Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 795

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"How powerful." The spectators, although they were very far away, there were many experts who could clearly see Qin Wentian. Right now Qin Wentian was over 30,000 meters tall, his physique was too immense and any movements from him would be able to startle the world. Despite the distance, when that gigantic divine spear stabbed out, everyone could feel the terrifying might and sharpness exuding forth.

Naturally, the Seven Sword Elders were very powerful as well. The strength of their attacks could only be described as fearsome. Although before Qin Wentian, they seemed extremely tiny, the power of their attacks were no joke. An example, just the aftershock from the last attack had extended to a radius of over a hundred miles. If there was anyone in the surroundings they would have all definitely died to the shockwaves.

"This city is too powerful, even granting Qin Wentian a martial attire, and allowing his body to grow up to 30,000 meters. In that state, he can even contend against the seven elders of the Seven Sword Sect." Some people drew in a deep breath, including the immortal-foundation experts Pei Tianyuan brought over. When they saw how easily Qin Wentian killed the experts the seven elders brought from their sect, they were all struck by a deep sense of fear. A notion appeared in their matter what, they must never step into the weaponized city or their lives would be controlled by Qin Wentian.

A short period of calmness took over after the combat earlier. The Seven Sword Elders exchanged glances, only to see an icy killing intent flickering in all their eyes.

"Is it very fun to send the disciples of your sect to their deaths?" Qin Wentian coldly spoke, his tone filled with a heavy mockery. The expressions on the faces of the elders didn’t change but they knew that in truth, the vast majority of the disciples they brought here were already annihilated. Qin Wentian made use of the time when he was fighting against them and controlled the weaponized city to kill the others. In fact, things happened so fast that the Seven Sword Elders had no idea how Qin Wentian controlled the city.

His words were like a harsh slap on the faces of the Seven Sword Elders, causing their expressions to turn ashen. The Seven Sword Sect mobilized such a large number of disciples, only to be killed within such a short span of time. Other than the seven of them, there were almost no other survivors. Not only that, even one among them had been injured by Qin Wentian. If it wasn’t for the fact that that immortal’s strength was strong enough, he would have already died underneath Qin Wentian’s stomp. Just like how a bug is squashed to death underneath a human’s foot.

Although they hated Qin Wentian, they also understood that it was extremely difficult for them to kill Qin Wentian. One could even say that it might be impossible. Although the strength of their attacks were overwhelming, the defense of that warrior attire was simply too insane, it was formed from the energy of an entire city and they had no way to break through it. Even right now, boundless golden light from the Driftsnow City was flowing around Qin Wentian, so dazzling and bright as immortal light.

"Just you wait." That person who was trampled upon earlier spoke in a glacial tone. After which, they transformed into seven beams of light and shuttled through the horizons. A short period of time later, they arrived at the boundaries of the city and glanced at Pei Tianyuan. There was a faint trace of coldness flickering in their eyes when they looked at him.

Pei Tianyuan so straightforwardly agreed to let them deal with Qin Wentian. It was clear that before this, he already knew the power of this weaponized city wasn’t so simple to breach. Even with their strength, it was impossible to take it down.

However, they couldn’t blame Pei Tianyuan for this. It was them who wanted to make the first move, which led to the current circ.u.mstances now.

Closing their eyes, the Seven Sword Elders right now sat outside the boundaries of the city as they attempted to restore their energy.

Inside the ancient city, Qin Wentian took off the armor and he sank into earth of the Driftsnow City, disappearing from sight. This scene caused the gazes of those immortal-foundation experts spying on Qin Wentian to stiffen. But no matter, it didn’t matter where Qin Wentian went within the city, it was fine as long as he didn’t leave it.

n.o.body dared to take anymore reckless actions, everyone chose to wait silently in antic.i.p.ation.

A few days later, the experts from the major powers finally arrived.

The first power to arrive was actually not one of those powers which Qin Wentian had a grudge with but rather, a superpower of the Cloud Prefecture that was very close to the Jiangling Country.

True Dragon Mountain is an extremely famous sect. Their totem beast was a dragon, and it was said that they were descendants of divine dragons and had dragon blood running through their veins. This was a clan at start but later on, further expanded and recruited external disciples. Right now, they were extremely strong and had several hundred thousand disciples and over a thousand immortals.

This time around, the True Dragon Mountain moved out in full force, arriving outside of the Driftsnow City and were even more awe-inspiring compared to the Seven Sword Sect.

"The True Dragon Mountain also wants a piece of the pie? But they aren’t a power that focuses on weaponsmithing. After the secret of the Nine Immortality Bells was unraveled, these superpowers could no longer endure their greed." The crowd silently remarked. The status and position of the True Mountain Dragon in the Cloud Prefecture was even higher than the Seven Sword Sect. Naturally, they were also stronger.

The Seven Sword Elders glanced at the experts of the True Dragon Mountains while silently cursing in their hearts. They knew that with the presence of this group of people, their opportunity to acquire the city had just lessened drastically. They were the first power to arrive but because they didn’t manage to devour Qin Wentian in a single gulp, their hope of acquiring the city became extremely diminished.

"Reverend True Dragon is also interested in this weaponized city?" Pei Tianyuan glanced to an old man on a war chariot. This old man was exceedingly famous and was very strong as well. He was known to all as Reverend True Dragon.

"I heard that this city is extremely interesting, hence I am here to take a look." Reverend True Dragon sat in the dragon sedan and stroked his beard as his gaze was fixed on the ancient city before him. The combat between the Seven Sword Sect and Qin Wentian was already known to him. Not only for him, all the major powers had already received news of it. Hence, no matter how strong he was, he wasn’t reckless enough to make a move. If he did and failed, the humiliation wouldn’t be something he wanted to bear.

As for his subordinates, other than those extremely powerful individuals, ordinary immortal-foundation experts would die the instant they entered the city. Although that legendary young man was just one person, inside the weaponized city, it was akin to facing against tens of thousands of soldiers if they fought against him within it.

"Interesting indeed." Pei Tianyuan laughed but didn’t say anything. He continued to wait silently.

Finally, experts from the Jiang Clan also arrived. They were mounted on terrifying war chariots and sped their way over. Under the sun, the golden chariots were glistening with brilliance as a resonating hum could be heard from them, indicating the fearsome power they contained within.

"Are these the famed immortal-ranked war chariots created by the Jiang Clan? I heard that a single chariot is already sufficient to crush a group of immortal-foundation experts, fusing attack and defense as one. It’s extremely terrifying." Countless gazes landed on the experts of the Jiang Clan. As expected of a peak power that focused on weaponsmithing, there were tens of chariots being operated and summoned here, floating horizontally across the skies. With a single order, they would instantly rush into the Driftsnow City to face off against Qin Wentian.

"Nice, seems like the Jiang Clan is serious this time." Reverend True Dragon glanced at the war chariots as he mused. It was extremely rare for the Jiang Clan to operate so many of the famed war chariots at the same time. But to think, in order to deal with a mere third-level ascendant this time around, they actually mobilized such degree of strength. It was truly rare.

The forces from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor, Myriad Sage Academy as well as other powers all respectively arrived. The experts from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor radiated a battle intent that towered into the skies. But as for the Myriad Sage Academy, the number of people hailing from there were vastly fewer in number compared to the others. Also, the auras they exuded was much calmer. After all, they weren’t truly a sect but an academy of cla.s.sical learning.

Other than these, there were also the Flameblood Clan, Blazing Sun Divine Sect, etc. These were some middle tier powers of the Cloud Prefecture, and there were also a huge number of weaker powers who sent their forces over.

The entirety of the Jiangling Country had their gazes on the weaponized city. This held true for the powers in the Cloud Prefecture as well.

Qin Wentian stood at the peak of the ancient bells with his hands clasped behind his back. With a single glance, he saw an unending wave of human silhouettes standing around the city.

Not only were the number of experts plenty, they were all extremely powerful as well. The entire Driftsnow City was completely surrounded, and the contrast was extremely striking with only one man currently within the city.

This scene was naturally noticed by the spectators. That lone man stood arrogantly and loftily within, yet n.o.body dared to take the initiative to enter it. This was already an extremely rare sight.

"Are all of you still not going to make a move?" Only to see that at this moment, Reverend True Dragon turned his gaze onto experts of the Jiang Clan as he spoke.

"Jiang Yi, I heard that you are determined to obtain this city at all costs. But mobilizing such a degree of strength, aren’t you a little too over cautious?

Jiang Yi stood on the war chariot. He lowered his head and glanced at Reverend True Dragon before sweeping his gaze to the surrounding experts. "Since everyone is already here, we might as well discuss who this weaponized city would belong to after we take it down."

"What do you suggest?" Reverend True Dragon asked.

"This city shall belong to whoever kills that brat. No further arguments will be tolerated. How about this?" Jiang Yi pointed at Qin Wentian as he suggested.

"Let’s see what the other powers say." Reverend True Dragon spoke, after which he continued in a booming voice, "The Jiang Clan is willing to make a gentleman’s agreement. Whoever kills Qin Wentian shall acquire this city. All other powers are not to contend for it any further. What do all of you think?"

This voice resounded through the heavens, transforming into soundwaves that drifted over thousands of miles.

Even Qin Wentian who was in the city had clearly heard the words spoken. His countenance remained calm and n.o.body could tell what he was thinking. Despite the fact that the other parties are using his life as a gambling stake, it was as though no signs of anger could be seen on his face.

"I agree." The Seven Sword Elders agreed. If based on strength, the forces mobilized by the True Dragon Mountain and the Jiang Clan were undoubtedly the strongest here. It’s going to be very difficult for them to contend against that. But if the terms changed to whoever kills Qin Wentian, acquires the ancient city, everyone would have a decent opportunity.

"I agree as well." Another power agreed. Soon after, the powers present here all respectively agreed to the terms set.

Their voices joined together in a roiling wave, generating a surging pressure. However, Qin Wentian was still the same as before, standing silently in the city, emanating an air of unmatched loftiness and arrogance.

In a certain direction far from the city, there were two figures standing together. One among them was actually someone Qin Wentian was acquainted with - Ghost Saber Mu Yan, a good friend of Cheron. As for the other person, there were no hints of any aura fluctuating from him yet he gave off an extremely strange feeling to all those who saw him. He was clad in black and if one didn’t pay attention, they wouldn’t be able to see him at all. It was as though he didn’t exist at all.

The gaze of this person was currently looking at Qin Wentian as a teasing smile appeared on his face as he silently mused. "How interesting, to think that I would meet a junior brother here in this location. Seeing that he is able to cause a commotion of such magnitude, it’s truly rare indeed. I wonder who was it that invited him to join our sect?"

This man, was the same as Qin Wentian. He was also a member of the Heavenly Talisman Realm!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 795

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