Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 739

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Staring at the destructive beams of light shooting towards those from the War Immortal Palace, Qin Wentian’s countenance was ice cold, there was no hint of sympathy at all.

In the eyes of these people from the immortal realms, the lives of those in the Royal Sacred Region was something they can slaughter anytime at their whims. Even when these people were pursuing them, Immortal Han was still slaughtering the innocents to devour their blood qi. It was simply too evil and cruel, these people from the War Immortal Palace deserves their deaths.

"Chi, chi, chi!"

An immortal that was proficient with saber arts slashed out blood-colored arcs in the air. This devil saber glowed with terrifying runic lights and slaughter diagrams appeared after every slash he made. Those from the War Immortal Palace couldn’t stand up to a single saber strike of his at all, all of them fell over deader than dead.

"ARGH!" That young man was almost driven crazy by the sight of this scene. His immortal foundation started to radiate a boundless immortal light.

"You want to self-destruct?" The various immortals had cold looks on their faces. One of them blasted out with a palm and in an instant, it was as though an icy river descended from the skies. This entire world transformed into a diamond-like ice world. The translucent diamond ice actually sealed the young man from the War Immortal Palace inside.

"In such circumstances, do you think we would still allow you to self-destruct?" That person snorted coldly. After which, he slammed out with his fist as cracks appeared on the diamond before it shattered apart into fragments. The body of the young man from the War Immortal Palace also exploded just like that.

The Immortal Foundation Realm has a total of nine levels, the distance between each level was extremely vast. This particular expert is a sixth-level immortal foundation expert and was extremely powerful. How could he be someone the young man of the War Immortal Palace who was only at the third-level able to stand up to? It was simply a case of insta-kill.


A light sound rang out, after which Immortal Han screamed in agony. That saber-user had chopped one of his arms off, lacerating it into powder. Immortal Han’s evil gaze turned to Qin Wentian as he roared in madness, "EVEN IN DEATH I WILL CURSE YOU, YOU WILL DIE WITHOUT A BURIAL GROUND, YOUR WOMAN WILL BECOME THE PLAYTHING OF OTHERS!"

"Senior, don’t let him die so easily, I want him to enjoy the pain of his body being slice apart inch by inch from your devil saber until he becomes mincemeat." Qin Wentian’s eyes were like ice. That saber-using immortal nodded, "No problem, his last moments of life shall be filled with extreme pain."

After speaking, he chopped out once more, aiming for Immortal Han’s body, cutting apart his tendons.

"AHH!" Immortal Han screamed.

"Didn’t you treat the lives of others as playthings and even cursed me? You are the one who will die a dog’s death." Qin Wentian’s voice had no trace of emotion at all. That saber-user slashed out strike after strike, Immortal Han kept screaming in agony as he felt every part of his body including his meridians and energy channels being severed bit by bit. He couldn’t die even if he wanted.

"JUST KILL ME!" Immortal Han shouted hoarsely. He was in complete despair. This agony was too tough to bear, he had no hope to live, he only hoped to die quicker.

"When you slew the innocents, have you ever thought that this would happen to you?" The Medicine Sovereign walked up and stared at Immortal Han, his expression also like ice. Immortal Han deserves his fate, even with such torment, it wasn’t sufficient for him to repay his sins. Those disciples of the Medicine Sovereign Valley which he wantonly killed, as well as the innocents of the Royal Sacred Region, they had no way to return back to life.

"Medicine Sovereign, we are willing to submit to you, please spare us." The current Sacred Emperor’s strength was considered the weakest one. There was actually no one who bothered to kill him, he was merely restrained there as he watched the experts from the War Immortal Palace being killed one by one. His trembling body told everyone that he was truly afraid. So what if one was an immortal? In the face of death, everyone would still be afraid.

"Spare you? Are you dreaming?" The Medicine Sovereign coldly spoke. His silhouette flickered as he arrived in front of the Sacred Emperor. Terrifying immortal fire blasted onto the Sacred Emperor’s body as the countenance of the Sacred Emperor contorted in agony. The Medicine Sovereign took a step back and with a resounding boom, the body of the Sacred Emperor imploded from within, leaving behind the light from a destructive flame.

Very swiftly, everyone from the War Immortal Palace with the exception of Immortal han had been slaughtered. Immortal Han was still enduring the torture. Only then did Qin Wentian declare, "End him."

"Got it." That saber user slashed down, cleaving Immortal Han into two, shattering his immortal foundation.

At this moment, those arrogant experts from the War Immortal Palace have all fallen, not even one had survived. It was an extremely disastrous loss for the War Immortal Palace.

"Hu…" Li Mubai didn't even have the chance to act. He had experienced many fights in the immortal realms, and had even spectated a war from afar. But even so, personally witnessing this slaughter closeup was still extremely shocking. Truly, they have came back from death’s door.

Where did these hundreds of immortals come from?

"Di Tian, is there still anything you need us to accomplish?" A red-haired old man stared at Di Tian as he asked.

"Many thanks for all you seniors who helped out. There’s nothing more, thank you for your trouble." Di Tian’s voice was filled with a sole sharpness that gave people a sense of coldness. The Di Tian now actually caused the various immortals to feel a sense of pressure. Although he was still very young now, he would inherit the Vermilion Bird Immortal Palace in the future and become a character at the peak of the immortal realms.

"Di Tian you are too polite. Earlier we were just exercising our old bones, there’s no trouble at all. It’s been so many years before we can finally breath the air of the outside world. Everything was thanks to you, how can such a small matter be considered anything? Who else do you still want to kill? Just issue a command and we will do so immediately." That saber user from earlier straightforwardly spoke.

No matter whether if was Di Tian’s potential or their gratitude to him, they felt that they should make friends with Di Tian.

"There’s really nothing else." Di Tian smiled.

"Di Tian, the experts we killed earlier are from a power in the immortal realms named the War Immortal Palace. There might be some consequences." The red-haired old man spoke, "How about this, since you said there’s nothing more, we can also set our hearts at ease. But all of us will leave a strand of our immortal sense in this particle world. Tell us where you want us to leave it at, and if there are experts who come here from the immortal realms for revenge, we will instantly manifest here through the strand of immortal sense to stop them. As long as they aren’t too strong, they wouldn’t dare to be too overbearing. After all, when members of a sect went out to temper themselves, it isn’t a big deal and was quite common if they died. Unless those who died are the heir of a great power, the sect in question usually wouldn’t avenge them. Our immortal senses should be sufficient to act as a deterrence."

"Senior’s words make sense." Di Tian nodded. After that he glanced at Qin Wentian. Although they were one at the same, they couldn’t afford to let anyone else know that. So some words were still better spoken by his original body.

"Wentian, what do you think?"

"Seniors, please accompany us to the Royal Sacred Sect. After we destroy it, we will announce to the world that from now on, the Medicine Sovereign Valley will be the hegemon of this world. You all can leave the strand of your immortal sense in the Medicine Sovereign Valley after that." Qin Wentian politely stated.

"Okay, we have no objections." The immortals nodded their heads. This young man seemed to have a very close relationship with Di Tian. Also, his aura contained faint hints of resemblance to Di Tian, who knows if they are blood brothers.

"Mhm, let’s move out then." Di Tian stated. After that, the whole lot of them flew through the air, in the direction of the Royal Sacred Sect.

During the journey, Di Tian travelled beside Qin Wentian and passed over some items to Qin Wentian. These were all spoils of victory he obtained from the corpses of those immortals from the War Immortal Palace who died. The immortals who killed them didn’t want any of the spoils and passed them all over to Di Tian earlier.

As for Di Tian himself, he would have no need of these treasures as he would be going to the other particle worlds with the old man to temper himself. If he needed resources, he can simply open his mouth and ask the old man. Hence, these spoils would be more suitable for Qin Wentian.

Right now in the Royal Sacred Sect, members of all the factions gathered together in a training courtyard as they waited. They were naturally waiting for the victorious return of the Sacred Emperors and the immortals from the War Immortal Palace. The end result of this battle would be the doomsday for the Medicine Sovereign Valley. From now onwards, the Medicine Sovereign Valley would cease to exist in the Royal Sacred Region. The people of this world would also understand who was the true hegemon.

At this moment, a silhouette flickered and flew over. Zai Yan turned his gaze onto that person and coldly asked, "Have you found any of them?"

"No one could be found, the Forgotten Immortal Tower seems to have disbanded and they all snuck away in small groups." That person replied. These few days, the attention of everyone was on the battle between the Royal Sacred Sect and the Medicine Sovereign. Nobody would have expected that the Forgotten Immortal Tower would have stealthily disbanded. By the time they realized it, there were no longer any beautiful women around for them to abduct.

"They should all die. When this matter is concluded, we will definitely catch all of them back. The beauties from their sect shall be split among all the factions to enjoy." Zai Yan’s voice was like frost as he continued, "This world belongs to our Royal Sacred Sect, I really want to know where a bunch of females like them could escape to."

"Haha we will soon be in luck, there are truly plenty of beauties in the Forgotten Immortal Tower. In fact, it seems that almost all of them are top-grade. I must truly enjoy them for myself." An expert from the Qinghua Mountain Sect laughed.

"Wait a little while more, the battle should soon be concluded. The Sacred Emperor and the other immortals wouldn’t take too long before they return victorious." Zai Xuan was very confident. How can people of this particle world resist the slaughter done by immortals? Qin Wentian and the others are dead for sure.

They were all waiting with excitement in their hearts. They who were the hegemon of this world was provoked by the Medicine Sovereign Valley yet they had no way to destroy it. Naturally, they were extremely vexed and unhappy but now it’s fine as everything was coming to an end.

"They will never come back." An archaic voice echoed out, reverberating through the air space above the Royal Sacred Sect. At this instant, the hearts of countless experts from the Royal Sacred Sect pounded violently.

After which, an overwhelming pressure bore downwards, as numerous silhouettes appeared. Any one of these people had an aura so strong that people would suffocate upon meeting them.

"Medicine Sovereign, it’s the Medicine Sovereign!"

"There’s also the Swordsaint Li Mubai!"

The countenances of the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect instantly paled. How can this be possible? Was the War Immortal Palace defeated? Where did these immortals come from?

Numerous figures descended. The Medicine Sovereign, Li Mubai, Qin Wentian and the others were all here, and their eyes were coldly pronouncing judgement when they stared at the experts from the Royal Sacred Sect below.

"This is impossible, where are the immortals from the War Immortal Palace?!" Zai Xuan turned ashen, feeling an extreme panic in his heart.

All the experts from the various factions were panicking, their bodies involuntarily shivering.

"All of them are already dead, disappeared forever. However they won’t be lonely, you guys will accompany them soon. The self-proclaimed hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region, the Royal Sacred Sect shall henceforth be eradicated from this world. From today onwards, this world will not stand for any members from the Royal Sacred Sect. As long as you are a member of the Royal Sacred Sect, just die."

Qin Wentian’s icy voice drifted down from the skies, there was no pity in his tone. The victor becomes the king while the losers are vilified. The era of the Royal Sacred Sect has ended!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 739

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