Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 793

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The various experts started to leave, including Pei Tianyuan. The Jiangling King Pei Tianyuan as well as experts from the major powers of the Cloud Prefecture joined forces and attacked the Driftsnow City which Qin Wentian occupied but not only did they not succeed, they even ended up with grievous losses.

For the spectators, they didn’t even dare to get near to the ancient city. They knew that if any shockwaves from the battle were to hit them, they would certainly die.

"This brat is too demonic, however there’s no way the major powers would spare him. These are all supreme powers of the Cloud Prefecture, and given how much face and prestige they lost, in addition to a tempting piece of meat dangling in front of their eyes, I’m afraid they would summon their troops and join forces on a much larger scale to kill Qin Wentian." None of the spectators were fools, they naturally would be able to guess what would happen.

This weaponized city created by the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade was so overwhelmingly powerful, and it was something personally witnessed by everyone. Qin Wentian, a third-level ascendant could borrow power from it and achieved such combat strength. How could the major powers of the Cloud Prefecture not be tempted to seize it from him?

Before this everything was fine, because the secret within the Nine Immortality Bells belonged to no one. But now, since Qin Wentian had unraveled it, there was no way the major powers would let this slide. Just those major powers that focused on weaponsmithing would certainly never give up on this weaponized city. An example was clearly the Jiang Clan.

In addition, these major powers already formed death grudges with Qin Wentian. It was destined that the debts between them wouldn’t be reconciled that easily.

"No one can remain near the perimeter of this city. Everyone, please step back or risk getting injured." The gigantic figure of Qin Wentian called out, his voice drifting through the eight directions. The spectators were long prepared and all respectively retreated. Since there would soon be a great battle, Qin Wentian naturally wouldn’t allow any others to remain in the ancient Driftsnow City. He had no way to determined who might be spies for the major powers.

"Brother Qin." At this moment, Cheron in the air walked over. Staring at the gigantic figure of Qin Wentian, an expression of awe could be seen on his face. Everything Qin Wentian had accomplished was simply stunning.

"Before this, I had to conceal my ident.i.ty due to special circ.u.mstances, please understand." Qin Wentian apologized.

"No problem, that’s fully understandable." Cheron didn’t mind that at all. He continued, "However Brother Qin, the strength you exhibited was simply too overwhelming and you would surely have offended all those major powers too deeply to be safe. They would naturally inform others in their sects or clans through the strand of their immortal sense and a few days later, an army of experts would arrive at this place. You definitely must be careful."

"I understand." Qin Wentian nodded. Considering the circ.u.mstances, Cheron warning him was already very benevolent. After all right now there were many eyes filled with enmity staring at Qin Wentian.

"Including my Wondergate Immortal Manor, you best be careful." Cheron transmitted his voice over. His words caused Qin Wentian to start a little before he nodded lightly in thanks.

The Wondergate Immortal Manor was the power Cheron was in. However, Cheron was simply just a heaven chosen of the sect. Also, this power which focused on weaponsmithing didn’t really have any relations.h.i.+p with Qin Wentian, hence it was extremely normal for them to covet the weaponized city.

Seems like this time, this commotion had truly swept through the entire Cloud Prefecture.

"Qin Wentian, I’m really sorry about what happened." Pei Yu walked up and apologized sincerely. This time around, the one making a move against Qin Wentian was none other than her clan itself, the Jiangling King Manor of the Jiangling Country. In addition, the order of arrest sent out earlier was also sent out by the Cloud Towers with the approval of the Jiangling King Pei Tianyuan.

"That has nothing to do with you." Qin Wentian smiled at Pei Yu. "You guys leave here, don’t come back again. The situation is too dangerous."

Cheron and Pei Yu could only sigh in their hearts. Qin Wentian wanted them to leave because he was thinking of their safety. After all, Qin Wentian had offended too many people. Although they were his friends, they could do nothing to aid him.

"Brother Qin, take care." Cheron clasped his hands in farewell before he left together with Pei Yu.

After some time, only Qin Wentian remained. Everyone had departed to the boundaries outside of the ancient city. They stared at this weaponized city that radiated boundless runic light as their hearts were still unable to calm down after a long time.

However at this moment, they discovered that the runic light started to dim as everything turned to silent. That graceful and resplendent weaponized city was as though it retracted its brilliance, transforming into an ordinary city that was filled with the vicissitudes of time. High pavilions and graceful buildings, man-made lakes and rivers, everything that should be found in a city could be found here.

Staring at the silent ancient city, no one could imagine how overwhelmingly powerful it was earlier.

Qin Wentian stood within the city, he changed into a new robe and with an intention of will, the Nine Immortality Bells appeared once more in his surroundings.

Qin Wentian closed his eyes, sending his perception within. In an instant later, he could sense everything within the city with startling clarity.

Borrowing the might of the ancient city, he had power enough to fight against immortals, even killing immortal-foundation experts. Although he appeared incomparably arrogant in front of his enemies, in his heart, he wouldn’t be so blind as to truly believe he was so superbly strong. He was very clear that his personal strength was still weak, and if it wasn’t for him borrowing the might of the weaponized city, just any casual immortal sent out would be able to squish him to death like a bug.

However, Qin Wentian was never someone who would fawn over those stronger, bending and to curry favor. Since there was already a grudge, he had never thought about compromising to reconcile at all. Right now, all he was thinking was how should he deal with the joint forces of all the major powers.

Now, the major powers of the Cloud Prefecture were all gathering their experts and sending them out. There should be quite a few experts at the peak-level of the immortal-foundation realm as well. As for this weaponized city, would he be able to borrow enough power from it to defend against these experts?

Also, for the masters of those major powers, there was a high possibility that they might be immortal kings. And if there really are immortal kings coveting the weaponized city, how should he deal with them?

All these are problems which Qin Wentian would have to face.

"The Driftsnow City created by the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade is simply marvelous beyond comparision. I need to see if I can borrow even more power to heighten my combat prowess." Qin Wentian silently mused. His perception sank within the nine ancient bells as he started to contemplate.

At the time where Qin Wentian was cultivating, there were already many experts who arrived outside this city. It was actually a regiment of troops. Right now, the current City Lord of the Driftsnow City had already summoned the Driftsnow City troops over and surrounded the ancient Driftsnow City, not allowing Qin Wentian to escape. Not only that, there were even immortal-foundation experts monitoring each of Qin Wentian’s actions. There was nothing he did which could be hidden from them.
The actions taken by the current City Lord already made many feel that a tempest was currently brewing. However within the ancient Driftsnow City, Qin Wentian was still quietly immersed within his cultivation.

Finally, when Pei Tianyuan led the Jiangling Troops over, the tempest grew even more intense than ever.

Right now outside of the weaponized city, just a single glance felt extremely eye-piercing. Coronas of immortal light could be seen everywhere. Immortal-foundation experts were as many as the clouds and they were all currently peering at the ancient city, staring at the silhouette of Qin Wentian.

"There are so many immortals, is this the true strength of the Jiangling Country?" The hearts of the spectators trembled. As the King of the Jiangling Country, Pei Tianyuan’s personal strength was undoubtedly extremely powerful. The troops he controlled had hundreds of experts and they were all at the immortal-foundation level. Within the Driftsnow City, this was an invisible existence that could sweep unchallenged over everything.

"This time around, Qin Wentian is in for it. He can only sit there and await death, I can see no way where he can survive this. What a pity." Somebody mumbled, peering at Qin Wentian’s silhouette, feeling a great pity for this outstanding young genius.

However, this was only the advance party. They surrounded the ancient city and awaited for the major powers of the Cloud Prefecture to send their troops over. Qin Wentian would find it hard to escape even if given wings. Although the weaponized city was powerful, how can it stand against the all-out combined efforts of the major powers of the Cloud Prefecture?

However, Qin Wentian’s cultivation base was only at the third-level of Celestial Phenomenon yet he could already cause such a magnitude of commotion. Even if he died here, he should be proud of himself.

Under the order of the Jiangling King, the troops he brought spread out and kept watch on the ancient city. It could be said that the city was so tightly surrounded that even wind and rain couldn’t escape from it.

And at this very moment, terrifying sword qi could be heard whistling through the air. Lifting their heads, the spectators soon discovered a large number of people riding on swords, soaring over to this area. Their bodies were all surrounded by a corona of immortal light, all of them were immortals. The hearts of the spectators couldn’t help but to tremble as they saw the scene.

"The experts of the Seven Sword Sect has arrived," The sword qi from each member of the Seven Sword Sect towered into the skies, the might they exuded was extremely terrifying.

Leading them were seven people. Each of them had a sword strapped on his back and the aura they emanated was that of an extreme sharpness.

"The Seven Sword Elders." Pei Tianyuan’s gaze flickered. Seems like those major powers of the Cloud Prefecture were truly decisive. To think that the Seven Sword Elders of the Seven Sword Sect actually personally arrived.

"Pei King." The seven elders rode their swords and soared towards Pei Tianyuan as they called out. Pei Tianyuan nodded and spoke, "I didn’t expect that the Seven Sword Elders would come here personally."

"The Driftsnow City isn’t that far away from our Seven Sword Sect, naturally we had to come here personally. Pei King, this is your territory, if you want to deal with him and acquire the city for yourself, our Seven Sword Sect naturally wouldn’t contend against you. But if you don’t want to, we will make a move and take it for ourselves then." One among the Seven Sword Elders spoke, his tone containing a perceptible sharpness.

The expressions of everyone present s.h.i.+fted, silently praising the elder of the Seven Sword Sect for his intelligence. Everyone clearly understood that even with the strength of Pei Tianyuan’s troops, it would be a tall order for him to storm the ancient city. The Seven Sword Sect made things clear, giving face to the Jiangling King saying they would only seize the city for themselves if he didn’t act. But in actual fact, Pei Tianyuan didn’t have sufficient strength to capture his objective! So in that case, how could he still say no?

Pei Tianyuan silently cursed these old foxes, yet he still maintained a smile on his face. "I, Pei, although I’m the Jiangling King, I don’t really have much interest in the weaponized city. If the Seven Swords Sect is keen to acquire it, just go on ahead. This city shall be given to whomever has the capabilities to procure it."

"What a good ‘shall be given to whomever has the capabilities to procure it.’ In that case, we will offer our thanks to the Jiangling King then." That expert clasped his hands to Pei Tianyuan. After which, sword qi whistled through the air as a group of people flew towards the Driftsnow City, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent.

"Bzz!" Abruptly, the entire Driftsnow City brightened up. Resplendent runic light flashed and a countless number of chains suddenly manifested and shot towards the oncoming experts in anger.

"Form the Seven Swords Formation." The elders from the Seven Sword Sect spread out with the weaker ones behind their backs. Immortal light gleamed and each of them took charge and became the head of seven separate sword formations. The sword formations were all capable of integrating together, forming an indestructible sharp sword. Despite the onslaught of the oncoming chains, they had no way to forcibly separate the experts, all the chains that neared them were severed apart by the sharpness permeating the surroundings around them. The sword then stabbed directly into the direction of the core of the weaponized city, at the location where the Nine Immortality Bells are situated at.

The eyes of the Seven Sword Elders of the Seven Sword Sect gleamed with sharpness. They knew that there were many experts from the other powers currently speeding their way towards the Driftsnow City. Hence, they traveled through the night, sparing no expense to utilize speed-type treasures because they wanted the advantage of being the first to seize the city. Now since they were the first batch of experts to arrive here, they had to use the shortest amount of time to end this combat, killing Qin Wentian!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 793

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