Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 734

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Within a certain location at the Royal Sacred Region, inside the Vermilion Bird Immortal Palace, Qin Wentian’s other self Di Tian was still contemplating the picture scroll. At this moment, his entire body was radiating a boundless runic light, as though it wanted to form a resonance with the picture scroll. From a far, two figures quietly watched this scene play out and they were none other than the old and young man who appeared before Di Tian previously inside this immortal palace.

And just when the two thought everything was going well, Di Tian’s aura suddenly fluctuated as the golden s.h.i.+mmering runic lights became distorted.

How could he not sense the danger his original body was in. Usually, he was able to discard all distracting thoughts and focus on contemplation. Just when he felt that he was able to control the sealing energy, the two generations of Sacred Emperor brought an extremely powerful Immortal Han to the Medicine Sovereign Valley and immediately began a slaughter. Di Tian could no longer remain calm and was exceedingly anxious, he hoped that he could comprehend the picture scroll faster.

But the more anxious he felt, the more mistakes he made.

"Mhm?" The old man felt somewhat surprised, how could a mistake occur at this crucial moment? Normally when at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, one should be able to control their state of heart. Right now, it was obvious there was a disturbance in Di Tian’s heart. From the perspective of the old man, this was simply ridiculous and shouldn’t have happened at all.

"His state of heart is so inferior." The black-robed young man beside the old man coldly spoke, his tone filled with disdain.

"His comprehension abilities can already be considered extremely strong. Let alone this is only one of his bodies. I wonder what immortal art is so powerful in order to create such an identical second body. Most experts wouldn’t be able to tell that they are of one and the same." The old man spoke as he continued, "Maybe something happened to his true-self, let me go take a look."

As the sound of his voice faded, a terrifying will extended towards the exit of the immortal palace, swiftly covering the entire Royal Sacred Region. Instantly, countless cities, mountain peaks, humans, demonic beasts, all appeared in his mind.


His will locked onto a figure. It was none other than Qin Wentian who was in the midst of combat. The scenes of combat there was all seen by the old man, and he involuntarily commented in a low voice, "No wonder his state of heart was shaken."

Qin Wentian’s other self was named Di Tian, and Di Tian had used an art to change his features because he didn’t want anyone to know that he was Qin Wentian. He didn’t expect that all his preparations were for naught in front of this old man. No matter how perfect the Great Nirvana Immortal Art was, the old man still found his true self so easily.

Before Qin Wentian stepped into the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, he and Di Tian were two completely different ent.i.ties but their cultivation bases were exactly the same. Even their bloodlines and aura were identical, this was how perverse the Great Nirvana Immortal Art was. But also at the same time, for those with a super strong perception, they could easily tell that Qin Wentian and Di Tian were the same person. An example was this old man. Back then, Qin Wentian and Di Tian had both entered the immortal palace. How could they hide this fact from his eyes?

"Might as well, we will take this chance to test his state of heart." The old man silently mused as he glanced at Di Tian.

In the Medicine Sovereign Valley, Immortal Han flew towards Qin Wentian. Both his palms extended out as a terrifying engulfing energy enveloped this entire s.p.a.ce. Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng’s body involuntarily started to drift towards Immortal Han. Not only then, several experts in their direction completely had no way to resist his suction force.


The silhouette of the Medicine Sovereign appeared as a terrifying force enveloped him and Mo Qingcheng, resisting the suction force on their behalf. However, the others were not as fortunate. For those who were drawn over, they directly transformed into clouds of blood qi and were devoured by Immortal Han, dying a miserable death.

"Sacred Emperor, you all actually asked such an unprincipled person to come here." The Medicine Sovereign had a look of rage. With a rumbling sound the entire world was as though it had been ignited into flames.

"KILL!" A terrifying immortal fire started burning, shooting towards the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect. All of them turned pale and many were instantly turned into ashes when they came into contact with it.

The two generations of Sacred Emperor also didn’t expect that Immortal Han would act this way, giving no f.u.c.ks at all. At the very least, he should have waited until they killed the Medicine Sovereign before doing as he pleased. Now, his actions implicated the experts of their Royal Sacred Sect.

"All of you retreat far away." Zai Jiang shouted. The experts of the Royal Sacred Sect frantically retreated, so did those from the Medicine Sovereign Valley. However, Zai Jiang coldly snorted when he saw that. With a wave of his hands, streaks of golden lightning arced through the horizon, killing the Medicine Sovereign Valley’s experts. It was unknown how many had died due to that.

In front of immortals, ascendants were simply ants, unable to withstand a single strike.

"You think you are enough to obstruct me?" Immortal Han glanced at the Medicine Sovereign. After which, a boundless blood light engulfed the heavens and earth as strands of blood-colored lines drilled into the bodies of many, transforming into crimson sharp swords, reaping the lives of those from the Medicine Sovereign Valley. Clouds of blood qi shot towards Immortal Han, absorbed by him as though they were nutrition.

"The blood qi of these people is so weak, there’s negligible effect even after I refine them." Immortal Han’s gaze then turned to Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng who were standing behind the Medicine Sovereign. The quality of these two specimens should be very good, especially so for Qin Wentian. His sharp senses could feel an overpowering blood qi in Qin Wentian’s body. There was no doubt it would be of excellent grade.

However at this very moment, a supreme sword qi abruptly slashed down from the heavens, causing everyone to be badly shocked. Immortal Han and the Sacred Emperors stared up at the skies only to see a swordsman currently descending. This swordsman was clad in white, he was an old man with white hair and a long flowing white beard, standing on a beam of sword light, projecting a sense of immortality as well as an overwhelmingly intense sharpness.

"Who are you?" The old Sacred Emperor inclined his head, asking as he stared at the swordsman.

"Are those from the Battle Sword Sect here?" The swordsman emotionlessly asked. Xu Cang, the old ancestor of the Battle Sword Sect froze slightly as he stared at this white-haired swordsman. His body trembled a little as he asked, "This junior and these people are all members of the Battle Sword Sect."

"Why did you dismantle my gra.s.s hut?" The old man asked. Xu Cang and the members of the Battle Sword Sect started trembling when they heard that. ‘His’ gra.s.s hut? Was this person the founder of their Battle Sword Sect?

"Disciple Xu Cang is unfilial, the Battle Sword Sect is under immense threat and we have no choice but to relocate. If the Battle Sword Sect exists, the gra.s.s hut and the path of comprehending the sword mysteries shall remain. But since the Battle Sword Sect was forced to move away, we have no choice but to destroy that or risk it falling into the enemy's’ hands. I beg for founder’s forgiveness." Xu Cang knelt down and respectfully bowed his head. He didn’t expect that the founder was still alive, and had actually sensed the dismantling of the gra.s.s hut.

"Are you Swordsaint Li Mubai?" The old Sacred Emperor inclined his head and stared at the old man. This old man was someone from the same era as him. To think that this person was still alive.

"People of the Royal Sacred Sect?" Li Mubai glanced at them and coldly stated, "What hatred do you have towards my people exactly? Why do you want to exterminate my sect?"

"You wouldn’t want to interfere in matters of the War Immortal Palace. Scram!" Immortal Han glanced at Li Mubai, his tone extremely arrogant.

"You are someone from the War Immorta Palace?" Li Mubai’s gaze stiffened as he coldly continued, "You think you can come to a particle world and kill as you please simply because you are from the Immortal War Palace? How laughable."

"You dare to criticize my Immortal War Palace just with your level of strength?" Immortal Han’s countenance turned cold.

Li Mubai snorted. The War Immortal Palace was a certain power in the immortal realms and had control over some areas. But he Li Mubai was a drifter and prefered roaming the vast realms. Given how vast the immortal realms are, it was impossible for the War Immortal Palace to hunt him down.


Immortal Han stepped out, moving towards Qin Wentian again. However, a beam of resplendent sword light instantly arced out. Li Mubai transformed into this beam of sword light, he instantly arrived before Immortal Han as brilliant immortal light radiated from both of them, illuminating the sky.

Immortal Han’s aura was filled with blood qi, while Swordsaint Li Mubai’s aura was so sharp that it seemed capable of tearing apart everything.

Qin Wentian’s countenance was ice cold, as his heart was filled with incomparable rage. He forced himself to calm down as he studied Li Mubai’s swordplay. Each and every sword strike issued by Li Mubai seemed as though they could tear apart the void. His piercing strikes were as quick as lightning, filled with terrifying explosive power. If one was struck by him, there was no doubt that they would instantly die without a full body.

"Senior, receive this sword." Qin Wentian called out. His bloodline power infused the demon sword as he tossed the sword in the air over to Li Mubai.

Li Mubai glanced over, the demon sword issued a sword keen as he praised, "This sword has intelligence, good sword!"

As the sound of his voice faded, his supremely strong sword intent lingered on the demon sword as the sword flew into his hands.


Swordsaint Li Mubai brandished the demon sword and rushed towards Immortal Han with inconceivable speed, so fast that none of the experts present could sense his movements.

The two of them exchanged a flurry of blows. Qin Wentian only saw the demon sword expanding as it slashed out horizontally, narrowly missing cleaving Immortal Han into two, leaving a b.l.o.o.d.y wound on his body.

"An immortal-ranked expert’s control of the demon sword is indeed much smoother than mine." Qin Wentian mused. He saw Swordsaint Li Mubai condensing sword imprints as all of a sudden, a myriad of sharp swords burst out from the skies, projecting an aura so powerful that it felt that even the heavens would be torn asunder. In a radius of a hundred miles, everyone present was badly shocked, they felt that as long as Li Mubai wanted to kill them, he would be able to do so effortlessly.

"DIE!" As the sound of Li Mubai faded, the myriad of swords launched out together, aiming for Immortal Han.

Immortal Han immediately retreated with explosive speed, fleeing into the air. At this moment, a terrifying image of his constellation appeared behind his back. This constellation took the form of a blood-colored devil that wrenched its maw wide open, exuding suction force as it swallowed the myriad of swords within.

"Go!" Li Mubai condensed more sword imprints using the demon sword. A moment later, resplendent runic lights flashed as the demon sword slashed upwards into the air, piercing into the constellation. Explosive rumbling sounds thundered out as clouds of blood qi exploded. Immortal Han gave a scream of misery as he quickly transformed into a beam of light, fleeing far away.

The two generations of Sacred Emperor exchanged glances as they too, retreated decisively.

The experts of the Royal Sacred Sect were so frightened that they instantly turned and run away. This scene had far surpa.s.sed their imagination. Why would the founder of the Battle Sword Sect appear here?

"Founder, shall we pursue them?" Xu Cang asked.

"There’s no need to, killing these people or not wouldn’t make a difference. In addition, I’m worried that the War Immortal Palace would want to interfere in matters of this particle world if we push them too far." Li Mubai frowned. If the War Immortal Palace really did interfere, it would basically mean apocalypse for this particle world. There was no way they would be able to resist. Even if he was much stronger than he is now, it would still be useless, he wouldn’t be able to stop them alone.

Qin Wentian’s expression was extremely unsightly to behold. The War Immortal Palace. He didn’t expect that even powers from the immortal realms would be tangled up in this war for the Royal Sacred Region.

Staring at the casualties of the Medicine Sovereign Valley, Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed with a baleful light.

The sword hummed lightly, as it returned to the side of Qin Wentian. Swordsaint Li Mubai slowly walked over as he turned his attention towards Qin Wentian, "This sword is truly excellent, it has even gained intelligence."

"Sadly, this junior still has no way to harness its true power." Qin Wentian returned the demon sword back to its sheath as he continued, "This time around, thank you for helping us senior. If not, the consequences would surely be so dire to the point where it’s unimaginable."

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 734

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