Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 798

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A deep longing was reflected in the eyes of the Driftsnow Master. He stretched out his left arm, Pei Yu continued her way forward and directly walked onto the palm of the Driftsnow Master.

"I never thought that after so many years, there would still be people who remembered me." The Driftsnow Master retracted his hands. To him, the journey of a thousand miles was nothing more than a stretch of his hands.

Pei Yu stood within his palm, extremely close to that handsome countenance. Her eyes involuntarily reddened as tears flowed from them.

"Naturally there would be people remembering you. I know that the legends are real, it was not a lie!" How many nights had Pei Yu cried due to the poignant and emotional legend of the Driftsnow Master and Immortal Jade? She was always trying to imagine what kind of character the Driftsnow Master was and today, she had finally seen it with her own eyes. He fits exactly to her imagination, handsome, yet streaks of grief and an abundance of longing could be seen on his face. This was like a dream, but she knew that this was reality.

"Thank you." The Driftsnow Master stared at Pei Yu, while giving a sigh pregnant with meaning. He didn’t know how much time had pa.s.sed but Pei Yu allowed him to know that in this world, there were still people who remembered his existence. Also, from Pei Yu’s eyes, he saw a kind of emotion that came straight from the heart.

"RUMBLE!" A booming noise sounded out, only to see the Driftsnow Master moving forward. His gaze turned to regard all the experts in the air as an absolute imposing flashed within his eyes. That gentle countenance suddenly turned sharp, and emanated a terrifying sense of coldness causing a stifling breathlessness to overcome the experts of the major powers.

"You guys are the ones that wanted to damage my city?"

The sound of the Driftsnow Master echoed out, drifting over a thousand miles. The prestige and might he exuded brought with it an overwhelming pressure that permeated the atmosphere.

At this moment, the incomparably gigantic arm of the Driftsnow Master shot out, aiming for those war chariots of the Jiang Clan. Those experts instantly paled as they controlled their chariots and flee madly for their lives. However, the gigantic palm was so huge that it blotted out the entire sky, there was simply no way for them to escape. With a single grab, his palm was like the net of heaven, directly trapping them within. With a forceful clench, sounds of explosions rang out. When he opened his palm again, golden dust flowed out but the experts of the Jiang Clan could no longer be seen, they had vanished completely without a trace.

The leader of the troops from the Jiang Clan, Jiang Yi, involuntarily trembled violently. Those war chariots were considered the heartblood of their Jiang Clan, created through the usage of countless valuable materials. Yet, in just an instant, all the efforts that went into forging them had exploded into dust with just a squeeze of a hand? This scene was too brutal to him.

The countenance of Reverend True Dragon no longer had any hints of arrogance. In the Cloud Prefecture, there are naturally many legends floating about. The legend of the Driftsnow Master was only one of the many, and along with the flow of time, other than the Driftsnow City of the Jiangling Country, not many people from the other parts of the Cloud Prefecture paid attention to it. Hence, he didn’t really know many things about it but there could be no mistakes, a character from the legends actually appeared in front of his eyes, and that character was actually so strong to an unfathomable extent!

No wonder the Driftsnow Master’s legend was able to survive and lasted through the ages. He was too powerful.

As for the powerful existences from the Seven Sword Sect, Bloodflame Clan, Myriad Sage Academy, all of them were shaking from their terror as they watched the scene. A single palm stretched across a thousand miles, blotting out the skies… Such terrifying strength wasn’t something they could defend against. It couldn’t be mitigated with the strength of the experts that they had brought with them, because in front of absolute strength, no amount of weaklings gathered would prove to be of any help at all.

"Can you tell me what happened earlier?" The Driftsnow Master glanced down, staring at Pei Yu in his palm.

"Mhm." Pei Yu nodded heavily and started to explain everything starting from the time when Qin Wentian communicated with the Nine Immortality Bells.

And as Pei Yu was explaining, the experts from the major powers were silently retreating backwards, wanting to leave this place. But they only heard the emotionless voice of the Driftsnow Master drifting out, "No one is allowed to leave."

His voice contained a formless threatening force within. And indeed, no one else dared to move recklessly.

All of a sudden, an intense spatial fluctuation radiated forth from an expert of the Myriad Sage Academy. He wanted to use a spatial transference treasure to teleport out of this place.

Since the Driftsnow Master had appeared, it was clear that they would no longer be able to acquire this weaponized city. In fact if they stayed here, their lives wouldn’t be theirs to control. Naturally, he wanted to flee.

"Hmph." The Driftsnow Master coldly snorted. Just when the body of the expert was flickering and at that very instant before he vanished, the Driftsnow Master threw out a seemingly ordinary punch. However, at the moment the punch was blasted out, even the void trembled, causing the s.p.a.ce to shake so much that it became unstable, interfering with the spatial transference fluctuations, destroying them. Such strength caused the faces of all the experts present to dim with fear. Those who had similar thoughts instantly banished any notions of escape from their heads as their expressions grew extremely unsightly.

"As I said before, no one is allowed to leave." The arm of the Driftsnow Master expanded, gleaming with runic light as it shot towards that expert earlier who attempted to escape. As this palm landed, that expert only felt a wall of despair. He trembled violently, and could do nothing more to run away. As for resisting? That would only be akin to using an egg to smash a stone.

As the palm swept past, that expert was smashed into pieces. A powerful expert at the seventh-level of Immortal-Foundation actually had his immortal foundation shattered. Even his soul was forcibly dispersed by the force of that palm strike.

After killing that expert, the Driftsnow Master retracted his arm like nothing had ever happened before. He continued to listen quietly to Pei Yu as she explained the events prior to this.

Time flowed by, to the experts from the major powers, each second of time pa.s.sing by felt agonizingly slow.

Why would the Driftsnow Master appear?

Where did Qin Wentian go?

After a long time, after Pei Yu concluded her explanation, the eyes of the Driftsnow Master flickered with a faint smile. He then spoke, "Connecting with immortality through smithing a weapon, ascending to immortality through a single step. I initially thought that it would be exceedingly difficult to match my requirements but to think that now, there would actually be someone capable of effortlessly achieving that, successfully forging an immortal-ranked weapon, and slaying an immortal. The Qin Wentian you spoke of, can be considered a half-disciple of mine. Given how radiant he is, he definitely didn’t let down me who took the trouble to appear in this world again."

"But, where is he now?" Pei Yu glanced at the surroundings, she couldn’t find Qin Wentian.

"From what you said earlier, he must have known that he wouldn’t be able to stand against the combined strength of these people. Hence, he communicated with the Nine Immortality Bells, acting as a trigger to summon my soul using the strength of the weaponized city, allowing me to temporarily control this body. After I depart, he will naturally appear again." The Driftsnow Master replied.

The calm voice of the Driftsnow Master actually made Pei Yu as well as the others feel their hearts trembling. Qin Wentian actually took such a huge risk in summoning the Driftsnow Master? If the Driftsnow Master had evil intentions, wouldn’t that have meant that he would never be able to return?

"Then...will you still disappear?" Pei Yu stared at the figure before her as a look of pain flashed in her eyes. Her inner heart was suddenly filled with conflict, she didn’t wish for the Driftsnow Master to disappear but she too, didn’t want Qin Wentian to be unable to return.

"Naturally. He lent me his body, allowing me revisit this world. I’m already very grateful to him. How can I still occupy his body for myself? When he shows up later, thank him for me. Tell him to do his best in cultivation and don’t let down what I wished of him."

"But…" An expression of agony appeared on Pei Yu’s face, tears actually flowed down again.

She stared at the magnificence of the Driftsnow Master, yet somehow there was an endless longing in her heart. However, she wasn’t able to continue what she wanted to say because she couldn’t forsake Qin Wentian too.

The Driftsnow Master extended out his right hand, placing it before Pei Yu. A single finger was as large as her, as though wanting to help wipe her tears away yet he didn’t do so.

"If Immortal Jade longed for me as much as you, she would never have embarked on that path of no return." The Driftsnow Master retracted his hand and sighed deeply. He placed Pei Yu in the air before he turned and regarded all of the experts. Cold light gleamed in his eyes as he spoke, "I used the essence of my life to forge and refine this city. Damaging this city is equivalent to wanting to destroy me. Unforgivable."

As the sound of his voice faded. The Driftsnow Master blasted his hands out. The various experts all paled as the trembling of their bodies intensified. They madly fled towards different directions hoping to be able to escape.

"Soon, soon!" Jiang Yi’s countenance was pale, he had already informed the Jiang Clan’s Clan Lord and they were on the way here. However at this moment, the Driftsnow Master actually acted to kill them.

The terrifying palms blasted through the air. Jiang Yi roared in terror, "STOP!"

However how could the Driftsnow Master be bothered with him? The palm smashed down, directly wiping Jiang Yi out from existence, showing no mercy at all.

Reverend True Dragon also sped through the air, his figure reached the size of 30,000 meters but in front of the Driftsnow Master, this size didn’t matter at all. The Driftsnow Master’s palm strike transformed into numerous palm imprints, all blasting towards him. The face of Reverend True Dragon turned black, he roared in despair. He who cultivated for ten thousand years to reach his current height and enjoyed an ill.u.s.trious name with a legendary reputation, would he die here today just like this?

"BANG!" The palm imprints smashed into him as Reverend True Dragon died instantly. The Driftsnow Master didn’t show any signs of stopping his rampage, his palms continued towards other experts. And no matter where they fled to, his palm strikes would always reach them. A moment later, with a cataclysmic explosion, the powerful experts from the Cloud Prefecture were all annihilated, dying in this place.

In the blink of an eye, only the Driftsnow Master and Pei Yu remained in the entire Driftsnow City.

The snowflakes continued cascading, emanating a poignant air. Countless figures outside the city stared at the gigantic figure of the Driftsnow Master as they silently sighed in their hearts. Such a character was willing to die for the sake of the woman he loved, using his life to forge and refine this ancient city, choosing to sacrifice himself as his answer. How spirited was this?

Ordinary characters would never be able to do the things he did. They wouldn’t have such spirit.

He has a world in his heart, he wanted his name to resound throughout the immortal realms, becoming an expert of the supreme tier. This point was able to be discerned from his words. Qin Wentian’s outstandingness didn’t let down him, who spared the effort appearing once more in this world. But even so, if time could be reversed, he would still make the choice he did then. Using his life, his flesh, his blood to refine the city they created together, existing in the Nine Immortality Bells as a soul body.

This city, who would be willing to damage it?

"Qin Wentian shall inherit my Driftsnow City. However, whoever dares to covet it, as long as my soul is not destroyed, I shall never spare him." The Driftsnow Master’s voice resounded through the region, the power of his voice trembling the s.p.a.ce throughout!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 798

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