Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 756

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There were a total of eighty one countries in the Cloud Prefecture, and a countless number of cities. For the lands outside the cities, it was boundlessly vast and littered with an uncountable number of powers.

However, those powers who truly stood at the very peak, numbered only a few.

However, the Jiang Clan of the Cloud Prefecture could most assuredly state that they are the ultimate power within the Cloud Prefecture, unexcelled in this region.

The Jiang Clan originated from ancient times. In the past, there was a very powerful divine inscriptionist grandmaster named Jiang Chao who possessed heaven-defying weapon smithing abilities to the extent whereby even immortal emperors would seek his help to forge divine weapons for them.

However, nothing lasts forever. The Jiang Clan Jiang Chao setup was too overbearingly powerful which led to them breeding arrogance, thinking themselves superior and hence offending many others. Also, Jiang Chao had a mortal rival who had a very high cultivation level. The two of them fought each other, the clash between them shaking the heavens and earth but eventually, the opponent managed to slay Jiang Chao based on his higher cultivation. But sadly, he still underestimated Jiang Chao’s weaponsmithing abilities. Jiang Chao’s skill was so heaven-defying that he refined his own body into an immortal weapon and at the point of his death, he counter-attacked unleashing a death-dealing blow as both of them perished.

After Jiang Chao’s death, the other powers he offended when he was alive all stormed his gates. Naturally there were quite a few who coveted for the immortal-ranked treasures forged by Jiang Chao. At that time, Jiang Chao’s name had already created a stir in the immortal realms and it was unknown how wealthy he was. Naturally, there would be people who had intentions on them. At the end, a bloody war erupted and the Jiang Clan experienced an unprecedented calamity.

But as expected of Jiang Chao, he used his expertise in weaponsmithing to create an impenetrable iron bastion that was exceedingly tough to breach. After the first battle erupted, countless experts died to the Jiang’s members, but similarly, they too lost quite a lot of their numbers. The survivors made off with some immortal-ranked weapons and as the era changes when time flows, the Jiang Clan survived the subsequent impending calamities, and slowly transformed into the Jiang Clan it was today.

Although the Jiang Clan was now a far cry from their former prosperous self, even after weathering so many perilous storms, their foundations were stable enough for them to be at the peak of the Cloud Prefecture of the Eastern Sage Thirteen Prefectures, becoming a sacred ground that not only teaches cultivation, but also the way of weapon forging as well.

Right now, there were many rumors spreading about in Worryfree City. The story of the Jiang Clan was repeatedly narrated by people. For those of the elder generation, they would have definitely heard the name of the Jiang Clan before. After all, the name Jiang Chao was simply too famous.

The experts from the Jiang Clan would soon visit Worryfree City. How could they not cause a commotion?

Outside the City Lord Manor, Zhao Yuyan stood there quietly, her eyes flashing with resolve. After that, she stepped forth, moving into the manor. This time around, she would stubbornly insist on her own ideas. Since the supreme elder of the Golden Armor Sect, which was her master, decided to give her the cold shoulder and even imprison her; she wanted to show him who was right and that she was the one that can control her own future regardless of paying whatever price.

However, not every female had the same thinking as Zhao Yuyan.

Right now, there was an uproar in the Qin Clan. In the courtyard where Qin Qing resides, there were many people present and sounds of quarreling could be heard echoing through the air.

"Qin Qing, you have to go even if you are unwilling to. I have already registered your name. The experts from the City Lord Manor will be here to fetch you over. This is an opportunity for our Qin Clan." An emotionless voice rang out. The person who spoke was none other than their uncle.

"Qin Xiao, you bastard." Qin Feng raged. Veins protrude from all parts of his body from rage, never did he imagine that his uncle would actually do such a despicable thing.

"Grandpa, you have to help sister." Qin Feng stared at his grandfather Qin Mu.

"What a vile child, how dare you be so rude. You even dare to scold your elder? Do you believe that I won’t cripple you right here and now?" Qin Feng’s uncle Qin Xiao stepped forth, his aura gushing out when he stomped onto the ground, pressing down on Qin Feng.

"HALT!" An explosive shout rang out. Qin Mu had an enraged expression on his face. He stared at Qin Xiao, "Who allowed you to do this? Do you even still have me, the clan lord of our clan in your eyes?"

"Uncle, I truly wanted to respect you. However, the things you have done all these years truly made nephew’s heart go cold." Qin Xiao stared at Qin Mu. "Back then when Qin Feng’s parents were still around, the favoritism you showed was extremely obvious. You gave them all the good cultivation resources and even after they died from an accident, you still treated Qin Feng and Qin Qing so well, similarly leaving for them the best resources? Your obvious biases are clear to all, have you ever thought on behalf of the rest of the clan at all?"

"In this clan, when has it ever become your turn to speak?" Qin Mu roared in rage.

"Big brother, the junior generations have the right to express their thoughts. In addition, what Qin Xiao said has his logic as well." An old man beside Qin Mu added. Qin Mu turned his gaze over, staring at his cousins with eyes as sharp as swords.

"What do all of you mean by that?" Qin Mu suppressed his anger and stared at them. The eyes of these people were filled with dissatisfaction towards him, the Clan Lord. Seems like the negative feelings have been building up for quite some time already.

"I don’t mean anything by that. I just feel that Qin Xiao makes sense. The things he does always has the best interests of our Qin Clan in mind. This is such a rare opportunity, where every beautiful female in our city would fight each other to come out first. Qin Qing is so beautiful and innocent, she has a high chance to be noticed by the major characters of the Jiang Clan. At that time, our Qin Clan would definitely soar up into the skies, acquiring overwhelming advantage. We might even become a clan that holds some authority in this Worryfree City. With so many benefits in front of us, Qin Mu, do you intend to give it up just like that?"

That person spoke with a cold and indifferent tone. Qin Mu stared at him and replied, "According to you, every female in the Worryfree City is trying to get ahead of one another? And it’s really so easy to be noticed? In addition, so what if Qin Qing was selected. How would those major characters dote on her and treat her well? They would merely use her like a plaything!"

Doing such a thing was undoubtedly shoving Qin Qing into a fire pit.

"No matter what we still have to try." Qin Mu’s cousin continued. Qin Mu stared at him as a heavy pressure started to exude from him. "Am I the clan lord, or are you?"

"Qin Mu, if you still continue to not care about the Qin Clan’s interest, I have nothing to say. Anyway the people from the City Lord Manor have already arrived and things can no longer be changed. Even if Qin Qing doesn’t want to go, she still has to go." That person’s voice was as calm as ever. And just as he finished speaking, whistling sounds could be heard through the air. An instant later, several silhouettes arrived at this place. The man in the lead stood in the air and asked, "Where is Qin Qing?"

"Over there." That old man from the Qin Clan who was conversing with Qin Mu spoke. After which, those silhouettes flew over to him and their gazes landed onto Qin Qing. The appearance of this girl could be considered extremely outstanding indeed. What’s more, she was also pure looking, and was of high quality.

"Follow us back." That person in the lead emotionlessly spoke.

"No way." Qin Feng stood in front of Qin Qing, shielding her. "She will never go back with you guys."

"Mhm?" That expert frowned as a cold light flashed past his eyes.

"Qin Feng, how dare you!" That old man from the Qin Clan berated. "Get out of the way."

"Senior, my sister had never registered for this. It was these people who took things in their own hands. I hope that senior will be able to forgive this and not bring my sister away." Qin Feng beseeched as he stared at the expert from the City Lord Manor.

"Get out of my way." That expert’s countenance turned cold, looking down at him with arrogance.

"Senior…" Qin Feng’s eyes reddened and paled. Yet he only saw the other party waving his hands casually, "Bring the girl away."

"Senior please spare my sister." With a thumping sound, Qin Feng directly knelt down, kowtowing to the expert from the City Lord Manor. "Please don’t do this."

"SCRAM!" Anger painted the face of that expert.

"No…" Qin Feng was still unwilling to step aside. Qin Mu also walked up. He spoke to that expert from the City Lord Manor, "My granddaughter isn’t a willing party in this matter. Please just let her go."

"How impudent, what nonsense." That expert icily stated.

After speaking, he stepped forth as well. With a wave of his hands, astral light flashed amidst a rumbling sound as a terrifying saber light cleaved downwards like a bolt of lightning.

Qin Mu turned pale, he also unleashed his aura and lifted his hands in defense. Momentarily, an astral shield manifested, sparkling with resplendent light. However, with just a saber cleave, the shield shattered and Qin Mu was jolted backwards.

"Hmph." That expert coldly snorted and continued moving towards Qin Mu. His palm grabbed the air, and instantly, a million beams of saber light erupted forth, congregating into a gigantic terrifying saber that thundered out with explosive might. The saber whistled through the wind, as though even the void was cleaved into two from its might.

Qin Mu turned ashen. Astral light circulated around his body, transforming into astral armor. However, the saber crushed his defense easily, shattering the armor, directly smashing into his body.

Sounds of laceration rang out, Qin Mu groaned in misery as the ground around him was dyed red with blood. He retreated unceasingly, but that expert didn’t continue his attacks. He merely coldly glanced at Qin Mu in disdain. As for the other side, Qin Feng was directly flung through the air. The men from the City Lord Manor captured Qin Qing, the two of them basically didn’t even have any strength to resist.

"Grandpa, Qin Feng." Qin Qing’s tears flowed down her face upon seeing the two of them being injured.

"LET GO OF MY SISTER!" Qin Feng rushed over in a rage. However, one of those from the City Lord Manor merely kicked out with a leg, sending Qin Feng soaring through the air with a thunderous boom.

"Ignore me, I will leave with you all. I WILL LEAVE WITH YOU ALL!" Qin Qing screamed, her eyes filled with despair. Qin Mu endured his injuries and stood up, yet he only saw the other older experts from their very own Qin Clan surrounding him. The old man who fought against him earlier then spoke, "Our Clan Lord is muddled in the head, bring him back."

"You guys, how dare you…" Qin Mu stared at his clan members. He only saw the experts from the City Lord Manor coldly glancing at him before turning and bringing Qin Qing away.

In the air, Qin Qing turned her head, looking at Qin Mu and Qin Feng. Her eyes filled with an intense agony, it was her who harmed her grandpa and her brother!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 756

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