Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 805

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"So many combat puppets." Qin Wentian glanced at the vast area. There were currently already several people who were fighting against the combat puppets.

"It seems like the Prefecture Lords of the Thirteen Prefectures are all from the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. Since this is an event to recruit talents on behalf of the Easter Sage Immortal Sect, how could the Prefecture Lords not do their best? Just look at the amount of immortals patrolling in the air. The resources of an entire prefecture are all gathered here at Cloud City to ensure things go smoothly. Seeing there are so many partic.i.p.ants, how many puppets do you think they needed to prepare?" Mu Yan crossed his arms in front of his chest as he stated.

"Such a strong disposition of troops, it’s just like my world, a hundred answers to a single summons. This thirteen prefectures is a world that belongs solely to the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect." Jun Mengchen spoke in a faint voice, his words causing Mu Yan to be stunned a little. What big words, he didn’t know where his Master found this guy. Could it be that his Master intended to accept Qin Wentian and the two of them as his fellow disciples?

Mu Yan didn’t know that these three could already be considered his senior apprentice uncles and aunt. In addition, this time the Saberlord of Death wanted him to partic.i.p.ate in this as well was because this was a very good test and tempering grounds. If Mu Yan could pa.s.s the selections and obtain a good result at the very end, the Saberlord might consider issuing an invitation for him to join the Heavenly Talisman Realm.

"Cultivation base detection." Qin Wentian and the rest walked in front of a row of immortal-foundation experts. Two immortals turned their gazes onto these four and an instant later with a wave of their hands, a badge appeared on their robes. Qin Wentian’s badge had the number ‘4’ on it. It indicated that he was at the fourth-level of Celestial Phenomenon. Mu Yan’s was ‘8,’ Zi Qingxuan’s was ‘5,’ and Jun Mengchen’s was ‘3.’ These numbers were directly related to their level of cultivation.

"Go over." One of the immortals spoke. The four of them walked through a pa.s.sageway and entered the combat puppets area. There were already many people waiting here, and these were all partic.i.p.ants for this first initial preliminary test.

"These combat puppets are very powerful in both offensive and defensive aspects. They are very balanced and could clearly suppress ordinary ascendants of the same level. Wanting to jump levels to win against these puppets is not going to be easy." Qin Wentian heard someone standing at the side commenting.

However, there was someone who emotionlessly glanced at the one who spoke as he replied, "If you are useless, don’t come here and waste time and throw away your face. You must understand that in the latter tests after this preliminary, there’s also the possibility that you might be grievously injured or even lose your life."

Several people in the surroundings glanced at the person who spoke. This person sounded truly arrogant. Beside that young man, there were many other experts and everyone of them exuded an extraordinary demeanor. This was especially so for two characters among them, they were like moons that were supported by the dazzling brilliance of the nearby stars.

"Not everyone knows their true limits. Many people believed that they are very strong only because they had never met other geniuses that are stronger than them before. When they finally encounter those that are stronger, everything will already be too late. This time around, there are so many people who came by to partic.i.p.ate in the selection, it’s only expected that there will be some fools. There’s nothing to feel strange about." One among them indifferently stated.

Qin Wentian cast a glance at this row of people. Although the words of these people weren’t without logic, their tone was too overbearing and arrogant. However, the two strongest among them didn’t say anything, they were content to watch on silently, spectating the battles of others against the combat puppets.

"You, your turn." An immortal-expert pointed to one among the two. This young man had a crown around his head and had handsome and striking looks. When standing among the crowd, he gave off a feeling like a crane in a flock of crows. His eyes sparkled with star light, flas.h.i.+ng with a vigorous vitality.

Stepping out, he moved towards a seventh-level ascendant puppet given that his own cultivation base was at the sixth-level of Celestial Phenomenon.

"It should be almost effortless for Changfeng to fight against this combat puppet."

"That’s only natural. For this preliminary selection, Changfeng’s name is already confirmed within the 1,000 partic.i.p.ants."

Many in their group laughed. At this moment, Changfeng who had a crown on his head had already exchanged blows with the puppet. His constellation s.h.i.+mmered into being as a silver-white astral light flashed in the skies. A terrifying silver metallic tempest started to manifest and instantly, there seemed to be an aura of sharpness from countless divine weapons that was brewing within it. When the attack started, the entirety of this aura blasted into the combat puppet as countless attacks ravaged its body, causing terrifying rumbling sounds to echo out. If this continued on, the puppet would explode and shattered into pieces for sure.

"Enough." One of the two immortal experts spoke. Only then did the young man named Changfeng halt.

"Wait over there." That immortal pointed to a location. The young man walked over, his countenance was calm yet there were many among the partic.i.p.ants who had started discussing about his combat prowess.

"Changfeng, he’s Yi Changfeng, an extremely talented disciple of the Myriad Sage Academy." Some of those in the crowd who were more knowledgeable instantly recognized who this young man was. There were many factions within the Myriad Sage Academy and this Yi Changfeng was from the faction named the Sage Court, a place which nurtured the most outstanding geniuses.

"You guys, step out." The immortal supervisor pointed to the other guy who stood next to Yi Changfeng and a few others that stood around him. That man who was similarly as dazzling as Yi Changfeng was clad in white and had black-colored hair. He exuded an elegant feeling and his long hair fluttered gracefully in the wind, projecting a carefree demeanor.

"Duan Hong would definitely be even more outstanding compared to Yi Changfeng." Someone spoke. The black-haired young man walked out, his cultivation base was at the seventh-level hence the combat puppet he was fighting against was naturally of the eighth-level.

Duan Hong released his constellation as a number of terrifying mountains appeared in the air. Each mountain was at least 1,500 meters tall and with a wave of Duan Hong’s hand, the peak of the mountains broke off and shot forth like comets, aiming straight for the combat puppets. Terrifying deafening sound echoed out from the impact and an instant later, that immortal supervisor instantly called for him to halt. Duan Hong pa.s.sed easily, and as for those that were in his surroundings earlier, some of them pa.s.sed and some of them failed.

"Duan Hong of the Duan Clan. It’s rumored that he is the most outstanding talent of the younger generation within the Duan Clan."

Regardless of Yi Changfeng or Duan Hong, both of them used overwhelmingly tyrannical methods to pa.s.s the preliminary. They stood together with those who pa.s.sed and at this moment, there were already around eighty partic.i.p.ants standing there. However, only around one or two were able to match the demeanor exuded by Duan Hong and Yi Changfeng.

Next, the combat continued. The number of those eliminated naturally far surpa.s.sed those who pa.s.sed. Even for the earlier group of people from the Myriad Sage Academy, there were many who were eliminated.

"Those who dared to come and partic.i.p.ate today all definitely had a modic.u.m of confidence in their own abilities. But despite so, the elimination rate is still so high and this is only the preliminary that is held outside the city and not the real selection test." Qin Wentian silently mused.

At this moment, that immortal supervisor pointed at Mu Yan. "The four of you, step out."

Qin Wentian and his three companions all had different cultivation bases, they were evidently going to be fighting against combat puppets of different levels. Before Qin Wentian, there was a human-form puppet whose eyes gleamed with sharpness. Human-form puppets usually are the strongest in both attacks and defense.

"BANG!" Qin Wentian rushed out, his palm s.h.i.+mmering with a fearsome runic light, incomparably resplendent. He blasted forth with a single palm, and that combat puppet blasted out similarly, colliding against Qin Wentian’s attack. A booming thunderous sound rang out as the arm of the combat puppet instantly exploded. However, Qin Wentian instantly retracted his strength after that and didn’t continue to shatter the combat puppet.

"You pa.s.sed." That immortal supervisor signalled for someone to keep the puppet as he spoke. Also at almost the same instant, Mu Yan, Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen all respectively defeated their opponents. This scene caused the gazes of the majority in the surroundings to widen as their eyes glimmered with sharpness. Which power did these four belong to? They were actually all so powerful.

"Okay, bring them into the city." When Qin Wentian and his friends gathered together with those who pa.s.sed earlier, an immortal-foundation expert led them directly into the city, bypa.s.sing the guards.

Within the Cloud City, there was also someone responsible for receiving those who pa.s.sed. An immense avian beast s.h.i.+mmered with golden light, and there was also an immortal controlling it.

"Come on up." That expert spoke. When everyone was mounted, the avian beast spread its wings and instantly soared into the clouds.

"Senior, where are we going?" Jun Mengchen impatiently asked.

"We are going to the sacred battlegrounds of the Cloud City, the Cloudheaven Arena. The next test will be held at that location." That expert replied. The partic.i.p.ants stood on the avian beast and turned their gazes below on this vast and ancient city. Prosperity was apparent from the number of immortal experts flooding the streets as well as the luxurious buildings everywhere.

The Cloud City was the main city of the Cloud Prefecture, it was naturally extremely vast. Even with an immortal-ranked avian-type beast, the journey still took them a total of two days before they reached the Arena. Only then did the partic.i.p.ants understand why there were avian-type beasts arranged to act as transport.

When they arrived at the arena, Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed with sharpness as he stared at his surroundings.

"What an imposing arena." Beside him, Jun Mengchen let out an exclamation.

"The Cloudheaven Arena is the most famous battle arena within the Cloud Prefecture. This is also the first time I’ve seen it and it’s truly impressive indeed." Mu Yan mumbled, also stunned by the scene. He has heard many speak of the Cloudheaven Arena before but when he lay his eyes personally on it, his mind still couldn’t help but shudder from the rush of impact.

Immortal light radiated from the arena and it hung suspended in the skies. On every platform, a glistening l.u.s.ter of radiance could be seen, and they projected an aura of indestructibility. They were undoubtedly able to bear the burden of those super strong combatants.

There was a total of nine times nine, eighty-one platforms that hung suspended in the air. These eighty-one battle platforms are collectively known as the Cloudheaven Arena of the Cloud Prefecture.

In the front direction of the Cloudheaven Arena, it was none other than the Prefecture Palace of the Prefecture Lord of the Cloud Prefecture. This vast palace extended impossibly far ahead and had levels upon levels on it. The uppermost level of the palace had seemingly even touched the clouds, achieving a height equal to the battle platforms of the Cloudheaven Arena. It was simply incredible.

Near the arena, extremely large spectator stands with many levels also existed around the area. At the highest level, spectators only needed to incline their head slightly and they would be able to see clearly the events happening on the battle platforms. At this moment, countless silhouettes were already there, everywhere was flooded with spectators. The selection test had already started and roars of cheering and excitement would ring throughout the air every now and then.

Also, regiments of troops could be seen patrolling the area, prohibiting entry by ordinary people. For those ordinary people, they could only spectate outside the boundaries drawn. But because the combat was on the battle platforms of the Cloudheaven Arena, they could still see the battles quite clearly.

"Next, these platforms shall be your battlegrounds." That expert controlling the avian beast pointed to the arena as he spoke to the partic.i.p.ants who just arrived. At this moment beside them, another avian beast just arrived as the number of partic.i.p.ants here increased further. As this continued on, there would naturally be more and more people who pa.s.sed the preliminary and came to partic.i.p.ate in the selection test here. Despite the elimination rate, the number of partic.i.p.ants would still be astronomical. The demon-level characters of the entire Cloud Prefecture had all arrived here!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 805

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