Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 781

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"Driftsnow Master, using his flesh and blood to refine a city." Qin Wentian’s heart trembled. He personally witnessed the fact, the Driftsnow Master’s towering body was akin to a true fiendG.o.d of the primordial era. His entire body was dazzling with light, akin to a divine artifact. After which, he voluntarily exploded, integrating his flesh and blood into the core of the city.

In that instant, that city was completely covered by runic light, as though the sacrifice of the Driftsnow Master was transforming an inanimate object into something of flesh and blood.

And in the Nine Immortality Bells, was the soul of the city, all nine towering bells held part of the Driftsnow Master’s soul.

The Nine Immortality Bell’s spirit would often manifest through the years because it did so whenever the Driftsnow Master longed for Immortal Jade. Hence, the bells would all chime.

The Driftsnow Master could give his life for the sake of Immortal Jade. From this, one was able to see the depth of his emotions. But Immortal Jade was deeply in love as well. She wasn’t willing to travel the world with him but rather, wanted them both to used their utmost efforts to forge a city where they could grow old together, accompany each other while watching the beautiful snow. The two of them, their methods of showing love were different, their concept of love was different, hence a dispute occurred between them.

This kind of conflict eventually led to a heart-wrenching scenario. How could one not sigh with regret when they learned the truth?

Both were people of pa.s.sion yet because of that, they walked on different paths. The difference of a single concept made it impossible for them to live happily forever. Just a single mistake caused such a terrifying consequence. Deeply moving in one sense, yet also extremely tragic.

"The world is so vast, but I have no destiny to continue roaming it. In this life, I wanted to pursue the peak. Yet I was restricted by love, destined to be buried here, accompanying Immortal Jade here till the ends of time in this city forged through our love, refined by our flesh and blood." The voice of the Driftsnow Master reverberated through the air, but it wasn’t known whom he was talking to.

"After my death, this city we forged would certainly be coveted by people. In order to prevent too powerful characters from coming, I will use the bell chimes as a guide, opening a path for the junior generations through the Nine Immortality Bells." The voice of the Driftsnow Master still echoed in the skies, with some helplessness mixed within. "The Nine Immortality Bells don’t question immortals. If there is one day where someone could connect with immortality through weaponsmithing, he would be able to acquire this weaponized city. At that time, that person shall be considered my half-disciple and must protect this city from destruction."

As the sound of the voice faded, the light illuminating the city grew even more intense, resembling an incomparably gigantic treasured weapon.

"BOOOM!" The bell chimes abruptly echoed, reverberating through the air with a sense of melancholy.

When the bells chimed, it was when the Driftsnow Master misses Immortal Jade. It chimed immediately after the city was finished, meant that the instant he died, he was already longing for her. He would stay here forever, guarding this place, the creation of their love that the two sacrificed their life for.

"BOOM, BOOM, BOOM…" The Nine Immortality Bells, all nine of them resounded out one after another unceasingly, with enough might to shatter one’s soul. However Qin Wentian didn’t feel any pressure when he heard the unceasing bell chimes, he only felt a sadness in his heart.


The bell chimes seemed to ring forever, the longing for Immortal Jade by the Driftsnow Master could only be described as endless.


Abruptly, in the external world the sound of a bell chime shook Qin Wentian awake. He opened his eyes, as he silently sighed.

"The chimes of the bells have resounded." Qin Wentian mumbled, inclining his head, staring at the nine beams of light shooting forth from the nine bells, melding together. After which, boundless runic light flashed as the Nine Immortality Bells seemingly become one ent.i.ty.

Those who were currently in the process of forging weapons, all had expressions of extreme shock on their faces, they frenziedly drew upon the energy within the bells to refine their weapons, all of the products were also radiating dazzling light as though paying homage to a supreme divine weapon that was about to be born.

Qin Wentian at this moment had no time to appreciate the spectacle. He casually glanced at the experts forging weapons, his countenance was extraordinarily calm.

So it turned out that the Driftsnow Master long antic.i.p.ated about the scenarios that would happen after his death. There would definitely be experts coveting the city of their creation, and hence this was why there would be the saying ‘The Nine Immortality Bells don’t question immortals. The Driftsnow Master allowed this place to become a tempering ground for geniuses of the younger generations, giving them the opportunity to acquire a strand of epiphany should they be talented enough. And it was precisely because of this that none of those truly powerful people tried to covet it for themselves or even destroying this city.

Naturally, the city itself possessed an extremely powerful defense. If it was not experts of the supreme tier, ordinary attacks would have no way to damage it. This was how the Driftsnow City had survived the wind and rain through all these years.

The Driftsnow City now, apparently wasn’t the city which the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade had created. Currently in the Driftsnow City, no one in existence could unravel the secret behind the ancient city. In fact, even in the entire Jiangling Country or Cloud Prefecture, no one has ever succeeded.

As for those people at the immortal king and immortal emperor level, they were simply too busy to waste time prying into a so-called legend, they had better things to do.

Those who could forge a weapon that can connect with immortality would have a chance to obtain this city, becoming half a disciple of the Driftsnow Master. At the very end, weaponsmithing was still the criteria and the Driftsnow Master was choosing a successor. Naturally, he would select only the very best to protect this city for him.


Qin Wentian mumbled. His gaze focused on those geniuses in the air creating their weapons. At this very moment, a terrifying light flashed as flames flooded a certain area. That was a fiery-red long lance whose tip was blazing with a scarlet flame, containing a terrifying destructive might within.

"Mid-tier fifth-ranked divine weapon. I’ve succeeded in creating a mid-tier fifth-ranked weapon!" The forger of the weapon was a disciple from the Purple Flame Sect. At this moment, his eyes shone with excitement, he was very satisfied with the product he created.

He would often forge weapons when in the Purple Flame Sect but from the time where he began weaponsmithing till now, this divine weapon was the one that brought him the most satisfaction. It was created using a strand of energy of the runic inscriptions radiating from the Nine Immortality Bells.

The Nine Immortality Bells truly was a treasure trove full of abstruse secrets. He obtained a trace of guidance from the bell, naturally he would be excited.

He knew that the current him in this place filled with countless geniuses, it was impossible for him to unravel the secret. Being able to obtain a trace of epiphany was already a great reward that brought him much joy. He dared not ask for too much.

"The cultivation base of this man isn’t high yet he is able to create a mid-tier fifth-ranked weapon. Truly not bad, but I supposed those geniuses would surely be able to create even more powerful divine weapons." In the air, the Jiangling King Pei Tianyuan spoke.

Ji Kong who was beside him nodded his head, "This is definitely the case for those from the Jiang Clan and Wondergate Immortal Manor. Other than them, there are a few other extremely proficient weaponsmithing geniuses, I believe that the end product they create would definitely be a top-tier, fifth-ranked divine weapon at the very least."

"The weaponsmithing standard of these people were initially already very high. Now that they could use the energy within the ancient bells to aid them, the created product would surely be extremely powerful. Sadly, mortal-ranked weapons and immortal-ranked weapons were only a step away yet the distance between them was incomparably vast." Pei Tianyuan sighed. If one could forge an immortal-ranked weapon while at the Celestial Phenomenon level, he couldn’t help but wonder if this was the ‘ascending to immortality in a single step’ mentioned in the legends and the successful forger would have an opportunity to unravel the secrets within the Nine Immortality Bells.

"Right now it’s as though the ancient bells received some sort of stimulus, causing all nine bells to echo out at the same moment, radiating an even stronger runic light. There might really be a chance that the secret would be unravelled this time."

In the air, the gazes of countless immortals stared at the geniuses below, their countenance all filled with sharpness.

Those of the Jiang Clan naturally focused on their disciples while those of the Wondergate Immortal Manor similarly focused on their disciples.

"Another divine weapon is created, it’s a battle axe formed from a weaponsmith of the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor. Although the forger’s age is great, he can still be considered very proficient seeing that the end product he forged was a top-tier fifth-ranked divine weapon. This battle axe radiated a towering battle intense and contain crus.h.i.+ng force within. It’s highly probable that just a single swing from it would be able to effortlessly slay those below the seventh level of Celestial Phenomenon."

"Not bad." Zurius from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor glanced at the old man who forged the weapon as he praised him. He himself wasn’t a weaponsmith, and only had immense combat prowess. Hence, he didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the weapon forging and was quietly contemplating the Nine Immortality Bells. Sadly, he didn’t manage to gain anything from it.

"Jiang Yan."

The eyes of the experts from the Jiang Clan all focused on Jiang Yan. Jiang Yan was attempting to create a paG.o.da-type treasure.

Treasured paG.o.das are among one of the most difficult divine weapons to create. The creation process was extremely complicated and the failure rate was exceedingly high. The weaponsmith’s control must be impeccable, and just the slightest mistake would result in failure.

But this time around, Jiang Yan actually chose to create one. Not only that, the paG.o.da gradually took form. Golden flames enveloped it, as ice-cold qi gushed forth from the flames, exuding terrifying might.

"Jiang Yan, he wants to break his limits, connecting with the Nine Immortality Bells to forge a paG.o.da, aiming to seek the recognition of the bells." An elder from the Jiang Clan spoke. This time around, Jiang Yan made him rea.s.sessed him. He wanted to watch personally how would Jiang Yan break his limits and forge an incomparably tyrannical treasure.

"Bzzz!" The Nine Immortality Bells which all resonated, shot forth streams of runic light into the paG.o.da, causing the treasure light radiating from the divine weapon to grow even more intense. It vibrated incessantly, and at this moment, Jiang Yan formed ancient hand seals causing the treasured paG.o.da to spin about unceasingly. Finally, boundless runic light erupted out, shooting straight into the skies containing an extremely fearsome aura.

"Success!" Jiang Yan shouted in excitement. The light from his treasured paG.o.da illuminated the skies, exuding formidable might as a faint bell chime echoed in the surroundings. This, was a sign of recognition from the ancient bells.

"Excellent grade." Jiang Yan’s eyes shone with sharpness. This treasured paG.o.da was a fifth-ranked weapon but it was at the very peak of the fifth-rank. As expected of the Nine Immortality Bells, this was one of the most powerful divine weapons he ever forged. The ancient bells could cause one to surpa.s.s their norm but even so, regretfully, Jiang Yan had no way to unravel the secrets within the bells.

Jiang Yan turned his gaze over to the Nine Immortality Bell where Cheron was at. Cheron was fully immersed in the creation process as a cold light flickered within his eyes.

After which, Jiang Yan’s silhouette flickered as he shuttled through the air, arriving beside Cheron in an instant. "Cheron, the divine weapon you are forging is inferior to mine. Just a long spear? How can it surpa.s.s my treasured paG.o.da? Why don’t you just give up?"

Cheron frowned, he glanced at Jiang Yan while controlling his state of mind, he couldn’t afford to be distracted.

"Jiang Yan." From the air, an elder of the Wondergate Immortal Manor coldly called out. Jiang Yan inclined his head, coldly smiling, "Before this, the disciple from your sect Cheron was exceedingly arrogant in front of me. Naturally I must return the favor today. Don’t worry I won’t obstruct him, I also want to see what can he create."

After speaking. Jiang Yan’s gaze s.h.i.+fted again, this time onto Qin Wentian. His eyes flickered with killing intent as he took his treasured paG.o.da, soaring through the air towards Qin Wentian!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 781

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