Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 772

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Pei Tianyuan pointed to a location not far away from him as he hinted with his eyes to Cheron and Pei Yu. However, there were only two seats available at that location, yet their group totaled four people. Even disregarding Pei Yu’s female servant, Cheron, Pei Yu and Qin Wentian still required three seats.

Cheron glanced at him before shaking his head, "I think it’s still better for us to find some other seats."

"Mhm, over there." Pei Yu pointed to a location at the center, to which Pei Tianyuan immediately rejected, "How can this do? I still wanted to have a nice chat with n.o.ble nephew Cheron. Since the number of seats are limited, Pei Xiao, give your seat up then."

Pei Xiao originally was sitting next to the two seats Pei Tianyuan wanted Cheron and Pei Yu to take. He could tell that Cheron refused to take that seat was because he had one more friend in his group, hence Pei Tianyuan told Pei Xiao to give his seat up.

Pei Xiao’s eyebrows twitched, glancing over to Pei Yu and Qin Wentian as unhappiness flashed within his eyes. But since the king had already commanded, how could he reject it? He could only nod his head, and stood up awkwardly. At this moment, someone opposite called out, "Pei Xiao, just sit here with me then."

Pei Xiao glanced at the one who spoke as a smile flickered in his eyes. "In that case, I will have to accept and thank Brother Jiang Yan."

"Haha it’s fine as well, n.o.ble nephew Cheron, come and be seated then." Pei Tianyuan laughed. Cheron naturally wouldn’t continue rejecting, and hence the three of them walked towards the seating area.

Right across from them were Jiang Yan and Pei Xiao, there was also Nion from the Seven Sword Sect. Other than these people, many geniuses of the other major powers in the Cloud Prefecture were present as well, all of them exuding an extraordinary aura.

"Come let me introduce a few old fellows to you guys. I am Pei Tianyuan and I’m sure everyone present knows who I am. On my left is Ji Kong, a disciple of the Cloud Tower Sage Sect, the tower lord of the Cloud Towers in Jiangling Country. Lastly, the person on my right is the city lord of Driftsnow City, Sikong Yangxue." Pei Tianyuan introduced and smiled to everyone. "I’m sure that all you heroes of the younger generation already know of each other, hence I won’t be wasting time to introduce each of you."

Qin Wentian glanced at Sikong Yangxue. The current city lord of the Driftsnow City was evidently a far cry away when compared to the Driftsnow Master of the ancient era.

"This Driftsnow City is a city from ancient times. There’s also many ancient legends about the Driftsnow Inn and the most famous one is that this place was the place where the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade fell in love. If time could be reversed and we could see the Driftsnow Master playing his zither while Immortal Jade danced among the snow, how beautiful would that be?" Pei Tianyuan seemed to be an extremely good conversationalist. As the king of the Jiangling Country, he too had heard of this rumor.

"I’ve also heard of the love story between the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade, but I doubt the veracity of this. Firstly, where is the weaponized city now? Also, we pursue the martial path because we wish to be supreme, reaching for the very peak. It’s the same for the dao of weaponsmithing. Living, by itself, is the capital of everything. And Immortal Jade wanting to give her life up to forge a weapon? How light was her desire to reach the peak? Also, how foolish was that? And given how magnificent the Driftsnow Master was, how could he give up himself for the sake of a mere woman, sacrificing his life essence and soul to guard her corpse?

A person opened his mouth and commented. Pei Tianyuan turned his gaze onto the one who spoke. This person had fair skin and was quite handsome. He exuded a sense of casual elegance and his brows were angled like swords. His eyes seemed intelligent and politically astute, one could tell that from the depth of his eyes that he had many secrets hidden within his mind.

This person was none other than Shu Luyao, a disciple of the Myriad Sage Academy of Cla.s.sical Learning from the Cloud Prefecture.

"As expected of a sacred ground, the Myriad Sage Academy knows everything regarding the Cloud Prefecture. The legend of the love story between the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade has already faded into obscurity, even in the Jiangling Country, not many people have heard of this. I only knew because of ancient records kept in my manor, to think that n.o.ble nephew Shu would also know of this story. I’m impressed." Pei Tianyuan smiled and nodded to Shu Luyao, he didn’t express his views on Shu Luyao’s opinion.

"The more I know, the more cause I have to suspect that this is false. This legend must be fabricated to cheat those ignorant fools. In the story, the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade were idiots." Shu Luyao’s tone grew sharper, showing no respect to this ancient legend at all.

Naturally, a legend was still a legend. n.o.body casted any doubts despite Shu Luyao’s arrogant words. Even Pei Tianyuan was merely smiling.

Only Pei Yu had her brows furrowed. She unhappily commented, "In this vast world, the personalities of everyone is different. You are a heartless person but how can you use your viewpoint to gauge others and deem their acts as foolish? I’ve always heard that the Myriad Sage Academy of Cla.s.sical Learning has produced many learned experts whose names would shake the Cloud Prefecture, knowing everything there is to know underneath the heavens. People from such a prestigious academy naturally should have more grace and can contain a mult.i.tude of things in their chest, epitome of the adage all rivers eventually formed a sea. But sadly, without even making sure of facts, you instantly termed the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade as foolish people. Don’t you feel that you are too presumptuous?"

Pei Yu was a woman of emotions, she had always firmly believed in this legend. If Shu Luyao merely doubted the veracity of it, she wouldn’t be angered but what Shu Luyao did was to completely humiliate this entire story by brus.h.i.+ng it off as nonsense and even criticized the characters within as idiots. She couldn’t help but feel a burst of anger in her heart, hence the words she had spoken now were also exceptionally sharp.

Shu Luyao’s gaze intensified when he heard that, it seemed as though sharp swords could even shoot out of his eyes right now.

"You say I’m presumptuous?" Shu Luyao’s eyes exuded a heavy pressure pressing down on Pei Yu. His aura was extremely domineering.

"Has she said it wrongly? Using your own personality to gauge others, thinking everyone in the world would have the same preference as you. If this is not presumptuous, what is?" Upon seeing this scene, the expression of Cheron who was by the side of Pei Yu, turned cold as he emotionlessly spoke. A moment later, Shu Luyao’s gaze turned to Cheron as he coldly laughed, changing the topic. "Seems like the relations.h.i.+p between you both isn’t bad."

After that, he didn’t continue speaking but those eyes of his filled with mockery clearly contained a different meaning within. This made Pei Yu even more enraged but at this moment she only heard Cheron calmly replying, "The major powers under the heavens are all the same. Although the Myarid Sage Academy had produced many outstanding geniuses before, it wasn’t guaranteed that they wouldn’t produce sc.u.m."

"Cheron, your words are too overbearing. Brother Shu had never offended you before yet you humiliated him in front of everyone." Jiang Yan immediately latched on and replied. "Brother Shu is a heaven chosen from the Myriad Sage Academy, yet you used the word ‘sc.u.m’ to describe him? You are simply too arrogant."

As the sound of his voice faded, many people had an expression of interests on their faces. Seems like Jiang Yan wanted chaos to erupt and intentionally magnified the conflict, wanting Cheron and Shu Luyao to be in opposition with each other.

"I have always been filled with admiration towards the Myriad Sage Academy. Cheron, you have really crossed the line." Nion continued, adding oil to the fire. As expected, after they spoke, it was impossible for Shu Luyao to ignore this even if he wanted to. Right now, the gazes of everyone was on him.

"Cheron’s arrogance is only for this moment. Seems like after he managed to resonate a bell, he has already forgotten his manners and start provoking people left and right. Hahaha!" A person laughed. This was also a disciple from a major power, the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor of the Cloud Prefecture. The disciples of this power all had extraordinary combat prowess and they had branches everywhere throughout the Cloud Prefecture. Even in the Jiangling Country, they had a power here with affiliations to them. That power was none other than the War Immortal Sect.

"This Zurius of the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor also seems to be a troublemaker." Everyone silently mused. Zurius didn’t have any intention to provoke Cheron, he only felt that the situation now was amusing, hence he chose to say what he said.

Shu Luyao’s expression turned heavy, he didn’t know where to put his face in front of so many.

"Sc.u.m? At the very least, I don’t sleep around with women here in the Jiangling Country. Since she’s someone from the King Manor, I will definitely give face to the Jiangling King close an eye despite what she says. Are you trying to say something given how hurried you jumped to her rescue?" His gaze turned to Cheron as well as Pei Yu, glinting with an evil gleam of light.

Pei Tianyuan watched on quietly, even when Pei Yu was mixed in with this, he didn’t interfere. Pei Yu’s talent in the King Manor can be considered very ordinary and her status was nothing special. Now that she became the fuse for conflict between two geniuses, it might not necessarily be a bad thing. Although Shu Luyao’s words hinted at her sleeping with Cheron, if Cheron stood up to her defense and their relations.h.i.+p grew closer, it would all be worth it.

"Terming you as a sc.u.m is already elevating your status." Cheron mocked. "I, with Brother Tianwen and Pei Yu just got acquainted with each other not too long ago. Our interests are the same hence we became good friends, but the words from your mouth totally twisted facts. How truly ill-bred you are."

"Threesome? What a taste." Nion coldly spoke when she heard that. Momentarily, the gazes of others landed on her as smiles flickered in their eyes. How interesting, this Nion appeared cold and arrogant yet her words were so sinister and vicious. Naturally, Nion’s behavior was like this because of how domineering Cheron was before this. Evidently, she hadn’t swallowed her anger from the past incident.

Pei Yu’s body trembled, her countenance turning pale as her dainty hands clenched tightly into fists. A young lady being humiliated like this was an extremely serious business. This was especially so given the setting today. Nion’s words were like sharp arrows, penetrating the hearts of those present.

Qin Wentian felt a sense of rage when he saw Pei Yu’s expression changing and her involuntarily trembling body. These people were truly too over the top, they actually used such an innocent young lady as an example, hurling disgusting words, painting an untrue picture.

Lifting his head, he glanced at Nion. This woman from the Seven Sword Sect was none other than the person who wanted to drive him away from the ancient bell earlier. Evidently, she was an opinionated and selfish woman who has nothing but herself in her eyes.

"To think that the person saying such words would actually be a woman. How inconceivable… Or could it be that you are the one who has done something as shameless as this before, hence this is why you are bringing the term up now today?" Qin Wentian emotionlessly spoke, his eyes fixed onto Nion.

As the sound of his voice faded, Nion’s expression instantly turned glacial. Her sword-like gaze swept over to Qin Wentian as she coldly replied, "Impudent, who the h.e.l.l you think you are? Stop talking nonsense or else do you believe that I will kill you right here and now?"

The gazes of several people present landed on Qin Wentian. Jiang Yan also icily commented, "Who the h.e.l.l is this fellow? Do you even have the qualifications to speak before us?"

"How interesting, maybe it’s because he is sitting together with Cheron and he’s forgotten who he is." Shu Luyao glanced to the left and right and asked, "Do you guys know this man?"

The people all shook their heads as mockery flashed in their gazes. Cheron was someone with status and position but this man was different. He actually dared to humiliate Nion in front of everyone here? They might feel trepidation going up against Cheron but when encountering someone like Qin Wentian who had no status or background, how could they not harshly attack?

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 772

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