Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 732

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In the Sacred Royal City, the topic of discussion was only about one thing. Everyone was discussing the recent battle that occurred.

The Battle Sword Faction turned traitor, and in order to sever all traitors from their sect, the Royal Sacred Sect summoned all their manpower to surround and remove the Battle Sword Faction.

The Medicine Sovereign acted out of justice, sending reinforcements and challenging the hegemon of this world as a world-shaking battle occurred between both sides.

The location of this battle was at the headquarters of the Royal Sacred Sect. And the two immortal-ranked experts fought against each other to a standstill.

During the battle, the other factions prepared and activated the combination formations, using them to deal with the combat puppets of the Medicine Sovereign Valley. The Medicine Sovereign Valley was initially at the losing end until Qin Wentian erupted with anger, using a single sword strike to shatter the core of their formation, taking the lives of countless experts with his demon sword.

Ultimately, the Royal Sacred Sect chose to retreat temporarily. That young man who was rumored to be abandoned by the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor whose personality traits were undesirable, once again exuded his brilliance. In the entire Royal Sacred Region, there was no second person who was more dazzling than him.

After the grand battle concluded, both sides suffered disastrous losses. But the Medicine Sovereign Valley still succeeded in bringing the Battle Sword Faction away. Many people were discussing that from today onwards, the Royal Sacred Sect was no longer the sole hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region because the Medicine Sovereign Valley had enough strength to collide head on with them. Furthermore, the Medicine Sovereign wasn’t the slightest bit inferior compared to the Sacred Emperor.

During this period of time, countless geniuses headed towards the Medicine Sovereign Valley, all of them were interested in joining it.

At this moment, a piece of news was circulated from the Royal Sacred Sect. They had relocated all members of the nine great sects to reside within their headquarters. Also included was news that, if there were any major powers willing to join their Royal Sacred Sect they would be more than willing to establish a new faction. Allowing them to rise to an equal rank of the nine great sects of the Royal Sacred Sect. Once this announcement was circulated around, it caused a huge uproar as many major powers grabbed at the chance. This was an extremely hard to come by opportunity that would allow them to become a member of the hegemon of this world.
After the Royal Sacred Sect made their announcement, the Medicine Sovereign Valley also issued a similar announcement, inviting the major powers to join them. The Battle Sword Sect and ancient Ye naturally agreed to submit to the Medicine Sovereign Valley. The relations.h.i.+p between these two hegemon-level powers were like ice and fire, and the people of this world were fervently discussing on who would the ultimate authority belong to.

This also somewhat fulfilled an old saying of the Royal Sacred Region. If one day there was someone who stepped into the same level as the Sacred Emperor, they would immediately become the hegemon of this era, able to dominate the world. The Medicine Sovereign Valley dared to contend against the Royal Sacred Sect undoubtedly because their greatest reliance was the fact that the Medicine Sovereign has also broken through to immortality. If not, the Sacred Emperor alone would be sufficient to lay waste to all forces that act against it.

After the Battle Sword Sect and ancient Ye made their decision known, the supreme Di Clan and Western Chi Clan announced that they will be joining the Royal Sacred Sect.

However, there were many more major powers who chose to wait and see, not daring to make a choice so flippantly. If they were the slightest bit careless, their whole sect would certainly be destroyed. It would still be better for them to develop quietly at their own pace to the point where if one day, an immortal also appeared within their ranks, they too could be a master of the new world order.

However just when the people of the Royal Sacred Region thought that another battle would soon erupt, the two hegemon-level powers suddenly seemed to ceasefire, as though they were both recuperating. However, everyone understood that this was merely the calm before the storm.

Within the Medicine Sovereign Valley, among the lush greenery and mountain peaks, Qin Wentian sat there quietly, breathing in the spiritual qi of heaven and earth and absorbing astral energy. He used the power of his bloodlines during the battle that day. That was the reason why he could activate the mysterious energy hidden within the demon sword, erupting forth with such power.

In front of Qin Wentian, the demon sword was embedded on a mountain peak as a light humming sound radiated from it. The cold beams of the moonlight seemed to wash the sword clean, giving it a loftiness that was out of this world. It was silently studying Qin Wentian who had his eyes closed in meditation and in the lofty ‘eyes’ of it, there was actually a hint of trepidation.

It didn’t expect that in a mere particle world, there would actually be someone whose bloodline was able to awaken the ancient runes within its body, activating a part of its true strength.

It had given up all hope, choosing to stay embedded within the Reverence Sword Cliff, hating that the heavens were too low. But wasn’t its actions because in this particle world, there was no one able to truly call out and use it? n.o.body could activate its might that was why it would rather seal itself, staying hidden instead.

If the blood of the young man before him wasn’t that powerful causing it to awaken, it would most probably still be sleeping in that place.

But even though it was willing to follow Qin Wentian, it still didn’t hold up much hope until recently, Qin Wentian’s bloodline activated its strength. Evidently, this person with such a strong bloodline wasn’t someone from a particle world.

At this moment, Qin Wentian’s aura fluctuated as his eyes opened. The eyes on the demon sword instantly vanished, leaving behind a flickering pinpoint of light.

Qin Wentian noticed the flickering light, he stretched his hands out as the demon sword flew over. His finger tapped on the flickering pinpoint of light as a humming sound echoed out. Qin Wentian stared at it and spoke, "Where do you come from exactly, why do you have such power?"

The demon sword remained silent, there was no reply.

This demon sword had intelligence, unless it wanted to speak to you of its own accord, it wouldn’t speak no matter how much you tried.

"But I said before I wouldn’t shame or humiliate you. From now on, you can set your heart at ease and follow me to roam the immortal realms." Qin Wentian grabbed the demon sword in his hand and placed it back into its sheath. The light humming sound from the sword gradually quieted down.

Qin Wentian’s silhouette then flickered as he left this place. An instant later, he stepped into a great hall where the Medicine Sovereign and many experts from the Battle Sword Sect and Ye Qingyun were already present.

Upon seeing that Qin Wentian had entered, the Medicine Sovereign smiled, "You’ve awakened."

"Mhm." Qin Wentian nodded, staring at everyone. There were many here whom he hasn’t met before.

"Qin Wentian, thank you for helping to resolve the calamity our Battle Sword Sect faced this time around." Sword Sovereign Ling Tian nodded as he smiled at Qin Wentian.

"It’s what I ought to do." Qin Wentian replied. Other than Sword Sovereign Ling Tian, the other sword sovereigns of the nine mountains also appeared here, including the one who had some conflict with Qin Wentian, the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness. In the past, she invited Qin Wentian to be her disciple but was rejected, hence, her tone was extremely overbearing when they conversed. After which, she even went to ancient Ye to seize the treasure in Ye Qingyun’s body.

At this moment, the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness walked towards Qin Wentian as she spoke, "Qin Wentian, I apologize for all that I have done in the past. Please forgive me."

Qin Wentian was somewhat taken aback, he knew that the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness’s att.i.tude had always been lofty and arrogant. He didn’t expect that she would actually take the initiative to apologize today.

"I’m fine, but if you really want to make an apology, you should apologize to my foster father instead." Qin Wentian calmly responded.

Ye Qingyun quickly add, "Wentian, the Plum Mountain Sovereigness has already apologized to me many times before this. I no longer mind what happened back then. Let this matter come to an end right here and now."

Ye Qingyun, as the Human Emperor of ancient Ye, his demeanor was certainly extraordinary. This was a point that Qin Wentian was always impressed about.

"Understood, foster father." Qin Wentian spoke. "I only hope that you, the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness can stop a.s.suming that the strength of my foster father is due to the treasure he obtained from the Immortal Martial Realm. I too obtained a treasure there but I don’t really need to depend on it. The augmentation in strength it can give me is too limited when compared to my constellation. Lou Bingyu’s talent is extremely outstanding and for her to have accomplishments, there’s totally no need to borrow any external force."

"You are right." The att.i.tude of the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness had totally changed. She nodded and continued, "That la.s.s is truly outstanding, breaking through to Celestial Phenomenon even quicker compared to Ji Feixue. The two of them are pretty compatible, I wonder if they would be together in the future."

"Plum Mountain, if you want them to be together, you better start doing your part and help put in some good words for my disciple Feixue. Hahaha." Sword Sovereign Ling Tian laughed. He was also very willing to see two geniuses of their Battle Sword Sect getting together.

"The Royal Sacred Sect has no movements as of late?" At this moment, Qin Wentian asked. The Medicine Sovereign turned to him, "Recently they have been very quiet but this seemed to be the calm before the storm. This lack of activity on their part actually gaves me a sense of pressure. I guess the old Sacred Emperor will be back soon and if he really did return, we won’t be able to contend against them any longer."

As the words of the Medicine Sovereign rang out, everyone turned silent, similarly feeling the huge pressure. The battle earlier already resulted in such disastrous losses but the accomplishments were extremely dazzling as well, enabling them to have the qualifications to split the pie which is this world equally together with the Royal Sacred Sect. But...what about the next battle? Would they still be so lucky?

Qin Wentian also could feel the pressure. Right now, he can only hope that his other body Di Tian would be able to comprehend the mysteries quicker and obtain the inheritance of the Vermilion Bird Immortal Palace faster. If he could become the successor, even if he had no way to win against the Royal Sacred Sect, they could still hide within the immortal palace and the Royal Sacred Sect would be able to do nothing against them.

Time flowed by…

Although in recent days, the Royal Sacred Sect had been lying low, they were still continuing to mobilize and deploy their troops. Today, the members of the highest echelons all had excited expressions on their faces. The Old Sacred Emperor manifested his immortal will and informed them that he would descend back to this world today.

This was undoubtedly news that stirred up their spirits. As long as the old Sacred Emperor was here, they could easily smash apart and crush the Medicine Sovereign Valley, allowing everyone in the Royal Sacred Region to understand who is the true hegemon of this world.

As for Qin Wentian, the young man who was said to be abandoned by the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, his death date has also arrived.

Today, many of those in the upper echelons changed into their best attire as they respectfully waited within their headquarters, preparing to welcome the return of the previous Sacred Emperor.

"Zai Xuan, you understand the old Sacred Emperor the most. How strong is he exactly?" Someone issued a question to Zai Xuan.

"I’m not exactly clear on how strong old ancestor is but I know that he joined a power in the immortal realms that is far superior in comparison to our Royal Sacred Sect. Also in that power, there were many existences on the same level as the old ancestor. Who knows, maybe on this return trip, old ancestor may even bring along some of his sect members to help out." Zai Xuan replied, further stirring up the spirits of those in the Royal Sacred Sect.

"If that’s really the case, the destruction of the Medicine Sovereign Valley would only take a flick of our finger."

And just when these people were conversing, a resplendent light shone down from the skies. Zai Xuan inclined his head and whispered, "He has arrived."

As the sound of his voice faded, quite a few silhouettes could be seen descending from the heavens, swiftly flying towards the direction of the Royal Sacred Sect!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 732

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