Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 733

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In the airs.p.a.ce above the Royal Sacred Sect, a row of figures slowly descended. The man in the lead projected an awe-inspiring imposingness and looked to be around forty to fifty years of age. This person was none other than the previous Sacred Emperor of the Royal Sacred Sect.

He didn’t came back alone, around him there were seven other silhouettes, all of them projecting an extraordinary demeanor. Their eyes shone with G.o.dly charm, unable to hide the might of their aura. This was especially so for a middle-aged man standing beside the old Sacred Emperor. His gaze was extremely terrifying, akin to a depthless abyss.

The other six looked younger but naturally, their appearances wasn’t a true indication of their age. As for how long they have cultivated for, no one from the Royal Sacred Sect was able to tell. Once one’s cultivation reached a certain realm, they would be able to maintain their youth and their true age would only be known through the age of their bones.

This group of people descended downwards, and the current Sacred Emperor Zai Xing personally led the members of the Royal Sacred Sect to welcome them. "Father!"

So it turned out that these two Sacred Emperors had the relations.h.i.+p of a father and a son.

"We greet the old Sacred Emperor." Zai Yan and the others bowed. In fact, many of them were descendants of the previous Sacred Emperor, although it was many generations removed. Hence, it would still be better to refer to him as the old Sacred Emperor.

"Mhm." The old Sacred Emperor Zai Jiang nodded to those present. After which, he pointed to the middle-aged man with the terrifying gaze that stood beside him as he introduced, "This is my junior apprentice brother, you all can call him Immortal Han."

"We pay our respects to Immortal Han." The upper echelons of the Royal Sacred Sect bowed politely, feeling excitement in their heart. Since the old Sacred Emperor told them to refer to this man as Immortal Han, this man was undoubtedly an immortal as well. The death date of the Medicine Sovereign Valley has arrived.

"Everyone, these are my junior apprentice brothers and nephews who came to our Royal Sacred Region to tour about. You all must treat them with respect and take good care of them." The old Sacred Emperor Zai Jiang commanded as the others presented nodded. These people were all from the immortal realms.

The old Sacred Emperor had joined a power in the immortal realms and hasn’t returned for a very long time. If it wasn’t because the Royal Sacred Sect was facing an unprecedented challenge today, they would never have disturbed the old Sacred Emperor. After all, the old Sacred Emperor has already entered the immortal realms, he would no longer care about things in the Royal Sacred Region as his heart was set on pursuing a higher martial peak.
Immortal Han surveyed everyone with his deep eyes, his immortal will surrounded the Royal Sacred Sect and instantly, everyone there felt a heavy pressure pressing down on their hearts. This pressure originated from the Core Faction, they understood that the earlier silhouettes who descended should be the old Sacred Emperor returning.

"Senior Zai, the strength of this particle world you control is truly somewhat weak. This sect should be considered the number one sect in this world right? But why are there only a few with immortal roots? And their standard is so low that they can’t even attract me." Immortal Han faintly spoke, giving off a sinister feeling causing the members of the Royal Sacred Sect to have fear in their hearts when they stared at him.

Zai Jiang naturally understood that this junior brother of his possessed an unique perception ability. Upon hearing his words, he couldn’t help but to muse in his heart. Seems like the Royal Sacred Sect of the current era was indeed not as strong as before. Their degree of talent was simply too low, not even one could pa.s.s his junior brother’s ‘inspection.’

"How strong can a particle world be? How can it be compared to our sect?" Zai Jiang casually replied.

"Mhm. By the way, where is the enemy you mentioned? Let’s go destroy it now, and at the same time I can see if there’s any one that suits my criteria." Immortal Han spoke.

"No hurry, we came from so far away. Let’s take a break and drink a few cups of wine first. I’ll get someone to prepare a banquet as well as beauties to accompany us. Cultivation in our sect is an extremely dry matter, it will only do us good to relax a little. As for the enemy sect opposing us, destroying them can be done with the ease of flipping a palm, extremely effortless on our part."

Zai Jiang smiled, he didn’t really place the Medicine Sovereign Valley in his eyes. Since he himself and his junior apprentice brother Han has arrived, it truly wouldn’t take much effort for them to destroy the Medicine Sovereign Valley. He would let the people of this world see for themselves and remind them who was the true hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region.

Immortal Han’s talent for cultivation was incredibly high and was highly regarded back in his sect. This time, since his junior brother came with him back to his particle world, as the host, Zai Jiang naturally wanted to build up his relations.h.i.+p with this junior brother of his.

"Might as well." Immortal Han nodded and agreed. Cultivation was truly an extremely boring and dry matter. In their sect in the immortal realms, although his status was very high, he couldn’t do as he wished as there are still rules he had to follow. Since this was an extremely rare opportunity for him to visit a particle world, he should enjoy all he can here to relax.

Naturally, it would only do him good to balance out the dryness of cultivation with some enjoyment.

The others naturally didn’t have any objections, they also wanted to relax.

"Go prepare some delicacies and set up a banquet, also get ready some beautiful women to accompany us. Junior Han’s judgement is very high, the women must not only be beautiful, they must also have good talent in cultivation. Choose them from the various great sects and if there are really none to be have, go and get some from outside." Zai Jiang commanded. Zai Yan and the others immediately obeyed, not daring to defy the old Sacred Emperor’s order.

These were immortals from the immortal realms that came to their particle world. They naturally had to serve them well.

"I myself have already spotted a few girls that I’m interested in. I will bring them over." Immortal Han’s silhouette disappeared as he flew off with unbelievable speed in a certain direction.

Zai Jiang stared at his back as he stepped out, following after. The others from the immortal realms all followed after. They were heading to none other than the Forgotten Immortal Tower.

In the Forgotten Immortal Tower, beauties were as many as the clouds. Immortal Han naturally had his eyes set on a few people.

Very swiftly, the members of the Forgotten Immortal Tower stared dumbfoundedly at the silhouettes who arrived at their location. An instant later, the sect leader of the Forgotten Immortal Tower personally came out to welcome their arrival.

"You, you and you… These three will serve me tonight. Come with me." Immortal Han pointed his finger at three extremely beautiful women. Not only were they beautiful, their talent was extremely strong as well, these three were considered heaven chosen of the Forgotten Immortal Tower and were normally proud and arrogant. However right now there was actually someone pointing his finger at them telling them to serve him tonight.

"Sacred Emperor." The sect leader stared at the current Sacred Emperor.

"This man is the junior apprentice brother of my royal father, Immortal Han. Being able to serve Immortal Han is their honor and fortune. The three of you go on with him, serve him well." The Sacred Emperor ordered causing the countenance of the three beautiful women to change instantly, becoming extremely unsightly to behold.

There were no other unexpected issues, the three women were brought away. Other than them, some other beauties from the Forgotten Immortal Tower were also chosen. During the night, the banquet in the Royal Sacred Sect was extremely lively yet the Forgotten Immortal Tower Faction was deathly silent. So many of their sect members were brought away, not only were they beautiful in their own rights, their talent was extremely outstanding as well. During the second day, some of those who returned were in tears, with many injuries evident on their bodies.

As for the three most outstanding ones chosen by Immortal Han, none of them returned. As to their ending, n.o.body in the Forgotten Immortal Tower dared to imagine. There’s no doubt that they are also a part of the Royal Sacred Sect, and the talents of those brought away were also very high without a doubt. However, in front of immortals, they were merely ant-like existences, they didn’t even possess the qualifications to talk.

At noon when the sun hung suspended high up the sky, the Royal Sacred Sect mobilized the experts from the various Factions as they gathered outside the Royal Sacred Sect.

The moment they stepped out of the sect, the people of the Sacred Royal City all felt their hearts pounding in trepidation when they saw it. The Royal Sacred Sect was finally making their move, the troop of experts were heading towards the Medicine Sovereign Valley.

The experts of the Royal Sacred Sect didn’t soar high up into the air but kept at a low alt.i.tude throughout. It was obvious they wanted to show everyone in the world who is the true hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region.

Wherever they pa.s.sed, a stifling pressure so heavy that it could suppress everything could be felt. For some of the weaker ones among the common populace, they collapsed to the ground in a prostrating posture, unable to get up. Just the aura from these experts already had such might, it was too terrifying as though doomsday had arrived.

"How powerful." Countless people inclined their heads, staring at the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect.

Recently, everyone in the Sacred Royal City was discussing about the matters between the Royal Sacred Sect and Medicine Sovereign Valley, saying that the Royal Sacred Sect was overrated, and their strength had degenerated to the point where the Medicine Sovereign Valley could match it. But now when they personally witnessed the true strength of the Royal Sacred Sect, did they know how powerful this hegemon was exactly.

"Quickly head to the Medicine Sovereign. Today shall be the day where the future of our Royal Sacred Region will be decided." A voice called out as countless silhouettes instantly rushed towards the Medicine Sovereign Valley, wanting to spectate the battle.

The battle today might very well be the final confrontation between these two hegemon-level powers.

In the Medicine Sovereign Valley, the Medicine Sovereign already sensed the auras radiating from these experts of the Royal Sacred Sect when they were still far away. He inclined his head and stared in a certain direction as he spoke, "They are coming."

Right now, his brows were furrowed, he had no idea how to resolve this calamity. If they really couldn’t win, the only solution left was to bring Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng away. He believed that as long as he was still alive, the Sacred Emperor would have some trepidation in his heart and wouldn’t dare to conduct a complete ma.s.sacre.

"Mhm?" At this moment, the Medicine Sovereign’s gaze turned stiff. He discovered three extremely powerful auras. There was something wrong.

At the same time, these three auras instantly bored down on the Medicine Sovereign Valley and swiftly after, the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect all stood in the airs.p.a.ce above it.

The combat puppets and experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley were already present in the air, as they stared at these newly arrived experts.

"Not bad." Immortal Han nodded and smiled, his gaze was fixed on Qin Wentian, Mo Qingcheng, Lin Shuai, Lou Bingyu and Ji Feixue. He could tell that the talents of these youngsters were all extremely outstanding."

"There are a few fellows who are excellent specimens here, their potential is much higher compared to those in your Royal Sacred Sect."

"So what of it? If they encounter junior brother Han, they are all dead people." Zai Jiang laughed. Talent? Potential? If you had no background, everything was merely a joke. In the immortal realms, countless geniuses would die every day. These geniuses who hadn’t yet matured could die simply because someone didn’t like the way they looked. But what could they do about it? It was simply because they didn’t have any background. No matter how much potential and talent they had? It was all useless if they are dead.

Immortal Han coldly laughed as an immortal light radiated from him, growing increasingly larger in size. This immortal light had a faint crimson blood-like glow within, and it instantly enveloped this entire s.p.a.ce. The experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley instantly felt a stifling pressure boring down on them.

"It wouldn’t be good to act against mortals right?" The expression of the Medicine Sovereign changed. However, he only saw Immortal Han glancing at him with a mocking expression on his face. "Are you joking with me? If I don’t act against those weaker than me, are you telling to act against those stronger instead?"

As the sound of his voice faded, another terrifying power erupted outwards. This was a supremely strong engulfing energy, and instantly, a group of beautiful maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley found themselves teleported to the side of Immortal Han. Immortal Han’s eyes flickered with a b.l.o.o.d.y light as he placed his hands upon their head. Moments later, these maidens all exploded, transforming into blood qi which was absorbed by Immortal Han.

"You…" The Medicine Sovereign turned ashen. He stared at Immortal Han, "How can you be so unprincipled? Are you not afraid that I will annihilate everyone in the Royal Sacred Sect in retaliation?"

"Just kill them if you have the capabilities to. What does that got to do with me?" Immortal Han coldly spoke. Why would he care about the lives of ants?

Stepping out, Immortal Han flew towards the crowd. His gaze was fixed on Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng who stood together. He could sense an extremely powerful blood qi radiating from them. These two were excellent specimens!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 733

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