Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 788

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Qin Wentian glanced down from the air. From his vantage point, the city resembled the shape of humans, resembling the Driftsnow Master protectively holding Immortal Jade in his embrace. The sight of this couldn’t help but to create a rush of impact.

"Back then, although there was a dispute between the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade, his love for her was still deep enough to startle the heavens." Qin Wentian mused. Even after he sacrificed his life to refine the city, the Driftsnow Master still didn’t forget to protect Immortal Jade. The depth of his emotions...there was probably no way for Immortal Jade to know. What a tragic tale.

Qin Wentian could only sigh. Because of this, he involuntarily recalled Mo Qingcheng and Qing`er. The love between them, wasn’t it deep as well? He and Qingcheng had fallen in love since the time of their youth, all the years spent together then were the best and most beautiful time. Back then, they were still naive and innocent, and was in their prime. Mo Qingcheng was even the number one beauty in Chu and their relationship was considered beautiful and flawless.

There was also Qing`er. She had always been silently protecting him, never leaving his side. She would always appear in times of his greatest need until she finally left… But even so, she still pulled connections from supreme existences, wanting to aid him. Sadly, heaven’s will always differed from what humans wanted. Although Qing`er got her royal father to help, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor didn’t really have any intentions of wanting to accept him as a disciple. After all in front of the Immortal Emperor, he was negligible and insignificant, not worthy of a single mention.

The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor governed the Thirteen Prefectures and was undoubtedly a supreme existence. Even this boundlessly vast Cloud Prefecture was merely a part of the thirteen prefectures. From this, one could easily imagine how great the authority of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor was. He indeed had no need to care about a genius from a particle world. With a wave of his hands, countless particle worlds would be destroyed just as easily as that.

"The Evergreen Immortal Empire Qing`er was in, where is it exactly in the vast immortal realms...?" Qin Wentian murmured, suddenly longing for the icy cold, yet pure and innocent maiden.

Was Qing`er still doing well recently?

And as for Qingcheng who was far away in a particle world, she must have missed him badly.

Suddenly, Qin Wentian was filled with an intense sense of longing for home. He clenched his fists deeply, and his obsession of pursuing strength became even deeper. Only with overwhelming strength would he be able to protect everything he has. Only with strength would one not be bullied, and not be looked down on with contempt.

He glanced downwards, runic glows covered the entire city. This was a weaponized city, its aura filled with an overbearing and tyrannical strength.

"That location resembles a human palm. If I communicated with the Nine Immortality Bells, I would be able to unleash terrifying attacks from there." Qin Wentian silently speculated. His body descended. This weaponized city created by the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade would definitely have a combat strength far surpassing his imaginations. What he needed to do now is to familiarize himself with all aspects of this city.

This weaponized city was created using tens of thousands of years worth of valuable treasures and materials collected by both the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade. It was akin to a gigantic divine weapon containing a terrifying attacking might.

Qin Wentian immersed himself in the Driftsnow City that was created by the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade. As for the Driftsnow City in the outside world, things were already in a fervor.

A mysterious young man possessing inconceivable talent had connected immortality through smithing a weapon, obtaining the recognition of the Nine Immortality Bells, accomplished an unprecedented task by killing an immortal, and drove away experts from the major powers. Truly, in a sense, he was unmatched in this world.

Everything that happened sounded so shocking, yet it was actually accomplished by a third-level ascendant who was still a young man. This made everyone feel that this was too incredible to be true. There were still many people gathered from afar, at this moment their gazes were all on the young man who was at the center point of the Nine Immortality Bells, basking in the runic light while closing his eyes. They wondered what he was comprehending.

"The name of this person is Tianwen. Not long ago, when he attended the Jiangling King’s banquet with Cheron, he was singled out and targeted. Those geniuses from the major powers of Cloud Prefecture all looked down on him, believing that he had no qualifications to even converse with them. Tianwen didn’t bother with those geniuses and left the banquet after some cutting words, resulting in some of the geniuses pursuing him to kill him. He lured them to this location and borrowed the might of the ancient bells to sweep unchallenged across those geniuses, driving them away."

"I also heard of this story before. But those geniuses are truly snobbish characters yet in the end, their comprehensions in regards to the Nine Immortality Bells are all inferior to Tianwen. Feeling reluctant despite being defeated. But who would have known that not long after, Tianwen would successfully forge an immortal-ranked divine weapon and even killed an immortal-foundation expert. This is truly face smacking, especially for Jiang Yan of the Jiang Clan. Where has all his face gone to now?"

"Haha, it’s very normal. These people are all from peak-tier powers of the Cloud Prefecture. Which of them aren’t filled with arrogance and a sense of superiority? The end result of this event would serve as a reminder and stub their arrogance."

"Haha, true. But not only for those geniuses of the younger generations from the major powers. Even the Jiangling King and Tower Lord Ji, their stance was clearly on the side of the various geniuses. Naturally, those geniuses had strong backgrounds while Tianwen was just a sole avenger. Anyone with half a brain would definitely side with the ones with strong backgrounds. If it wasn’t Tianwen having such heaven-defying capabilities, he would most definitely already been killed by those people. Reality is this cruel."

"Yeah. Although Tianwen had displayed his brilliance, truth to be told the situation is still against him. There are many cases in the immortal realms of geniuses dying because they aren’t able to control their emotions."

The surrounding crowd whispered to each other, discussing about the situation. Yet they didn’t know that among them, there are a few young characters who clenched their fists tightly as their eyes shone with coldness. These people were none other than the ‘geniuses’ from the major powers.

They could only snort coldly before turning and leaving. They had no way to swallow this.

Time flowed on. It has been several days but the major powers had no plans to depart.

On top of the Driftsnow Inn, the experts of the major powers of the Cloud Prefecture all gathered. Pei Tianyuan was there as well.

At this moment, the location at the top of the Driftsnow Inn was extremely lively. The place where the banquet was held before, was utilized once again. Delicacies and good wine were prepared, served to the guests by beautiful women.

"Everyone, are you comfortable in the Driftsnow City?" Pei Tianyuan smiled as he stared at the crowd. These crafty old foxes were all still here unwilling to depart. The secret within the Nine Immortality Bells was already unraveled and it was clear these people were coveting it. However, nobody wanted to make the first move. All of them were extremely patient, their thinking was that ‘if you don’t move, I wouldn’t move.’

In any case to these experts, a few years wouldn’t be worthy of mentioning let alone merely waiting for a few months. It was the same if they cultivated here in the Driftsnow City as well.

"Not too bad. We, as cultivators, can cultivate anywhere under the heavens." An expert smiled and replied, his words causing the others to nod their heads.

"That is true. In any case, we kept tabs on the arrogant young brat. Recently, he’s cultivating alone before the Nine Immortality Bells, he seems to be in a state of self-immersion but I wonder what is he comprehending exactly. In the legends, the Driftsnow Master was a legendary character and there were stories about him creating a city together with Immortal Jade. Now that the young man has unraveled the secret within the bells, there’s a very high possibility that he might acquire the weaponized city."

Pei Tianyuan directly went straight to the point, as an expression of a smile that was not a smile flickered in his eyes, as he waited to see the reactions of these people.

And as expected, the eyes of the experts present all flashed with sharpness.

"Has the Jiangling King realized that the appearance of the young man was a disguise?" An expert from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor asked.

"Mhm." Pei Tianyuan nodded.

"Since this person is in disguise, he must have secrets on him. Let’s reveal his true features and see who he is exactly. It would be the best if we knew of his background and origins. And in that case, even if he wants to hide there at the Nine Immortality Bells, it would be impossible." An expert from the Jiang Clan coldly spoke.

"There might be another reason why he is in disguise. In the immortal realms, there are many who hide their true appearances. In any case, even if you know his true appearance, given how vast the immortal realms are, it’s not going to be so easy to find the details of the origins and background of a character which we do not know the name of." Pei Tianyuan shook his head.

"Leave the details to us." Jiang Yan interjected. Even if they had to pay a price to find out, he was willing.

"Tower Lord Ji has a treasure of revealment. You all might ask him for permission if you wish to borrow it." Pei Tianyuan laughed, "In any case, if the secret remains hidden despite so, what are all your plans? Will you all leave the Driftsnow City?"

"In actuality, with the Jiangling’s King strength, even if that brat borrowed power from the Immortality Bells, you would still be able to kill him easily." An expert from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor spoke.

Pei Tianyuan shook his head, "If everyone exerts your full force, the results would be the same. However, the Nine Immortality Bells are located in the Driftsnow City. And since that young man has unraveled the secret within, it would be inappropriate if I as the Jiangling King, directly act to kill him. This would only serve to incur the ridicule of the citizens of my Jiangling Country."

Pei Tianyuan coldly laughed in his heart. How could he not understand the thoughts of these people? Through these days, the major powers spied on the location of the Immortality Bells and that young man would find it hard to escape even if he had wings. They didn’t want to join forces and go all out simply to deal with a young brat, because that would be too shameful but they wanted him to be the one to do so? In any case, if they sent more immortal-foundation experts and if any of them were killed, that particular major power would no longer have any face or prestige left.

Hence, these people would rather wait for an opportunity. Anyway, it was impossible for that young man to escape. Hence, none of them were impatient and they would rather wait for someone else to initiate first. All of these people were crafty old foxes.

For those who were able to become immortals, which of them would be stupid?

"Since this is the case, would Tower Lord Ji aid us in revealing his true appearance? We will make a decision after that." An expert from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor spoke.

"Okay. This treasure has the power of revealment. I shall lend this to all of you, you guys may take it and go now." Only to see Ji Kong was long prepared. He waved his hands as a treasure shimmering with immortal light flew out towards the expert from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor.

"In that case, I shall make a move first." That expert took the treasure and his silhouette soared into the air, rapidly speeding away. Not long after, he arrived in the air space above the Nine Immortality Bells. The treasure mirror was held in his hands as he directed it to cast its shine on Qin Wentian who was far away.

An immortal light flashed, Qin Wentian sensed something as his eyes opened abruptly. In the air above, an image appeared. This was none other than his original appearance.

"Mhm?" Qin Wentian frowned, a cold light flashed within his eyes. Seems like his original features were exposed. However, he couldn’t be bothered about it. He initially had already offended these major powers and even killed an immortal. So even if the crime of killing Jiang Kuang was added on to him, it didn’t really matter much.

Above the top of the Driftsnow Inn, the eyes of the immortal experts penetrated through space as they stared at the image. An instant later, the expressions of many of them stiffened. As for the experts from the Jiang Clan, the wine cups they were holding instantly exploded from their loss of control of strength. An intense killing intent flickered in their eyes when they discovered Qin Wentian’s true identity.

"Bastard. It’s actually him?!" The immortals from the Jiang Clan felt their rage towering into the heavens. This character which made them suffer extreme humiliation was none other than the person who killed the genius of their Jiang Clan, Jiang Kuang back then in the Worryfree City!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 788

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