Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 759

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In the City Lord Manor of the Worryfree City, flags adorned the manor as experts stood in formations.

In the vast location that was the City Lord Manor, the experts gathered here were as many as the clouds, all were here to welcome the arrival of those from the Jiang Clan.

Behind the experts, were numerous beautiful young women standing neatly in rows. These women were the elite beauties of the Worryfree City that were recruited by the City Lord.

Today, was precisely the day when the experts from the Jiang Clan would arrive.

Jiang Kuang, a young master of the Jiang Clan was currently in the lead with several experts around him. There were even experts at the immortal-foundation realm acting as his guards.

For such a small city like the Worryfree City, he could destroy it on a whim if he wasn’t happy. How would the City Lord dare to not respect him?

Other than the experts from the City Lord Manor, experts from the other immortal-ranked powers of the Worryfree City were also present. An example was the sect leader and supreme elder of the Golden Armor Sect and also, experts from the Fall Kill Sect, experts from the commanding garrison, etc. All of them were here to welcome the arrival of the Jiang Clan.

Han Luo from the commanding garrison stood within the crowd. His gaze landed on the two rows of beauties, admiring them, feeling a stirring in his heart. However, an expression of bewilderment soon flashed in his eyes when he noticed a person. This person was none other than the beautiful genius of the Golden Armor Sect, Zhao Yuyan!

Zhao Yuyan actually came to be an attendant? Based on her status, she should have done so willingly. Also, the s.e.xy attire she was wearing further accentuated her curves, giving off a mesmerizing aura. However, in her eyes, there was only resolve, and a deep obsession.

"Has this woman gone mad? Does she want to use her beauty to get into the Jiang Clan?" Han Luo mused.

However, there were many among these beauties who had the same thinking as Zhao Yuyan. They could be considered top cla.s.s in the Worryfree City and had many people pursuing them. But now, they would rather become attendants, waiting upon the experts of the Jiang Clan. All they wanted was an opportunity.

However, Qin Qing didn’t have such thoughts in her mind at all. At this moment she stood within the crowd, her delicate frame was soul-stirring and those limpid eyes of her were filled with traces of trepidation. Right now she could only hope that all this would blow over quickly and she wouldn’t be selected. She wanted nothing more than to hurry home to see what happened to her grandfather and Qin Feng.

A slight wind gusted by. The gazes of everyone stared ahead and other than the experts and beauties, many of the common populace of Worryfree City were present as well.

Finally, under the gazes filled with admiration of the crowd, a row of silhouettes appeared in the air. They stood upon flying boats, soaring through the air, and the design of the boats were intricately exquisite and beautiful, different from each other.

The boat in the center was the largest. A young man stood on it, his gaze turned forward. The speed of the boat gradually slowed as did the other air vessels around it. Moments later, they came to a halt in the air s.p.a.ce above the City Lord Manor as their gazes stared down at those gathered below. The formations of experts gathered and rows of beauties weren’t anything strange in their perspective. It was as though these people were already used to such a welcome scene.

After all, with their statuses at this place, it was exceedingly normal for the city lord to do things to gain their favor. They naturally wouldn’t be surprised.

"City Lord of Worryfree City, Bu Yanyu, greets the experts of the Jiang Clan." Bu Yanyu respectfully stated. After which, the experts who gathered bowed in the direction of the Jiang Clan to show their respect.

The young man that was Jiang Kuang had no expression on his face. He casually glanced at everyone before his eyes moved to the beauties behind them. Even so, there was no fluctuations to his countenance.

Those below, no one spoke. Silence cloaked the atmosphere and after a few breaths of time, Jiang Kuang opened his mouth and stated, "City Lord Bu must have worked hard."

"This is only to be expected and is part of my duty, how could I dare to accept the claim of ‘working hard’? The banquet is already prepared in our manor, we warmly welcome your excellency to enter." Bu Yanyu was also a rare beauty. Her smile was filled with a mature charm and her eyes sparkled gracefully.

"Mhm." Jiang Kuang nodded. After which, he descended from the flying boat as the other experts followed him. Bu Yanyu and the rest instantly stepped out yet the left the position in the center open.

"Everyone, please." Bu Yanyu politely stated. Jiang Kuang and his experts walked in front, moving towards the City Lord Manor.

Before him were two rows of beauties at the side. Naturally, this was Bu Yanyu’s intentions. Jiang Kuang’s eyes roamed through the beauties and there were many who were desperately trying to establish eye contact, their eyes exuding pa.s.sion. However, Jiang Kuang didn’t react, his gaze merely pa.s.sed them by, giving no regards to them.

This continued until he met Zhao Yuyan. Just a single glance told Jiang Kuang that Zhao Yuyan’s eyes were different from the others. She had an unyielding belief in herself, and a faint hint of pride in her gaze. Her demeanor was also extraordinary.

"What’s your name?" Jiang Kuang’s indifferent voice echoed out in Zhao Yuyan’s ear, causing her body to tremble slightly. Her eyes filled with heat staring at Jiang Kuang as she replied, "Zhao Yuyan, I’m proficient in weaponsmithing and can currently forge fifth-ranked divine weapons."

"Oh?" A look of surprise flashed past Jiang Kuang’s eyes. So it turned out that she was a weaponsmithing genius, no wonder her eyes were filled with heat when she saw him. The Jiang Clan was at the peak of the Cloud Prefecture and was a sacred ground of weaponsmithing. There were simply too many geniuses who showed inclination to enter their Jiang Clan.

"I will remember it." Jiang Kuang faintly commented. After which, he continued his way. The beauties by his side were as many as the clouds, const.i.tuting a dazzling sight.

However, there was one among them who was extremely conspicuous. This young lady’s clothing was elegant and her behavior was different from the others. She kept her head low, not looking at him, and both her hands were clutching her dress, appearing extremely nervous.

"Lift your head." Jiang Kuang quietly stated. Qin Qing shuddered slightly, in an instant she could feel the gazes of many landing onto her. Her heart pounded rapidly as she slowly inclined her head, staring at Jiang Kuang with traces of fear in her eyes.

Jiang Kuang’s eyes sparkled with light as he asked, "What’s your name?"

Qin Qing s.h.i.+vered, her hands tightly clutching her dress as she pressed her lips tight.

"He’s asking you a question." Xie Yu coldly spoke, his evil gaze landed on Qin Qing causing her to speak in a quavering voice, "My name is Qin Qing."

"Mhm." Jiang Kuang mumbled and continued walking in front.

"Follow after him." Xie s.h.i.+ turned and spoke to the other females. All of them then followed behind Jiang Kuang, heading towards the banquet. After a short period of time, everyone was seated. The Jiang Clan naturally occupied the most important seats, and below them were experts from the City Lord Manor and other major powers.

As for the beauties, they naturally stood behind the Jiang Clan. Jiang Kuang softly spoke, "Zhao Yuyan, Qin Qing. Both of you come to my side."

Zhao Yuyan’s eyes flashed with a startling glow, as she stepped out moving towards Jiang Kuang. The countenance of her master, the supreme elder of the Golden Armor Sect instantly turned sharp when he saw that. He didn’t expect Zhao Yuyan would be willing to do this. Seems like this disciple of his was very unhappy with the punishment that was levied against her prior to this.Qin Qing’s beautiful eyes flickered, but she stood there unmoving.

"Why are you not going over yet?" Xie Yu impatiently asked.

"I don’t wish to go over." Qin Qing bolstered up her courage, her countenance turning pale. When the sound of her voice faded, many cold intents landed on her, causing her to feel chills in her heart. Even her legs were beginning to tremble.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Kuang spoke again, "Come over now."

At this moment, Qin Qing felt an impulse of wanting to cry. Her body was s.h.i.+vering, and upon staring at Jiang Kuang’s expression, she finally caved in, slowly lifting her foot and walking a step in the direction of Jiang Kuang.

"Mhm?" At this instant, an expert from the Jiang Clan beside Jiang Kuang abruptly inclined his head, casting his gaze towards the horizons. Very swiftly, Bu Yanyu, Xie s.h.i.+ and the other immortal-ranked experts all turned their gazes over as well. There was a surge of immortal qi currently gus.h.i.+ng over from there.

Instantly, a beam of resplendent light shot past. They only saw a white-robed young man stepping on a flying shuttle soaring through the skies with a speed as quick as lightning, heading towards them.

"Immortal weapon?" Jiang Kuang and the others stared at the flying shuttle, feeling taken aback in their hearts.

"IMPUDENT!" Xie s.h.i.+ roared in rage, his voice causing the s.p.a.ce to tremble. That young man halted, but he continued standing in the air, his eyes sweeping through the crowd containing an unmatched sharpness within.

"It’s you?!" Xie Yu’s countenance turned ice cold. Zhao Yuyan as well. The young man who just arrived was actually none other than Qin Wentian.

They only saw that at this moment, Qin Wentian was wielding an immortal sword in his hand. His demonic eyes raked through the crowd as he coldly spoke, "Who was it that brought my little sister here? Are you all courting death?"

His eyes were as sharp as swords, directly looking at Xie Yu. This scene made the hearts of everyone present trembled. Even immortal-foundation experts had looks of astonishment on their faces. This young man was so brazen, his cultivation base was only at the second level of the Celestial Phenomenon Realm yet he dared to act so audacious? His background must be extraordinary.

"The aura of this young man is extraordinary, and seeing that he has an immortal-ranked weapon in his hands, he should be someone from a major power." The crowd speculated.

Right now, they only saw Qin Wentian turning his head, casting his glance towards Bu Yanyu and Xie s.h.i.+ as he coldly asked, "You lot from the City Lord Manor, have you all grown tired of living?"

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 759

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