Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 809

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On the Cloudheaven Arena, there were gazes that turned towards Jun Mengchen. On the eighty-one battle platforms of the Cloudheaven Arena, there were a few extremely powerful characters. Their battle halos all have already reached 1,000 meters and there were even people with halos of 10,000 meters in size. For those people, just staring at the brilliant light emanating from their halos made it so that they resembled a heavenly G.o.d, exuding a majestic imposingness.

The selection test has already been on-going for quite a few hours. Combat after combat, those strongest individuals remained undefeated and acc.u.mulated the battle qi of their opponents.

For those who could acc.u.mulate enough to have a 10,000 meters battle halo, there was no need to doubt that they were geniuses that were at the utmost peak of the Cloud Prefecture. Their original strength was already immeasurably terrifying and now with the further augmentation of their battle halos, they were naturally the undisputed kings at the Cloudheaven Arena.

Before this, they were the most dazzling characters here at the arena. This was true until Qin Wentian appeared. Because of Qin Wentian’s history and the things he did in the Driftsnow City, the gazes of a majority of the spectators were all focused on him.

As the sound of Jun Mengchen’s voice faded, two characters with 10,000 meter battle halos turned their gazes onto these three fellow sect members.

"How regretful that our cultivation bases are different. If not, I would make you unable to step upon the Cloudheaven Arena forever." One of them coldly remarked. The name of the person who spoke was Zu Xuan. His cultivation base was at the fifth-level of Celestial Phenomenon and he’s a disciple of the Cloud Towers. He is also one of the three most outstanding disciples from the Cloud Towers that came to partic.i.p.ate in the selection this time and was one of those exceptionally strong experts whom everyone felt that he would be able to enter the top 1,000 for sure.

"If we were of the same cultivation level, the 10,000 meter battle halo on you would have already been mine." Jun Mengchen smiled, an innocent expression on his face. However his words naturally offended the other party.

"Zu Xuan, this brat is truly unbridled." The other expert with a 10,000 meter battle halo was similarly one of the most outstanding genius of the Cloud Prefecture. He was stronger than Zu Xuan, with a cultivation base at the fifth-level. He flashed an emotionless smile as he walked down from his battle platform, "After fighting for so long, it’s time to take a break and let others have a chance to fight on the battle platform."

"Gu Chen, why don’t you continue all the way, acquiring a battle halo of 100,000 meters with a single breath?" Zu Xuan smiled.

"No hurry." Gu Chen’s voice was filled with indifference. He flew towards the ground as the crowd opened up a path for him. As a true demon-level genius, countless people respected him. The gazes of those who stared at him were separated into two groups. One of reverence, and the other with the intent to battle him.

"Although your cultivation base is higher than that brat, it actually mirrored that of his senior sister. As long as you defeat her, things would be the same too." From the direction of the Myriad Sage Academy, an expert shouted out. Evidently, he wanted Zu Xuan to act.

"That’s correct I suppose." Zu Xuan laughed. He turned his gaze to Zi Qingxuan. "However, my heart is unwilling to bully such a beautiful girl."

Zi Qingxuan inclined her head and looked straight at Zu Xuan. "Stop your shameless boasting."

Upon hearing these words, Zu Xuan’s eyes flickered with sharpness. After which he smiled and replied, "Since that’s the case, I won’t stand on courtesy then."

As the sound of his voice faded, his figure instantly soared towards Zi Qingxuan. A 10,000 meter battle halo was incomparably imposing, able to crush everything.

"Senior sister, let these people take a good look." Jun Mengchen stated. After which, he turned his eyes onto the person from the Myriad Sage Academy who spoke. Pointing straight at him, Jun Mengchen’s handsome features flashed with arrogance, "Instigating others on? What does that make you? I hereby challenge all third-level ascendants of your sc.u.mbag sect. Command them all to come and fight me."

"IMPUDENT!" That expert roared. "Didn’t your elders teach you manners?"

Jun Mengchen’s lips curled into an evil smile, "My elders only taught me how to discipline cowards. If you don’t dare to accept my challenge, just shut the f.u.c.k up."

"Disciples of my Myriad Sage Academy, whoever defeats any one out of the three of them shall be heavily rewarded." That old man raged, it was extremely embarra.s.sing to be talked back to in such a manner by a junior. This brat was as brazen as Qin Wentian.

"Let me kill that arrogant fellow." From below, a young heaven chosen stepped out. He was none other than a disciple of the Myriad Sage Academy.

"Good." That old man praised. An instant later, that young man soared onto the battle platform where Jun Mengchen was at, a palpable killing intent could be felt gus.h.i.+ng forth from him.

"With just you? Look at how weak your aura is, why are you even qualified to have the t.i.tle of a heaven chosen?" Jun Mengchen’s exquisite face instantly turned sharp. He suddenly opened his mouth and roared, "SCRAM!"

The sound of this roar rang out through the heavens and earth as a tempest of destruction manifested. It felt like the advent of ten thousand demons galloping, tramping on everything; and ten thousand weapons las.h.i.+ng out all together, tearing apart the void. Each and every gust of wind born from this tempest all contained a terrifying killing might within.

That young man from the Myriad Sage Academy only felt the terrifying sharp blades of wind lacerating his body. Astral light flashed, enveloping him within protectively. However, his defense lasted only for a single instant before the gusts of wind tore it apart. An expression of terror painted the young man’s face but everything was too late. His body was forcibly sliced into pieces, transformed into countless particles under the might of the fearsome tempest.

"BANG!" The particles were lacerated into dust that was dispersed by the wind.

Jun Mengchang stopped his roar. The crowd stared dumbfoundedly with immense shock in their eyes at this exquisite-looking young man. At this moment, his eyes were so sharp that it struck fear in all their hearts. The flickering light in his eyes was like the radiance of a king. His gaze was already sufficient to cause terror from the depths of people’s soul.

"Another monster." The hearts of the crowd trembled as they cursed silently. Seems like many demon-level geniuses would appear in the selection test in the Cloud Prefecture this time around.

This brat before them was extremely young and extremely arrogant. From his tone, he seemed fickle and impatient yet he actually had such terrifying combat prowess. He actually killed a heaven chosen at the same cultivation level with him with just a single roar. Those who were able to stand on the Cloudheaven Arena had already proven their ability to jump levels for combat but this young man actually insta-killed his opponent… From this one could see how powerful he was.

"People from the Myriad Sage Academy? All of you are far from enough." Qin Wentian naturally understood the depths of the strength of his junior brother Jun Mengchen. Now when he saw the experts of the Myriad Sage Academy staring about in a daze, thunderstruck by what happened, he didn’t forget to add in a quip, his tone filled with apparent arrogance.

On another battle platform, the battle between Zu Xuan and Zi Qingxuan had already started.

Zu Xuan’s battle halo revolved around him, and the instant his constellation appeared, millions upon millions of palm imprints floated up in the skies. Each and every imprint contained terrifying might, able to kill G.o.ds should they blocked his path. Whenever he attacked, the countless number of palm imprints would all erupt out with earth-shaking power.

Staring at Zu Xuan’s fight, the eyes of the crowd was filled with admiration. This kind of majesticness made the ordinary spectators sense clearly on how mighty a Celestial Phenomenon cultivator truly was.

Zu Xuan’s constellation was also condensed from the fusion of many true intents. His palm imprints weren’t merely powerful, they were simply tyrannical yet fast and precise. Each attack from a single imprint felt as though the skies would collapse. Under his attacks, Zi Qingxuan was seemingly forced into the pa.s.sive position and could only use her speed to dodge. But even so, she was still jolted from the surrounding pressure and was forced to retreat unceasingly.

"His attacks are truly powerful. Seems like there are no ordinary characters among people who can acc.u.mulate a 10,000 meter battle halo. That and in addition to the augmentation provided by his battle halo, his combat prowess simply shot through the roof. However, Zi Qingxuan hasn’t truly started to fight.

Qin Wentian silently glanced at their battle. But at this moment, Zu Xuan’s battle halo exuded a mighty pressure as it bore down on Zi Qingxuan while he spoke in a lofty tone. "You are not my opponent, allow me to send you down."


At the moment his voice faded, a terrifying blazing golden light erupted forth from Zi Qingxuan, shooting into the skies. It seemed as though her entire body was burning in flames, glowing with a divine radiance akin to the golden sun. Her eyes flickered with a soul-stirring light as the power of a supreme-tier bloodline erupted out.

"Do you really think that you are very strong?" A blazing sun-like light s.h.i.+mmered in Zi Qingxuan’s eyes. Her entire body was immersed in blazing flamelight runic inscriptions as her constellation manifested when she stepped out. However, her constellation seemed to be even more blinding compared to the sun and it was an incomparably resplendent golden divine falcon.

Behind her, a faint image of an incomparably gigantic golden falcon appeared. An instant later, a pair of wings s.h.i.+ning with radiance also appeared behind her back.

In the spectator stands below, several people instantly stood up as their eyes were fixed on Zi Qingxuan. The power of her bloodline…although the distance between them was pretty far, they could clearly sense the imposing might radiating from her.

Zu Xuan was also stunned. Evidently, he hadn’t expect this female to be such a terrifyingly formidable opponent.

"Swis.h.!.+" A dazzling beam shot by, Zi Qingxuan’s body transformed into a beam of light akin to a divine falcon, shooting straight at Zu Xuan.

At this instant, Zu Xuan’s entire strength erupted out completely. His fingers folded ancient imprints as astral light cascaded down on him. Boundless palm shadows covered the world, blasting out as one, aiming right for Zi Qingxuan.

Zi Qingxuan’s eyes shot forth a terrifying light, causing the palm imprints of her opponent to shatter. At the same time, she grabbed out with her hands as a falcon claw manifested, shooting out with apocalyptic force, smas.h.i.+ng apart all the attacks launched as she dashed and appeared right in front of Zu Xuan.

"You are still not qualified to talk to me." A voice tinged with ice rang out. Zi Qingxuan blasted out with her palms as a fearsome falcon penetrated right through him.

Zu Xuan’s entire body was trembling as terror painted his features. The battle qi around him leaked unceasingly, directly gus.h.i.+ng towards Zi Qingxuan’s battle halo. An explosive rumbling sound thundered out as Zu Xuan’s body exploded into motes of golden light, dissipating all together.

Plundering the battle qi from a 10,000 meter halo, causing her own to glow even more intensely. That and in addition to bathing underneath the golden light cascaded by her constellation, Zi Qingxuan resembled a divine maiden from the nine heavens, exuding an unexcelled aura in this world. Her golden eyes swept past the crowd, and none of the ordinary people dared to match her gaze. She was like an innate female G.o.d of war possessing an unmatched battle physique as well as a supreme-tier bloodline power.

"Senior sister, you are so awesome!" Jun Mengchen praised. This battle was too shocking, causing the gazes of everyone to land on her.

Staring at the three fellow sect members on the battle platforms of the Cloudheaven Arena, everyone felt as though a blinding glow was radiating from all three of them. Which sect did these monsters belong to exactly?

If those people at the Driftsnow City in the past were to see this scene. They definitely wouldn’t have suspected Qin Wentian’s words - that he was from a supreme power - completely!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 809

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