chant. Within the golden roc, his body radiated boundless immortal light as a drop of his blood flowed into the demon sword from the roc’s talon. That boundless immortal light infused itself into the demon sword as the demon sword started producing a frenzied humming sound that shook the souls of all who heard it.

After which, it abruptly shrank in size and shot backwards inside the puppet, into Qin Wentian’s hand.

With the demon sword in his hand, Qin Wentian slashed apart the interior of the golden roc. That insanely tough defense of the roc was actually sliced apart by it, Qin Wentian walked out from within as the demon sword vibrated fiercely in his hand as though it desired nothing less than to slice apart the heavens.

"Qingcheng, let me out." Qin Wentian inclined his head and stared at the sky, his countenance as cold as ice.

Mo Qingcheng started for a moment, however she acquiesced when she saw that the demon sword manifesting a screen of swords that enveloped Qin Wentian within. That boundless runic light radiating from Qin Wentian made him seem just like an immortal, bearing a resemblance to the immortal light radiated by the Sacred Emperor and the Medicine Sovereign.

With an intention of her will, Mo Qingcheng ‘created’ an opening in the screen of protective light from the robe, allowing Qin Wentian out. The demon sword instantly expanded becoming a thousand meters long once more as it issued a heaven-shaking howl of anger. The sword body was circulating with divine light, so bright that it seemed to have a life of its own.

"You still dare to come out? DIE THEN!" The Icy Horned Devilish Dragon stomped its way towards Qin Wentian, yet everyone only saw Qin Wentian lifting the demon sword up as he abruptly slashed out with an unsurpassable might. The sounds of laceration rang out. The demon sword split apart the dragon with ease akin to a hot knife through butter, directly cleaving it into two pieces!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 730

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