Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 767

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The Driftsnow City had always been a very mysterious city. It’s strength originated from ancient times.

Once, the Driftsnow City was something constructed by a supreme existence. He managed to weaponize an entire city or more accurately, the city itself was a superbly strong divine weapon, containing inconceivable might.

There were even rumors saying that there was an immortal weapon spirit within the Driftsnow City.

After the Driftsnow City’s master died, the Driftsnow City gradually faded back into silence. Until many years later where the immortalized weapon spirit would occasionally manifest. Usually, things were quiet but when the weapon spirit truly did manifest, it would be the period of time where the weapon spirit was looking for a master.

The Nine Immortal Bells were a protective measure of the Driftsnow City. They had been here since this city was constructed and had ancient history. Every time the weapon spirit manifest itself, it would use the nine bells to herald its awakening.

The Nine Immortality Bells were nine sets of divine weapons. There were also people who claim that it was a complete weapon only split into nine portions. This became a test of the Driftsnow City, for those who could communicate with the Nine Immortality Bells, they stood a chance to gain knowledge of the Driftsnow City’s secret.

Hence, every time the weapon spirit manifested, experts from the Cloud Prefecture would all head over. This was especially true in the case of those powerful weaponsmiths and divine inscriptionists. According to legend, only those who had talent in weapon forging had a chance to communicate with the Nine Immortality Bells, gaining their recognition.

But through these countless years, there had been none who uncovered the secret of the Driftsnow City before. But even so, the people of the Cloud Prefecture never gave up, they tried continuously and through every attempt, there would occasionally be people that received an epiphany from the Nine Immortal Bells and eventually became a divine weaponsmith grandmaster of their generation.

The Nine Immortality Bells, don’t question immortals.

The Nine Immortality Bells wouldn’t form any resonance with immortal-foundation ranked experts or above, it would only react to those below the immortal level.

But in ancient times, there were still some descriptions regarding the bells.

The Nine Immortality Bells would show the path to immortality, allowing one to become an immortal through a single step.

n.o.body knew what this sentence meant exactly. Since n.o.body had ever uncovered the secret of the Driftsnow City before, there would naturally be no one who knew what this sentence meant. But even so throughout the generations, there were no lack of people trying.

More and more experts gathered here. Other than experts from the Jiang Clan, Purple Flame Sect, Nine Coldpeak Sect and the other major powers of the Jiangling Country, there were even major powers from the Cloud Prefecture. With regards to the citizens of the Driftsnow City, they naturally paid even more attention to the bells. Countless people gathered outside this location and their sights never left the Nine Immortality Bell.

It was rumored that every time the weapon spirit manifested itself, there would always be geniuses who could communicate with it and obtain an extremely deep epiphany, achieving a transformation from the insight gained. One could only wonder, would there be any dazzling characters that would rise up from the manifestation from the weapon spirit this time around?

"That person is Jiang Yan of the Jiang Clan, a genius weaponsmith from the younger generations and in addition to that, his combat prowess is also extremely high. He’s only fifty plus years of age and already has a cultivation base at the eighth level of Celestial Phenomenon. He can be considered one of the elites among the younger generation of the Jiang Clan." The spectators stated.

The first batch of experts the Jiang Clan sent out with Jiang Kuang back then was truly pitiful. Jiang Kuang was a genius weaponsmith as well, but he was regretfully a.s.saulted when attending a banquet at the Worryfree City. Right now, it was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

"This Jiang Yan is so awesome, he just arrived here and his surroundings already started to glow with runic light. He has already formed an innate connection with several runic inscriptions and in order to resonate the Nine Immortality Bell, one must do this first before they could communicate with it." The spectators glanced over to Jiang Yan as their gazes flickered.

Other than Jiang Yan, disciples from the Nine Coldpeak Sect and Purple Flame Sect also attempted. This included the mean-looking woman as well as the young man from the Purple Flame Sect who ridiculed Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian didn’t bother about the contempt people had for him. He stood underneath the ancient bell, immersing himself in its light, spending the time in quiet contemplation.

Each and every runic inscription to him wasn’t something tough to comprehend. What was difficult was that he had to use these runes to communicate with the Nine Immortality Bell. If it was just simply understanding the runic inscriptions, it would be impossible to succeed.

"Runic inscriptions are the root of all energy, triggering the laws of heaven and earth. As long as I can find the laws of these runes, I would be able to communicate and connect to the Nine Immortal Bell." Qin Wentian silently mused, as he walked to the side of the ancient bell and sat down while closing his eyes, contemplating it quietly.

This sit of his lasted for several days.

The Nine Immortality Bells had been in the Driftsnow City for an unknown amount of years, yet no one has ever managed to uncover their secrets. Not even the secrets contained within a single bell.

Through these few days, the number of experts here got increasingly greater as more and more geniuses attempted to communicate with the ancient bell. In front of the towering ancient bell, even if there are a million people before it, it still wouldn’t seem like there were too many.

Back then the young miss which Qin Wentian saw before in the tea inn had also arrived. She stood at the side and watched on. Her beautiful eyes flickered and would occasionally land on a young man who was older than her.

"The crown prince’s attainments in divine inscriptions are exceedingly high, there should be quite a high chance for him to be able to communicate with the Nine Immortality Bell." A few immortal-foundation experts stood at the side and spoke as they too, glanced at the young man.

So it turned out that this young man was none other than the crown prince of the Jiangling King Manor, Pei Xiao.

And as for that young woman, she was a lady of n.o.ble blood of the Jiangling King Manor. Her name was Pei Yu and both of them were cousins with Pei Xiao being the older one.

"I guess so, we just don’t know to what extent he would be able to form an innate connection with the bell." Pei Yu spoke in a low voice.

Suddenly, at this moment, boundless runic inscriptions suddenly converged and formed into a river of runic light, rus.h.i.+ng against the gigantic ancient bell. A moment later, a light chime could be heard from the Nine Immortality Bell, the reaction wasn’t that great.

"It’s Jiang Yan. As expected of someone from the Jiang Clan, he could make the Nine Immortality Bell resonate albeit softly despite using so little time. But since he could make it resonate, this means that he has a chance to communicate with and form an innate connection with the Nine Immortality Bell."

"Directly attacking it?" Qin Wentian mumbled. With an intention of his will, several runic inscriptions lit up. Although they didn’t transform into any shape, this stream of light was in peristalsis, squirming around with tyrannical power. But as this wave neared the ancient bell, everything stopped. With yet another intention, everything dissipated into nothingness.

"If it’s truly through direct attack, I can easily manifest many kinds of forces to attack the ancient bell. But if it really is through merely attacking, there should be no way to truly form an innate connection and communicate with it. Or could it be that one must first make the bell chime first before finding a trace of insight within?" Qin Wentian silently mused. He continued closing his eyes as the light radiating from the bell fell over him. He knew that these runes were a part of the Nine Immortality Bell as well.

"There should be a certain kind of trigger rune that would allow both human and weapon to resonate at the same frequency." Qin Wentian mumbled. He understood that runes were the trigger to activate law energy.

What he needed to do is to search for these exact kind of runes.

However, it wasn’t going to be so simple.

In the next few days, numerous experts continued to arrive. Although they failed in their attempt, they didn’t choose to leave but stuck around and retry instead. Right now, they could at most sense the existence of the weapon spirit a little, s.h.i.+mmering in and out of their perception and was extremely blurry.

"The crown prince has done it. Even though he didn’t fully connect with the ancient bell, as long as he can cause the bell to chime, the immortal weapon spirit would have taken note of him. As long as the crown prince can forge a supremely strong divine weapon, there’s still a chance for him to gain the favor of the Nine Immortality Bell." Many experts from the King Manor arrived, they were all congregated together as they a.n.a.lyzed the situation.

At this moment, a surge of tyrannical force frenziedly squirmed, transforming into a tide that seemed akin to severe floods and fierce beasts, slamming into the ancient bell causing rumbling sounds to rang out unceasingly, with a hint of majesticness within.

"Awesome, as expected of a genius of the Jiang Clan." An expert from the King Manor praised, glancing over to the experts from the Jiang Clan. Jiang Yan was truly powerful and he’s far ahead compared to any others who attempted. If there would be one to communicate with the Nine Immortality Bell, it would definitely be none other than Jiang Yan.

"BOOM!" Another continuous chime echoed out, but the rumbling was of a much lesser degree compared to Jiang Yan. But even so, it was sufficient to make the young man from the Purple Flame Sect who sneered at Qin Wentian to have a satisfied expression on his face. He could sense there were a formless pair of eyes staring at him. It must definitely be the immortal spirit of the Nine Immortality Bell.

"I still need to work harder." This person clenched his fists tight, feeling somewhat agitated as he continued attempting. His gaze casually glanced towards Qin Wentian who sat nearby him. This fellow was truly too carefree and had nothing to do. Right from the beginning, him being here was just a waste of time.

"BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!" Just at this moment, an incomparably loud chime reverberated through the s.p.a.ce, causing many to be shocked. Echoes of the soundwaves rumbled, drifting into the ears of those present, trembling their hearts.

There were a total of nine Immortality Bells, and in this location, the ancient bell here was only one of the nine. For the other eight places, there were naturally other experts attempting to communicate with the immortality bells as well.

"BOOM, BOOM!" The resonance of the bell’s chime continued echoing throughout the skies. After a moment, a human voice rang out in unison with the bell chimes with a laugh, "HAHAHA, Jiang Yan seems like you are inferior. After such a long time, I still haven’t heard anything from your side."

This voice reverberated in the air, filled with provocation. Jiang Yan inclined his head as sharpness flashed in his eyes.

"Who is that person? To think that he actually dared to provoke the genius of the Jiang Clan, Jiang Yan?" A bewildered expression appeared on the faces of some people.

"Cheron." Jiang Yan’s eyes flickered as he mumbled, his words causing the hearts of many to tremble, especially for those from the King Manor. Cheron was a young man who was from an exceedingly wealthy background. In the world of weaponsmithing, he can be considered a legend among the younger generation, and he too hailed from a sacred ground of the Cloud Prefecture, from the Wondergate Immortal Manor.

This power has nurtured many outstanding divine inscriptionists grandmasters. Step by step they were slowly corroding the Jiang Clan’s position, status, and influence!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 767

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