Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 740

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The Royal Sacred Sect governed this world for tens of thousands of years, ruling it unchallenged. They proclaimed themselves as the hegemon, treating the lives of the people as their playthings because of no other reason than the fact that they were the strongest.

They were arrogant, brazen, treating the lives of people as ants. Their Sacred Prince Zai Xuan was high up and mighty and had no one in his eyes, terming the natives from this world as country b.u.mpkins, even aiding an evil force from the immortal realms to abduct females.

All of this, was concluded today.

The end of an era has arrived.

Zai Yan, Zai Xuan, Zai Qiu all became prisoners awaiting judgement. As members of the upper echelons of the Royal Sacred Sect, as descendants of the Sacred Emperor. How glorious were they once? How tyrannical were they once? Summoning Quinn to come to their headquarters and killing him with just a sentence. But today, they can only wait for their deaths.

At this moment, the expressions of Zai Xuan and the others were all wooden. When they stared at Qin Wentian in the air, Zai Qiu’s countenance was extremely unsightly. There was no way he could accept this. Originally he should be the one looking down on Qin Wentian, he should be the one controlling Qin Wentian’s destiny. But why had the circ.u.mstances become so ridiculous?

"Who are you all exactly?" Zai Yan stared at the immortals as he roared.

"You have no need to know." Di Tian in the bronze mask replied in a glacial manner. "Finish them all."

"Sure." The immortals laughed. The saber user slashed down with extreme speed, with a seemingly ordinary strike. However this strike cleanly slashed an arc that reaped away the lives of those who had the surname of Zai, causing the rest of the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect to tremble violently in fear. It was only at this moment that they felt that death would soon come for them.

"No...please spare us, we are only subordinates of the Royal Sacred Sect. Senior please spare us!" At this moment, some factions started begging for their lives. In front of absolute strength, and facing death, an intense desire to live bubbled up in them. The one who begged for his life first was none other than the leader of the Qinghua Mountains.

"Where is your backbone?" A cold voice drifted out. After that, a long red spear directly stabbed into his brain.

What’s the use in begging for mercy? Back then they have long made their choices when they chose the Royal Sacred Sect against the Medicine Sovereign Valley and had slaughtered quite a large number of the Medicine Sovereign’s people too. Did they really think that begging for mercy was useful?

"Settle them faster." An immortal above coldly spoke. After that, a gigantic palm imprint grabbed down, instantly turning the other experts into ice crystals.

"Shatter." With a clench of his fist, the ice crystals shattered as the figures within were all crushed as well. It was simply bullying, even Qin Wentian drew in a cold breath upon seeing this scene. The disparity in cultivation realms was simply too vast to bridge. No wonder those at the immortal foundation realms gave no regards to mortals. Upon stepping into immortality, how could mortals even hope to be your match?

Although there were countless experts in the Royal Sacred Sect, the speed of them being killed was like wind breezing past the clouds, instantly scattering it just like a large swath of destruction exterminating the members of the Royal Sacred Sect. They were all here to wait for the victorious return of the immortals on their side. But what came was their apocalypse.

After an incense worth of time, the Royal Sacred Sect was completely wiped out. Fresh blood dyed the grounds of this location red and the overwhelming hegemon yesterday was turned into nothingness today.

Who would have expected that the ending would be like this? If those from the Royal Sacred Sect had the slightest inkling that this might happen, they would have never ever offended Qin Wentian in the past and would spare no expense to nurture him instead. Even if he didn’t wish to join the Core Faction and was in the Battle Sword Faction, he was still a member of the Royal Sacred Sect. Sadly, the ending today was different.

But things often work in mysterious ways. As the hegemon of this world, why would they care about a single individual? But it was precisely because of this that caused the entire Royal Sacred Sect to topple this day.

From today onwards, there would be no more Royal Sacred Sect in this world. In addition, it’s still a question whether this particle world would still be named as the Royal Sacred Region. How can the new hegemon, the Medicine Sovereign Valley, still allow the Royal Sacred Sect to leave its shadow in this world.

Qin Wentian and the others directly turned and departed from this place. His enemies have already become history, and this destroyed location symbolized the ending of an era.

When they departed, there were some spectators from afar who couldn’t help their curiosity and entered the Royal Sacred Sect after feeling that intense aura of death radiating out. When they saw the blood-soaked grounds and dried corpses, they only felt their hearts trembling violently as though they were struck by a heavy object. This shock was simply indescribable, they even felt as though their souls were about to be scattered apart.

"The Royal Sacred Sect is finished." A person stood there dumbfounded, mumbling under his breath.

There was also someone who inclined his head, staring at the heavens as he drew in a deep breath and roared, "The Royal Sacred Sect is destroyed!"

That voice of his was like the ending bell chimes that indicated the conclusion of an era, resounding loudly throughout the Sacred Royal City, before the news spread to the rest of the Royal Sacred Region.

The destruction of the Royal Sacred Sect was circulated around the world at an unprecedented speed, deeply shocking the hearts of everyone.

The hegemon of an era has been destroyed.

There were even people who didn’t dare to believe this. They stared up into the skies and murmured in a suspicious tone of voice, "Has the Royal Sacred Sect truly been destroyed?"

Nevertheless that truly seemed to be the case, because everyone was circulating this piece of shocking news.

A commotion arose in the Sacred Royal City, the major powers of the Royal Sacred Region, the nine great sects included, the aristocrat and supreme clans, the ancient countries and reclusive sects, all of them were trembling.

But as for the people from the Medicine Sovereign Valley, Battle Sword Sect and ancient Ye, they were all smiling with happiness from their respective locations as they turned their gazes in the direction of the Royal Sacred Sect. After which, they came out of hiding, setting out on a journey back to the Sacred Royal City.

Not only them, the supreme and aristocrat sects, ancient countries and reclusive sects all headed there as well.

In addition, there were even numerous experts who were unaffiliated with any power planning to gather over at the Sacred Royal City.

These people formed into a terrifying tide, resembling a singular, strongest power under the heavens.

The Royal Sacred Sect was destroyed, and the Medicine Sovereign Valley replaced it.

Those from the Medicine Sovereign Valley were returning; the other major powers came to pay their respects; the unaffiliated experts came to observe, wanting to see the destroyed Royal Sacred Sect and the rise of the Medicine Sovereign Valley for themselves.

Hence right now, the Sacred Royal City had never been so crowded before. Countless people stepped into the Sacred Royal City, it was much livelier compared to the era of the Royal Sacred Sect.

Today, outside the Medicine Sovereign Valley, the leaders of the various supreme and aristocratic clans, ancient countries and reclusive sects have all arrived. They were here to pay their respects to the new hegemon.

However among the seven supreme clans, the supreme Di Clan and western Chi Clan were not present today. These clans had thrown their lots in with the Royal Sacred Sect and hence, was destroyed at the same time as them.

At this moment, numerous female silhouettes stepped out, walking towards the stairways leading up to the Medicine Sovereign as they came to a halt. "The tower lord of the Forgotten Immortal Tower begs forgiveness from Senior Medicine Sovereign. My sect has broken ties with the Royal Sacred Sect before this and hence, we were fortunate enough to evade destruction. We are all here now, to beg for forgiveness."

"The Forgotten Immortal Tower reined in the horse at the edge of the precipice, acting in the nick of time by breaking ties with the Royal Sacred Sect. What is there to seek forgiveness for? Just don’t do injustice in the future, the members of your sect are free to continue on." An archaic voice rang out, causing expressions of joy and excitement to appear on the countenances of those from the Forgotten Immortal Tower. Initially, they were all filled with fear and trepidation, they didn’t expect that the Medicine Sovereign would be willing not to pursue the past. Indeed, they are very different from the Royal Sacred Sect.

"Many thanks to Senior Medicine Sovereign." The people from the Forgotten Immortal Tower all knelt to show their thanks before they retreated.

After that, the tower lord spoke to one of the maidens. "Fan Miaoyu, why don’t you join the Medicine Sovereign Valley? Since you are acquainted with Qin Wentian, I believe there wouldn’t be any problem if you get him to recommend you."

Fan Miaoyu was none other than one of the eight era-suppressing geniuses of the previous era. The only female among them.

"It’s only that I’m not really familiar with him." Fan Miaoyu’s eyes flashed with a glow. When she inclined her head, she noticed there was a female not far away who was smiling at her. This person was someone even more beautiful and had the t.i.tle of number one beauty underneath the heavens. It was Lin Xian`er from the Celestial Maiden Sect.

"She’s here today too." Fan Miaoyu mused in her head. She knew that Lin Xian`er’s relations.h.i.+p with Qin Wentian could be considered above average.

After the Forgotten Immortal Tower stepped back, the various major powers all stepped out and sought an audience with the Medicine Sovereign. The sect leader of the Celestial Maiden Sect didn’t appear and instead, it was Lin Xian`er who requested an audience.

"All of you feel free to leave. The Medicine Sovereign Valley wouldn’t act like the Royal Sacred Sect did, dominating this world. We will be like before, only hoping that the forces of our world would be stronger." The archaic voice was extremely calm, but the words spoken made everyone draw in a huge mouthful of air. The Medicine Sovereign was truly an extraordinary individual. But even if the Medicine Sovereign Valley didn’t proclaim themselves as the hegemon, they are undoubtedly still the number one power in this world. There was no need to doubt this point at all.

"Little doll Lin Xian`er you can come in, accompany Qingcheng for a chat." The voice rang out again, causing many to cast looks of envy at Lin Xian`er. Seems like the fact of being acquainted with Qin Wentian was working. Although the Medicine Sovereign said it in a way that it was Mo Qingcheng who wanted to meet with her, the one who requested the meeting should be none other than Qin Wentian. After all, they can be considered quite close friends.

The various powers all departed one after another but they didn’t leave the Sacred Royal City and were waiting to see which direction the wind would blow. Only after a period of time, they realized that as it was spoken before, the Medicine Sovereign Valley was still low-profile and quiet like in the past. Only then did these powers finally depart, leaving the Sacred Royal City.

Everything was gradually returning to their former calmness.

An era has concluded, crossing over to a new one. But people of this world were still hard at work cultivating, putting in effort to pursue their martial path.

As for the Grand Xia Empire, after people there knew that the Medicine Sovereign Valley was the undisputed number one power in their world, they all felt extremely gratified in their hearts. When they heard Qin Wentian’s name and knew that he was one of the most important controlling factors that concluded the battle, they couldn’t help but to feel a sense of pride because he was none other than their sovereign king, Qin Wentian!

But, the controller of this intense storm Qin Wentian was currently leading a very peaceful and tranquil life, not bothering about things in the external world. His heart was calm as he silently watched the changes of the wind and clouds. This new era, this very world itself, was nothing but his starting point!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 740

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