Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 794

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Qin Wentian stood right at the center of the nine bells. Scintillating runic light radiated and cascaded on him, forming a resplendent armor that enveloped him.

The him right now had his eyes closed but he was still able to clearly ‘see’ everything that happened through the Nine Immortality Bells. The Seven Sword Elders of the Seven Sword Sect were currently charging right at him. Each of them formed a sword formation and was speeding towards him with blinding speed, exuding a terrifying might.

Qin Wentian drew in a deep breath. His will frenziedly gushed forth, causing the light radiating from the weaponized city to glow even brighter. Thunderous sounds rumbled only to see a golden rampart being birthed from the ground unceasingly, blocking the advance of those experts.

"BANG, BANG, BANG!" The seven elders were all extremely intelligent. They knew how powerful this weaponized city was hence, they didn’t act individually. The might of the sword formation was exceedingly powerful, even the golden rampart wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Golden light flashed through the skies as the sounds of splintering rang out relentlessly. In the air, Qin Wentian’s lofty figure stood atop the ancient city. He was controlling the weaponized city through the will of the Nine Immortality Bells.

He waved his arms as he stepped forth. An instant later, a blinding glow shone from countless buildings. An incomparably vast golden diagram appeared within the Driftsnow City as the form of numerous rocs within the golden diagram solidified and manifested.

"Rise!" Qin Wentian lifted his hand. Whistling sounds echoed unceasingly as the rocs soared up to the skies, filling the air with their screeches as they shot towards the seven swords formations.

"Chi, chi…" The wings of the golden great rocs lacerated the formation, causing slicing sounds to ring out. However, a moment later, the sword formation turned illusory as the golden wings pa.s.sed through it with no damage.

"How powerful." Qin Wentian silently mused but his countenance was as calm as ever. The golden rocs then fused together into an incomparably gigantic one that blotted out the skies. It’s wing span was over 30,000 meters and it’s wings which contained boundless strength swept forth with indomitable force, akin to streak of golden lightning.

"Chi!" A light sound rang out. Finally, the sword formations broke apart. However, the figures of the elders didn’t stop. Each of them shot forth, continuing their way forward. They had already saw Qin Wentian’s silhouette and they wouldn’t need too long to kill this brat and seize the city.

The wings of the giant roc swept out with crus.h.i.+ng might, completely shattering the remnants of the sword formations. After which, countless chains could be seen shuttling through the air and captured the weaker experts of the Seven Sword Sect, binding them and dragging them down to the Driftsnow City.



Seven streams of voice sounded out together. With a single roar, the swords of the seven elders pierced instantly into the body of the gigantic roc.

Seven swords as one, achieving a might that could stun the heavens. Rumbling sounds echoed out as cracks appeared on the golden wings. But even so, the golden roc would feel no pain, it’s wings continued sweeping outwards.

The seven elders weren’t fl.u.s.tered by this. Immortal light shone around them as their immortal foundation glimmered when they drew upon its energy.

The seven of them stood in a row as their immortal foundations vibrated intensely. After which, they soared into the air as a supreme force blasted out, ripping the terrifying roc’s wings apart. After that, the same pressure coated the atmosphere around here, filled with a boundless slaughter intent that wanted to annihilate everything.

The gigantic golden roc started shuddering, after which, it broke apart inch by inch and disappeared into nothingness.

Also at the same time, when the elders glanced backwards, they discovered that more than half of the Seven Sword Sect’s disciples they brought had already fallen. This caused their hearts to tremble a little, but the notion of seizing the city grew even stronger. Initially they thought with the might of their Seven Swords Formation, they would be able to breeze through the obstacles and slay Qin Wentian easily. Yet they didn’t expect that so many would have already lost their lives even before accomplis.h.i.+ng their objectives.

With killing intent flas.h.i.+ng in their eyes, the silhouettes of the seven of them flickered as their swords retracted. Their sharp eyes seemed as though they were able to penetrate right through Qin Wentian.

"Seems like my strength is still too weak, it isn’t sufficient enough to unleash the true potential of the weaponized city." Qin Wentian sighed. Although he could control the city through the will of the Nine Immortality Bells, the strength of the will itself ultimately determined how strong his control over the city was. Sadly, he’s only at the third-level of Celestial Phenomenon Realm. Most probably, the full might of this city could only be unleashed if the controller was at the immortal-foundation realm.

Staring at the Seven Sword Elders, Qin Wentian took out his demon sword and sliced lightly on his palms, allowing his blood to drip down within the Driftsnow City.

"Driftsnow Master, please lend me your strength." Qin Wentian’s towering figure knelt down on the ground and pressed his palm on the earth. Instantly, boundless runic light started to flow as the armor that enveloped him glowed even more brilliantly. His body grew larger and larger, as boundless light cloaked him within. Qin Wentian became a 30,000 meter tall giant.

"BOOOM!" Stepping out, the bell chimes reverberated the air with him at the center. The entire city was radiating a golden light.

"RUMBLE~" On the earth, torrential runic light flowed. The immortal-ranked long spear Qin Wentian forged also expanded. Those golden runic inscriptions transformed into liquid and soaked the spear, causing the might it emanated to become even more terrifying.

The seven elders got even closer, the killing intent in their eyes was extremely intense. Staring at the dazzling city, nine streams of runic light flowed towards Qin Wentian, covering him entirely, putting on for him a martial attire. This scene was simply shocking, despite their high cultivation bases, they were still hit by a rush of impact.

However, this didn’t diminished the killing intent they had for Qin Wentian in the slightest.

"Bzz!" Seven swords broke the void, shooting out the same instant towards Qin Wentian’s body.

The intensity of light radiating from them seemed able to pierce apart even the heavens. Such a might wasn’t something a body of flesh and blood would be able to resist.

Qin Wentian’s gigantic arm moved as the divine long spear stabbed out. With a deafening boomed, the entire skies trembled. This kind of monumental strength was something Qin Wentian had never experienced before.

The seven swords were forcibly halted in the air, blocked by that terrifying vibrational force born from the stab of the spear. Although the seven swords pulsed with even more energy, they still had no way to advance forward.

The eyes of the seven elders stared at the gigantic stature of Qin Wentian as their eyes shone with coldness. They roared once more, "KILL!"

As the sound of their voices faded, immortal energy erupted forth in huge waves from their immortal foundation as a supreme immortal might gushed out, powering up the torrential sword might in the air as they bored into Qin Wentian’s body, wanting to shatter his bones crush him into powder.

Qin Wentian could clearly sense the terrifying sword might that slammed into his body unceasingly in waves. However, the him who was 30,000 meters tall, as well as the armor that enveloped him, all shone with a terrifying runic light, seemingly indestructible.

He mustered his strength and took a step forward, shooting out with his spear once again as the seven swords hummed together in a discordant melody.

The eyes of the Seven Sword Elders flashed as they furrowed their brows. Just a mere third-level ascendant was actually so strong to this extent?

"My strength is thus after borrowing the strength of the city. No matter how highly leveled your immortal foundations are, you will still die." Qin Wentian coldly spat. The light of an entire city flowed frenziedly around him. His divine long spear dazzled with s.h.i.+mmering runes and Qin Wentian stabbed out once more, causing a rumbling sound to echo throughout heavens and earth.


At the instant the long spear stabbed out, boundless spear light from the surroundings erupted out at the same moment, forcing the seven swords back. However, the Seven Sword Elders wouldn’t give up so easily. Although they were of a normal height, and were extremely tiny when compared to Qin Wentian, the immortal might emanating forth from their immortal foundations was enough to shake this entire s.p.a.ce.

Lifting and waving their hands, curtains of sword screens formed. The divine long spear blasted through all of them with impunity, but despite so, although the sword screens were shattered, countless more were born, replacing the shattered ones. Qin Wentian’s divine spear could only force these people into retreat but had no way to kill them.

"Imprison." Qin Wentian barked. Streams of golden light shot out from the earth, transforming into a fearsome golden prison that covered the seven elders in a dome, intending to lock them down.

"BANG, BANG, BANG!" The golden prison shattered apart directly as the Seven Sword Elders soared into the air. Qin Wentian stomped in the air, his foot sinking downwards, intending to trample them to death. The force of this entire weaponized city was packed solidly within it, able to trample anything to pieces.

The Seven Sword Elders rapidly split apart in different directions, yet they only felt a supreme suppressive force landing on them. That incomparably huge foot directly stomped downwards, sparkling with a terrifying runic immortal glow.

"BOOM!" An explosive sound thundered, one among the seven elders didn’t escape in time and was stomped by the immense footprint. However, a startling strength exploded forth, and Qin Wentian’s body was actually lifted involuntarily into the air. After which, a silhouette shot out, and it was none other than that elder who was stomped on. Right now, his countenance was incomparably pale, he couldn’t endure any longer and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Evidently, he was injured by the impact of the stomp.

"GO!" The Seven Sword Elders all soared into the air at the same moment, transforming into terrifying beams of sword light. They instantly appeared high up in the air but right now, the expressions on their faces were all incredibly unsightly to behold.

Qin Wentian lifted his head and stared at them, yet he was similarly shocked in his heart. That attack earlier actually failed to kill that elder? That must be a high level immortal-foundation expert. Each level of immortal foundation contained terrifying might within.

"SCRAM!." Qin Wentian roared. The Seven Sword Elders icily stared back at him, their faces stone cold. The seven of them personally acted yet they had no way to kill this brat? What a great humiliation.

Seeing that the seven elders remained unmoving, Qin Wentian stomped on the ground, soaring up into the air. The long spear in his hands stabbed out once again, causing the void to tremble. The seven of them waved their swords and unleashed their sword energy downwards, colliding with Qin Wentian’s divine spear. A terrifying explosion from the impact spread out in four directions, as the seven elders were once again forced away by Qin Wentian’s strength. Their eyes gleamed with an even more intense greed when they stared at the ever-flowing runic light circulating around Qin Wentian as well as the weaponized Driftsnow City.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 794

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