Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 796

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Disciples of the Heavenly Talisman Realm would hide their identities when roaming the immortal realms. Nobody would know that they are from the Heavenly Talisman Realm other than they themselves. Because when they entered the Heavenly Talisman Palace, there was already an imprint fixed on their bodies. Hence, if two disciples encountered each other in the vast immortal realms, they would instantly be able to know that they are from the same sect. The perception of this man in black is extremely strong, he could clearly sense the distinct aura of the Heavenly Talisman Realm from Qin Wentian and could be certain that Qin Wentian was like him, also a disciple of the Heavenly Talisman Realm.

Naturally, Qin Wentian’s perception wasn’t as powerful as this man. He still had no way to know of this man’s existence.

"Master, these people are all supreme powers from the Cloud Prefecture. To think that they would move out with such force only to kill a junior at the third-level of Celestial Phenomenon. How shameless." Ghost Saber Mu Yan spoke, despising the actions of these supreme powers of the Cloud Prefecture.

So it turned out that the man in black was none other than Mu Yan’s master, the Saberlord of Death.

However, even Mu Yan didn’t know that his master was a disciple of the Heavenly Talisman Realm.

Members of the Heavenly Talisman Realm aren’t allowed to join any other powers, but it’s completely acceptable for them to accept disciples. And if their disciples were outstanding enough, they could even be recommended into the Heavenly Talisman Realm.

"Isn’t this normal? Human greed exists everywhere." The Saberlord of Death smiled.

"Does Master intend to make a move?" Mu Yan stared at the Saberlord as he asked.

"Do you wish for me to act?" The Saberlord inquired.

"Master is a lone ranger and wouldn’t care for offending these powers. If Master is unable to protect this city from being seized, is it at the very least, possible to bring Qin Wentian away? It would truly be a pity if such an outstanding genius was to fall here. And if he is to Master’s liking, you might even be able to take him in as a disciple." A smile appeared on Mu Yan’s face as he turned his gaze back to Qin Wentian.

The Saberlord of Death didn’t reply, but at this moment the various experts finally acted. The golden war chariot Jiang Yi stood on suddenly hummed, a fearsome pair of wings could be seen behind its back with a spearhead attached at its front. Just a single glance was sufficient to cause fear.

"Everyone, let’s advance into the city by the sides." Jiang Yi arrogantly commanded, his voice echoing through the space. As the sound of his voice faded, thunderous rumbling noises resounded as the war chariots of the Jiang Clan were all activated at the same moment, speeding ahead into the Driftsnow City. A sharp golden light emanated, they were so powerful that it seemed they could crush all resistance in front of them.

The light from the runic inscriptions of the entire ancient Driftsnow City started to flow turbulently. Chains, arrows, golden ramparts all erupted outwards in a frenzy. However, wherever the chariots passed, they left behind a trail of destruction. Not only that, the experts from the different powers advanced from all directions, with the leaders of their respective powers taking the lead. These leaders were naturally extremely strong, and had no problems breaching the obstacles.

"It’s the end." The spectators from afar sighed. This combat was finally going to be concluded. Even though the demon-level genius Qin Wentian could fight evenly against and also forced the Seven Sword Elders into retreat via borrowing power from the ancient city. Under the iron hooves of these numerous supreme experts, there was basically no more hope left.

Most probably, this young genius would fall here today.

Although the Driftsnow City was as vast as a thousand miles, to these experts, this distance wasn’t anything at all. After a short period of time, the destructive aura from all these experts started to bore down on Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian borrowed the power of the city and transformed into a giant 30,000 meters tall. Brandishing his fearsome divine spear, clad in martial attire, the arrogance in his bones was clear to all. He stood loftily in the air, waiting quietly for these experts to arrive.

Many pairs of golden wings were formed by the runic inscriptions. After that, all of these melded into Qin Wentian’s armor and not long after, a gigantic pair of resplendent golden wings shimmering with immortal light took form on Qin Wentian’s back. The runes gleamed on the wings. Their sharpness was akin to the sharpest blades and wherever they passed by as Qin Wentian arced through the air, everything would be ripped apart.

"Are they finally here?" Qin Wentian mumbled. With an intention of his will, the Nine Immortality Bells transformed into light screens that enveloped him completely. Right now in his mind, there was a picture. That was a picture of this entire Driftsnow City.

"RUMBLE~" A terrifying sound boomed as the earth started to tremble violently with Qin Wentian at the center. The entire Driftsnow City was reorganizing itself. Blocks of earth shimmered with a golden metallic sheen as they formed countless huge walls that towered into the skies, separating this place around a hundred miles in radius from the outside world.

From afar, the spectators only saw countless golden walls barricading that area.

"Mhm?" Many experts were obstructed by the walls. They started to launch their attacks with mad speed, wanting to shatter these walls which blocked them from their objectives.

"We must get this city for sure, no matter the cost." Jiang Yi stood atop the chariot and glanced at the surrounding walls as his expression turned incomparably sharp. He then controlled his war chariots and slammed forward, the spearhead of the war chariot shone with a towering golden light as thunderous sounds echoed from the impact. Again and again, he slammed the chariot into the wall until cracks finally appeared, the golden wall obstructing him shattered.

However for those weaker experts, they weren’t so lucky. Those who were in smaller groups of three to five found themselves trapped completely within. They launched attacks madly, yet to no avail. They were powerless and couldn’t break through the obstruction.

In a certain area, there were several experts from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor present. They used their strongest attacks, and slammed the stone walls in front of them until finally, with a thunderous boom, the stone walls actually collapsed. Looks of excitement flashed on their faces yet almost immediately thereafter, they only saw an incomparably resplendent golden wing directly slashing towards them.

This gigantic wing was like an indomitable blade, sweeping through the air. Sounds of laceration rang out as their bodies were all completely ripped apart. After which, whistling sounds rang out as the immense figure who launched the attack vanished from sight.

"This…" The other experts still outside of the city were stunned once again by this weaponized city. The center location of the Driftsnow City had completely collapsed. Blocks of earth rose up to the skies, transforming into heavenly stone walls and pillars that completely separated this space from the outside world. It was as though those experts who rushed in had became blind. Those caught inside the maze of stone walls couldn’t see anything and could only wait for Qin Wentian to pick them off one by one. But for spectators outside the city, they could clearly see the immense silhouette of Qin Wentian continuously flickering to different locations.

At this moment, they only saw Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickering again. With a thunderous boom, another stone wall shattered but it was unknown how many experts within had just died.

The wings behind him flapped furiously, the speed of the gigantic figure was so fast that it was inconceivable. His gigantic divine spear erupted out in another direction as yet another immortal-foundation expert was pierced to his death.

Very swiftly, Qin Wentian’s silhouette appeared at the outermost boundaries of that sealed space. The spectators watched his slaughter from behind and they only saw that every time his spear shot out, an immortal would surely die. Upon seeing this, they couldn’t help but to feel a chill in the bottom of their hearts. Initially they thought that these gathered forces would be able to take down the city with ease; yet apparently, they had clearly grossly over underestimated the power of Qin Wentian as well as this weaponized city.

Jiang Yi and his clan members as well as Reverend True Dragon had already slaughtered their way to the center location. However, they didn’t find Qin Wentian there. What they found was only a countless number of stone walls yet again.

"Reverend True Dragon." Jiang Yi turned his gaze onto Reverend True Dragon as he spoke, "If you continue to sit there and spectate, everyone would surely die."

Reverend True Dragon who was still seated in his dragon sedan smiled, "I will naturally do my best."

After speaking, he extended his arm. All of a sudden, his arm lengthened continuously shooting forth with devastating might while growing larger as it destroyed everything in its path.

Qin Wentian was currently killing enemies but he soon discovered an incomparably huge arm was currently zooming towards him. His countenance stiffened before he turned and stabbed the divine spear out in that direction.

The arm collided against the divine long spear but the arm was actually undamaged. Then the arm transformed into a fearsome true dragon as it widened its maw and sped towards Qin Wentian, seeking to devour him.

"BREAK FOR ME!" Qin Wentian roared in rage as he rushed out. His wings blotted out the skies as he shot the spear forward with indomitable force, in the direction of Reverend True Dragon. The True Dragon manifested earlier cracked before it shattered apart amidst terrifying explosive noises. However, Reverend True Dragon wasn’t perturbed. With the ghost of a smile, his silhouette flickered as he directly appeared above Qin Wentian, staring down at him.

"Your life will be mine." Reverend True Dragon spoke. This time, he shot forth with both his arms that crackled with draconic might, aiming right for Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s countenance was so cold that it was terrifying. He stepped forward and with a thunderous boom, boundless power erupted from his body. His long spear broke apart everything like how a hot knife sliced through butter, stabbing out with his anger. However, one of Reverend True Dragon’s hands directly grabbed that divine spear, ignoring the damage that was caused. Reverend True Dragon grinned and shuttled forward, appearing in front of Qin Wentian in an instant. He then transformed into an incomparably large vortex akin to the maw of a true dragon, seeking to swallow Qin Wentian whole.

The wings behind Qin Wentian’s back arched out before slamming closed with explosive force, disrupting the vortex, forcibly blocking that attack.

"BOOM!" At this moment, a resplendent golden beam akin to a streak of lightning shot through the air, aiming for Qin Wentian’s large 30,000 meter body.

Qin Wentian’s immense left hand blasted out onto the war chariot that was speeding over to him. With a rumbling boom, his hand was forced backwards as he felt a piercing pain in it. Jiang Yi who was in the chariot got out of it. He stepped on a destructive wheel-type treasure as he continued his way towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian at this moment was too fully occupied to deal with him. Flapping his wings furiously, he borrowed the power from the rebound force and explosively retreated. However, that wheel-type treasure transformed into a chakram that spun rapidly as it slammed into him with crushing force. It actually damaged part of his armor, leaving behind a bloody wound.

Qin Wentian retreated far away, only to see numerous figures soaring over his way. These were all the strongest immortal-foundation experts of the major powers. The weakest among them were seventh-level immortal-foundation experts. All of them were looking at Qin Wentian with undisguised greed flickering in their eyes. Despite his 30,000 meter size, after being surrounded by so many powerful experts, it seemed as though Qin Wentian was very tiny and inconsequential.

The brilliance of the immortal light around any of these individuals made it seem like they were imposing giants.

"Damage the city." Jiang Yi coldly commanded. Behind him, numerous chariots appeared, continuously launching attacks at the city. They wanted to damage the runic inscriptions of this place, and once the runic inscriptions were destroyed, the power of this weaponized city would dwindle.

Upon seeing this scene, Qin Wentian’s eyes turned ice cold. However, due to his lack of strength, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness in his heart!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 796

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