Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 747

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Jiang Feng stood in the air, staring at Qin Wentian who was on the mountain peak as a mocking light flashed in his eyes. "You still want to evade battles even now? Fine I will grant it to you, do you want to scram out of this dimension yourself or do you want me to blast you out of it?"

There was only going to be a single victor in this gambling match, how could evading fights be useful?

Qin Wentian stared at Jiang Feng. He naturally could see through his opponent’s cultivation base. Jiang Feng was a fourth-level ascendant, two levels higher compared to him. No wonder he dared to leave the treasure land to chase after him.

"Since you want to die so badly, let me send you on your way." Qin Wentian lifted his bow. The spectators outside all had smiles on their faces, the shameless fellow was finally going to battle. Most probably, that shameless fellow knew that he had no more places to run to, it wasn’t considered too bad if he’s ousted by an outstanding genius like Jiang Feng.

A cold light flickered within Jiang Feng’s eyes. He stared at Qin Wentian and spoke, "Do you really want to die?"

A terrifying destructive energy gushed forth from Jiang Feng as resplendent astral light shone around his body, transforming into miniature planets. The killing intent permeating the atmosphere would cause the hearts of the most stalwart to tremble.

"KILL!" Qin Wentian’s eyes also flashed coldly. The arrows erupted forth, shooting towards Jiang Feng as a stifling pressure filled the air.

"Go to h.e.l.l." Jiang Feng coldly snorted. A shooting-star like beam shot down from the skies, directly smas.h.i.+ng into the arrow. A terrifying shockwave rumbled the air, that meteor-size beam of light was actually torn apart by the power of the fired arrow, as both of them disintegrated from the impact.

Jiang Feng’s countenance stiffened, after which, he only saw nine arrows shooting over that erupted forth with terrifying power, annihilating anything in their path.

"This…" Jiang Feng’s eyes flashed with shock. This power was formed from an energy created from the fusion of several types of true intent. Nine streams of light arced across the skies, each exuding terrifying destructive might as they shot towards him.


Jiang Feng released his own constellation, causing terrifying meteors to fall from the skies, slamming into the nine arrows.

"Pu, pu, pu…"

The meteors fell unceasingly, but the nine arrows seemed indomitable, nothing could stop them.

At this moment Qin Wentian already moved. He left the mountain peak and was moving towards Jiang Feng. His bow unceasingly shot out even more arrows, and each arrow was packed with that same destructive might. An instant later, the crowd only saw countless golden-colored arrows shooting straight at Jiang Feng. Jiang Feng could only defend earnestly, he didn’t even have the strength to fight back and was completely suppressed.

"This…" This scene caused all the spectators to be stunned. Suppression… Qin Wentian used the bow and completely dominated Jiang Feng. This made all them feel a sense of surrealism.

"Jiang Feng’s meteors are already so destructive, yet…" The spectators only saw Jiang Feng launching out his fists as the fist light congealed together, forming a ring of meteoric light that was able to blast through everything. Yet, the arrows penetrated that with ease. Jiang Feng had no choice, he could only turn and start to flee, wanting to return back to that treasure land he was in earlier.

"Escaping? Is it even useful?" Qin Wentian’s voice came from behind. After that, he pulled on his bow and fired off an arrow again. This time around, he infused the arrow with his strongest strength. The bowstring tw.a.n.ged like the clangs of metal, the arrow fired was akin to a beam of killing light, chasing after Jiang Feng. This fired arrow was like the epitome of destruction.

Jiang Feng turned pale. He instantly took out the escape talismen and crushed it. A cone of light enveloped him as Jiang Feng directly disappeared. The life-reaping arrow shot by Qin Wentian naturally missed its target.

"This…" The spectators kept blinking their eyes. Jiang Feng was ousted?

In addition, that was absolute suppression with no suspense.

"That bow must be very powerful and could augment his attack by several folds." Many people silently mused. In the outside world, Jiang Feng materialized. His face was pale and exceedingly ugly to behold as he stared at the image projection, with his eyes trained onto Qin Wentian who was still within.

This time, he threw too much face. This wasn’t simply because he failed to acquire the Sky Demon Oracle Bone, but rather, he was ousted by a second-level ascendant? So many people witnessed the fact that he was so sorely suppressed that he couldn’t even counter attack.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Jiang Feng’s eyes stared at Qin Wentian only to see that Qin Wentian actually was heading towards the treasure land which he vacated, occupying it for himself. Evidently, it was because he wanted to obtain this treasure land that Qin Wentian lured Jiang Feng to kill him. He basically wasn’t even trying to dodge fights but was tempting him to chase after him and evidently, Jiang Feng was fooled, falling for this temptation trick.

Within the dimension, Qin Wentian successfully took over the treasure land. It was actually a divine inscription formation, and after testing it out, he discovered that it was sufficient to boost his strength roughly two levels.

Because Jiang Feng was too eager to show off his might, and wanted to oust as many opponents as possible, he pursued after and fell for Qin Wentian’s trick. However, he was different. His cultivation base was the weakest here and he definitely wanted the Sky Demon Oracle Bone. Hence, he didn’t mind camping here quietly inside this formation.

Not long later, a fourth-level ascendent appeared before Qin Wentian. Hesitation flickered in his eyes before he stepped forwards with trepidation. Eventually, he still grabbed out with his palms in a probing attack.

"RUMBLE!" Qin Wentian instantly activated the formation. Resplendent light flashed as a gigantic figure appeared in the air above him. This was none other than a giant projection formed using Qin Wentian as the model.

Qin Wentian similarly lifted his hands and blasted out in response. That giant projection’s movement was completely the same as him as an incomparable resplendent astral runic light circulated around its incomparably large hands as it smashed downwards like bolts of thunder. Rumbling sounds erupted out, that fourth-level ascendant was directly smashed onto the ground as he coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

"Get lost from here." Qin Wentian coldly remarked. That person understood that Qin Wentian showed him mercy, he instantly shattered the escape talisman and was transported out.

"How powerful, was he hiding his strength earlier?" The people outside started discussing. From the start, this person had been exceedingly shameless, yet now, he abruptly became so strong.

"There’s nothing strange about it. His cultivation base is at the second level of Celestial Phenomenon and he can be considered one of the strongest geniuses of that level. That piece of treasure land could augment his attack strength over two levels higher. Hence, it’s only natural for him to be able to destroy that fourth-level ascendant’s attack." Jiang Feng coldly continued, "His bow should not be any weaker than this divine inscription formation, the augmentation degree should be similar yet he actually lured me out to oust me. What a sinister fellow."

"Mhm, seems like his luck is pretty good and that Jiang Feng was too careless." The crowd silently mused. Naturally, it was clear that Qin Wentian also had excellent combat strength and his shameless way of fighting was quite effective. But if he wanted to depend on that method to walk to the end, that would be impossible.

"Only thirteen partic.i.p.ants are left. How quick." The spectators stared at the dimension. The black-robed man at the seventh-level of Celestial Phenomenon is so powerful, and there’s also Xie Yu and Han Luo. Both of them were extremely tyrannical and have ousted numerous partic.i.p.ants.

Qin Wentian remained in his location, he was in no hurry.

After that, no more partic.i.p.ants appeared before Qin Wentian and the process of elimination continued on until there were nine left. Han Luo also started moving in a direction that would bring him towards Qin Wentian.

"This time he is in dire straits. Han Luo is moving closer to him and up till this point, Han Luo still hadn’t depended on any augmentation treasures. Although he had the chance to also acquire an augmentation formation, he didn’t want to stay in that location. But truthfully, based on his combat strength and cultivation level, there was no need for that at all."

"Han Luo is at the fifth level of Celestial Phenomenon. He could even fight against sixth-level ascendants."

Han Luo finally discovered Qin Wentian’s existence the closer he got to him. And soon after, he appeared in the air above Qin Wentian as an astonished expression painted his face. He had taken note of this man at the registration before, to think that he hasn’t been ousted yet.


Han Luo stepped out with the force of ten million jin (unit of measure). Even the air trembled from the force of that step as a terrifying pressure directly bore down from the skies towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian borrowed the strength of the formation as his giant projection appeared. His palms blasted upwards in the air as the sounds of an explosion rang out.

"What a heavy pressure." Qin Wentian mused. After that, only thunderous rumbling sounds could be heard. Han Luo’s physique actually enlarged to over ten meters tall and appeared like a giant from the primordial era. He disdainfully glanced down at Qin Wentian below him as he stomped forward, creating waves of pressure that pressed onto Qin Wentian. Even with the augmentation formation boosting his strength, Qin Wentian still felt a little stifled by this.

"Even with the augmentation formation, you are also not my opponent. Get out from here." Han Luo stomped down once more. Qin Wentian stared at the figure in the air and all of a sudden, his eyes turned demonic as his entire body began radiating terrifying runic glows. An almighty demonic might that towered up the heavens gushed forth from him.


Just like the sound of a thunderclap, Qin Wentian’s original body grew increasingly larger, and thousands of incarnations of him appeared in the surroundings. With the aid of the augmentation formation, these incarnations were immense, and they were so many in number that he blotted out the entire sky. Just like a fiendG.o.d, divine runic glows circulated around him, capable of destroying everything.

"Death by suppression!" Numerous explosive howls rent the air apart, shaking the heavens and earth. Fearsome gigantic heaven-suppression palm imprints madly blasted out, each exuding a world-shaking power.

Han Luo stiffened, abruptly, an unfathomable power erupted from him as well. Stomping down, an incomparably large earthen s.h.i.+eld materialized in his hands.

However, it was useless. Rumbling thunderous sounds echoed out as the s.h.i.+eld was broken apart. Han Luo howled in rage, for a moment it seemed as though he had three heads and six arms. An earthen dome covered him entirely, granting him protection from the countless palm imprints as they unceasingly blasted at his dome of protection.

"What a terrifying might." The spectators outside were all struck dumb. They only saw that after enduring the palm strikes for a period of time, Han Luo finally couldn’t help but to crush the escape talisman, choosing to flee from this dimension.

The countless streams of palm imprints still shot upwards through the air, causing the spectators to marvel in wonder. Everything happened too swiftly, but the fact was such. That shameless young man forcibly used the augmentation formation and blasted Han Luo, ousting him from the gambling match!

"How powerful!" Someone exclaimed in wonder.

"This fellow must definitely be a hidden genius. He’s actually so strong? Although he’s only at the second level of Celestial Phenomenon, he’s definitely a genius at jumping levels to fight opponents in terms in combat prowess.

Everyone was badly stunned. This battle, was it so simple as merely borrowing the augmentation from the formation? It was clearly impossible. That was his true combat prowess!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 747

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