Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 770

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Although Cheron’s eyes flashed sharply, he didn’t say anything. He glanced at the woman standing beside the corpse, only to see her currently staring at Qin Wentian with hatred. Momentarily, conjectures appeared in his mind.

"Did you do anything to Xuan Zhu?" That woman stared at Qin Wentian as she coldly asked. If it was only the bell’s reverberation, it was most definitely impossible to jolt Xuan Zhu to death. Everyone here was under the impactful vibration of the bell chimes, and although their inner organs were shocked slightly, it wasn’t to the extent that their hearts would rupture.

Qin Wentian’s gaze slowly s.h.i.+fted over staring at the woman. His eyes flashed with a cold gleam of light, "You guys are unbridled without the slightest scruple, wanting to expel people from this place. In fact, this man even wanted to attack me but was jolted to death by the sudden sounding out of the ancient bell. What has this got to do with me?"

That woman bit her lips, but she didn’t know how to reply. Earlier, it was true that Xuan Zhu wanted to deal with Qin Wentian but was struck dead with the sudden reverberation of the bell chimes. Qin Wentian didn’t move from his original spot at all and his aura didn’t even fluctuate.

"A bunch of people wasting s.p.a.ce here, of course we must expel them." At this moment, the coldly arrogant female from the Seven Sword Sect interjected, sweeping her gaze towards Qin Wentian. The expulsion order earlier was given by her and now this young man actually dared to question it in front of everyone. How audacious.

"We are wasting s.p.a.ce?" Qin Wentian’s lips curled into a smile of contempt. "From your words, those who don’t know might still think that you are able to cause the ancient bell to resonate. How laughable."

After he spoke, Qin Wentian no longer looked at the coldly arrogant woman from the Seven Sword Sect. But as the sound of his voice faded, that woman stomped forth in anger as sword qi birthed, transforming into a terrifying tidal wave that gushed out in an extremely terrifying manner. She wanted nothing more to tear Qin Wentian into a million pieces. Qin Wentian naturally could feel how powerful the sword qi was. The cultivation base of this woman was at the seventh level of Celestial Phenomenon and could be considered an extremely powerful character.

"Nion." At this moment, Cheron in the air spoke. His eyes were fixed on the coldly arrogant woman from the Seven Sword Sect. Evidently, he knew of her existence. This Nion was quite a famous character in the Seven Sword Sect. They were both chosen of the younger generation in the Cloud Prefecture, hence they knew of each other.

Nion inclined her head, staring at Cheron.

"What he said is right. Why are you sword cultivators here making trouble and even saying that these people are a waste of s.p.a.ce? Or could it be you can really cause the Nine Immortality Bell to resonate?" Cheron spoke with a faint smile, his eyes shone with a faint golden l.u.s.ter, giving off a sharp sensation.

"I have no need for you to interfere in my matters." Nion replied in a low voice, but her tone was no longer as cold nor as arrogant when she spoke to Qin Wentian. Although there were still hints of ice within, it was clear that her demeanor softened because she was now talking to someone on a higher level.

An immortal-king expert naturally would be a supreme existence to immortal-foundation experts. But in front of immortal emperors, could the aura from an immortal king be the slightest bit imposing? No, he wouldn’t dare to. He would only show respect. Hence, people always have different att.i.tudes when facing different people.

"True, this has nothing to do with me. But this place is ultimately the Driftsnow City and not the Seven Sword Sect. Since everyone came here from all over the Cloud Prefecture to attempt communication with the Nine Immortality Bells, who are you to say that they wouldn’t be able to succeed? You yourself aren’t able to do so, so what qualifications do you have to expel others?" Cheron’s voice grew stronger and stronger, his gaze becoming more intense, exuding a loftiness along with an imposing manner.

Under the pressure of this aura, the coldness radiated from Nion weakened by several degrees, she had no way to clash head-on with Cheron and could only snort coldly without saying anything more.

Cheron descended to the ground. Qin Wentian glanced at him, noting that Cheron was also looking right at him. A smile appeared on his face as he spoke, "Thank you."

"There’s no need for any thanks." Cheron’s eyes flickered with a smile as he continued, "Cheron from the Wondergate Immortal Manor. Where are you from, brother."

"Tianwen." Qin Wentian replied. This place was one of the three main cities of the Jiangling Country, and with the order of arrest circulating around, he would definitely be in danger if he revealed his real name. Hence, right now he can only continue using this name.

"Tianwen." Cheron repeated, appearing like he was committing this name to memory, attaching importance to it. After which, he continued asking, "Brother Tianwen, which sect do you belong to?"

"My cultivation is too weak, I’m ashamed to reveal the name of my sect in case I humiliate my master." Qin Wentian replied.

"Understood." Cheron didn’t seem to mind. But the word ‘understood’ from his mouth, might mean something else instead.

"Cheron, you seem to have so much time to waste." At this moment, a voice rang out, the person who spoke was none other than Jiang Yan from the Jiang Clan. This Cheron actually flew all the way over to chat with an unknown character.

"Haha, who made it so that my communication with the ancient bell is much more successful than you and I have already garnered the attention of the weapon spirit. Naturally, I would be free to do what I want. But on the other hand, you of the Jiang Clan seemed to be more and more inferior every time we meet." Cheron laughed straightforwardly, causing Jiang Yan’s expression to turn cold. He coldly snorted and continued, "We shall see who will have the last laugh."

After speaking, he no longer bothered about Cheron, he continued closing his eyes and reattempt to form an innate connection with the ancient bell.

"I also want to see for myself how special this particular ancient bell is." Cheron sat beside Qin Wentian and similarly closed his eyes as he contemplated the runic inscriptions of this Nine Immortality Bell. Nion’s eyes flashed with an unkind light, but she walked away after a single glance at Qin Wentian. As for the other experts, they all went to do their own things.

Seems like it was truly an accident, the Nine Immortality Bell of this location must have resonated due to a special reason.

Qin Wentian could faintly sense that Cheron had discovered something. But Cheron was truly a carefree person, he didn’t press on or mention anything that would harm him and merely sat quietly beside him to contemplate the ancient bell.

After that, Qin Wentian too, closed his eyes. His perception extended outwards, sensing that connection that was formed earlier between him and the Nine Immortality Bell. With but a thought, his perception entered within the bell.

This towering immortal bell was like a mirror. Through the screen, Qin Wentian could faintly see a blurry scene. In front of him was a majestic and ancient city but this city had no life within it. Everything here was components of a divine weapon.

This vast ancient city before him seemed to have been created by a divine weaponsmith, containing marvelous secrets within.

And although the scene was very blurry, the blurriness couldn’t mar the beauty of the ancient city.

"Is this the Driftsnow City?" Qin Wentian silently mused. There were many legends surrounding the Driftsnow City, and the more popular ones were all focused on the Nine Immortality Bells. But with the pa.s.sing of time, what people pursued were only the secrets within the bells, they wanted to grow stronger and sought the path of ascending to immortality with a single step. As for the background stories and what not, everything had disappeared into river of time, becoming long forgotten in history.

"The scene shown within this Nine Immortality Bell. In that case, does it mean that I have to connect with all nine bells before I can unravel the secrets?" Qin Wentian speculated.

Unknowingly, several days pa.s.sed. The banquet organized by the Jiangling King was today, and many genius characters formed into small groups of three to five as they set off together towards the Driftsnow Inn.

Cheron opened his eyes and halted his contemplation. He glanced at Qin Wentian beside him and called out lightly, "Brother Tianwen."

Qin Wentian also opened his eyes, as he turned towards Cheron.

"Today is the day of the banquet organized by the Jiangling King, how about brother Tianwen accompanying me as we head over together?" Cheron invited.

"It’s fine." Qin Wentian shook his head. The Jiangling King was the one that issued an order of arrest for him. Why would Qin Wentian attend his banquet for no reason?

"We have nothing much to do here anyway and might as well go there to see the geniuses of the Jiangling Country. In addition, there would be experts from major powers all over the Cloud Prefecture here at the Driftsnow City. An example would be my Wondergate Immortal Manor or the Jiang Clan, these two can be considered a major power right at the very peak of the Cloud Prefecture. How about going with me to take a look and who knows you might even be able to get acquainted with some friends, I wouldn’t mind doing the introductions for you." Cheron persuaded, exuding enthusiasm.

Qin Wentian’s countenance flickered as he stared at Cheron.

"Brother Tianwen, the legend of the Nine Immortality Bells has been going on for so long and through so many years, no one has ever unraveled the secrets before. Although I, Cheron, am quite extraordinary, I can sense that it’s too difficult for me to unravel the secrets within. However, I hope that I would be able to witness someone who can unravel the secret in my lifetime." Cheron stared back at Qin Wentian with a smile on his face. He then transmitted his voice silently, "If the person who could unravel the secret behind the legend is my friend, that would naturally be an honor to me. Hahaha."

How could Qin Wentian fail to understand Cheron’s words? Cheron should have already discovered that Qin Wentian was the reason behind the resonance of the Nine Immortality Bell several days earlier. His only purpose was wanting to establish a friends.h.i.+p with Qin Wentian.

"Fine, if that’s the case, lets us go and take a look then." Qin Wentian smiled as he stood up. Upon seeing this scene, Cheron laughed as well. "Let’s go, the Driftsnow Inn can be considered quite a magnificent place in the Driftsnow City. Just viewing the beauty of its architecture would be something that bring joy to one’s heart."

The two of them headed out as they spoke, moving in the direction of the Driftsnow Inn.

The Driftsnow Inn wasn’t simply just an inn but was a stretch of pavilions laid out in an area. White snow drifted about in the surroundings, adorning the pavilions with the brilliance of a silvery reflected light.

In fact, the stretch of pavilions were merely the stairway for the Driftsnow Inn. As one ascended upwards, they could also see plum blossoms drifting in the wind, with rows of ancient trees on the roofs of the pavilions.

On the stairway, several experts slowly walked up, smiling as they leisurely chatted, enjoying the beauty of the scenery.

Cheron and Qin Wentian also ascended up the stairs, and upon staring at this scenery, Qin Wentian couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. "The scenery here is even more beautiful by countless times compared to any painting I have ever seen."

"Indeed, the Driftsnow Inn is built upon a snowy mountain range. There would usually be many people who cultivated ice and snow-type related arts coming here to cultivate. The scenery here could even cause one to forget the pa.s.sing of time." Cheron explained as he nodded in agreement.

"I heard that the love story between the master of the Driftsnow City and Immortal Jade started at this place." In front of Qin Wentian, a gentle voice drifted out, filled with yearning.

"Yeah. This place is truly beautiful. Miss, in the future how good would it be if we can stay here often?"

"Seems like the maidens are even more in love with the scenery compared to us." Cheron laughed when he saw this scene. The two maidens ahead turned, Qin Wentian nodded to that little miss when he discovered that she was none other than Pei Yu, the young miss from the Jiangling King Manor who had spoken up for him before.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 770

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