Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 810

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"Zi Qingxuan, the name of this maiden is Zi Qingxuan. She, Qin Wentian, and Jun Mengchen are all fellow sect disciples. What power did they originate from exactly?" The crowd stared at the magnificence radiating from these three on the battle platforms. If one were to say that before this they were already outstanding, Zi Qingxuan’s victory undoubtedly caused the radiance from them to further intensify.

A 10,000 meter battle halo could increase one’s strength by several times. Zu Xian originally was already a demon-level character by his own right. In addition to the augmentation of his battle halo, he was actually still killed by Zi Qingxuan. This clearly indicated that Zi Qingxuan’s strength was above Zu Xuan and she’s not just stronger by a bit.

Zu Xuan was a demon-level talent of the Cloud Tower and the Cloud Tower was the core of the Cloud Prefecture. Their seats were just beside the Idlecloud Immortal King and at this moment, several experts from the Cloud Tower stood up, glaring at Zi Qingxuan with a fearsome and cold light flickering in their eyes.

Zu Xuan, not only was his 10,000 meter battle qi halo being plundered, he was directly killed off. There would no longer be an opportunity for him to fight on the Cloudheaven Arena and their Cloud Tower just lost an outstanding genius. Zu Xuan was initially one of those with talent high enough to enter the top 1,000 of the selection test. But now, everything disappeared with his death.

"Who can kill these three?" An expert from the Cloud Tower coldly spoke. These three were simply too arrogant, not bothering to retract their sharpness.

"These three people truly ought to die." An expert from the Myriad Sage Academy nodded in agreement.

Experts from many powers wanted the lives of Qin Wentian and his companions but it truly isn’t easy to find people at the same level who can defeat them. An ordinary genius would definitely fail.

"You fogey old fools, those who want to kill us just bring it on but you all best prepare for the deaths of your disciples." Jun Mengchen spoke with cold arrogance as he continued, "My senior brother, senior sister and I shall occupy these three battle platforms until the end of the selection test."

"This fellow is simply too brazen. He grows more arrogant with every provocation by the major powers." The spectators silently stated in their hearts. With the appearance of these three, the atmosphere on the Cloudheaven Arena turned hazy. Seems like the results will not be as clear as before prior to their partic.i.p.ation.

As for the other battle platforms, demon-level characters revealed themselves one after another, gradually exhibiting their radiance, acc.u.mulating so much battle qi that their battle halos were beyond resplendent.

A figure appeared directly at the battle platform Jun Mengchen was at. The instant this man appeared, gasps of shock sounded out from the crowd followed by a drowning cheering of excitement as though countless people were antic.i.p.ating their battle.

"It’s Yan Tiannan, this person acc.u.mulated a 10,000 meter battle halo in a mere span of five days before he halted previously. Although he’s also a third-level ascendant, it could be said that the instant he released his constellation, he would practically be invincible, killing whoever obstructed his path. In the end, no one else dared to fight against him and that was why he had no choice but to halt and leave his battle platform. With his terrifying strength, there’s no doubt that he definitely would be ranked among the top 100 of the geniuses here partic.i.p.ating in the selection test."

Many people were whispering to each other. This made those partic.i.p.ants who came by later feel their hearts trembling. Seems like a true expert has arrived. Jun Mengchen’s strength was so overwhelming that it was downright tyrannical, slaying his opponent with a single roar while this Yan Tiannan also never had an opponent who could stand up to him at the same level. If these two were too clash, it would definitely be a world-shaking grand battle, causing people to be filled with antic.i.p.ation.

The countenances of many experts from the major powers were cold like ice. With Yan Tiannan making a move, this arrogant brat only had a path of death.

"Initially I didn’t want to act too early, wanting to wait for you to acc.u.mulate a 10,000 meter battle halo before I plunder you." Yan Tiannan stared at Jun Mengchen as he spoke. "However, your arrogant words successfully incited my interest. I’m sorry, you won’t be able to continue remaining here on this battle platform."

"Are you very strong?" Jun Mengchen studied Yan Tiannan, the wild unruliness in his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with intensity. It felt as though the stronger his opponent is, the more excitement he would feel, igniting a desire to battle that lies deep in the depths of his heart.

"Your 10,000 meter battle halo seems impressive. But even if it grants you a 10x boost in strength, I can still defeat you effortlessly." Jun Mengchen’s eyes shone with a blazing light as the battle intent he radiated towered into the skies.

"Unbridled piece of s.h.i.+t." Yan Nantian stepped out, blasting with his palms as astral light flashed. His constellation appeared above him, ten thousand elephants could be seen galloping through the air, causing the s.p.a.ce to tremble unceasingly. Behind him, the image of a 100 meter tall divine elephant exuding G.o.dly imposing might appeared. A resplendent corona of light could be seen revolving above the divine elephant, containing a battle qi that could trample the heavens.

"Yan Tiannan’s divine elephant constellation appeared. The might of his constellation could even trample the heavens, its power is too terrifying. Yan Tiannan most definitely also has a unique physique and a powerful bloodline." The spectators mused. After which, they only saw Yan Tiannan waving his arms as ten thousand elephants descended from the skies, their iron hooves trampling the air. The entire atmosphere was filled with an overwhelming pressure and each and every elephant transformed into waves of supreme force, all boring down on Jun Mengchen.

Even before his attacks arrived, Jun Mengchen’s body was already shaking from the impact. The fearsome divine elephants stomped over one after another, const.i.tuting an apocalyptic scene.

"To think that the strength of a third-level ascendant could actually reach such a terrifying height. This Yan Tiannan is simply too fearsome, he’s sure to become one of the top 100." The crowd mused. Staring at Yan Tianna’s attack, the sounds of mountains trembling and seas quaking could be heard. They wonder how would that exquisite looking young man defend against such a tyrannical attack.

"ROAR!" An earth-shattering wild roar echoed through the air as a destructive tempest congregated and manifested with Jun Mengchen right at its center. This entire s.p.a.ce transformed into a primordial battlefield of slaughter. With a single roar, countless primordial warbeasts and millions upon millions of divine weapons materialized within the tempest, capable of annihilating everything.

Rumbling sounds reverberated out, the attacks of these two clashed against each other. The shockwaves from the impact were so great that it seemed even this piece of sky was going to break apart.

"KILL!" Yan Tiannan stepped out, resplendent holy light revolved around him as the strength within his battle halo erupted forth. Behind him, the divine elephant image let out a heaven-rumbling howl, it was incomparably terrifying and nothing could stand in the way of its crus.h.i.+ng force.

However at this moment, in the middle of the destructive tempest, Jun Mengchen was standing there calmly with a magnificent battle armor enveloping him. A fearsome aura of a king blasted out from him. His eyes held no trace of gentleness, only an inconceivable sharpness that could pierce the hearts of people. It was as though with just a single glance, everyone would submit to him.

Below, countless gazes turned their eyes onto Jun Mengchen feeling incomparably shocked in their hearts. His demeanor completely changed, transformed into that of a primordial warG.o.d. This Jun Mengchen, who was he exactly?


Jun Mengchen roared out once more. With the power of this roar, numerous powerful war generals manifested in the area, cutting their way through thistles and thorns, overcoming all obstacles before him. These armored war generals annihilated frenziedly eradicated all obstruction rus.h.i.+ng at him, the divine elephants were slaughtered one after another.

Yan Tiannan’s eyes widened in disbelief, the rush of impact to him was exceedingly great. He had no way to imagine there would be such a terrifying character. With a single roar, he summoned countless primordial war generals to fight for him. What sort of character must he be to possess this might?

A stream of fist light blasted over, powered by the unison of the war generals, capable of penetrating through everything.

The light from his constellation protectively enveloped his body as his 10,000 meter halo revolved around him. Countless elephants manifested, guarding his surroundings but when the annihilative fist light smashed over, the elephants cried in anguish as his battle halo broke apart. Yan Tiannan retreated with explosive speed but the stream of fist light continued pursuing him. With an explosive bang, his entire body trembled, as the qi from his battle halo was directly peeled off, devoured by Jun Mengchen.

This Cloudheaven Arena was truly mystical. Once one was defeated, the battle qi would surely be devoured by their opponents. But if one left the platform of their own accord, their battle qi would still remain.

The crowd only saw the young king walking to the edge of the platform. His emotionless gaze was staring at the grievously injured Yan Tiannan. Right now, his battle halo grew to the size of 10,000 meters, exuding an unexcelled aura in this world. His strength was boosted by a factor of ten times, who else could still defeat him? Unless some other partic.i.p.ants plundered enough battle qi and fought with him again but Yan Tiannan was someone with a 10,000 meter battle halo and was defeated by him. It was simply too difficult wanting to win against this young man.

Silence covered the atmosphere. After which, an ear-shattering cheer resounded out from the crowd. Yan Tiannan had been defeated, and even suffered grievous injuries to the extent of almost losing his life. The young man who stood on the battle platform, at this moment no one else felt that his earlier words were arrogant. It was as though it’s only expected for this young king to possess such towering arrogance.

"How powerful! Yan Tiannan completely couldn’t even stand up to him." The hearts of the crowd sighed in admiration. The eyes of those from major powers were glistening like torches. Such characters, if they encountered these three before this they would definitely recruit them as disciples and nurture them heavily. Also, there wasn’t simply one, but three appearing at the same time.

All three of them are inordinately powerful.

Qin Wentian connected with immortality through smithing a weapon in Driftsnow City, his fame resounding throughout the entire Cloud Prefecture. However up until now, he still seemed to be the most ordinary and mediocre among his fellow disciples. From this one could already tell how powerful these three are. Naturally, n.o.body knew how powerful Qin Wentian was exactly because after all, his opponents were all incapable of forcing him to use his true strength. If one wanted to know the limits of his strength, they could only tell when an extraordinarily powerful character fought against him. An example was Zu Xuan and Yan Tiannan. Their appearances made everyone see how powerful Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan was exactly.

Only with a powerful opponent would the effect of showcasing one’s true strength be intensified.

That old immortal who conversed with Qin Wentian and his companions earlier were so stunned that he lost his composure. After which, he only shook his head and smiled. Who could have thought that a few juniors he met by chance would actually be so powerful. Initially he thought that they were prideful because of their youth, but they could back up their arrogance with true strength.

In the blink of an eye, a month had pa.s.sed. More and more terrifying characters appeared on the eighty-one battle platforms of the Cloudheaven Arena. There were some who remained undefeated, and their battle halos have already acc.u.mulated enough battle qi to tower into the skies.

Qin Wentian, Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan occupied three battle platforms, staying there undefeated.

Right now, a battle halo of 30,000 meters revolved around Jun Mengchen.

Zi Qingxuan’s battle halo, 30,000 meters.

Qin Wentian’s battle halo, 25,000 meters.

These three were characters that have an opportunity to achieve a 100,000 meter battle halo, shaking the heavens and earth!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 810

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