Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 769

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Qin Wentian didn’t panic, even when Xuan Zhu exuded a heavy pressure as he walked over to him. It seemed like Qin Wentian didn’t notice at all.

In his current perception, he only saw the boundless runic inscriptions joining together, forming a complete ent.i.ty that was hovering above the Nine Immortality Bell. A terrifying rumbling sound rang deep within his soul, causing his body to violently shudder. At that moment, his perception entered deep within the bell as a blurry scene showed before his eyes. He could also faintly see a pair of eyes that was currently looking at him.

At the same time, Qin Wentian also felt a strange burst of energy. He felt like if he wanted to know, it would be effortless for him to ring the bell. He only need to think about it to do so.

However, from the perspective of Xuan Zhu, Qin Wentian was shuddering clearly because of the pressure he was exuding.

At this moment, the number of people at this location dwindled one after another, several were expelled from this area by those of the Seven Sword Sect. However, truly powerful characters didn’t give a d.a.m.n about them and continued remaining behind. The people of the Seven Sword Sect naturally also considered the ident.i.ties of the people remaining and didn’t choose to tangle with them.

Upon seeing Qin Wentian still quietly sitting there, a cold killing intent flickered in the eyes of Xuan Zhu.

"Not knowing what is death." Xuan Zhu coldly spoke.

"Those of the Seven Sword Sect also came here to join in the fun?" At this moment, a voice rang out, accompanied by the chiming of a bell. It was none other than Cheron who spoke, and it seemed as though nothing happening here could escape his attention.

"Cheron." The coldly arrogant woman from the Seven Sword Sect inclined her head and stared up at the air. Her expression finally changed, growing heavy. Evidently, Cheron was someone she had no way to ignore and even had to show respect to him.

Jiang Yan was a genius of the Jiang Clan, but when Cheron and Jiang Yan attempted to communicate with the Nine Immortality Bells, Cheron possessed an advantage and had accomplished that before Jiang Yan. One could see how extraordinary he was from this. In the younger generations throughout the Cloud Prefecture, Cheron was someone known by many.

Cheron’s voice was seemingly cold. Xuan Zhu halted for a moment before continuing his way towards Qin Wentian. A tyrannical aura gushed forth from him as he icily stated, "Since you refused to scram, don’t blame me for this then."

As he spoke, his palms blasted out towards Qin Wentian. In their surroundings sword qi whistled relentlessly, the experts from the Seven Sword Sect were still driving people away.

At this moment, Qin Wentian furrowed his brows, as an expression of unhappiness flashed on his features.

Abruptly, his eyes opened. And at this instant when Xuan Zhu stared at Qin Wentian’s eyes, his mind trembled violently along with the booming reverberations that originated from the towering ancient bell.

"BOOM, BOOM!" The terrifying booming sounds continued. It was the purest chimes, ringing out unceasingly as though the Nine Immortality Bell was truly about to be awaken.

At this moment, in the vast surroundings, the hearts of the experts present couldn’t help but to tremble fiercely. Even their minds were shaking, this booming reverberation seemed to have the might to shake even their souls, directly echoing out within.

Even immortal experts from afar revealed expressions of sharpness as their hearts s.h.i.+vered. Was this the manifestation of the weapon spirit?

"Chi…" Xuan Zhu was jolted with the most impact. He coughed out a mouthful of blood as his internal organs violently trembled. That booming noise traveled and penetrated through his entire body, piercing through his soul. Right now, he only felt as though his mind was about to explode. He slumped onto the ground as his body convulsed, with traces of white froth and blood bubbling out of his mouth. Very swiftly, the entire ground near him was dyed red.

The sounding of the bell chimes finally stopped. Qin Wentian’s eyes regained his usual calmness, appearing as ordinary as ever. He casually stood up, he didn’t even glance at Xuan Zhu but s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto the Nine Immortality Bell instead. At this moment, a marvelous gleam could be seen within.

What secret did the ancient bell contain within it exactly?

"Xuan Zhu." At this moment, the female from the Purple Flame Sect screamed when she noted his condition. She hurried to Xuan Zhu’s side, only to see that right now Xuan Zhu’s body was still convulsing.

"Xuan Zhu how are you?" The expression of the female paled, as though she didn’t dare to believe this scene. When that reverberation of the bell sounded out earlier, although she too was jolted by the impact, her condition was at the very least a thousand times better compared to Xuan Zhu.

Her gaze swiftly roamed the crowd, and to her surprise, she discovered that only Xuan Zhu was inflicted with such heavy injuries. The other partic.i.p.ants all had solemn-looking expressions on their faces. Staring at the ancient bell, looks of bewilderment could be seen in their eyes even for Jiang Yan, the experts of the Seven Sword Sect and Pei Xiao of the King Manor. They were oblivious on the reason why the ancient bell reverberated at that moment.

"d.a.m.n." When the hands of that female came in contact with Xuan Zhu’s body, her expression turned ashen. She discovered that Xuan Zhu’s heart had actually ruptured and indeed, a second later, Xuan Zhu stopped convulsing as all hints of life disappeared. His eyes were still wide opened as though he died grudgingly with no idea why.

Even now he had no idea how he died. The last question in his mind was did he die due to that look by Qin Wentian, or because of the impactful reverberations by the Nine Immortality Bell.

"It’s impossible for the Nine Immortality Bell to resound out by itself."

A voice cut apart the silence, causing the attention of everyone present to be drawn over to the speaker. The person who spoke was none other than Jiang Yan.

"You mean there was someone who had communicated and triggered the Nine Immortality Bell?" That coldly arrogant woman from the Seven Sword Sect spoke. Her gaze was as sharp as swords and her heart pounded rapidly. The members of the Seven Sword Sect naturally had heard of the rumors regarding the Nine Immortality Bells. If someone really managed to make the ancient bell chime as loudly as before, it would certainly mean that that person had formed a strand of connection with the weapon spirit and had a chance to uncover the secrets within.

"Yeah. Since the bell sounded out, it means that the person who accomplished this must definitely be among us." Jiang Yan nodded, his eyes raking through the crowd sharply. But even so he had no idea what sort of character could actually achieve this to such an extent.

He, was the chosen of the Jiang Clan, Jiang Yan. This achievement which he was unable to accomplish, who else could do so?

Other than him, there was no one else here more famous. The experts of the Seven Sword Sect were powerful but in terms of attainments in the field of divine inscriptions, they were a far cry from him.

Hence, when his gaze roamed the crowd, he still had no idea who was the one that had done so. Also, when the Nine Immortality Bell sounded out earlier, it did so with no prior signs at all.

"Which genius was it who had accomplished that, will you be willing to step out?" Jiang Yan stated. However, n.o.body did so. He still had no idea who was the one at all.

"Jiang Yan, maybe it was just an accident? Who knows, maybe it was the bell awakening of its own accord. In any case, how could anyone here accomplish this earlier than you?" Pei Xiao’s voice was filled with the tone of flattery. Jiang Yan didn't reply, a look of contemplation could be seen in his eyes instead.

Could it be that it was really the Nine Immortality Bell awakening?

In truth, he felt that with his current attainments, even if he had more time it would still be impossible for him to achieve such a complete reverberation.

He couldn't accomplish this, neither could Cheron of the Wondergate Immortal Manor. So how could the others present do this?

Did he speculate wrongly? Was that done by the weapon spirit within the Nine Immortality Bell?

At this moment, whistling sounds rang out as a silhouette appeared in the air beside the ancient bell. This person was extremely young and had a carefree demeanor. His gaze turned sharp as he surveyed the people below.


Jiang Yan shouted, causing everyone present to instantly understand that this new arrival was none other than the genius of the Wondergate Immortal Manor, Cheron. The person who caused the Nine Immortality Bell to resonate in the other location earlier was none other than this young man.

"To think that Cheron would be so handsome." A female servant of Pei Yu spoke in a low voice as amazement flickered in her eyes. She initially thought that Cheron would be a middle aged uncle instead of this das.h.i.+ng young man before her.

However, at this moment, Cheron had no time to care about what others thought about him. Earlier when the ancient bell resonated, it wasn't merely in this location. A trigger effect caused the ancient bells in the other eight locations to reverberate and resound out as well. Cheron himself had already formed a strand of connection with a single ancient bell and because of that, in that instant earlier when all nine bells were ringing, it seemed that he saw a pair of lofty eyes containing a startling magnificence in them.

He was different from Jiang Yan. Cheron was sure that there was actually someone who had successfully communicated with the Nine Immortality Bells and the person was now present within the crowd.

In the air, other experts arrived one after another, including those from the major powers. They were all attracted by the loud resonance and the impact of those reverberations was definitely something no ordinary person could achieve.

Qin Wentian inclined his head, staring at the newly arrived figures and at this moment, his eyes met that of Cheron’s.

As for Cheron, the instant his gaze landed on Qin Wentian, he didn't s.h.i.+ft it away but focus on him more intently instead. It felt as though he was trying to see through Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian currently retracted all his aura, appearing to be someone ordinary. However, Cheron could feel a sense of familiarity regarding his eyes. He felt as though the burst of magnificence from that lofty pair of eyes he saw earlier originated from this man.

"Is he the one?" Cheron had no way to ascertain his guess. He finally s.h.i.+fted his eyes away when he saw Qin Wentian lower his head. Qin Wentian’s behavior was as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened and this made Cheron confused in his heart as his thoughts were filled with puzzlement

However, right now, he noticed that there was a corpse lying on the ground not far away from Qin Wentian. An instant later, sharpness flashed through his eyes.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 769

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