Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 790

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The arrogance Qin Wentian displayed stunned everyone present. Even those characters from peak-tier powers of the Cloud Prefecture, they were all feeling trepidation in their hearts. If they truly killed an important descendent of a supreme power, the consequences would be unimaginably terrifying.

The immortal realms were simply too vast. The Cloud Prefecture was none other than just a single prefecture out of the Eastern Sage Thirteen Prefectures. Although it could be said to be boundlessly vast, in the perspective of the entire immortal realms, it couldn’t represent anything. There were simply too many powers much stronger compared to them. Hence, they couldn’t help but feel trepidation and fear.

In addition, the words Qin Wentian had spoken also caused their hearts to s.h.i.+ver. In the immortal realms, there were truly many supreme powers that had unique methods of tempering their disciples, making them roam the realms alone, not bothering about their lives and deaths. This kind of method achieved the best effect and hence, many started to believe in Qin Wentian’s words.

For a time, many of the experts in the air turned sullenly silent, coldly staring at Qin Wentian.

Upon seeing the expressions of these people, Qin Wentian laughed even louder in his heart. He continued, "A bunch of tyrannical fellows who only knows how to bully the weak. You all even dared to flaunt your might and arrogantly p.r.o.nouncing others guilty? How lamentable. Today, I, Qin, shall remain right here. If you all really can kill me, just considered that I’m useless. But in the future if your clans and sects suffered a calamitous apocalypse, don’t be startled by it."

"BOOM!" As the sound of Qin Wentian’s voice faded, the bells chimed. A boundless runic light flashed as they transformed into disks of light that enveloped him, as though he was ready to do battle at any moment.

"This person is good at bewitching the crowd with his words, it’s simply false bravado. As to whether his words are true or not, as long as we don’t kill him but capture him instead and used a soul search to acquire his memories, we will know the truth." At this moment, an expert from the Jiang Clan spoke. The person who spoke was none other than Jiang Yan, although he was stunned badly by Qin Wentian’s words, the feeling of reluctance and unwillingness in his heart was even more intense in comparison.

Also, he felt that Qin Wentian might be putting on an act. He wasn’t any disciple from a supreme power, but was only intentionally trying to create fear to scare away all these experts.

And if it was a lie and the experts of the peak-tier powers of Cloud Prefecture were really frightened into retreat, their names would become jokes forever from then on.

"That’s right, as long as we search your soul, everything would become clear." That expert from the Jiang Clan who spoke earlier laughed. "Even if what you said is the truth, your sect would be prepared to let you suffer some setbacks when they made you roam the immortal realms alone. Hence, it’s impossible for them to take revenge for this. Today, if you thought you could use your words to make us retreat, it’s impossible."

"Stop flooding my ears with your nonsense." Qin Wentian coldly replied, "If you want to fight, just fight. Searching my soul? Let me warn you guys not to try it. If not, if you accidentally learned of some secrets which are meant to be unknown, the consequences wouldn’t be something you or your sects are capable of withstanding."

"What a sharp tongue, akin to swords and sabers. Just this mouth of yours can kill people." The Jiangling King Pei Tianyuan continued, "But no matter what you say, you are still a criminal of my Jiangling Country. I can give you a choice. Either you come with us willingly or we shall deal with you personally right here and now."

"Ridiculous." Qin Wentian mocking turned his eyes onto Pei Tianyuan. "You, Pei Tianyuan, are you even qualified to p.r.o.nounce me guilty? Since you dared to speak so arrogantly here, let I, Qin, hereby announce that from now onwards, I shall be the City Lord of this Driftsnow City. By inheritance of the Driftsnow Master, I Qin Wentian, shall inherit the city.

"Unbridledly arrogant." Pei TIanyuan’s eyes flashed with sharpness. The current City Lord of the Driftsnow City beside him trembled with rage. He was the legitimate City Lord of the Driftsnow City but now, a junior at the mere third-level of Celestial Phenomenon actually dared to say such things? Saying that he is the City Lord of his Driftsnow City?

"Who shall go capture him?" Only to see Pei Tianyuan s.h.i.+fting his gaze left and right, directing the question to the experts around him.

"Let me try. How strong could the immortal might left behind by the Driftsnow Master be?" An immortal from the Jiang Clan walked out. His body was cloaked in immortal light, incomparably brilliant and his eyes shone like bright torches, directly swooping down onto Qin Wentian below.

"Okay. This brat’s arrogance knows no bounds. Capture him alive, we must search his soul." Pei Tianyuan commanded.

"Naturally, how can we let him die so easily after killing a member of my Jiang Clan?" That expert stared at Qin Wentian, although his voice sounded confident, his eyes were filled with wariness. Back then the scene of Qin Wentian killing an immortal was still fresh in his mind. Him acting was merely to probe how strong Qin Wentian was exactly, gathering information so the others could better deal with him.

"RUMBLE!" A fiery light abruptly gushed out as this s.p.a.ce instantly transformed into a world of flames. The flames blazing bright all shone with an immortal l.u.s.ter, these were immortal flames! Flames of immortal-foundation experts possessed a terrifyingly incomparable destructive energy. Every wisp of flame could cause an apocalypse of skyfire.

Not only that, these particular immortal flames were black in color, so dark that it struck the hearts of people with fear. Just a single glance would cause people to tremble involuntarily. As for that immortal-foundation expert who emanated these flames, the flames contracted into the form of an armor that shone with an eerie black l.u.s.ter, protectively enveloping him within.

"How powerful, is this the might of immortals?" The spectators from afar retreated even further. They knew they would never be able to withstand even the mere shockwaves from the battle. As for those mortal-ranked experts from the major powers, their bodies were all coated in immortal light by their immortal-foundation seniors for their protection.

"You guys come over here." An expert from the Wondergate Immortal Manor spoke to Cheron and Mu Yan. Their silhouettes flickered and sped towards that expert. A moment later, immortal light coated their bodies to protect them from the aftershocks.

Immortal flames used by an immortal-foundation expert could instantly incinerate mortals to death even if just a single wisp were to land on them.

Qin Wentian inclined his head staring at his opponent. He took out the immortal-ranked spear which s.h.i.+mmered with boundless light, containing an inconceivable amount of energy within.

"DIE!" The expert in the air coldly shouted. Instantly, the flames that seemed as though they came straight from h.e.l.l, congregated into the form of a terrifying baleful demonic beast that lunged straight for Qin Wentian, seeking to devour him completely.

The bell chimes resounded through the skies as a supreme energy concentrated on Qin Wentian. The towering gigantic figure manifested, a divine long spear was wielded in his hands as he stabbed out with crus.h.i.+ng might.


That incomparably gigantic long spear directly smashed into the body of the flame beast. The beast disintegrated but the h.e.l.lish flames still fell downwards, aiming for Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s countenance had no fluctuations to it. Beams of light s.h.i.+mmered, protecting him within. After which, although the h.e.l.lish flames fell with the force of meteors slamming into the protective light screens, they had no way to corrode it. In fact, that terrifying long spear pierced out once more towards the heavens, seemingly with enough force to shatter it.

The immortal-foundation expert from the Jiang Clan was long prepared. With a stomp of his foot, the boundless flames congregated into a terrifying h.e.l.l lance and stabbed downwards in response. Wherever it pa.s.sed by, all life was ripped away, razed to nothingness by that endlessly scorching flames.


The long spear collided into the h.e.l.lish flame lance as an unfathomably overwhelming might directly shattered the lance apart. This caused the expression of the immortal to turn incredibly unsightly. His eyes flickered with uncertainty as he sensed a towering might from the divine spear which even possessed a suppressive attribute. This was what made his h.e.l.l lance shatter.

Staring at that long spear which was currently piercing his way, the Jiang Clan expert explosively retreated, his heart trembling at the immensity of the might he felt. He had no way to defend against that. Seems like the only choice remaining would be to join forces to kill that brat.

But at this moment, a demonic light flashed in Qin Wentian’s eyes. He coldly laughed, "You want to leave just like this?"

As the sound of his voice faded, the light radiating from the spear grew even more intense. That immortal-ranked spear directly shot out from the hands of the towering giant, transforming into a fearsome streak of light that directly penetrated through the void.

"CAREFUL!" The other experts from the Jiang Clan shouted. All of them stepped out but they were still late by a moment. The long spear shone with the light of death, a light piercing sound rang out as the spear tunneled into the body of Qin Wentian’s opponent, jolting him to death by vibration from the intense might within.

"Bzzz!" At this moment, a gigantic palm imprint manifested by an expert of the Jiang Clan and grabbed hold of the immortal spear. His expressions turned ashen as he witnessed the death of a member of his clan.

"To think that you actually wouldn’t mind giving up the long spear to kill him?" That expert savagely glared at Qin Wentian.

"What a joke. This spear was created by me and it would only obey me. So what even if it’s in your possession? To you all, this is only a calamity if you sought to possess it." Qin Wentian laughed coldly. The long spear vibrated fiercely, radiating terrifying immortal light causing those around it to step back, fearing to near it.

"How would you fight against us without immortal-ranked weapons?" That expert peered downwards, the killing intent in his eyes apparent. A moment later, he waved his hands as all the experts of the Jiang Clan descended. The killing intent which generated from them completely enveloped this entire location.

"Try it and you will know." Qin Wentian had a loftiness in his gaze. The Nine Immortality Bells chimed frenziedly, converging into one, manifesting the image of a giant bell protectively shrouding Qin Wentian within.

At the same time, Qin Wentian closed his eyes. An instant later, the light radiating from the Nine Immortality Bells intensified as the bell chimes rumbled the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

The attacks of the Jiang Clan’s expert landed, slamming into the protective light screen that covered Qin Wentian. Fearsome thunderous noises echoed out, but the light screen remained as solid as before.

"What a strong defense." Those spectators from afar sighed in their hearts as they stared at this scene. Despite the attacks from immortals, the lightscreen from the Nine Immortality Bells suffered no damage, and was successful in protecting Qin Wentian.

"Crackle." At this moment, a light sound rang out. The hearts of everyone pounded, after that they glanced down only to see a blinding light piercing their eyes.

Within the great earth, boundless runic inscriptions could be seen as though they were hatching from the earth itself. Great transformations occurred; fissures appeared, the earth cracked apart, as a new territory replaced it, one that was s.h.i.+mmering with dazzling immortal light.

"This is…" The hearts of the people here trembled violently, they only heard rumbling thunderous sounds echoing out. Countless people in the city soared into the air and peered downwards with fear and shock in their gazes. The earlier existing constructs and buildings all collapsed and were destroyed, as a whole new city replaced it, rising from deep within the earth.

These startling changes instantly attracted the attention of Pei Tianyuan as well as those in combat. They turned their gazes over as their countenances immediately stiffened in disbelief. Was this...the Driftsnow City created by the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade?!

The true Driftsnow City had always been hidden below the earth?

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 790

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