Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 736

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Staring at that fanatical old man, Di Tian was somewhat speechless. Although some attribute energy truly was weaker than the others, attribute energy like spatial energy was considered one of the strongest ones. Sealing energy should also be considered a type of attribute energy that was superior to the others but ultimately, what decides how strong an attribute energy was, still had to depend on the stellar martial cultivator who uses it. For those with stronger cultivations, the might of their innate attribute energy would naturally be stronger. He had never doubted this point from the start.

However, this old man only loved the path of sealing because he believed that it was the ultimate. This type of nearing obsession point of view was naturally of benefit for someone like him because he could give their all whole-heartedly.

Sealing energy could even be used to seal s.p.a.ce and time, it is indeed pretty powerful. But what about spatial energy at the end of the road? Can it not break apart the seals or even envelop the seals in a separate spatial dimension? And what about the attribute energy of speed? At the absolute limit of speed, even before you condensed your seal, your opponent would already arrive in front of you. How can you still combat then?

The myriad of things engenders and restrains each other. This is true for the different types of attribute energy as well. As to what was strong and what was weak, that’s only relative. There’s no so-called ‘ultimate strongest attribute energy.’

"At the very least, you should tell me what tier does this inheritance belong to? I can then better make the decision whether should I put in all my effort within," Di Tian stared at the old man, interrupting his fanatical promotion of the path of sealing.

"Brat, you are so arrogant." The old man stared at Di Tian, "Fine, let me tell you this then. Back then in the immortal palace that replaced the skies of this world, those various immortal kings who couldn’t even be bothered to spare a glance at you, and even that Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor who had forsaken you, as long as you obtain the complete inheritance of the Vermilion Bird Immortal Palace, you can trample them all underneath your feet. Are you satisfied with my answer?"

Di Tian started, it seems like this old man knew everything about himself. He couldn’t hide the fact that he was also Qin Wentian from the eyes of this old man. Even the incident regarding the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor was also known to him. Seems like this old man might also be a supreme existence.

"I think so, since you know everything, you should also know that I rejected the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor when he wanted to recruit me as a disciple because he told me I would only have a period of freedom once every thousand years. I can allow you to temper me and I can also put in all my effort to cultivate the path of sealing. However, you cannot restrict my freedom. For example like right now, my other self has encountered an extremely th.o.r.n.y issue." Di Tian replied.

"Hmph, you must know that this isn’t Eastern Sage wanting to accept a disciple but rather, it was because of your fortune in knowing that little doll. Even if those supreme existences like Eastern Sage accepts you as his disciple, how much effort, resources and time can they afford to spend on you? All these are unknown factors, maybe you would only be a disciple in name. But right now, I’m willing to give all I have to nurture you, allowing you to obtain the complete inheritance. Do you know how many people would dream of this? Yet you even dared to negotiate conditions with me?"

The old man cursed, Di Tian naturally understood this logic. Back then the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor didn’t seem to be interested in nurturing him at all, choosing to give him over to his subordinate, Deepflame. Being his disciple naturally couldn’t be compared to obtaining the inheritance. But still, he had to negotiate something no matter what. If not, he wouldn’t have the authority to request things in the future.

"No matter are those buried immortals in the tomb or those sealed immortals out there, which of them isn’t here to obtain the inheritance?" The old man continued, "However, I’m not unreasonable. If your other self encounters trouble, I will give you a chance. As long as you can release the seals on those immortals, you can use them as you will. In addition, I will give you a month of time to settle your matters and after this time, in the future you must listen to my instructions and follow my arrangements. I will never harm you, everything I do is to mold you stronger, allowing you to obtain the complete inheritance. If I want to kill you, just a slap from me would be enough to turn your flesh into paste."

Di Tian’s mouth twitched. But he didn’t doubt the strength of this old man.

"Then, can I leave now?" Di Tian asked.

"Wait a minute. Although you and your original body has already started to diverge in the path of cultivation, you are both ultimately still one person after all. Facial transformation arts wouldn’t be able to hide this from those supreme existences. Since you don’t wish to reveal the fact, you better be safe than sorry. Take this mask and wear it, it’s able to isolate immortal senses from their investigation of you." The old man waved his hands as a bronze mask flew towards Di Tian.

"Thank you senior." Di Tian gratefully replied. This old fellow was truly different from the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. The Eastern Sage didn’t even give him a basic level of respect.

Receiving the mask, he could feel an extremely cold energy radiating from it. He placed the mask over his face as the skin of his face seemed to break apart, melding together with the strange energy of the mask. After the fusion was completed, an extremely cold and terrifying aura radiated from Di Tian, giving off a sense of fear to people who saw him.

"Also, wear this armor. Don’t get killed by others accidentally when you go out. Your strength is still pathetically weak." The old man waved his hands again as a bronze armor enveloped Di Tian’s body. A sense of sharpness than exuded from him, the Di Tian now gave an intense rush of impact to those who saw him, cloaked in mystery. Most probably other than this old man, there would be no one else that will be able to tell that he is Qin Wentian.

"Seems like senior is really very concerned about me." Di Tian smiled. After that he turned and dashed away. The old man stared at his back view as a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes. After which, he muttered, "So many years have pa.s.sed since we found a suitable successor. How can I not be concerned?"

"Although he did comprehend the picture scroll within a year, it’s really nothing much. Why are you so easily satisfied?" The cold-looking young man in black beside him asked.

"Haha, you don’t understand." The old man smiled but didn’t explained further.

Di Tian’s figure whistled through the air with extreme speed towards the place where the sealed immortals are. When he arrived there, all the sealed immortals stared at him in surprise. Di Tian was now clad in armor and had a mask on, his entire body was radiating a dangerous coldness, they couldn’t tell that this was the young man whom all of them sparred with a year ago.

"Seniors, it’s me." Di Tian’s mask disappeared with an intention of his will, as his true features reappeared.

"Di Tian, you obtained the inheritance?" An emaciated-looking old man asked.

"I haven’t obtained the complete inheritance yet, but please allow me to take a look at the seals on all your bodies, seniors." Di Tian’s eyes abruptly changed, all of a sudden, countless pupils superimposed, madly spinning around in his eye. He stared at the various immortals and he could see there were terrifying diagrams akin to the picture scroll inside their bodies. The lines of the diagram inside each of them were akin to shackles, locking their cultivation bases.

"Sealing immortals, such an ability is still impossible for me." Di Tian contemplated as he stared at the sealing diagram. Although he understood the principles behind them, he still had no way to construct these seals.

"Are you able to lift the seals on our cultivation bases?" Several immortals flew over to the side of Di Tian, their gazes filled with antic.i.p.ation.

"I can." Di Tian’s eyes flickered with dazzling light. Although he wasn’t able to construct seals now, he could still damage them. As long as he destroy the crucial part of the sealing diagram, with the strength of these immortals, they would be able to break apart the restriction on their own.

As the sound of his voice faded away, the gazes of all these immortal froze. One after another familiar faces stared at Di Tian in shock, as though they have forgotten themselves.

They have been trapped here for far too long. After their cultivation bases were sealed, they had no way to even continue cultivating. When they suddenly heard Di Tian say that he was able to lift their seals, many people were lost in shock at that moment.

"Will that fellow release us?" Somebody asked in a worried tone.

"Don’t worry, that senior promised that as long as I can lift your seals, you all will be under my control. I can simply let you all leave, he won’t interfere with it." Di Tian smiled.

"Good, good…" An old man clenched his fist tightly as he nodded unceasingly. Finally, they need not be imprisoned here any longer.

"Di Tian, shall we start then...?" Someone asked with a quavering voice.

"Mhm, let’s get started seniors. However, these seals are still beyond my ability to fully lift. I can only damage the core component and each senior must work together with me, channeling the energy inside your body to aid me before the seal can be fully broken." Di Tian explained, "Which senior wishes to try first?"

"Let me try." A person stated.

"Okay." Di Tian nodded. Boundless runic light suddenly radiated out from his body as his eyes grew even scarier. He lightly tapped his palm onto that immortal’s body as runic words started to flow within. The sealing diagram within him abruptly appeared, and that immortal himself also started to radiate an intense light, causing himself to be stunned. Was this the seal in his body, he could sense it clearly at this moment.

"Destroy!" Di Tian coldly spoke, as the runic words from him rushed into the sealing diagram, damaging the links of the shackles one by one. After that, he turned his gaze onto that immortal and spoke, "Senior, channel your strength now and break this seal apart."

"Immortal foundation, my immortal foundation!" That expert’s eyes turned red as he soared up into the skies. A boundless rainbow-colored light illuminated out from him. That was the corona of light from the foundation of an immortal!

"I’m finally free!" That person threw his head back and roared, unleas.h.i.+ng his pent up emotions. The sealing diagram in his body has been destroyed completely as immortal qi emanated from him, permeating the atmosphere.

"The seal has really been lifted…" The bodies of the immortals all started trembling as they felt intense emotions rocking their hearts. For those immortals who were sealed into certain areas like lakes and mountains, although they couldn’t move, their eyes were also filled with excitement. For example, the red-haired old man which Di Tian met right at the start who was bound to a tree, his eyes reddened with emotion now. Di Tian has succeeded, he didn’t let down the expectations of all these sealed immortals here!

"Seniors, don’t be anxious. I will proceed to lift the seal for each of you immediately." Di Tian couldn’t help but smile when he heard many immortals calling his name anxiously.

"Haha, we are really too anxious… Good, good. Everyone just wait patiently. Di Tian, take your time, don’t be rushed by us." Someone laughed uproariously but the excitement and anxiousness on his face couldn’t be masked. After being sealed for so long, they finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel today.

Their seals would finally be broken and they can return back to the immortal realms.

"My son… you should be an old man now right?" Tears flowed from the eyes of an aged figure.

"Little Yi, are you still doing well?" Someone felt a myriad of emotions stirring his heart, he was missing his wife.

This nightmare is finally going to be over, in the past, they really should not have l.u.s.ted over this inheritance!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 736

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