Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 807

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Two years ago, a major event happened in the Cloud Prefecture. The Jiang Clan established by Jiang Chao of old, a sacred ground dedicated to weaponsmithing in the Cloud Prefecture, was completely destroyed by one man in a single day.

This matter once caused a commotion large enough to startle the entire Cloud Prefecture, and there were no major powers who didn’t know about this. Everyone was paying attention to who exactly, was the one powerful enough to eradicate the Jiang Clan completely.

Ultimately, news was circulated that the person who had done so, was a legendary character in the Driftsnow City of the Jiangling Country. Someone who had already died long ago. This person was none other than the Driftsnow Master.

Hence, everything regarding the Driftsnow Master as well as what had happened in the Driftsnow City soon became public knowledge. Shocking news traversed around the Cloud Prefecture as everyone discussed it with fervor. No one would have expected that the Jiang Clan suffered annihilation because of a mere third-level ascendant. And also n.o.body would ever imagine that the joint forces of the Cloud Prefecture when banding up to face off against a dead immortal, would actually fail to get anything in return and even had to retreat in embarra.s.sment. This legendary character the Driftsnow Master, could already be considered to exude a magnificence that lasted throughout generations. Sadly, he died too early and infused his soul into the weaponized city.

The events of two years ago caused these two names to resound throughout the Cloud Prefecture. One of them was naturally the Driftsnow Master while the second one was obviously none other than Qin Wentian.

At this moment, the young man in white on the battle platform actually announced that he was Qin Wentian, the successor of the Driftsnow Master.

After he spoke, the s.p.a.ce gradually turned silent. The gazes of countless people shot towards the battle platform where Qin Wentian was at, all of them staring at the young man clad in white.

Was this person the young man whose name resounded famously throughout the Cloud Prefecture two years ago? Now, he has actually appeared in the Cloudheaven Arena.

If one wanted to talk about fame, Qin Wentian’s fame was countless times more compared to any other Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant from the Cloud Prefecture.

Also and right here at this moment, there were too many major powers that had very deep grudges with Qin Wentian.

"Interesting, this young man actually dared appear here." On the throne, the Idlecloud Immortal King had an expression of interest on his face as he stared at Qin Wentian.

"Since this brat dares to leave the weaponized city, Prefecture Lord there are too many who died due to him from my Battle Heavens Immortal Manor. Now that there’s no weaponized city aiding him, let’s get all the geniuses to kill him on the Cloudheaven Arena." An expert from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor coldly spoke. He had a descendant who headed to the Driftsnow City but ended up dying at the end. Naturally, he would feel pain when he saw Qin Wentian.

"This brat must die." An expert from the Myriad Sage Academy echoed.

"He actually appeared. This time, he must definitely die on the Cloudheaven Arena." An expert from the Ninepeak Immortal Court also shared the same view.

There were too many people from the major powers who wanted Qin Wentain dead.

Back then in the Driftsnow City, Qin Wentian offended too many people and the majority of them were all from peak-tier powers of the Cloud Prefecture. While today, all these powers came here to spectate their juniors in the selection test. Since they saw Qin Wentian had left the weaponized city and came here to partic.i.p.ate as well, how could they be willing to spare him?

"Wow, so it turns out that senior brother is actually so famous here." Below in the crowd, Jun Mengchen saw the entire atmosphere turning silent as countless people turned their gaze onto Qin Wentian, he couldn’t help but feel a little bewildered in his heart. Wasn’t this a little too famous? The attention of everyone was on Qin Wentian, none of the earlier geniuses who appeared had this ability.

Zi Qingxuan’s eyes also flickered with an unusual glow, as she cast a glance at Mu Yan by the side. She only saw Mu Yan laughing, "Back then, this fellow obtained an entire weaponized city that was coveted by all these major powers. A grand battle occurred and many from their sects and clans had died. Hence he offended many deeply."

"No wonder. That battle must definitely have been a large-scale one or it wouldn’t have this magnitude of influence." Jun Mengchen laughed. Mu Yan nodded lightly. That grand battle two years ago was truly shocking on an extremely large scale.

At this moment on the Cloudheaven Arena, the instant Qin Wentian stepped on a battle platform, a battle qi halo instantly formed around him. This battle halo was weak and lacked l.u.s.ter, but it was the same for his opponent as well. It was evident that this was both their first battle with each of their halos merely at 1 meter wide.

Wu Yang naturally also sensed the strange atmosphere. His eyes gleamed as though he suddenly thought of something. Staring at Qin Wentian, he asked, "Are you the Qin Wentian who caused such a disturbance in the Driftsnow City two years ago?"

"That’s me alright." Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly.

"Good, I shall take your life then to commemorate my first battle on the Cloudheaven Arena." Wu Yang’s eyes flashed with excitement. Stepping out, a rumbling suppressive pressure gushed towards Qin Wentian, causing his eyes to flicker. Suppression energy? This Wu Yang actually cultivates the same kind of attribute energy as him.

Suppression light s.h.i.+mmered around Wu Yang as he stepped towards Qin Wentian. Every step he took seemingly contained a boundless suppression energy as his arrogance surged up further.

Those who could stand here on the Cloudheaven Arena are all those who pa.s.sed the preliminary. This meant that all of them are capable of jumping levels to do battle. Also, Wu Yang was a heaven chosen of the Suppression Immortal Sect, his strength would naturally be formidable.

"Bzz!" In an instant, astral light flashed as Qin Wentian’s Dreamworld Constellation appeared in the sky. In just a single moment, Wu Yang instantly sank into a dreamscape of Qin Wentian’s creation.

"Hmph." Wu Yang coldly snorted. Astral light flashed as several s.h.i.+mmering stone monuments appeared. Each of these monuments emanated terrifying light as a crus.h.i.+ng suppression force could be felt gus.h.i.+ng forth from them.

"KILL!" Wu Yang waved his hands as the energy from his stone monuments shot out in all directions, seemingly wanting to force the Dreamworld Constellation into submission. At the same time, there were also stone monuments shooting straight at Qin Wentian.

A long spear materialized in Qin Wentian’s hands as he infused Illusory Demonforce within his spear. The spear which also s.h.i.+mmered with runic light stabbed out suddenly with an explosive bang as a stone monument instantly shattered into pieces. This attacking speed was simply unbelievable.

However, Wu Yang was unfazed. He continued waving his hands as gigantic stone monuments shot forth one after another. However, Qin Wentian’s spear merely danced rapidly, unleas.h.i.+ng a torrent of stabs with speed as quick as lightning, causing booming sounds to reverberate through the air as the monuments exploded one after another. Each and every spear strike of his was fast, forceful and with unerring precision.

Wings formed behind Qin Wentian’s back as his silhouette flickered, shuttling through the air. With a wave of his hands, several stone monuments congregated together, transforming into an incomparably gigantic suppression monument. That terrifying suppression force locked Qin Wentian down, slowing his movements.

Qin Wentian’s spear showed no hesitation, slamming out against the stone monument. However, his spear instantly broke apart into pieces as the terrifying suppression strength smashed onto Qin Wentian forcing him to retreat.

"As expected, after leaving the weaponized city, you are nothing much. You actually chose me for your first battle? I can only say this is the most foolish decision you’ve ever made in your life. It shall end with your death." Wu Yang continued stepping forward, however he only saw Qin Wentian’s eyes flickering as he silently stated to himself, "This man has the same level of cultivation as me, there’s also no doubt he’s able to jump level to fight battles. In fact as a heaven chosen from a major power, he should be able to achieve victory even when fighting a battle while jumping two levels up. This selection is truly filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons."

"This young man is forced to retreat by Wu Yang. Seems like the strength he had two years ago was completely dependent on borrowing the strength of the ancient Driftsnow City. Although his original strength is still pa.s.sable, it’s far inferior to the magnitude of his fame, he doesn’t deserve his reputation." Some of the crowd commented. However, Jun Mengchen was puzzled, he couldn’t help but asked, "Why is senior brother concealing his strength?"

Both he and Zi Qingxuan were both very clear. Although Wu Yang’s strength was pretty high, it shouldn’t be difficult for Qin Wentian to defeat him.

"If he shows off too much during a single battle, how would he be able to plunder battle qi in the future?" Mu Yan smiled, his explanation caused Jun Mengchen to blink his eyes rapidly. His senior was actually so ‘scheming’?

"Seems like you are truly not up to the mark." At this moment, Wu Yang dashed over. His stone monuments floated around him, frenziedly shooting towards to Qin Wentian. Each and every stone monument contained a tyrannical attack power further boosted by his fusion of intents.

Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickered again. Another long spear materialized from astral energy as he stabbed out a torrent of stabs, akin to flood dragons rus.h.i.+ng out of the ocean. The speed of his attacks dazzled the eyes of the spectators and at this critical moment, a short instant of confusion overwhelmed Wu Yang. It felt like around Wu Yang, resplendent long spear enlarged and explosively shot over, leaving streaks of terrifying light in their wake.

"An illusion." Wu Yang gritted his teeth. Before this, he clearly saw Qin Wentian was still defending against his attacks, and he knew there was no way Qin Wentian had time to attack him in that manner.

"Chi…" Sounds of piercing rang out. The next instant, he realized that his throat had already been stabbed through. Qin Wentian was just like a shadow, standing right in front of him with his spear penetrating his throat.

A spear reaping away his life, this crafty attack that came out of nowhere had completely ruined him.

"You underestimated the power of my constellation a little too much. This is a dreamscape of my creation." Qin Wentian murmured before pulling out his spear. After which, Wu Yang slumped down, the battle qi from his halo was completely devoured by Qin Wentian, causing Qin Wentian’s halo to grow by 1 meter.

"WU YANG!" The experts from the Suppression Immortal Sect trembled with rage. How could this be? Wu Yang actually died in combat?

An expert flew up to clean the battle platform. Qin Wentian stood there with the long spear in his hands, quietly waiting for new challengers.

"Bzz!" A raging wind kicked up as a silhouette soared straight through the skies before landing on the platform Qin Wentian was on. His gaze was incomparably sharp when he stared at Qin Wentian. Stepping out, killing intent flickered intently within his eyes.

"Zurian from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor." This person was actually none other than the brother of Zurius also from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor. They have a striking resemblance to each other.

His rage towered into the skies as his killing intent permeated the atmosphere. Blasting out with both palms, there was enough power to shake the heavens and earth.

"You are not even at Wu Yang’s level." Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed, directly tossing away his spear. He dashed out with a speed as quick as lightning while an armor of runic light enveloped him protectively. Similarly blasting out with his palms, he unleashed the terrifying Star-Seizing Palm Strike as a wave of destruction swept over everything. Terrifying explosive sounds echoed as his palms collided together with Zurian’s. A yell of infinite misery and agony rang out clear amidst the explosive sounds, Zurian’s arms had totally been shattered apart. After which, another palm strike slammed onto his body, ending his life.

Qin Wentian’s battle halo instantly brightened as the battle qi of his opponent was devoured. As for Zurian’s body, it plummeted down from the battle platform, slamming into the ground below.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 807

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