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Everyone else could also sense the intense fluctuations to Qin Wentian’s aura. Astral light flashed as a rumbling sound echoed from his body.

"What a great commotion. Qin Wentian is actually about to breakthrough."

The crowd started before they understood what happened. No wonder after a long period of silence, Qin Wentian suddenly started going crazy and challenged higher-level opponents. First he fought against fifth-level ascendants and after finding out that none were a match for him, he moved on to the sixth-level ascendant Li Yu. Upon defeating Li Yu, he didn’t stop and continued challenging the seventh-level Gu Zhantian.

He didn’t fight for the sake of accumulating battle qi for his halo or there would be an easier target for him to choose like Zhuge Yue. After defeating her, he could directly seize an additional 50,000 meters worth of battle qi, instantly surpassing Gu Zhantian’s earlier 200,000 meters with his own 180,000 meter battle halo. He fought only for the sake of breaking through to the next level.

Qin Wentian evidently already sensed that he had already reached the peak-phase of his cultivation level and only needed external stimulus to aid him. And apparently, he had accomplished that.

Only after that did he plunder Zhuge Yue’s battle qi, simply to ensure that he was still in the run. Just with a battle halo the size of 50,000 meters was already sufficient to rank him within the top 1,000 which would all be eligible for the next round.

If he really wanted battle qi, he was able to effortlessly accumulate it.

However, in the face of a breakthrough in cultivation level which should be the path for stellar martial cultivators, even if it was a 180,000 meter halo, Qin Wentian could still straightforwardly abandon it, with no hesitation at all just for a mere chance and not an absolute certainty to breakthrough.

From this perspective, was Qin Wentian really the loser?

Although that 380,000 meter battle halo of Gu Zhantian was dazzling, Qin Wentian had achieved his breakthrough. Both of them were winners but if one were to view things this way, Gu Zhantian’s 380,000 meter battle halo was no longer as dazzling as before.

"What senior Qin has is not merely courage. Comparing you to him, you are lacking severely." Jun Mengchen stared at Gu Zhantian as he spoke, his words causing Gu Zhantian’s countenance to turn heavy. After which, he laughed maniacally, "I was victorious and even almost claimed his life but in your eyes, I’m lacking when compared to him? How ridiculous. If there’s another chance to exchange blows, I will definitely not give him any chance to survive."

After speaking, Gu Zhantian soared towards another battle platform and launched out his Wargod Fist towards an eighth-level ascendant, directly blasting his opponent off the platform and plundered away his battle qi. Such dominance was actually so casual to him.

After the degree of augmentation boost provided by his 380,000 meter battle halo, it was clear that there’s no problem for him to fight against eighth-level ascendants. On the battle platforms of the Cloudheaven Arena, he was invincible.

"As expected as more time goes by, there basically wouldn’t be any chance at all. Those on the Cloudheaven Arena have to be more cautious." The crowd silently stated. These experts already accumulated terrifying amounts of battle qi. If you choose to plunder now, your actions would definitely be marked by others and after you accumulated a certain amount yourself, you would become the next target.

"With such so much battle qi, what do you have to be so proud of?" Just as Gu Zhantian was exuding an unbridled arrogance after defeating an opponent a level higher than him, Jun Mengchen coldly laughed. Jun Mengchen then walked towards a platform with an opponent a level higher as he roared in rage, transforming into an ancient wargod, punching out with a fist of desolation and destroying everything. Similarly, his opponent was blasted off the platform in a single strike. This was a provocation to Gu Zhantian. He wanted to tell him that although he only had a battle halo of a 100,000 meters or more, he could still do what Gu Zhantian did effortlessly. So, on what grounds did Gu Zhantian have to be proud? He had the augmentation effect from a 380,000 meter battle halo after all.

After Qin Wentian, this junior brother of his Jun Mengchen, actually started to provoke Gu Zhantian, causing many to sigh. The arrogance of these two fellow sect brothers truly towered up into the skies, daring to challenge an extraordinary individual like Gu Zhantian. As for the other participants on the Cloudheaven Arena, none among them could really suppress the radiance given off by Qin Wentian and Jun Mengchen.

However, Qin Wentian didn’t step on any other battle platforms. Up till the end of the selection test, he sat cross-legged quietly consolidating his recent breakthrough to the fifth-level of Celestial Phenomenon.

At the same time, those participants who were recognized by the Idlecloud Immortal King all performed exceedingly well. Other than them, a few other heaven chosen also performed quite well, exhibiting their own radiance but no matter what, the light from them couldn’t surpass Gu Zhantian or Jun Mengchen.

Both Gu Zhantian and Jun Mengchen were having a competition of their own, unceasingly plundering battle qi, effortlessly defeating their opponents.

After the eighty-one days selection test ended, Gu Zhantian’s battle halo was even more radiant now and was over 500,000 meters in addition to having a rich violet-gold hue.

Jun Mengchen wasn’t at ease either. He madly plundered battle qi, while shooting Gu Zhantian with sarcastic remarks every time, becoming the second most dazzling participant of the selection test with a battle halo of over 360,000 meters in size. These two raced far ahead compared to the other participants, they were simply too dazzling.

As for the third ranker, it was none other than the Idlecloud Immortal King’s descendant, Mu Yun. He was also at the seventh-level of Celestial Phenomenon, and shared the same level of cultivation base with Gu Zhantian. However it was unknown if Gu Zhantian was intentionally giving face to the Idlecloud Immortal King as from the start till the end, he didn’t choose to clash against Mu Yun. Eventually, Mu Yun obtained a battle halo of over 200,000 meters in size with his tyrannical strength. For those who witnessed his performance, there were even some who believed that if Gu Zhantian fought against Mu Yun, and if the factor of augmentation wasn’t taken into consideration, it would be unknown who was the victor.

Next, it’s those participants with battle halos the size of over 100,000 meters to 200,000 meters. There weren’t many participants who accomplished this, just roughly over ten of them.

The majority of participants that were above average all acquired battle halos the size of 10,000 meters to 100,000 meters. After all throughout the eighty-one days, there were many participants who instantly ceased battling after acquiring a 10,000 meter battle halo.

At this moment, Qin Wentian also halted his cultivation. On the ground, the participants all inclined their heads and stared in the air.

The Idlecloud Immortal King stood from his throne and laughed, "For those who believe that you are ranked within the top 1,000, go stand on the battle platforms and allow everyone to see your dazzling battle halos."

As the sound of his voice faded, several participants instantly flew upwards, appearing on all eighty-one platforms in an instant. The terrifying light from their battle halos were so bright that it illuminated the sky.

Qin Wentian also soared into the air and stood upon one of the battle platforms, together with Jun Mengchen and Zi Qingxuan.

In just a few short moments, over 3,000 participants stood on top of the battle platforms. But once some of them glanced at their surrounding participants, they couldn’t help but to sigh with unwillingness and descend to the ground again, having a sense of self-awareness.

After a period of time of adjustment, only roughly 1,000 participants remained. Among which, those with 50,000 meter battle halos and more were naturally the more dazzling ones. The battle qi and intensity of radiance from their halos were terrifying to the extreme.

"Everyone pay close attention to the size of your battle halos. Even with a single meter smaller, you might be eliminated. Right now there’s a total of 1,070 participants. Would the latter 70 participants please make your way down of your own accord?" An expert beside the Idlecloud Immortal King spoke. The 70 participants ranked at the back could only gaze around their surroundings with dismay before exiting one after another until only 1,000 remained.

"Congratulations to everyone." The Idlecloud Immortal King smiled. "The Eastern Sage Immortal Sect is organizing a grand banquet for geniuses from the thirteen prefectures. Please take a break for seven days before gathering back here again. I will then personally send all of you to the Eastern Prefecture where you will meet the geniuses of the other twelve prefectures. The competition there would be even more intense and I hope everyone would continue having such outstanding performances, gaining glory for my Cloud Prefecture."

"The Idlecloud Immortal King is truly polite." The spectators below silently stated in their hearts.

"There’s almost one more thing I must make clear first. Maybe throughout these eighty-one days of the selection test, there might be some conflict among you due to the fact some geniuses slew someone else from some major power. But please bear in mind that in combat, life and death are predestined. No one must make any moves to take revenge for those who have died or I will treat them as going against, I, the Idlecloud Immortal King as well as going against my Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. For those who wish to try anything funny, consider the consequences well."

The tone of the Idlecloud Immortal King turned solemn causing the expressions of those from the major powers to turn heavy. These words were clearly spoken to them.

Although they sat together with the Idlecloud Immortal King and had extraordinary statuses in the Cloud Prefecture belonging to the peak, the Idlecloud Immortal King truly need not give them any face at all. These event was organized by the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and is a grand event that involved all thirteen prefectures. These 1,000 geniuses were selected from his Cloud Prefecture under the personal watch of the Idlecloud Immortal King. And if they were assassinated by someone, wouldn’t that mean smacking the face of the Idlecloud Immortal King?

No matter what sort of grudges they had towards the participants, everything had to be pushed back. If you want to settle a grudge, you have to at least wait until the entire event was concluded before you make your move. Now, even if you have so much hatred that it towered up into the sky, you also have no choice but to endure it.

If not, where would the prestige of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect who organized this event be?

"Next, I will give you your ranking medallions." The Idlecloud Immortal King spoke. After which, many immortal-foundation characters appeared before the battle platform and passed medallions with words carved on them to the participants.

Not too long after, Qin Wentian also received a medallion. On the back of the medallion, the word ‘Cloud’ was engraved on it, representing the Cloud Prefecture. And on the front of the medallion, Qin Wentian’s name as well as a number ‘27’ could be seen on it.

Beside Qin Wentian, Jun Mengchen’s medallion also had his name engraved upon it as well as a number, ‘2.’

Zi Qingxuan’s medallion had her name and the number ‘5.’

The number represented their rankings among the 1,000 participants.

"Seven days later, gather here again with this medallion before we set off together." The Idlecloud Immortal King’s voice permeated the air. As the sound of his voice faded away, it indicated a conclusion to the selection test of the Cloud Prefecture.

"It’s ended." The spectators stared at the 1,000 participants in the air. Among them, there were a few characters who made such lasting impressions that nobody would ever forget!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 817

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