Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 808

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"ZURIAN!" The experts from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor all turned ashen. Zurian had been defeated, he was dead.

"Seems like he isn’t as weak as expected and is truly a demon-level character." The crowd stared at Qin Wentian, only to see that he walked to the edge of his battle platform and peered imperiously downwards at the crowd. Apparently, he had no notions of leaving the Cloudheaven Arena and wanted to continue battling.

"Who can go kill him?" In the location where experts of the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor gathered, their immortal king Zhou Zhan icily spoke.

This brat had won two victories, but he was simply too arrogant. It felt as though not even immortal kings were placed in his eyes.

"For our Battle Heavens Immortal Manor, we don’t have too many outstanding geniuses among those at the fourth-level of Celestial Phenomenon. Other than Zurian there’s still one more who has an exceedingly high combat prowess but sadly he’s currently on another battle platform and has already acc.u.mulated enough battle qi to form a 100 meter battle halo." Beside Zhou Zhan, an elder of the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor pointed to another battle platform in the air. Over there, there was a young man whose battle qi surged powerfully around him, it seemed that there were no fights where he couldn’t achieve victory.

"This young man is named Wanfu Hou, with the boost his battle halo provided him, his attacks are undoubtedly terrifying. At this level, he is the one with the most expectation to be able to make it within the 1,000 partic.i.p.ants from our Battle Heavens Immortal Manor." That elder spoke. As an immortal king, Zhou Zhan naturally wouldn’t be free to pay too much attention to the happenings within his Battle Heavens Immortal Manor. Other than some personal disciples of his who were immortal-foundation experts, a majority of the matters in his sect were delegated to others.

"In that case, get Wanfu Hou to kill him." Zhou Zhan coldly commanded, his words causing a gleam of sharpness to flash through the eyes of the old man as he nodded his head. He then turned and called out, "Wanfu Hou, go and kill Qin Wentian on that battle platform."

The gazes of everyone instantly riveted onto the direction Wanfu Hou was at, with a 100 meter battle halo, he exuded an imposing air and had terrifying attack strength. His opponent was being suppressed madly and an instant later, he achieved a clear victory. His hand s.h.i.+mmering with a resplendent light, he directly punched out with his fist, killing his opponent in an extremely tyrannical manner.

"Understood." After killing his opponent, Wanfu Hou’s terrifying gaze swept onto Qin Wentian. After that his silhouette flickered as he soared through the air, directly landing on the battle platform Qin Wentian was at.

"Wanfu Hou of the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor, he is extremely famous and much stronger compared to Zurian. Now with the augmentation provided by his 100 meter battle halo, his combat strength would definitely be even more terrifying. I wonder if Qin Wentian would be able to stand up to him." Beside the Idlecloud Immortal King, the spectators murmured to each other. However, the Idlecloud Immortal King merely remained silent as he continued watching with interest.

He naturally hoped that within his Cloud Prefecture, it would be the best if the demon-level characters here were even stronger. Only then, after heading to the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect, would there be an opportunity for the genius of his prefecture to suppress the other twelve prefectures. And if eventually the three disciples who entered the tutelage of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor came from his Cloud Prefecture, there was no need to comment on how much of a boost to his prestige that would be.

The pressure Wanfu Hou gave Qin Wentian was even greater compared to Wu Yang. With a 100 meter battle halo, the battle qi circulating his body was akin to a dragon, coiling around his entire body, exuding a tyrannical imposingness.

BOOM! Wanfu Hou’s constellation appeared in the air, s.h.i.+ning with golden light. Numerous golden diagrams spiralled around in the air, before descending and imprinting themselves onto him, strengthening him as the battle qi exuding from him soared rapidly.

"BOOM!" Wanfu Hou stepped out as the deafening sounds of his footsteps boomed like thunder. His battle halo vibrated intensely as golden light filled the skies. Amidst the boundless golden light, Wanfu Hou punched out with his fist as a streak of golden light tyrannically swept out, the might within even causing the s.p.a.ce to tremble. His punch directly penetrated the void, shooting towards Qin Wentian.

"Not bad." The immortal king of the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor praised. What sort of character was he? The instant Wanfu Hou acted, he could naturally sense the amount of might contained within. How could ordinary fourth-level ascendants be so powerful? Just this strike alone, even if fourth-level ascendants were left out of the equation, ordinary fifth-level ascendants would also die without a doubt if this attack hit them.

"Wanfu Hou’s proficiency in his Battle Heavens Divine Fist has already reached an unfathomable realm. Given his comprehension and talent, the instant he steps into the immortal-foundation realm, he would definitely be able to reach the realm of killing first-level immortals with a single punch." The experts of the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor watched with satisfaction. Just this single punch was sufficient to cause the crowd to roar with excitement.

However, runic light could be seen s.h.i.+mmering on Qin Wentian’s body, circulating around him protectively. A rumbling sound emitted from his body as his physique transformed to something akin to a fiendG.o.d. His palms glowed with astral energy as a demonic light gleamed in his eyes. A violet-gold corona revolved around him as a terrifying suppressive force gushed out from him.

"RUMBLE!~" He lifted his palms and blasted out with sufficient force to suppress everything in this world. There seemed to be terrifying towering figures within his palm imprints.

The Battle Heavens Divine Fist collided directly into the Heaven Suppression Palm Strike. As an explosive sound rang out, the shockwaves from the impact ravaged the s.p.a.ce around them.

"Swis.h.!.+" Wanfu Hou dashed out as his constellation shone even brighter. He wanted to launch another attack yet he only saw Qin Wentian’s palms blasting out at the same instant, even quicker than him. "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!" A terrifying might permeated the air, Wanfu Hou only saw a stream of palm imprints bursting from the void, directly raining down on him.

His eyes flickered as he slammed out palm imprints with both hands in anger. However, Qin Wentian at this moment also dashed over, choosing to fight him in close combat, actually having no fear at all.

"DIE!" Qin Wentian’s palms seemed as though they truly had enough power to seize the moon and pluck the stars, directly wanting to reap Wanfu Hou’s life away.

"GET LOST!" Wanfu Hou roared in rage. His fist shadows covered the sky as the light radiating from him grew even more intense. However, it was then at this moment that he truly sensed how fearsome the suppression force exuding from Qin Wentian was.

The light flickering within Qin Wentian’s eyes grew even more terrifying as his Suppressive Annihilation Constellation appeared behind him. Wanfu Hou unleashed a torrent of blows with both his fist, wanting to keep Qin Wentian’s attacks at bay as he attacked with destructive might.

"How powerful." However, the crowd below only saw the Heaven Suppression Palm Imprints as well as Star-Seizing Palm Imprints blasting out in rapid succession, suppressing Wanfu Hou so badly that he couldn’t even breath. He could only defend forcibly using the battle halo around him but if this continued on, he would definitely be engulfed by the palm imprints sooner or later.

If he lost here, his fate was death.

In the s.p.a.ce of a single breath, a countless number of collisions happened. Finally, the crowd saw that Wanfu Hou could no longer endure it and was actually injured from the impact. After which, a gigantic palm imprint broke through his flurry of attacks, directly slamming into his head as the sound of a thunderous explosion rang out. Such a terrifying strike directly slew Wanfu Hou from where he stood. His corpse was blasted out from the battle platform, yet another heaven chosen had fallen against Qin Wentian.

The 100 meter battle qi halo was completely devoured by Qin Wentian. At this moment, his halo emitted a rumbling sound as it grew more intense. Qin Wentian walked to the edge of his battle platform and stared down at the crowd, exuding an aura unexcelled in the world.

"How weak, he’s of no threat at all." Qin Wentian spoke with cold arrogance. His voice was like the waves of oceans gus.h.i.+ng outwards, causing the expressions on the faces of those experts from the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor to turn incredibly ugly to behold. Zhou Zhan especially, was trembling from anger.

However for those spectators, they were actually filled with excitement. It seemed that a demon-level character exuding magnificence throughout the generations had finally appeared. In addition, this young man was none other than one of the main leads in the Driftsnow City saga.

The partic.i.p.ants at the fourth-level of Celestial Phenomenon were now all pondering, what would happen if they fought against Qin Wentian?

"My Battle Heavens Immortal Manor, are there no more fourth-level ascendants who can kill him?" Zhou Zhan coldly asked. The surrounding experts from his sect all turned ashen, they didn’t know how to reply.

Wanfu Hou was already considered the strongest in their sect at the level of fourth-level ascendants. Naturally for the other cultivation levels, the Battle Heavens Immortal Manor naturally had other elites. But sadly for the fourth-level, there was no longer anyone.

"USELESS!" Zhou Zhan coldly spat, the others around him didn’t dare to reply at all.

"Don’t worry. For those who challenge me, as long as he has no killing intent, I too wouldn’t go all out to destroy him. Please rest a.s.sured." For a period of time, Qin Wentian upon seeing that no one dared to challenge him couldn’t help but to say this. His words made many rest at ease, because it was true that for those challengers earlier, all of them went up there with the purpose of wanting to end Qin Wentian’s life.

"I’ve long heard of the name Qin Wentian. If that’s the case, let me challenge you then." A young master flew up to the battle platform to challenge Qin Wentian. A period of time later, he was no exception, also ending up in defeat. However, despite his victory, Qin Wentian only devoured his battle qi and truly didn’t act to cause grievous injuries to the challenger. This made many others breath easier as quite a number of geniuses started to test themselves against him. But to no avail, everyone on the same level as him was defeated cleanly.

In a few short hours, Qin Wentian already experienced over hundreds of battles and his battle halo was now 500 meters, enveloping his body, containing a terrifying might within.

Jun Mengchen was long too eager, unable to suppress his excitement, he instantly soared to the battle platform beside Qin Wentian. He who was at the third-level of Celestial Phenomenon was extremely domineering, plundering battle qi and managed to acc.u.mulate a battle halo of few hundred meters within an extremely short span of time.

Zi Qingxuan was so as well, she stood on the battle platform on the other side Qin Wentian and obtained quite a number of victories. Only Mu Yan hadn’t yet and was watching with a smile at the three in the air. What power did these three belong to exactly, why would his Master bring them along and they were actually all so powerful.

"Senior brother, this feels awesome!" Jun Mengchen flashed a smile at Qin Wentian. After which, he turned to Zi Qingxuan, "Senior sister let us all work hard together. We must definitely become the three most dazzling characters in the selection!"


"This little boy is too brazen."

Below, voices tinged with cold arrogance rang out. These three were actually fellow disciples of the same sect. No wonder their characters were the same - so arrogant that they didn’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth. Even daring to say that they wanted to become three of the most dazzling characters here out of the countless number geniuses in the Cloud Prefecture?

These words were spoken directly and disregarded the geniuses of the Cloud Prefecture. Although the combat prowess of this three was pretty outstanding, such words were simply too arrogant.

However, for those major powers who had a grudge with Qin Wentian were now filled with puzzlement and a slight trace of trepidation. Could it be that this brat truly had a supreme power behind his back?

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 808

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