Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 760

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The words spoken by Qin Wentian caused the hearts of everyone to tremble.

The instant the sacred ground of the Cloud Prefecture, the Jiang Clan came by, the City Lord Manor immediately prepared a banquet for welcome but right now this young man was actually threatening the City Lord in front of the crowd. Was he the one who had grown tired of living?

Everyone that was present at the scene including those from the Jiang Clan were all surveying Qin Wentian. With an immortal weapon in his hand, his immortal-ranked speed-type treasure, his extraordinary demeanor… Xie s.h.i.+ and City Lord Bu Yanyu didn't immediately respond. They too, were studying Qin Wentian.

There were too many powers in the immortal realms. Although your strength might be many times stronger than someone, you still had to make sure to see if your opponent had any background supporting him and whether are you sufficient to deal with any fallout if you choose to do so. If you make the slightest mistake, a disastrous calamity would descend upon you and you might even find your entire clan annihilated. This was something very normal. An example was when the City Lord Manor was recruiting females in the Worryfree City, they could do so with impunity because they were the strongest here. But for those females belonging to strong powers, they wouldn't dare to act so presumptuously.

Qin Qing, a young girl from the Qin Clan didn't have any background to support her. This was why they dared to directly abduct her.

In the immortal realms, those tyrannical bullies who didn't have good judgment would often encounter the fate of having their entire clan or sect destroyed. This sort of thing happened quite frequently.

Even Jiang Chao, the old ancestor of the Jiang Clan. How awe-inspiring and powerful was he when he first established the Jiang Clan? Even immortal emperors had need of his services but at the very end, didn't he fell as well? Although he also managed to kill his opponent, his death brought calamity upon on the Jiang Clan. From then on, they suffered setback after setback, falling from their lofty position, their status a far cry from before.

Zhao Yuyan, Xie Yu and Han Luo all stared at Qin Wentian as different thoughts surfaced in their minds. They were all speculating what sort of character was this man who dared to seize the Sky Demon Oracle Bone back then from all of them in the Immorseize Residence.

As for Qin Qing, her beautiful eyes stared at Qin Wentian, turning red with emotions. Her gentle frame trembled lightly as she called out in her heart, "Big brother Qin."

She evidently never expected her big brother Qin to be so powerful, actually daring to storm the City Lord Manor, and even to the point of threatening those from the City Lord Manor.

Bu Yanyu stared at Qin Wentian as she asked. "What power do you belong to? You actually dared to be so brazen."

Bu Yanyu was a City Lord and was now being threatened by someone so much weaker. She naturally had the bearing of a City Lord and was angered. However, she wouldn't dare to directly act against Qin Wentian. Without first ascertaining his background, her heart was filled with trepidation. A second level ascendant actually possessed two immortal-ranked treasures? This fact already proved something. If someone said that Qin Wentian had no immortal-ranked experts supporting him from the shadows, who would believed it?

Qin Wentian merely glanced at Bu Yanyu before s.h.i.+fting his eyes back to Qin Qing. "Qin Qing, who abducted you?"

Qin Qing’s gaze froze as she mumbled under her breath, "Big brother Qin."

"Who?" Qin Wentian asked again.

Qin Qing’s eyes searched through the crowd. After some moments, her gaze landed on an expert from the City Lord Manor. She pointed to that person and spoke, "He's the one."

Qin Wentian’s eyes then turned over in the direction of the abductor.


Astral light flashed. Instantly, a terrifying pressure gushed forth from Qin Wentian. His figure directly dashed towards his opponent. Runic light s.h.i.+mmered around his palms in an incomparably terrifying manner. A fearsome palm imprint erupted forth, blotting out the skies, instantly appearing in front of his opponent.

The expert he was facing was a fifth level ascendant. At the instant where Qin Wentian lunged over, he was already in rapid retreat. The speed of Qin Wentian’s palm strike was simply too fast and contained within it was an overwhelming suppressive might that was augmented by the FiendG.o.d Heavenly Suppression Art. His fleshly body was also tempered by the FiendG.o.d Body Refinement Art and hence with all these factors, how could the force contained within his attacks not be tyrannical?

With a thunderous boom, the defenses of his opponent broke and directly coughed out blood. His expression drastically changed yet before he could react, in the next instant, he only saw a surge of sword qi gus.h.i.+ng over, directly separating his head from his body, condemning him to death in a domineering fas.h.i.+on.

This sudden scene caused the eyes of everyone present to turn sharp. What a fellow, he actually dared to kill someone from the City Lord Manor in plain sight.

City Lord Bu Yanyu and her husband, the immortal foundation expert Xie s.h.i.+, made no moves to stop Qin Wentian. It wasn't that they couldn't, but they rather take this chance to see what sort of character this young man was exactly. They witnessed a terrifying attack strength from Qin Wentian earlier and were certain that he must have cultivated some immortal-ranked innate techniques or arts before or he wouldn't be able to erupt forth with so much power.

"That layer of s.h.i.+mmering runic light, the pressure exuded from his fleshly body. It must be from cultivating some terrifying body refinement methods. His palm attacks coupled with the power of his body seemed to grant him indomitable strength and I can faintly sense the presence of divine might within his attacks. There’s no mistake he must have cultivated some extremely powerful immortal arts before."

Up till now, everything Qin Wentian had revealed was extraordinary. Over ninety percent of the people present already believed that Qin Wentian hailed from a major power.

Not only for City Lord Bu Yanyu, a majority of the others thought so as well.

"On the day of welcoming the arrival of the Jiang Clan, there's someone who actually came to create trouble. City Lord Bu, you should at the very least say something right?" A voice transmitted over. The person who spoke was none other than the master of Zhao Yuyan, the supreme elder of the Golden Armor Sect. He naturally knew who Qin Wentian was. Back then when his strand of immortal sense was suppressing Qin Wentian, the immortal sense of a man in white actually entered his sea of consciousness through his immortal sense and could effortlessly destroy him if he wanted to. How could he not understand that there was a supremely strong power behind Qin Wentian?

At this moment if the City Lord acted against Qin Wentian, the City Lord Manor would most probably be razed to the ground. The supreme elder of the Golden Armor Sect clearly had ill intentions in his heart.

"Mother, this person was the winner of the Sky Demon Oracle Bone that time. The immortal sense of the supreme elder from the Golden Armor Sect appeared before, hence he naturally recognized Qin Wentian. After that, a mysterious white-robed man appeared and with a single word ‘scram,’ the immortal sense of the elder instantly vanished." Although Xie Yu also didn't like Qin Wentian, seeing how domineering Qin Wentian was as well as the provocation from the supreme elder of the Golden Armor Sect, how could he not understand what the supreme elder was trying to do?

Bu Yanyu stared at Qin Wentian, and felt even more sure of her own conjecture. Seems like the supreme elder might know something. And if this was the case, this mysterious young man might hail from a supreme power outside the Cloud Prefecture. This translates into, he was from a major power where she, the City Lord of a small city, couldn't afford to antagonize.

"Sir, Who are you exactly, why are you here at my City Lord Manor to make trouble today?" Bu Yuyan stared at Qin Wentian as she spoke. Qin Wentian maintained his silence, he only coldly glanced at her before s.h.i.+fting his gaze to Jiang Kuang. "By rights, I shouldn't be here to disturb the welcome of the of the arrival of experts from the Jiang Clan. But since my younger sister was forcibly abducted, I can only appear to take her back. I wonder if the Jiang Clan would be willing to give I, Qin, some face?"

Qin Wentian did things so domineeringly because he wanted to create a false impression that he had an extremely powerful background.

In the immortal realms, the weak were eaten by the strong everyday. Only when you had a sufficiently powerful background would others not dare to touch you. In addition, he had immortal-ranked treasures, and even immortal arts. It was not too difficult for him to create this illusion.

Naturally this wasn't for himself. He did this because he wanted to save Qin Qing. There was no other methods left.

"Of course there's no problem." Jiang Kuang who had been silent from the start was still surveying Qin Wentian. Despite Qin Wentian knowing his status, he actually still dared to be so impudent. He truly wanted to know who Qin Wentian was.

"However at the very least, you have to tell me who you are. If not, what qualifications do you have to ask me to release her?"

The ‘who you are’ from Jiang Kuang’s words were naturally not as simple as asking what was his name.

How ridiculous, a second level ascendant actually killed someone with his overwhelming combat strength and wanted him Jiang Kuang to release someone just like that?

If he really did so, the prestige of the Jiang Clan would surely be affected.

No matter who Qin Wentian was, even though he might have a tyrannically powerful background, what Qin Wentian had done up till now was still far from enough to demand a release.

Silence descended once more, leaving it to Jiang Kuang to control the situation. The experts from the City Lord Manor dared not interfere. This was what they wanted as well, they hoped to remain neutral so as to not offend both sides, wanting to retreat from this in one piece.

Everything would be decided by the Jiang Clan. If this brazen young man didn't have a powerful enough background, things wouldn't be as simple as them bringing away Qin Qing now. Even Qin Wentian’s survival today would be an issue.

"Are you certain that you don't want to release her?" Qin Wentian’s expression turned ice cold yet he was silently hoping for Jiang Kuang to cave in his heart.

But since Jiang Kuang was a young master of the Jiang Clan, how could it be so easy for him to demand a release? Although the City Lord Manor might be filled with trepidation from his dominating performance, the Jiang Clan might not be. After all, they would be considered a power at the absolute peak of the Cloud Prefecture.

It was fine if Qin Qing weren't selected but just as luck would have it, Qin Qing was noticed by Jiang Kuang.

"That would have to depend on whether you have the qualifications or not to make me release her." A sharp light flashed through Jiang Kuang’s eyes. He just arrived at the City Lord Manor and there was already someone coming to make trouble for him. He wanted to see what Qin Wentian had up his sleeves!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 760

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