Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 768

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For the Wondergate Immortal Manor, there were countless geniuses within. There were more geniuses willing to join them compared to joining the Jiang Clan.

After all the Jiang Clan could be considered a family-type power. All of the best resources, as well as the top arts and techniques would only be inherited by those with the Jiang bloodline. The Wondergate Immortal Manor was different, as long as you joined them and have sufficient talent, you would be able to get top-graded resources and receive the best nurturing available.

Hence, the Wondergate Immortal Manor rose up very quickly. The sacred ground that was the Jiang Clan no longer had the influence it had before. These two powers fought in the light and shadows, especially for those of the younger generations. They would like to contend with and provoke each other if they encountered one another.

Naturally, not only the Wondergate Immortal Manor and the Jiang Clan, the supreme powers of the Cloud Prefecture would usually have conflicts with each other. In this world that was strength-oriented, this was a very ordinary thing. Only through the baptism of countless conflicts would a power be able to grow stronger and stronger.

Jiang Yan’s expression turned exceedingly unsightly upon hearing the provocation from Cheron. After all, Cheron did indeed succeed in making the ancient bell chime louder and achieved a wisp of connection through the booming reverberation, that resembled a great dao of heaven and earth.

His countenance turned solemn as he spoke with a heavy voice, "Cheron, you best not count your chickens before they hatch. We still don’t know who would be the one to communicate with the Nine Immortality Bell at the end."

This voice echoed through the air, rumbling the s.p.a.ce, causing those present in a radius of few hundred miles to clearly hear the words. This made the hearts of people tremble, was Jiang Yan from Jiang Clan and Cheron from the Wondergate Immortal Manor going to clash right from the start?

"Haha! Jiang Yan, stop lying to yourself. If I’m unable to communicate with the Nine Immortality Bell, causing its weapon spirit to manifest totally, ascending to immortality with a single step, there is no way you, Jiang Yan, would be able to. You are already one step behind me but the distance of this step is something you will never be able to breach." Cheron’s voice rang out once more, shaking the heavens and earth, drifting even further.

Jiang Yan was fuming, he icily replied, "Arrogant p.r.i.c.k. It’s said that in this communication with the Nine Immortality Bell, one’s weaponsmithing dao will also be considered before the weapon spirit would recognize you. I truly want to see how you would compete with me in this aspect."

"Stop your incessant bragging. First do the same as me and let the bell chimes reverberate through the eight directions before talking about competing with weapon smithing. If not, the weapon spirit wouldn’t even know who the h.e.l.l you are." Cheron laughed uproariously. As the sound of his voice dissipated, Jiang Yan’s expression grew more and more unsightly.

"The two of you are dragons among humankind, the chosen of your generation. It’s only expected that the wind and clouds would change when you clash and it would be an exceedingly magnificent sight to behold." At this moment, a few other figures appeared in the air. Many turned their gaze over, only to see a middle-aged man standing in the lead as he spoke with a smile, "A few days later, I, Pei Tianyuan, King of the Jiangling Country shall play host and prepare a banquet to welcome the geniuses here in the Driftsnow City, how about it?"

"I, Ji Kong, shall join my King as well. We hereby issue an invitation to all geniuses present." Somebody beside Pei Tianyuan laughed, causing many people in the Driftsnow City to s.h.i.+ver. Was that middle-aged man the king of their Jiangling Country? But it should be expected that he would arrive, the manifestation of the weapon spirit of the Nine Immortality Bells was a great event that would attract the arrival of many geniuses throughout the Cloud Prefecture. Although Pei Tianyuan was the King of Jiangling Country, in the perspective of the entire Cloud Prefecture, he had no way to compare to the background of these talented geniuses. Hence, he naturally wanted to use this chance to better their relations.

However, there was no need for Pei Tianyuan to go all out to flatter them. After all, as one of the eighty-one kings of the Cloud Prefecture, he himself naturally had some background of his own and was most definitely a subordinate under someone from the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor’s Sect.

As for Ji Kong, he is also an extraordinary character. He’s from the Cloud Tower Sage Sect, which was also a sacred ground in the Cloud Prefecture. He is responsible for all the Cloud Towers in the cities inside the Jiangling Country.

"Since this is an invitation by the two of you, I Jiang, shall naturally attend the banquet." Jiang Yan spoke. Before this, Pei Tianyuan and Ji Kong of the Cloud Tower had aided him to circulate the orders of arrest for Qin Wentian. It can also be considered that the Jiang Clan owes them a favor. In addition, these two characters also had important backgrounds hence, he naturally wouldn’t reject.

"The invitation from the Jiangling King and Ji Tower Master, how can I not go?" Cheron from the Wondergate similarly agreed.

"For those present who wish to attend, you may feel free to drop by. The time shall be seven days from now, and the location will be at the Driftsnow Inn." Jiangling King Pei Tianyuan smiled, as many present immediately agreed. However, for those people with weaker talents or had no backgrounds, they didn’t say anything. They understood that Pei Tianyuan was being polite with his words, but one must always know one’s worth. Talent and background, at the very least you had to be outstanding in one aspect. If not, what qualifications do you have to sit with the rest?

If you didn’t have either, you would only invite disdain and mockery because you are not someone of the same tier as the others.

"Thank you for the warm response." Upon hearing many saying that they would go, Pei Tianyuan smiled and nodded. He then turned his gaze below, staring at Pei Xiao.

"Pei Xiao." Pei Tianyuan called out.

"My king?" Pei Tianyuan respectfully replied.

"Learn well from these geniuses." Pei Tianyuan stated, causing Pei Xiao to nod his head. "Pei Xiao understands."

"Mhm." Pei Tianyuan then s.h.i.+fted his glance onto the Pei Yu. "Don’t keep roaming the streets outside, return home earlier."

"Yes." Pei Yu bowed, she and Pei Xiao were juniors of Pei Tianyuan. As the Jiangling King, Pei Tianyuan was the master of the King Manor and had an extraordinary status. Although Pei Yu didn’t agree with some of Pei Tianyuan’s methods, she could only accept them. Hence, when she questioned the decision about Qin Wentian’s arrest, the immortal-foundation guard immediately stopped her from saying more. After all to those of the Pei Clan, Pei Tianyuan was a high up and mighty existence whose actions must never be questioned.

Pei Tianyuan nodded as his and Ji Kong’s silhouette flickered, instantly disappearing from this location. Qin Wentian couldn’t even see how they left, it can only be said that the level of power the Jiangling King Pei Tianyuan was at was something he still couldn’t imagine. In that case, the Jiangling King must definitely be an immortal-foundation expert.

After Pei Tianyuan departed, many people continued immersing themselves in the light radiated by the ancient bell as they attempted to communicate with the Nine Immortality Bell.

Regardless of those partic.i.p.ating or spectating, the number of people grew more and more. As the news regarding the Driftsnow City circulated out, it’s only natural that more people would head over. Right now, experts were as common as clouds, and in the vast area around the Nine Immortality Bell, there was actually already insufficient s.p.a.ce because of too many people. The partic.i.p.ants could only squeeze and make do.

"So many people attempting, but they are all just wasting time." A woman below the ancient bell had a face that seemed to be made from ice and snow. Her skin was fair white and she radiated coldness. Just simply glancing at those in her surroundings made them involuntarily take a few steps back.

"Most of them are here are only because they wish to try their luck. We can leave out them making the ancient bell resonate, in fact, a majority of them probably can’t even engrave a low-level divine inscription." A young man at the side laughed. These people were from external areas and weren’t from the Jiangling Country. They came from a major power in the Cloud Prefecture, the Seven Sword Sect.

The disciples of this sect were all proficient in swordplay. In fact, the majority of them had sword-type astral souls and tremendous combat strength. This woman who was talking, as well as the young man beside her all had ancient-looking swords strapped behind their back. An intricate pattern of seven swords could be seen on their sword shaft, and for those with wide perspectives, they would instantly know the background of these two when they saw the emblem.

The disciples of the Purple Flame Sect were naturally people who knew their stuff. The young man that mocked Qin Wentian stepped out and politely spoke, "You two must be disciples of the Seven Sword Sect, right?"

"Who are you?" The woman indifferently glanced at him.

"My name is Xuan Zhu from the Purple Flame Sect, being able to see chosen of the Seven Sword Sect with my own eyes is truly a matter of great honor." That young man respectfully replied. One of his junior apprentice sisters also walked out. She was incomparably arrogant just some time ago and was now exceedingly courteous as she added, "Seems like many elites have arrived at the Driftsnow City, even the awe-inspiring Seven Sword Sect has arrived as well."

The demeanor of the proud and lofty woman from the Seven Sword Sect was still as cold as ice. "The Purple Flame Sect should be a weapon smithing power right? Right now this place is so noisy and there are so many people. Can you guys feel at ease in your hearts when you attempt communication?"

"Truly the number of people here would affect us somewhat. But sadly, some people love to overestimate themselves, coming here to act mysterious when they have nothing better to do. When I encountered him, he was already sitting there and now that a few days have pa.s.sed, he’s still wasting s.p.a.ce over there, pretending to be awesome as though he can really connect with the Nine Immortality Bell. How ridiculous."

Xuan Zhu pointed to Qin Wentian as he spoke. Qin Wentian had been quietly sitting there from the start, deep in a state of self-immersion, trying to seek the law energy needed to trigger the bell. However, in the eyes of others, he was merely acting mysterious.

"Why don’t you drive him away then?" That woman stated, her words causing Xuan Zhu to stiffen. After that, he glanced at the other experts of the Seven Sword Sect that were simultaneously releasing a boundless sword might, he turned to those in the surroundings and coldly spoke, "Those who are useless get the h.e.l.l away now or don’t blame me for not showing mercy."

As the sound of his voice faded, the sword might generated swept across the surroundings, intimidating many. Staring at these people ordering them to leave, someone mumbled in a low voice, "They are from the Seven Sword Sect."

"Seven Sword Sect, it’s a major power in the Cloud Prefecture."

Many started leaving the area amidst whispering to each other, feeling depressed and helpless in their hearts. But this was reality, strength was everything. They had no choice but to accept being driven away in the face of the Seven Sword Sect’s strength.

The people from the Seven Sword Sect were exceedingly arrogant. Streams of sword qi whistled near the heads of people, whistling dangerously.

"Why are you guys standing around stunned? Do you all want to be expelled from here as well?" That cold arrogant woman glanced at Xuan Zhu of the Purple Flame Sect. Xuan Zhu started and came to attention and roared, "Those with no ability to communicate with the bell best get lost from here immediately."

After speaking, he turned his gaze to the crowd and soon noticed a familiar figure. A cold light flashed in his eyes when he realized it was Qin Wentian. Stepping forward, a violent qi gushed forth from him as an unpleasant smile adorned his face.

Right now, Qin Wentian was at the crucial moment, he had already faintly discovered that elusive law energy, and the myriad of formless runes are also now actually flowing around him in a seamless manner. If a super strong expert was here, they would discover that the runic glow from the inscriptions were moving in accordance to a unique rhythm, and is currently hovering above the Nine Immortality Bell.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 768

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